Australian Landscape Photographers Are About To Lose A Legendary Landmark

15848548412_cf9d5ffdce_kPhotographers love taking pictures of shipwrecks, washed ashore by the tides. The older and more barnacle crusted the ship carcass, the better. Photographers will sometimes travel great distance to snap photos of some of the more renowned sites and, as Australia photographers are discovering, will even assemble (in surprisingly large numbers) to photograph them. When it was made public that Sunshine Coast Council would be removing the remains of a the S.S Dicky, a ship that washed ashore some 122 years ago–local photographer,  Kate Wall, organized one last bruhaha. [Read more…]

Humor: This Diagram Shows The Creative Fear Of Committing Work


Committing work is not an easy task. Hitting that save button for the last time and shipping your work may be frightening. Your work is leaving your hands and it no longer under your control. Whatever greatness or mistakes that you’ve put in are there forever now.

I guess, this is why committing to a final version of a file is so hard and creatives go back to editing their files again and again. This phenomenon should probably have an entry in the DSM next to GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Maybe something like RCS (Re-editing Compulsion Syndrome).

This funny diagram by @akshar (Akshar Pathak) and @theyashbhardwaj perfectly illustrates this fear of commitment (and also a shocking lack of file versioning system).  While originally for designers, this applies to any photographer too. Can you relate?


How Destroying My New $1600 L-Lens Made My Month


No. No. Please, no. A moment of terror for every photographer out there. I opened my photo bag, took out my cam to take a picture of the street filled with warm sunset light and then it happened. Imagine this moment in slow-motion. While listening to music with my noise-cancelling headphones I raised my cam in order to look through the viewfinder. Surprised by the incredibly bad auto-focus I realized with cheery music in my ears how the lens had suddenly unhooked from the cam and fallen all the way down to the ground in the worst way possible. BAM!

Overwhelmed by the moment I slowly looked down while holding the 5D Mark II body in my hands. I looked over to my friend who was making a phone call next to me on the bench with question marks in my eyes. That just didn’t happen. The exclamation marks in her wide-open eyes begged to differ. It did happen. I had just smashed my brand new $1600 L-lens, which is the only one I own: a Canon EF 24mm 1.4.

destroying-lens-02 destroying-lens-01

After going through all sorts of psychological troubles the last years, all the ups and downs and the rocky way up the fearful mountain of self-employment, after only 10 seconds my Dutch “bright side enzyme” kicked in to turn this negativity-ridden moment into something positive. “Het komt wel goed” (it’s gonna be fine) is what we always say when something bad happens. Challenge accepted!

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Reclaim Australia Protests Shown From A “War Photographer” Perpespective


Photo by Dillon Mak

Sydney based street photographer, Dillon Mak, spent some time over the weekend documenting the Reclaim Australia protests and, wanting to create something in addition to the still images, the photographer also recorded video of the action. What sets Mak’s protest videos apart from all the others is the way he managed to capture it–by mounting a GoPro Hero 4 on top of his Canon 7D, Mak was able to record video with the GoPro while simultaneously shooting stills with the Canon. [Read more…]

Selfiology: the Story of the Selfie


More than once I have succumbed to the pressure to be in one and together with me, only few have been able to escape the phenomenon of the selfie. 

Selfies seem to have become just another part of life. Over time the wonderment about people striking the strangest of poses in front of their telephones has vanished. Younger generations will even find themselves in selfies that exceed their memory. We have simply learned to see upon the selfie as a part of modern day society and the debate surrounding it slowly fades away.

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Quick Tip: Use Pill Cases To Store 9V Batteries


9 Volt batteries are good for a lot of things, but they are also somewhat dangerous as both terminals are on the same side and if they are not stored right can create a spark or heat up to the point where they could start a fire. Actually we share a tutorial on how to use a 9 volt battery to start a fire when shooting steel wool sparkles.

The folks at hdslrnow sent us this quick tip about using a pill case to store a 9V battery so the terminals are protected.

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World’s Smallest Micro 4/3 Camera Will Give GoPro a Run For Its Money


We all love the GoPro for a variety of reasons.  But, one major drawback of the well-known action cam is a sacrifice on quality due to it’s sensor size.  Oh, and you’re kinda stuck with the stock the fisheye-like lens.

Z Camera is looking to give GoPro a run for their money with the introduction of the E1, the world’s smallest micro 4/3 camera with interchangeable lenses and 4K video.  Although it hasn’t yet hit mass production, this feat of photographic engineering is shaping up to be fun!

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Private Drones Delay Firefighters From Deploying Helicopters To Save Burning People


There is no doubt that drones have brought some otherwise inaccessible news, but with that aerial access comes the dangers of uncontrolled airspace.

Southern California is suffering from a pretty wide fire and airplanes and Helicopters have been deployed to fight the fire. Specifically, some of the worst incidents are happening around Cajon Pass where a house and several cars were burnt.

After being deployed the aircrafts were forced to land after 5 drones were sighted.

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First Images From The Sigma 24-35mm F/2 Art Zoom Lens

Sigma was nice enough to send Midwest Photo a rare advance copy of the ground-breaking Sigma 24-35mm f/2 Art Zoom Lens. We have some of the first test photos from this lens and we will continue to update you with the latest images for the next couple of days! Needless to say, we are super-psyched.

This is the first zoom lens on the market with an f/2 aperture- and it covers full frame sensors!

This is the first zoom lens on the market with an f/2 aperture- and it covers full frame sensors

Sigma has been doing extraordinary things with their Art, Sport, and Contemporary lenses as of late, and things just got a whole lot more interesting for Sigma. Anyone looking to have the image quality and light-gathering abilities of a prime lens with the convenience of a zoom, should be taking a look at this lens. Here are the specs from Sigma’s website:

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