Poll: My Next Gear Purchase Will Be …

beer anyone?On our last poll, we asked a general (yet hard) question – what would you need to do in order to improve your photography.

There are some great responses there and thanks for everyone who opened up and answered this not-so-easy-to-expose question.

Our of that question a few main groups were identified

1. I need more time

2. I need better skills

3. I need better equipment

I have and will tackle all those issues on the blog, however this time I would like to focus on the third item – Gear.

This poll has a simple question – What is the next piece of gear on your shopping list, and I am not talking fantasy list here, I am talking about items that you can actually afford to buy and plan on using in the short term period.

It may be an item at the core of photography – a camera or a lens; A lighting aid like a strobe, flash or modifier, or something completely peripheral like a new computer or a new piece of software. Props, Straps, place, really anything that you feel will give you that push.

While you can form the answers in any way you’d like see if you can answer those two questions: what is the exact item (bad: a new lens / good: a Nikkor 85mm 1.8 lens) and how it will help your photography. Please be as specific as you can.

I’ll go first: I am planning on getting a set of pocket wizards. I have had enough of misfires from my cheapo RF slaves and I feel that the price is worth removing the hustle annoyance and embarrassment of having the flash not pop when I need it too.

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