Pocket Wizard Mounting Device II

pocket-wizard-bracket_01.jpgOne of the things I like most on DIYP is the strong warm community that has build around it. It is more and more often that readers are sending ideas, hacks and modifications that far surpass any ideas that might be having on the late hours of the night.

Reader Joseph A. Sorrentino (flickr) gets the genius-of-the-week award for moding a cable-wrap into a pocket wizard mount device.

Joe has tested several options before going with the cheapest and easiest solution I have seen so far. Here are his thoughts and reasons for designing a whole new Pocket wizard mount from scratch. In my mind all the other alternatives are very good and offer some advantages, but Joe’s mount is the best of class. (Check them all for great mounting ideas.)

  • Hil‘s was too expensive (I need 10). (I still want to try one)
  • I didn’t like the metal / clanging nature of James H‘s
  • I like the simple nature or Rui but it need to stay with the swivel clamp.
  • Ziv‘s were nice but heavy.

pocket-wizard-bracket_02.jpgSo Joe came up with a great fifth way to match all his needs (Lets see if I can count them all): Cheap. No metal. Easy to put in bag. Light weight. Cheap. Cheap.

Joe used 12 inch of 1/2 inch spiral cable wrap but thinks that 3/4 would be better (It was only supposed to be a test run).

The nut in the middle is a 3/8 inch long 1/4-20 pushed through a 3/16 drilled hole in the cable wrap.

pocket-wizard-bracket_03.jpgThe nice bonus on this is that it can be pulled of the light stand, so teardown is nice and fast.

I was worried about putting a 1/4 hole in 1/2 inch plastic – I thought it would be too weak – not really but… a margin of safety is nice. I also think the 3/4 would hold onto larger light stands.

Why go with boring black? Here’s a link to other sizes & colors. For 1.20 US Dollars per foot it is a crime not to get one. Or two. Or three.

With the nut and tax I’d say that the total price on this mount is less then 2 Dollars. Definitely worth the trip to the local computer store.

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