Please, Trash The Dress Responsibly

I saw this photo on Tal Zigdon‘s facebook page and at first I was wondering if it was an April 1st photo. The first thing I was looking for when seeing this shot was the fire squad and a bunch of support crew. Titled trash the dress, the context seemed obvious, but I wanted to know more.


Not really understanding what I was seeing, I contacted Tal and asked him about the photo. Tal told me that he has worked on the concept for months and had many, many tests before bringing a live person to the shoot. On the shoot day there were 2 pre-tested fire extinguishers and two ready-to-jump assistants (Daniel & Shiran  Zigdon), and the location was near the sea and there was lots of sand.

Of course not every couple will be willing to assume the risk, and there were a lot of ‘dry rehearsals’ done before the first match was lit.

Still, from my point of view, the bride being an untrained stunt lady, there is so much that could have gone wrong, and even for the epic shot that this stunt produced, I still think it is not worth risking your skin or your life. As the bride / groom / photographer, how would you tackle the situation?

  • Kenny Moffat

    Should it not be responsibly

  • Jayson Carey

    I’ve seen a similar one where (I believe at least) the bride WAS a trained stuntwoman and the shot seemed to fit her personality and career to a “T”. This, however, seems to be too much risk for the outcome.

    I’m normally fairly cavalier on set, but that’s with my own safety and that of my equipment (IE hanging my only camera off the end of a 20ft pole that is suction-cupped to a car that’s doing a burnout). However, I would NEVER take this kind of risk with a client who’s comfort level, training, and reaction to a stressful situation I am unsure of.

  • Sakari J

    To begin with, this is perfect how to not use fire extinguisher shot. He’s too far away, sprays the top of the flames instead of the source of the fire. Also he has small extinguisher which I can’t recommed. Also good extinguisher would have the hose to help with pointing it.

  • me

    The lighting makes it looks like a composite done against a backdrop.

    • Benjamin Von Wong

      Yep. Agreed.
      Could be real though… and if so, definitely not worth the risk.
      One day this guys gonna get someone killed.

  • WillMonson

    As the “broom”, I would swat myself on the fire if it got out of control.

  • fauxshizzl

    I am fairly certain a better image could be produced in Photoshop without all the planning, extra people, and mostly the danger. As “me” said below, it already looks like it was done against a backdrop and shopped anyway.

  • Andrew Sible

    oh wow, that’s kinda scary. I hope his/her insurance doesn’t see that photo, I wonder what they’d say.

  • Michael Turcotte

    The original burning bride shot was a composite done with a dummy. There is a bts video out on the web somewhere. Alt-F (from DWF) aka John Michael Cooper

    • Roy

      I would not try to google “burning bride”. Makes this shot so much more inappropriate…

  • Björn Vilcens


    I think that such a shoot can look great an is really something special, but I won’t risk the live and health of my clients.

    If you look at the picture the woman did not look like having with that shoot. I think main reason for trash the dress should be to have fun and second to have good picture.



  • Fred Smith

    I am not sure that it isn’t Photoshoped. Regardless, I don’t get the metaphor. What does this prove? What is the happy couple trying to say about their relationship? I just don’t get it.

  • Breezanemom

    Stupid idea! As a Nurse and a former Paramedic, I can say without a moment’s hesitation that this was a stupid thing to do. Someone could have gotten seriously burned and/or killed.

  • ext237

    I just don’t get trash the dress. Fad, maybe?

  • Caroline Lefebvre

    And it’s not that nice a photo

  • Arthur uk

    Nailed on composite. Only dangerous thing about it is that someone thinks it’s real and try’s to copycat.

  • arik simantov

    Been there .. Done that :-)

    a year ago !!!

    see the video

  • kat

    There is no way that is real. The heat alone would send her cringing in pain (unless she’s a secret dragon or something). Plus the synthetic material would literally drip on her skin. I know this from experience.

  • cj08

    I just watched my whole house burn to do fire…. fire is unpredictable.. there is no rehearsing fire…. I really hope this is a composite! This is so dangerous!