Is The Picture Worth The Risk? A Bride Set On Fire For A Trash-The-Dress

We’ve seen our share of crazy Trash The Dress events. Some better others. Some ended up tragically with the bride drowning in a river. Here is another idea, that I found to be too dangerous to practice, even if the photo is golden.

Is The Picture Worth The Risk? A Bride Set On Fire For Trash The Dress

On a promotional video for an Israeli studio, a bride is set on for an epic photograph.

The shooting is done by the sea and the photographer is having a extinguisher at hand. But still, I can’t help thinking that while the photo of this is a life time memory, it takes more than near-by water and a fire extinguisher to pull off a man on fire stunt. Is having a life time photo worth the risk?

[via White Studio]

  • Viktigpetter

    With fireproof gel it is almost risk free.

    • sam

      Fireproof gel or not, she is obviously not a stunt woman. very stupid

      • spiderwolf

        how can you tell she’s ‘obviously not a stunt woman’?

        • udi tirosh

          Read the comments on the facebook post.

          • spiderwolf

            ah… found it! not all of us got here via the facebook page 😉 (although isn’t that just someone else saying ‘not a stunt woman’ – yet with no proof that she is or isn’t…?)

          • udi tirosh

            check the via at the bottom :)

  • Jo Gorsky

    Being the model on a photo shoot where I was set on fire (
    I can tell you that the way they did it for the dress really is NOT safe at all.
    On my shoot I was supervised by 3 fire professionals and I was fully protected against the fire with protective gear and gel.
    Even then I felt stressed out since my whole body was set on fire.
    It was a thrilling calculated risk.
    But this here, she could’ve get 3rd degree burn easily since the dress could’ve melt on her skin and would not amount of water/CO2 would’ve been able to prevent skin damage.
    NEVER play with fire.
    If you wanna try, get a pro to supervise you and get proper protective gear. I know first hand.

  • Anthony

    plus the picture looks like shit

    • $48565746

      I agree. In my opinion, the photo isn’t particularly “golden”.

  • alex flores

    stupid action…NOT romantic or interseting picture…

  • fahrertuer

    Hey, the Darwin Awards are always looking for new contestants.
    Would be an interesting awards IMHO

  • Christopher Stivala

    I recently seen this done via Photoshop and 2 exposures.

  • Kevin Blackburn

    Glad I am not this guys insurance carrier

  • Smog

    They live in a land filled with oil. This is normal for them.

    • yidcore

      as a person living in said country- you are quite mistaken about the oil thing matey. we have to import ours here in Israel 😉

  • lj

    Um, why not, in this day and age, just use photoshop?? I just did a similar photo, and lit a piece of fabric on fire in a separate frame, then composited together. Got a better pose and expression, and the model was not at risk!

    • prophoto

      because that is cheating, photoshop sucks…why not just put her on the moon then?

  • Jayson Carey

    ummm…what the hell?

  • everardokeeme

    This isn’t a new thing though…..
    search “wedding dress on fire”

  • Michael Turcotte

    John Michael Cooper (Alt-F) did this way better and safer years ago. There was even a bts video on an old Dan Sanders website.

  • Valenten

    I think these “trash the dress” things are quite stupid, but this is even more stupid. Risky for a not-so-interesting pictures..

  • troy

    Who in the hell is going to be smiling ear to ear after being set on fire? This is a terrible concept, execution, and final image. Hope they enjoy their fifteen minutes before they fade away or blow themselves up.

  • DAS

    I don’t believe that the picture have been “really taken”.. I feel like some photoshop tricks helped the bride to not feel to sad for all this risks for such a (personal opinion) stupid idea.

    The result is quite interesting (a girl with a dress on fire) but the BTS proves how amateur every body was ..

    Near the sea there is wind.. And where there is wind the fire goes faster.. Of course the plan was to shoot near the sea .. But who asked that the picture had to be done during such a short time and with such bad weather ? Unorganized persons ..

    That’s what disturb me.. Taking risks like this ones for what exactly ?

    The results doesn’t worth such unconcious method.

    A “pro” with fire is not the person next to you with an extinguisher..

    The “pro” is someone who have already played a LOOOOOOT with fire during photos and who’s able to tell you in a second that this picture should have be done in the water directly with extra clothes under the dress and without plastic furniture but only cotton carefully dipped in specific flamable product to keep the effect and ALSO a bit of safety.

    But fire photography is a real stunt !! Do not try this without a real train.

  • DAS

    thumbs down.