Poll: Are You An Available Light Or a Strobist Kinda Shooter?

'Sun' By Flower (by AF-Photography)This poll is another step in my journey to know you better. This time I am asking a simple question: do you use artificial lights?

On the red corner we have your typical Strobist, light commands the hand motions, just like the apprentice in Walt Disney’s Fantasia.

On the blue corner we have the naturalist, packs light (no pan intended) and uses the elements (or other available light) as shaping tools.

And of course everything in between – this is why we have other.

if you wonder why the sun flower on the top of the post check out the captions on the original image by Vincent van der Pas.

Here are the results from out last poll: “You Have Gear?“. Quite a bit of interesting comments on the “other” answers.

here are my two favs: “I love gear, what I don’t own I make, what I can’t make I tell my wife
about enough times she thinks I’ve had it all along once I’ve bought

I have GHS – gear homemaking syndrome !