Photographer Rigs An iPhone 4 To Helium Balloons To Take HD Videos

Here is a nice concept to compete with Kite Arieal Photography, Helicopter rigged cameras and very long pole photography.

A bunch of curious DIYers at Los Angeles rigged an iPhone 4 to a set of helium balloons that helped it rise about 1000 feet and take 720p videos of Los Angeles.

The footage is displayed below, while it is not perfect, and kinda shaky, there is also a valuable BTS. Hit the Just for some behind the scenes and my notes of the video

here is the behind the scenes video that they took (probably to have some memory in case that iPhone would never be seen again). There are lots of good pointers in the BTS.

0:27 – here comes the motivation for using the iPhone – it is light and small. Same thing I was thinking when doing the skateboard dolly.

0:39 –  god check out the wall behind, all the guitar goodies you’ll ever want.

1:48 – the rig explained. Below the balloons there is a rig, it functions to add some stability and most importantly it keep the iPhone parallel to the ground at all times.

2:19 – iPhone is hooked to rig. One small piece of gaff tape. Brave!

2:42 – Tower is getting close to the balloons. So kicking off from a roof is a good idea since it lets you avoid all the lower clutter like telephone posts and electrical wires, but it also limits how far you can move your balloon.

2:49 – Drill used to roll the massive amounts of wire back. Nice.