Pieroway Makes Printed Strobe Bouncers For 5c

Pieroway Makes Printed Strobe Bouncers For 5cWouldn’t it be nice if there was a technology that can print whatever you want? Like a lens of a D3 body? Actually StarTrek featured a replicator that does exactly that, but as far as I remember it malfunctioned at one point and only replicated sausages and plants.

Anyhow, the family of printable gear (Gels, Lenshoods, Pinhole cameras and photography cheatsheets) just got a new member – Pieroway. A page dedicated to printing Lumiquests-like bouncers.

We have had bouncers before, but never one that prints both sides of the paper in a single click.

You can choose Nikon, Canon or Blank logo. The instructions says to print on stock card – I tried printing on heavier than usual paper.

Use photos, and a piece of history after the jump. This is how the paper comes out of the printer


Font and back sides on a strobe


Folded for storage / bag-tacking


Of course, you can always attach it to a black foamy for a little more sturdiness.

And for all the fans like me…