See How Lighting Position Affects The Mood and Perception of a Scene


Lighting is hands-down one of the most important elements in visual production and has the power to single-handedly alter the mood and perception of an entire scene.  On a more macro level, lighting position, more so than diffusion or tone, is probably the most vital aspect to control.  Lighting affects our moods, distorts space and time, and alters our perceptions of what we see, which is why optical illusions can be so baffling to the human mind.

While we have previously published a very helpful portrait lighting cheat sheet, visual creator Nacho Guzman gives us a real-time look at the varied impact of light positioning on the human face in a segment of his music video for Opale.

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The Last Meals Of Death Row Inmates In Photographs

last meals 8
Maybe it’s easy to distance ourselves from violent criminals. We see death row inmates on the tv, the newspaper, but, for the most part, we only know about them what the media is reporting. We don’t know for example, what books they’ve read or which movie is their favorite. Maybe we don’t need to know those things. Maybe it’s that no one cares. Or, maybe it’s just that no one had thought to ask.

That’s part of what makes Henry Hargreaves project so unique and curious. Hargreaves, a New Zealand photographer now living in the States, has been working on a series of photographs which depict the last meal requests of inmates whose time on death row has drawn to a close. Hargreaves says his interest was piqued after reading about measures being taken in Texas to obliterate the traditional last meal. [Read more…]

Women vs. Men


Men photographers…listen up, you need to be more like women.
Women photographers…listen up, you need to be more like men.

Men need to be in touch with their feminine side in order to be better photographers and women need to stop being so feminine in order to be better photographers.

Am I the only one that feels this way of thinking is whacked? I mean, one taco short of a combination plate kind of whacked?

If you hear this advice coming out of any speaker/coach/workshop-giver’s mouth…run. Run far. Run fast. Don’t look back. Just pull a Gump and “Run, Forrest, Run!”

And it troubles me, because when you are standing in front of a client with a camera in your hand, you aren’t a male photographer or a female photographer…you are simply a photographer. Or at least, that’s how it should be.

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‘Refuge’ is the First Narrative Film Ever to Be Exclusively Lit by Moonlight; Recorded with Sony’s a7S


The Sony a7S is well known for the quality of its groundbreaking high-ISO video, with an endless amount of test videos posted online.

Back in September of last year one video rose above the rest when Carbon Studios released a short film lit entirely by moonlight, aptly named ‘Moonlight’.

Blown away by the video, a director by the name of Sam Shapson said he “felt compelled to apply what they’d accomplished to narrative”, and the result is the first narrative film ever to be exclusively lit by moonlight. Of course this film was also recorded with the a7S.

Unlike ‘Moonlight’, however, which was mostly recorded using ISO 12,800 and just two scenes used settings of up to 32,000, ‘Refuge’ was shot at ISO 51,200.

The resulting video is, unsurprisingly, far from perfect, but the camera’s low light capabilities are absolutely incredible.

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Taylor Swift Responds to Photographer’s Open Letter


Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple, claiming artists shouldn’t be asked to work for free, gained tremendous attention and lead to a change in the company’s policy.

It wasn’t long before concert photographer Jason Sheldon sent the singer a letter of his own calling her a hypocrite for pretending to stand up for artists’ rights, while photographers working at her concerts are forced to sign an unfair contract that could lead to them working for free as well.

Swift’s UK spokesperson was quick to respond to Sheldon claiming that he misrepresented the contract.

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360-Degree 26-Gigapixel Image from Stanley Cup Finals Includes Social Media Interaction


Photographic technology keeps getting better and better while society keeps getting dumber and dumber.  But, perhaps we’ll hash out some of those specifics at a later date and time.

That being said, the new influx of giant gigapixel images is fascinating, whether it’s exploring nature or cities.  Now these images are being brought onto a more personal level, complete with the capabilities to tag yourself and friends in these massive images.  Blakeway Gigapixel, purveyors of giant, 360-degree panoramic photos, is pushing their new service of creating “exciting interactive social media engagements within a huge multi-gigapixel image,” and despite the blatant commercialization undertones, it’s still pretty cool.

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‘Shelter Dogs’ Captures Human-Like Emotions from Dogs in City Pound

Photographer Traer Scott, probably best known for her work with animals, has an impressive resume.  In addition to authoring five books, her work has been featured in numerous magazines, including National Geographic, Vogue, People, Life, and others; she has been the recipient of the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts Photography Fellowship Grant and the Helen Woodward Humane Award for animal welfare activism; and has appeared as a guest on Fox and NPR, among others.

Her portrait series “Shelter Dogs,” which was turned into a book of the same title, is a beautiful and stunning collection of work that focuses, literally, on canines living in a local pound, almost anthropomorphizing them in hopes of increasing adoptions.  Traer provides some insight into the project as well as some unique advice for aspiring photographers.


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Photoshop CC 2015 Major Bug: Healing Brush Creates Salt Lines Pixel Artifacts

Adobe only just released Photoshop CC 2015 and it looks like they have what we used to call a show stopper when I was in the software industry. One of the changed Adobe made was to make the Healing Brush work faster, but it looks like that change has some crucial negative impact.

Luce from Luce Retouch recently uploaded a video showing that using the Healing Brush tool with Photoshop CC 2015 created an irritating salt-lines effect.

The affect got its name because it looks like someone left some water drops to dry on the image and it left a salty residue. (I wonder if that would be come saltgate…..)

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