These Macro Photos Display The Astonishingly Vivid World Of Caterpillars

the caterpillar lab 3If you’ve never taken the time to slow down and take a good, close look in your own backyard, you could be missing out on a whole new world of beautiful and vibrant creatures. Take for example, Samuel Jaffe–a New England based photographer who specializes in shooting caterpillars. The photos, which are part of Jaffe’s The Caterpillar Lab, help to educate individuals on caterpillars native to their region, while also serving as some pretty incredible pieces of art. [Read more…]

Google to Fight Revenge Porn; Will Remove Photos from Search

Revenge_PornGoogle hates messing around with its search engine, stating the company’s involvement should be limited to ensuring the relevance of the results, it usually removes search results only once legally forced to do so.

In an uncommon move, however, Google has taken initiative in this matter announcing that it will remove photos of ‘revenge porn’ victims from its search engine’s results.

“In the coming weeks we’ll put up a web form people can use to submit these requests to us,” said Amit Singhal, the senior vice president in charge of Google Search in the company’s blog.

What caused Google suddenly take responsibility for its search results and does this mean Google’s becoming more lenient towards photo take-down requests?

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Available Light Photographer Scared by Darkness: a short story


An excerpt from a new short story I’m working on:

They say it’s impossible to feel the Earth’s rotation, but standing in the meadow, the last rays of the setting sun warming my face, I feel it. I glance at my clients, sitting on the orange couch (because Victorian red velvet is so yesterday) and I wonder if they feel it, too.

The Earth is turning toward darkness and there is nothing I can do about it.

And maybe I don’t feel it as much as I hear it: an almost imperceptible ticking, like a time bomb counting down. I feel the darkness closing in, creeping ever closer.

I have mere minutes before I lose my light source and we aren’t close to being finished. This family of 8 will not be together again for years. They are counting on me. ME! I have no idea what to do. And really, nobody would. That thought gives me comfort.

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An Open Response To Taylor Swift’s Rant Against Apple


[Editor’s note: Taylor Swift letter to Apple saying that it is unfair for artists to go unpaid, seems to have made make Apple take a (somewhat limited) U turn and Apple’s swiftly responded (no pun intended) with a promise to compensate artists.]

Dear Taylor Swift,

I have read your open letter to Apple where you give your reasons for refusing to allow your album ‘1989′ to be included on their forthcoming Apple Music streaming service. (For reference)

I applaud it. It’s great to have someone with a huge following standing up for the rights of creative people and making a stand against the corporate behemoths who have so much power they can make or break someone’s career.

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Want To Amp Up Your Lighting Game? Learn How To Feather Your Soft Boxes, It’s Simple


All photographers want to be smarter when it comes to lighting. Some have a natural eye for what’s right, while others may have to work a little harder it, but no one gets better at it without practice. What better way to practice than one lighting lesson at a time? This quick and easy video tutorial b Jay P Morgan, teaches photographers all about feathering soft boxes: what it is and why you should know how to do it, plus great walk through of the process itself.
The idea behind feathering is fairly basic–you’re basically giving yourself a little more directional control of an otherwise big, soft light source. By turning the softbox upwards, for example, you could narrow the amount of light that falls into the composition. The technique works equally well in a studio environment or outdoors, so it’s an especially useful little trick to have in your tool bag.

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Photograph of a Seattle Neo-Nazi after Charleston Shooting Should Send Us All Soul Searching


Photographer Jay Trinidad was on his way home when he came across a man wearing a red armband, proudly displaying the Nazi swastika at Seattle’s downtown ferry dock.

His initial reaction was to walk away from the situation, but he decided to return and capture the image that has people wondering what’s wrong with our society.

As if walking around parading Nazi symbols isn’t bad enough, this person was out and about sharing his hatred just one day after the Charleston massacre, “basically sticking his middle finger up to everyone who could see him”.

Perhaps this photograph will open peoples’ eyes to how messed up things are.

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Amazing 4K Time Lapse Created Using 109GB of NASA Space Photos

Source: screenshot (Vimeo/NASA)

Source: screenshot (Vimeo/NASA)

The International Space Station is a joint venture run by NASA, the European Space Agency and the equivalent agencies from Russia, Japan and Canada.

I don’t know about the other agencies, but NASA and ESA do an excellent job releasing their outlandish footage to the public, and some of the public puts the footage to great use.

One of these people is Dmitry Pisanko, who collected 95,623 of the publicly accessible raw images, and after lots of editing and working his magic put together a 4K time lapse showing some of the best views seen from space.

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15 Statements Poor Photographers Say that Rich Photographers Do Not


My client Mark Victor Hansen has sold over 500 million books, more than almost anyone in history for non-fiction. While preparing to go on stage one day giving a motivational program with the legendary Tony Robbins, he asked Tony, “Tony…..How come you make so much more money than me?”

Tony Robbins then asked the question, “Who do you mastermind with?”

Mark replied, “Everyone I mastermind with makes at least one million dollars a year.”

Tony Robbins then replied, “Everyone I mastermind with makes at least one billion dollars a year!”

Who we surround ourselves with makes a huge difference. I have heard it said that if you tell me how much your five closest friends make, I’ll tell you how much you make.

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Approach or Steal?


I would like to bring up an issue of principle which is connected to photographing people and portraits. One that each photographer has a different opinion and personal way about doing: Do I, as a documentary photographer, need to approach and ask the permission of my subject of photography to take their photograph, or do I “steal” the desired image without them knowing about me doing so?

The biggest advantage when we take a photo without our subject knowing about it is – Authenticity. When a person doesn’t know he’s being photographed, he acts naturally, doesn’t react upon us as photographers and doesn’t feel the need to impress. He acts exactly how he would if we didn’t notice him at all. In this article, I use the verb “steal” for a reason.

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