Take A Tour Of The Impossible Project Factory & See How The Instant Film Is Made



Some things just diehard and instant film is proving to be one of them. Much to the delight of Polaroid enthusiasts everywhere, The Impossible Project began production of their own instant film to replace Polaroid’s when they ceased production on the cult classic in 2008. Impossible has gone on to do pretty incredible things. Not only did they breathe new life into a product Polaroid had given up on, but they managed to ignite an interest so widespread, they’re expanding their business model to include the manufacturing of cameras in addition to the film.  [Read more…]

Incredible Surreal Images of Rural Mississippi Created Entirely on iPhone


iPhones are a pretty consistent staple in the photography world anymore, from grabbing quick selfies and behind-the-scenes footage on set to shooting feature-length films and luxury car ads.  The technology and available apps keep getting better and better, and those who laughed at the idea of smartphone photography are sheepishly slinking into the background.

Melissa Vincent is one of those jumped on the iPhone bandwagon and never looked back.  With nearly a half million Instagram followers, she’s channeled her passion into creating surreal images of rural life near her home in Mississippi.  Shot and edited on an iPhone, her photos have a stunning quality that we are beginning to associate more and more with smartphone photography.

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‘The Proposal’ – Behind-the-Scenes Look at Shooting Finland’s First Surper Hero Movie Poster


About a month ago I was contacted by a production company called Woodpecker Films and they asked me if I’d be interested in photographing the official poster for this year’s Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy. I’ve always been intrigued by movie posters, so saying yes to a project like this was a no-brainer.

But things got even more interesting when I was briefed with the concept of the short film-advertisement that I would be shooting the poster for. Director Anssi Määttä and screenwriter Antti Tuominen were determined to create the first superhero-movie to come out of Finland.

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Photographer Creates Mesmerizing Macro Images of Water Droplets on Ordinary Objects


“Photography is fascinating and now I can say that it is not just my hobby. It is part of my life,” were the words of 36-year-old Bulgarian photographer Ivelina Blagoeva.  But, her photography subjects are not those we traditionally associate with the industry.  Rather than people or places or gorgeous sunsets, Ivelina chooses to focus on macro photography, bringing to life organic elements in beautiful color and detail while lighting her subjects in a very simple fashion.

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Easily Simulate The Look Of Two Camera Angles When You Only Have Footage From One Angle

dslr-two-angleFor those of you who shoot a lot video (or, even just a little), having two camera angles can make your clip more interesting and more professional looking. Unfortunately, two cameras isn’t always what you have to work with. That’s why the team from over at DSLR Video Shooter made this tutorial that shows you a work around to make two angles out of one in post production. Plus, he shows you how to do it in both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premier Pro.
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Photographer Creates Whimsical Images From Restored Black and White Photos


I love old photographs…  Our home is decorated with snapshots from bygone eras and our basement has stacks of them (some dating back to the mid-1800s) sitting in boxes waiting for us to determine what we’ll do with them.

But, taking old photo love to a completely new level, Australian photographer Jane Long decided to take the image collections of Costică Acsinte and not only restore and colorize them but add a bit of a whimsical twist along the way.  Her vision and creativity apparent in the project are not only fascinating but rather humorous, at points.

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Feel Free To Waste The Rest Of Your Day By Turning Your Entire Portfolio Into Emoji Mosaics

mosaicMaybe turning your photos into giant sized Lego murals was just too much time, money, following detailed instructions, etc…Don’t worry, you can still turn your photos into murals–and this time all you have to do is click a button. Head over to Eric Andrew Lewis’ ‘Emoji Mosaic’, upload your photo, wait a couple seconds, then boom! The web app spits out an emoji-fied mosaic of your photo.  [Read more…]

Imagine Taking Photos With One Hand While Dangling Off The Face Of A Mountain With The Other

jimmychinAnd that’s just one of the difficulties professional photographer, Jimmy Chin tackles when he’s out on one of his typical adventures. Besides being a badass photographer, Chin is also an accomplished athlete and climber, so a little cliffhanging only adds to the fun. As much as Chin loves what he does, he says it can often be a struggle to integrate photography into climbing.

Recently, Chin and his wife, Chai Vasarhelyi, finished making a documentary which follows the photographer/filmmaker duo and and a small team of additional climbers as they make the trek up the formidable Mount Meru. The film, Meru, features some incredible photography and a thrilling story line, you can watch the trailer below. [Read more…]

Get Hauntingly-Beautiful Images with This Homemade Camera Lens


It’s been my experience that I enjoy working with things more when I create them myself.  And, for the sake of argument, we’ll say you feel the same way, too.  Which is why I can only imaging that you would enjoy photography that much more if you crafted your own gear.

Instructables user bertwert has been looking for an excuse to break out the duct tape and incorporate it into photography in a manner that didn’t result in the Mounties being called.  Using a toilet paper roll, some old glass, and a little measuring, he was able to construct a usable homemade camera lens that yielded some hauntingly beautiful results.

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Quick And Easy Photography Hacks You Can Try For Free (Or Close To It)

Who doesn’t love a good hack? Kai is here to share a handful of some of his favorite hacks as he shows you how easier ways to transport your tripod, create bokeh kits without having to cut tiny shapes out of paper, and support your camera without a tripod, along with a few other tricks. Some of the hacks have been around for a while, and some of them the majority of you will never find the need to try–but, with Kai’s dashing sense of humor, even if you will never try one of the hacks, you’ll at least have a good laugh while you’re learning about them.

Here you go:

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