Photographing Stars At Night Video Tutorial

If you had fun reading our Guide To Star Trails Photography and want to complement it with a guide for shooting non-moving stars, check out this video tutorial by Ben Canales.

The video covers anything you need to go out and start shooting stars, with the rule of 600 as your thumb rule for keeping them static. This rule says that if you divide 600 by your focal length you get the number of seconds you can leave your shutter open without turning the stars into trails.

[via fstoppers]

  • mitch

    Using the 600 rule and shooting with a 17mm focal length I get a 35 second exposure. Last night I shot at ISO 2500 f/2.8 14-24mm Nikon lens and D800 body. I was still getting a slight elongation in the stars at 25 seconds and not the 35 seconds based on the rule of 600. Something isn’t making sense here. Using the 600 rule 35 second exposure would give me even more elongated stars.