Poll: Are You Using Protection?

My broken UV filter, RIPThere is an ongoing debate in the photography community, if one should use UV filters (or similar “zero effect” filters). I was never a big advocate for any of the camps, but slid a UV filter on all my lenses just in case.

As of this now, I am a firm member of the first camp.

Earlier this month I shot an event and had my D300 + 24-70/2.8 heavily shoved slightly brush against a poll. Luckily I had a B+W haze filter on.

The filter broke completely. I removed it and using a blower made sure that all the small and sharp glass was removed.

While I hate losing an ~$80 filter, I love not losing a ~$1600 lens. And think it is worth paying that little performance degradation.

What do you think? Are you Using protection filters?