PanoDuino Is The Most Awesomest 360 DIY Pano Head (Yes, Arduino Is Involved)

Texas based photographer Phil Warner was looking for the perfect robotic pano head. He did not find one so he made his own.


Phil runs 360photopro which kinda explains his need for a pano head. It does not, however, explain the beauty of the head he built.

Based on Arduino, Adafruit Proto Shield and matching software the pano head boasts wireless control and the ability to take stunning 360 interactive panoramas. (kinda like making your won Gigapan awesomeness)

Here are some of the panoramas taken (click to get to the interactive version)

Circuit of the Americas Tower 360 View

Welcome to the Balloon Fiesta!


There are more of those on Phil’s 360 set.

Phil was kind to share the parts list over Flickr – click the image for a description and parts links.

Panobot Parts v1

Finally, here is a quick movie that shows the head in action

If you want one of those sweet babies, you may have luck with the Owl Panoramic Head, same concept done with CNC parts. Greg Nuspel built and sold some units. I donno, maybe if you begged him enough he will make one for you. Here is how his version runs:

[360 Panobot | Phil Warner]

  • Greg_Nuspel

    Thanks for mentioning me in this article, Since I’ve received a few inquiries here is some information. I used a software Papywizard which is no longer supported but you can see it in operation here

    If you have the ability to do the programming an Arduino with some Big Easy drivers would work great. I’m sorry I can’t really offer any more information since I am very busy with some video projects at this time. A few of the mechanical assemblies are available on eBay. Follow the link on the video.

  • David B

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