Rapper ‘Presto Flo’ Falls Into Harbor During A Photoshoot

We’ve all seen A LOT of fail videos all over the web because it’s almost impossible to not see them and while they’re all entertaining to an extent, I haven’t quite seen any video that’s as hilarious as this one:

The person in this video supposedly is “Presto Flo”, a rapper from Florida who was shooting “Promotional Images” that day. Let’s just say I’ve seen shoots that went better than his… A small gust of wind and…. Better the ocean than a 100 meter dive down a cliff. According to the video description on YouTube he landed on an oyster bed and had to be taken to the emergency room.

We’re ending this with a PSA: watch whats on your back when you have your pictures taken

Quick Tip (GoPro Beginners): How To Set Smooth Slow Motion Videos

If you’re not familiar with video editing and camera settings then shooting slow motion video with a GoPro can perhaps be a little frustrating.You may keep wondering why your new GoPro Hero4 slo-mo’ed footage is jittery and jerky. It may be because you need to sync the camera and editing settings. MicBergsma is here to help you out in this situation though: in his short GoPro Quick Tip he demonstrates the best way how to get the smoothest videos possible.

 Do you have any tips on shooting slowmo video? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

How to Confidently Choose the Right Mat and Frame for Your Photographs

If there’s a downside in the shift to digital photography, it’s the mindless hours we now spend uploading, liking and clicking through endless online galleries. The instant gratification from the immediate applause leaves us with our best photographs buried in online albums, rather than appreciated and cherished up on our walls. It’s all too easy to ‘post’ a photo that you might have framed a decade ago, and then forget all about it.


Worse yet, if you aren’t social media savvy, these photos may sit on your memory cards, hard drive or permanent to-do list, collecting dust until you find the time to upload and share with the world.

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Everything You Need To Know To Master Composition In One 30 Minute Lesson


This is probably one of the most comprehensive videos we’ve seen on the topic of composition. Though it was made with the intent to help out CGI artists, the advice educator Andrew Price dishes out to us in the 30-minute tutorial can be applied to just about any creative work, especially including photography and cinematography. Price is able to teach visual artists the foundations of composition as well as some more advanced techniques, making this video a useful tool for all skill levels of photographers. [Read more...]

How Reading Comics Will Improve Your Photography


In June 1938 ‘action comics’ were published and Superman was introduced to the world. Not only was the character of Superman was born that day, but also comics as we know it. Today, 76 years later, comics is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Over the years comics became less cartoonish and more realistic, to the degree where today many refer to it as “graphic novel” rather than “comics”. Comic artists are great story tellers and by inspecting their art we can extrapolate and get inspiration for our own art. As an art form, comic books have a lot to teach us about photography.

Before we start, it is important for me to explain that I didn’t focus on a specific character or series, I tried to find examples from all around the comic universe, both male and female characters, well known and anonymous characters, DC and Marvel, old and new. With the main premise that Photographers can benefit from comics in a similar way that comics artist have benefited from photography.

Let’s start with something we all relate to comics, the superheroes!

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Photographer’s Image Gets Stolen For A Political Attack Ad

The Alaskan photographer Mark Osborne recently had not-so-nice surprise waiting for him in the mail: A political attack ad targeting his friend that’s running for the State of Alaska House Of Representatives, Dan Ortiz. The nasty thing about this ad was the image that was used: It was a screengrab from a video that Mark shot himself. Understandably upset about the unauthorized use of his image, Mark Osborne responded in the classiest manner possible:

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How To Build And Use A DIY Scrim (Made From A Portable Clothes Hanger)

I have been planning around trying to build a DIY scrim for about a month now but couldn’t think of a frame where I could start my project. First thing I thought of was making it out of PVC pipes (sadly PVC pipes are not as easy to get here), then thought of using wood for the frame. I put it aside for a while until I found the perfect frame for my new project.

A scrim is not a stand alone unit and you want a light source behind it – either a strobe, a strong continuous light or even the sun. The scrim will diffuse that light (and eat quite a bit of it during the process) into a beautiful soft light.

Normally when I go to the local mall I visit the Japan Store because almost everything there is for P88 ($2USD) and there is a LOT of stuff to choose from, so I was looking around the other day and found a portable clothes hanger for around $5.50 USD. WIN! This would be the perfect frame for my next project. (If you don’t live in the Philippines, fret not, they are pretty cheap in the US too)


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Meet Carlos Naval: The 9 Year Old Prodigy Recently Crowned Wildlife Photographer Of The Year


Stinger In The Sun; photo by Carlos Perez Naval

A nine year old boy from Spain took the top honors in the youth division of the 2014 Natural History Museum and BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, which celebrated it’s 50th anniversary this year.  Carlos Perez Naval, stole the show when his exceptional photo, “Stinger In The Sun” not only earned the young photographer a 1st place finish in the 10 and under division, but also garnered him the prestigious title of Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, for which he handily edged out photographers nearly twice his age. [Read more...]

Photographer And 7 Skaterboarders Take Over Helsinki Airport For Once In A Lifetime Photoshoot

For Arto Saari, the world of professional skateboarding feels a lot like home. Saari, an accomplished skateboarder, has a deep history in the sport and one which is decorated by numerous world championships. As a young star, Saari worked hard throughout his youth to establish himself as one of skating’s biggest stars and now his passion for skating has encouraged the athlete to branch out and enjoy the sport from an all new perspective as a photographer. [Read more...]