Poll: If I Was A Camera Maker I Would Focus On…

Imagine if you were head of the camera division at Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji or any of the other big (or small) brands. You now have the power to invest in the features you would like to see coming on the next version of the camera where would you put the research money?

Poll: If I Was A Camera Maker I would Focus On.…

We’ve seen some interesting news from Magic Lantern, who pushes for better video. We know that that is huge. We’ve seen the low light/high ISO battle between Nikon’s D800 and Canon’s 5DmkIII so that must matter to some. Nikon’s D800 36MP behemoth is now rumored eat megapixel dust from Canon’s new 75MP monster.

Which aspect do you think matters most, or is it something else altogether? This is your chance to decide on the future of cameras. Vote and have your say or leave a comment with your thoughts.

[Photo by kukkurovaca]

  • Laurent

    Stereo photo/video

  • Bridger Lambert

    Cost and lense cost with amount of zoom range

  • mrpassion

    Higher flash sync. The good ol nikon D70 could sync upto 1/500th with any flash. I dont know why both Nikon and Canon did not pursue this further.

    • Daniel R. Chang Acat

      With a Nikon D7000 or up you get AUTO-FP for high speed sync

  • Masab Rahman

    a fullframe camera with an Electronic shutter

  • Al Stieglitz

    Significantly improve Dynamic Range
    Al Stieglitz

  • http://faf.vsco.com/ Frank Fuhrmeister

    Forget low-light performance and ditch the megapixel race, camera manufacturers should shift some of their attention toward ergonomics. Plainly put, the Nikon D800 and Canon 5DMkIII are just not very comfortable to hold beyond an hour or so. Aside from that, the control placement on the Canon’s are horrendous and questionable at best on the Nikon’s.

  • ABS

    Affordable FF body. (Anything’s affordable if you save up, but I’d like something that costs less than four months rent.)

  • Ben Britt

    Full frame version of Fuji x-100

  • Paganator

    Improve usability. Common options are hidden deep within convoluted menu structures right now — surely there’s a way to make it more intuitive. Why do I have to hunt through pages of unfriendly menus on my 6D to find the option to delete all pictures on the memory card, something that I have to do eventually between every shoot?

    • Frans

      Nikon has a user defined menu, where you can place any often used menu option. I’m sure a top Canon camera like the 6D has a similar option?

      • Paganator

        Sure, but I shouldn’t have to create custom menus to access common features. DSLRs are some of the least usable high end electronics on the market imho. Very little effort seems to have been made to make these device’s software easy to use.

  • Matthew Wagg

    Modular FF camera with interchangeable parts like a Medium format camera. That way we can choose what features we want on the camera instead of being shoehorned into what the makers want us to have

    • David O’Sullivan

      That is actually an awesome idea. Imagine a FF mirror less being like a digital back. Instead of the spacer to use your existing lens add back in a mirror and optical veiwfinder. Just use the bits you need for the job.

  • ChrisBlizzard

    Honestly I think current tech is amazing, my main thought would be to strip back product ranges. I’d have a compact that’s got no manual features, maybe a single wheel that also acts as the shutter release, when you turn it one way it makes it brighter, the other way makes it darker (like a simple +/- EV compensation), maybe an on/off switch, nothing else. Next model would be the entry level “SLR”. which doesn’t have to be an SLR, it could be a micro 4/3. Basically something with decent manual mode, interchangable lenses etc. then the pro level SLR, which would be FF, and focus on ergonomics.

    It’d never happen though, because there’s money to be made in creating extra markets, or stripping down features for a “budget” model, etc. So, as a live music photographer, My money would go with high ISO, and better auto-focus in low-light.

  • http://www.thisisjoe.net YJawhar

    Better low light performance with higher dynamic range.

  • norm in toronto

    built a cheaper pro body by leaving out the light metering — we all make a quick guess(usually pretty close), make one frame, chimp the image and adjust exposure.. all that electronic stuff isn’t needed

    • a

      that couldn’t be called pro body if you leave metering out of the game. its basic function of any camera

  • Michel A

    1. Higher dynamic range & lower noise at low light .
    2. Lower weight DSLR bodies and lenses.
    3. Open source functionality.

