Pictorial: Make A BlueQuick – A DIY Sling Style Strap


Photographer Andrew Sharpe just shared this great tutorial with us about building a BlueQuick – it is a  DIY camera straps for under-slinging your camera. Materials are pretty basic: Gaiam Yoga Mat Sling, Stainless Steel Flat Washer, 1/4-20 eye bolt and wing nut & Rubber washer. Construction is as follows in the pictorial below:



P.S. if you don’t trust your camera with a metal bracket you should check our Epic Survival Test: Camera Straps vs. Tractor below:

  • pincherio

    I’ve had metal carabiners break on my equipment. If that thing is plastic, I wouldn’t trust anything more than a point and shoot on it.

  • http://mizine.de/ Viktor Dite

    This is the ugliest and most dangerous DIY Strap i have ever seen!

  • Andrew Sharpe

    No plastic at all. The strap hardware is all metal. But of course, it is up to you what sort of bag hardware you use. The washer is actually rubber, not nylon. And the butterfly nut makes it so the bolt doesn’t have to go all the way in the body. It is tough, and nothing moves. I’m not sure why you think it is dangerous. More dangerous than the BlackRapid where the screw gets loose and drops your equipment?

    • Jon

      My BlackRapid never gets loose, but I have worn through the carabiner part twice!

  • https://www.facebook.com/juan.jaramillo.1069 Juan M. Muñoz

    You know for this I’d rather just buy one.

  • Paul

    Not loving that bolt/wingnut combo, for looks or function. I’d go with a combo like:


  • ametropia

    I think this is fantastic, and there is nothing ugly at all about a little gold and silver on the bottom of the camera where basically no one will be looking ever except other photographers (silently judging you for no reason at all, as many like to do). So if you aren’t bothered by jerk photogs who are rolling their eyes in their own fantasy mind world, this really works extremely well.

  • GMan_X

    I am quite enthusiastic when it comes to DIY photography
    projects. As we all know, most DIYs produce professional results at a massive cost
    savings. However, when it comes to Sling Straps, I do not feel there would ever
    be enough benefit in cost savings to ever warrant taking such a high risk with my
    cameras. Besides, Speed Straps really don’t cost all that much and are packed
    with features that allow you to snug up your camera on the move and quickly
    loosen for the fast shot. This particular DIY is not advisable.

  • D. Brent Walton

    May I suggest you take a point-n-shoot style wrist strap that is long enough to go to the swivel hook and attach there too. That way, if it accidently comes unscrewed from the tripod socket, you have a safety catch.