How To Get the ‘Terry Richardson Look’ and Shoot Like a Fashion Pro with Minimal Gear


Terry Richardson is the most recognized and probably the most controversial photographer in the art world.  From stripping down naked while shooting risqué fashion work to publishing books filled with pictures of him receiving fellatio and having sex to collections of images of his feces, he’s a bit of a hotly-debated topic.  And that’s not even mentioning the numerous first-hand accounts of Richardson allegedly sexually preying on models with whom he’s worked.  But, if there’s one thing he’s got going for him, it’s his easily-recognized photographic style.  With images that have graced the pages of almost every major fashion publication, from covers to editorials to ads, he knows how to get around.

His signature style is very simple and almost jarring, often shot as high key with the model posed against a white wall, using a bare flash for harsh, direct lighting.  For those looking to replicate the “Terry Richardson Style” into your own work, the kind folks over at StyleMyPic show us how to do it with the most basic of gear.

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Photographing Food Can Be Considered Copyright Infringement In Germany (And, Why I Agree)

8157110881_e35686d71a_zEarlier this year, we talked about how many restaurants are embracing social media as a means of free advertising. Some American restaurants even changed their menus, ingredients, and plating to cater to those Instagram loving, self proclaimed “foodies”.  In Germany, however, it seems as though some chefs are a lot less keen on the idea of their edible creations being photographed and tossed around on the internet for all to see.  [Read more…]

DIY Automatic Pan/Tilt Rig For Perfect Panoramas


Okay all you makers and DIYers, here’s a little project from Jason Poel Smith, over at Make, that shows you how to build an automatic pan/tilt rig for your camera to help capture panoramic photographs.. The build is “made from three metal frames and three servo motors” and allows the rig to be mounted on your existing tripod. Smith rates the build as “Moderate” difficulty, you’ll need to be comfortable doing some basic wiring.  [Read more…]

Become a Better Filmmaker by Watching Bad Movies


It has been my experience in life that you learn the most from past mistakes, whether they be of your own doing or from someone else.  (Unfortunately, sometimes I have to make the same mistake several times before I finally catch on and move forward.)  The same goes in the creative world.  Being able to identify the bad can help us be able to more easily identify the good.

Darious Britt advocates just that in a recent video he shared on his YouTube channel.  As he says in the 5-minute clip, “If you’re a doctor, how can you get good at diagnosing sick patients if all you’ve ever evaluated are healthy patients?”  And he’s right.  Analyzing great movies (and I venture to postulate that there are very few that fall into this category) is also a good practice when learning and honing your own skills, but it’s much harder to see what is truly great in it until you can understand what is truly bad.

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Easily Add DIY Rainbow-Colored Flames to Your Next Shoot with Simple Household Products


I’ve been a not-so-closet pyromanic for most of my life.  I burned everything I could get my hands on (without crossing the line to juvenile arsonist), crafted homemade napalm, and frequently blessed out neighbors with explosions in the backyard.  As an adult, I’m become a little more skittish…especially after burning two acres of our property in Easter Sunday a few years back.

But, photographers in general seem to like pyrotechnics, whether it’s blowing stuff up or throwing sparks all over creation.  So, what’s yet another way to brighten your life?  The Backyard Scientist gives us a few ideas in a recent video.

By dissolving various household chemicals in methanol, he was able to produce rainbow-colored flames, producing a great visual result.  But, of course, that wasn’t enough.  Crafting a DIY flamethrower from PVC pipe and a bicycle pump, he shows us how to build a rainbow flame canon…which would be perfect for anything from infant photography to engagement sessions.

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Delightful Photo Series Captures All The Meals James Bond Is ‘Dying To Eat’

Dying-to-eat11Not too long along, we shared an interesting photo series which featured the last meals of death row inmates. It was an enthralling series which got the mind thinking about things it (most likely) would never wander to on it’s own. Now, the same photographer–Henry Hargreaves–has released a similar collection, this time with the photos focusing on the all the rich, delicious meals consumed by who other than James Bond. [Read more…]

Is 4K Video Even Worth It? These Test Results May Surprise You


A trending topic right now across the photography world is 4K video and the amazing quality that cameras such as the Sony A7s II and Panasonic GH4 can produce.  But, along with this, many people seem to be giving off the vibe that anything less than 4K is simply amateurish.  So, is 4K video all it’s cracked up to be, or is it just an over-hyped ploy?

The guys at LinusTechTips decided to take that question head-on, testing native 4K, 1080p, and “up-sampled” 4K video to see what the truth may be.  The results vary just a bit, but the conclusion of their experiment is not what I was expecting.

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Learn The Three Basic Principles Of Light In Less Than 5 Minutes

adlreIt’s hard to make it any more simple than the way Lindsay Adler breaks down the basic principles of light in this quick YouTube clip she made in collaboration with CreativeLive. Join the professional photographer as she discusses three of the most fundamental aspects of lighting: direction, quality, and intensity.

Obviously, you can’t learn everything there is to know about light in a sub 5-minute clip, but Adler does a great job of explaining the important stuff, which should give you some new tools to use when you’re out there practicing your craft. At the very least, it will get your wheels turning and provide some inspiration for experimentation. [Read more…]