Photographer Advocates “Pro” One Handed Lens Screw – Drops $2.3K Canon 24-70L Glass

Every now and then we will share a productivity tip here on DIYP. Be it A quick lens replacement, using power bars on travel or anything that we think will make your life easier.

Photographer Advocates "Pro" one Handed Lens screw - Drops $2.3K Canon L 24-70 Glass

Here is one tip we will probably never share (outside of this context anyways): How to show a lens screw move which results in dropping a $2300 Canon L lens.

You tuber C Led (who only has one online video) shares what should have been a lens swapping tutorial and ended up as an epic fail with a Canon 24-70 2.8L lens dropping on the street floor. It seems that while the lens exchange is indeed fast, it is not secure enough to keep the lens unharmed.

Not really sure how to take this, but here is my tip: better slow and secure than fast and broken on the floor.

[Photographer FAIL. Drops $2,300 Canon L Series Lens via kpraslowicz]

  • G

    He says “just like a pro” too much. It’s either fake or he’s a complete idiot. (or both)

    • fahrertuer

      Never suspect malice when idiocy could be the answer 😉

  • Nède

    you need Uberspeed when you’re in war theater, changing your magasine….when you’re a photographer it’s just bullsh*t

  • J. Philip vanHeijkoop

    yeah, I call fake, why else put in online and at this length (if he just wanted to post his fail the end would be enough). he even edited to clips together. he probably just found a busted lens that wasn’t worth fixing. this one is actually way better

  • jason bourne

    Gotta be fake.

    Why do something so utterly boneheaded and then post it for the entire world to see?

    • Mike McKallicuffy

      because 93,000 hits and counting. same reason all the people who videoed themselves doing something stupid post it anyway.

      • jason bourne

        That’s true.

        A lot of idiots out there who seem to take pride in being an idiot and are more than happy to let the world know.

    • TheFantasticG

      Easy. Those 93,000+ clicks can add up in ad revenue that they can generate. 1,000,000+ clicks is worth a lot.

  • WolfgangTietz

    I dont know if i would call this fake… If it was fake then he is an absolutely amazing actor! I felt so bad when you see it in his eyes when saying ‘cut.’ And for those who say he why would he post it… at some point you gotta just look back at somethign like this and laugh.

  • Brian Carey

    I dropped mine, attached to a 5D2, on a cement floor it struck the lens hood (yeah lens hoods) and bounced once or twice I picked it up and finished my shoot with it. :-)That was two years ago, it hasn’t failed me once.

  • Anon

    Not fake. He’s just a fuckin moron.

  • JWC Studios

    Ouch!! Not sure why he would have thought this was a good idea? And we all know that we want to change lenses outside in the wind as much as possible. I started laughing when he said, my light is very good in here right now. The “Pros” would have some indoor lights to shoot a video. What a fail!

  • foo

    Both body and lens are props or already broken beyond repair.
    He’s a comedian. Actually, not very good at that.

  • lefty

    Fake. Watch his 2nd video:

    • TheFantasticG

      No. The 1st one wasn’t funny and this one won’t be either.

  • ext237

    And he has professional-level dirt blowing into his camera body as he drops that lens-shaped coffee cup.