  • Ghostdancer

    Better firmware and stop retarding camera capabilities, yes that means you Canon.

  • Jonathan Izquierdo

    Ergonomy, menu design, finished product quality.

  • Me

    high sync speed (electronic shutter) & greater dynamic range

  • Foo Bar

    Open up these closed platforms! Get inspired by all the cool apps for your smart phone NOT developed by Nikon, Canon or Sony. Now go figure what innovative third-party-developers could do with an open DSLR platform!

  • KC


  • tim

    bigger buffer – faster data transfer & 8-10 fps. oh and a built in intervalometer….

  • Nathan

    Forget about all those megapixels! 20 MP is more than enough. Give me larger pixels with better Dynamic Range and less noise. Also, start using open source firmware! Everyone will buy your camera if they can load their own favorite firmware (Magic Lantern).

  • Nathan

    Imagine if the big camera makers could bring medium format into the mainstream! Just think, a $1500 medium format DSLR! The Dynamic Range and Noise performance from the larger pixels would be AMAZING!

    • Andy

      actually the noise performance on medium format sucks!

  • efrem

    talking about dslrs: improved dynamic range along with better low light performances
    higher flash sync, built in intervallometer

    better performing small format sensors and lenses for cellphone cameras to replace compact cameras

  • Mehrdad

    Photographers convenience 😀

  • Tek

    mirrorless full frame

  • Andrew L.

    1-A 1/500 sec flash sync speed on all their cameras.
    2-User friendly, built-in wireless transfer that actually works well.
    3-A digital back for their most recognized 35mm FILM SLRs. If the price was kept under $400 they would sell thousands.

  • ja ma

    figure out how to make a zoom lens using mostly mirrors to reduce cost and size, but retaining VR and other advanced features we are used to.

  • 626Photo

    The first thing I think of is dynamic range. With all the great quality cameras on the smart phones a jump in dynamic range would really set the DSLR apart.

  • Doug Birling

    I want an ipad app from canon, with as much control as the desktop version, via USB / wireless. More dynamic range, 10 more megapixels from canon, iso is decent right now, focus is decent, though a 100% inset at the focus point would be nice as there have been times when I thought I had the shot. And a BB gun.

  • mike coleman

    Provide an opensource API to control the camera with abilities to install aps. Anyone can write software. Manufacture improved harware that the masses cannot.

  • Greg Easton

    ERGONOMICS! As a pro my shoulder is a mess. My wrist is a mess. My fingers are a mess. My back is a mess. Why can’t a camera be shaped more like a pair of binoculars than a brick?

  • rea5245

    How about extremely low ISOs, like 25, 12, 6, etc.? That would eliminate the need for neutral density filters.

  • Lucas Hoffmann

    Focus on ergonomics and controls, resistance and durability, make digital cameras last more, maybe even get closer to film cameras durability.

    Innovate on lens manufacturing, after all, it is the glass that turns all that fuzzy light into the final image, better controls also on lens, good focus AND aperture rings in all lenses.

    ALWAYS have good viewfinder coverage and quality, and for the electronic part, more Dynamic Range and as others have said, let others share the market, Canon and Nikon dominance blacks off the other brands trying to get out there with good ideas.

  • Rick

    Add in “Siri” so I can just tell the camera what I want… :)

  • Carl

    Like Al Stieglitz : Dynamic Range
    and a flexible one (You can choose maximum range or fraction of it)

  • kassim

    Profit of the company.

  • Arsein Lupin

    Just a very large Dynamic Range (FILM like) & Low noise on Highest ISO

  • Stas

    Dynamic Range. And controls layout improvement.

  • Qaun

    Better dynamic range!

  • Etienne

    Less pixels and more dynamic range

  • Robert Mynard

    how about making the Pro body’s chaeper by bringing out non-video models… I have no need for the video capabilities and don’t wanna pay for it…