One Photographer’s Perspective on Moving From Canon To Sony


The battle between was never that fierce and it seems that the action is not over yet. In the blue corner we have the heavy weight champions, Canon and Nikon with their old-yet-proven DSLR lines and on the red corner we have Fuji and Sony with their slick-and-fast mirrorless lines.

Moving from Canon to Nikon or vice versa is no longer “news” it seems that more photographers are moving from DSLRs to Mirrorless cameras.

Photographer Alex Koloskov (who is the face behind the successful Photigy site) just switched systems from Canon to Sony, and despite the fact that he is not using the latest model (he uses the older A7 and not the recently announced A7II) he still makes some valid point on making the move:

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Drones Can Be Easily Hijacked, Demoed At Def Con


The Parrot Bebop drone has never been quite so popular as the DJI’s or 3DRs out there. It does not rank the same on the pro equipment scale so pros are less likely to use it. Then again, it is less than $500 where a 3DR solo (gimbal-less) or a DJI Phantom Vision 3 are around $1000. That puts the Bebop it the same price range as the Phantom  2, but again, not as popular.

Here is another reason why this little drone may not be as successful as its colleagues, it can be taken over or dropped to the ground quite easily.

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Epic Timelapse Shows Nothing But Angles On The Milkyway


We love a good timelapse. And we love Milky Way time lapses even more. This timelapse shot in in one of the places with the lowest light pollution in the world- Wellington, NZ – has a very clear theme – yes you guessed it – the Milky Way.

After Dark shot by videographer Mark Gee (previously) features no less than 8 scenes showing the Milky Way including a day-to-night and night-to-day transitions, stars reflecting on car scene, a small campfire and a few more.

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19 Signs You Are Treating Your Photography as a Hobby and Not a Business


Often, the most difficult thing I see for individuals in our industry is making that scary leap from being an amateur photographer to a legitimate professional. When you do make that leap it is quite visible as your actions become very different than those who treat their business more casually. Below is a list of behaviors I have noticed over the years from those who treat their business more like a hobby.

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How To Build A Mega 84cm, 480 LEDs Ring Light For $35


Here is a smart ring light fitted for the LED era. I mean we shared a huge kick a$$ ring light build before, but this one is powered by LEDs rather than CFLs and it is just as huge and just as awesome.

This huge contraption was invented by Gvido Mūrnieks who also made a DIY Light Blaster and who I now consider a master woodman/tinkerer/maker kind of guy.

The build starts with a huge piece of plywood which you can get (along with some aluminum angles) from the scraps section of your local DIY store or carpentry.

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This Clever Slider Challenges How Sliders Are Made


Ok, so I am now officially hooked on ProductTank Youtube Channel. We shared his Super Tripod yesterday, but had to go in and look at more of his work. (Be warned, if you are the DIY type, this is a black hole for your time).

This time, I would like to focus on his slider. Just like with the tripod, ProductTank challenges who a slider is made. Instead of running a cart on two aligned rails, he uses a guided surface to push a cart.

While you may wave this off as too simple, I think it is actually quite clever. The mechanism is built around pressing the cart to the plate on while using a guide that you can slide along. So firstly, you automatically get two (or more) moves; a regular sliding move, and an arched sliding move. Secondly, you get just the right amount of friction to get a smooth motion even if you detach from the guide.

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World’s Largest Hard Drive Offers Photographers 16TB of Storage


As photographers, backing up our images has sort of become a passion, and so it should.  The catch-22 in the situation is that hard drives (the ones with the little DJ in there spinning laser-read disks) offer the most storage space but suffer from low long-term reliability.  We therefore resort to all kinds of other methods to increase file redundancy, such as cloud storage.  Solid state drives (SSD) are great (and fast), but they have typically been rather limited in capacity.  That…is changing.

The other day we reported on Samsung’s new 256-gigabit flash technology that would significantly increase the storage capacities of solid state drives, but we had no idea they were aiming for the moon and hitting it!

Samsung has since unveiled the culmination of this technology:  the world’s largest SSD hard drive.

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Watch GoPro Capture This Fish Leaping Through the Air to Bite This Man’s Nipple


Nature is a wonderful thing – there are times it entrances us with its hypnotic beauty…and there are other times when it just makes us laugh a ball off.  Today, we’re exploring the latter.

Wyatt Green of Boater’s Outlet was chilling with the fishes (literally, no metaphor implied) at Lake Powell in Utah when things got a little frisky.  While filming some tiny fish swimming around him (why, exactly, we’re not sure), one of them leapt from the water and quickly got to second base with Wyatt, latching onto his nipple.  (Yes, Mr. Media Censorship, men have nipples, too.)

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BTS: See How Photographer Created This Epic ‘Star Wars’ Engagement Shoot


A lot of people love Star Wars.  Granted, I’m not one of them, but I’m beginning to learn that my opinion doesn’t necessarily impact the choices of the rest of the world.  (Someday this will change…)  Daniel Grove is one of those who loves Star Wars.  Paying homage to his beloved science fiction genre, the Texas-based photographer teamed up with couple Angel and Kyson to create an engagement shoot of epic proportions.

In a galaxy not-so-far-far away, they brought the fight of the Galactic Empire to the Texan countryside.  With full Tatooine-esque (Tatooinian-esque?  Tatooineü-esque?) wardrobe and makeup, the couple fought for their mortal survival against Sith Lords to eventually win the day.  (I love how it looks like Kyson is “slip-thumbing” his laser gun…)

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