Peter Hurley-ish Look On The Cheap With One Strobe And Reflectors

A while back we shared a portable setup that mimics Peter Hurley’s square lighting setup.

Peter Hurley-ish Look On The Cheap With One Strobe And Reflectors

Now the folks from SLR Lounge created a similar-ish setup using only one studio strobe and 3 5-in-1 reflectors. Pretty cool actually, although not 100% the same thing.

The basic principles are the same as Hurley’s setup – shooting through a square frame of light. Only instead of using 4 kino-flo fixtures, Pye uses an over head strobe as the top light and three reflectors as the remaining three frames. The spill, directionality and intensity of the lights is a bit different, but like any other soft-all-surrounding light the result is very flattering.

Here are some of the resulting images:

squarish light

squarish light

For the full instructions and gear list head over to SLR Lounge’s post.

P.S. It kinda got me thinking that I should combine this with this.

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    who is Peter Hurley? …this lighting is in books from the 80’s? its just the clamshell. why not just call it that. its really annoying to name lighting setups after photographers when no light setup is original anymore

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