Paris Time-Lapse: The Modern Side of The Most Romantic City in the World

If you haven’t actually been to Paris, like me, you’re probably accustomed to seeing it’s more classic landmarks. You’re probably used to seeing a lot more of the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, or the Arc de Triomphe than you are to seeing the rest of the city. You’re used to seeing the romantic side, but you’re not used to seeing the urban side.

What Paul Richardson aimed to do when shooting this time-lapse was capture the classic Paris just as well as the modern Paris. Utilizing a Canon 6D, a 17-40 & a 17-200 lenses, the photographer ended up combining over 40,000 pictures out of the footage he recorded for the resulting time-lapse; in total, the video takes up over 400 hours, which averages out to about 2.5 hours for every second of its footage. The final render was done through Cineform at 2.5K.

Watching the video, it’s clear that Mr. Richardson isn’t new to time-lapses like these at all. In any case you’re as inspired as I am after watching these, the photographer’s even written an entire guide that goes over how they’re done. If you want to learn a bit more about making time-lapses (or better yet, making ones as good as this one), check out the tutorial at his website.
[via Paul Richardson]

  • Kenneth

    Not that I don’t know how these are made, but I can’t seem to find any tutorial at his website ?