Photographer Uses Body Paint To Camouflage Models In New York City Skyline For This Inventive Portrait Series

new_york_bodypaintTrina Merry, the photographer and body paint artist behind the viral Human Motorcycle Project, is at it again, this time in her new homebase of New York City. Captivated by the cities skyline and architecture, Merry decided to take a group of nude models and paint them in to the famous skyline for her latest photography series. 

As you can imagine, the time involved to create each of the works is lengthy. It takes about 6 hours for the photographer and model to get from body painting to portrait. All the body painting is done on location and right out in the open. Luckily for the artist, New York City is well known for it’s often vibrant variety of artistic expressions which can be found on the sidewalks in all of it’s burroughs. Depsite New York’s open mindness, Merry’s work process still attracts a lot of attention from pedestrians. In the short interview below, she says a lot of time is spent answering curious onlookers questions.

“I wanted to engage the city and understand it and make some observations. So instead of a person right in front of the Empire State building or the Statue of Liberty, they’re softly in the background, and you’ve got more of a reflective view of the person within the landscape.”

The collection of portraits are pretty incredible, but that was almost to be expected. You can take a look at all the photographs from the shoot here:

[ via Associated Press ]

  • Bob Simmons

    I really enjoy your posts and find lots of creative ideas on your web site.

  • Nic

    What’s the point in doing something someone else already did ? Is that creativity ?

  • Katie Fisher

    Sean Selfridge

    • Sean Selfridge

      I have been wanting to do a camo paint for a while but never booked anything. I am FB friends with the body painter and model who did this series. So damn cool!