This Is What It Looks Like When A Bicycle Crashes Into Your Lens; Shattering The Glass


That moment when your favorite lens meets an untimely death as your subject matter smashes into the front of it is a painful moment to have to experience. As camera lovers, most of us will probably find this video clip at least slightly painful to watch, but let it serve as a PSA for those of you who like to shoot up close to the action–you should be willing to accept things like this unfortunately occur from time to time.

Perhaps a UV filter would have added a barrier of protection between the handlebars and the glass, perhaps it wouldn’t have been enough. But, looking at the bright side of things, I suppose one may find solace in the fact the photographer didn’t get a black eye or broken nose from the camera hitting them in the face upon contact with the bike, which has also been know to happen from time to time–ouch! Plus, it appears the cyclist came out of the wreck okay, too. (So long as you’re not counting the guilt of having accidentally just broken a lens…) [Read more…]

Humorous Photos Of Dogs In Timeout Wearing The Dreaded Collar Of Shame


Dogs can be very expressive when it comes to displaying what they’re really feeling. Just ask anyone who has spent any time around an under the weather pup who has had the inconvenience of wearing an Elizabethan collar–also frequently referred to as one of those ridiculous looking plastic cones designed to keep your pet from licking it’s wounds or scratching it’s ears. Judging by the looks on some of these poor dog’s faces, they probably feel every bit every bit as embarrassed and peeved about having to wear one as we think they would.

In Timeout, the latest photo series from Ty Foster, the talented animal photographer looks to give these dogs an audience–letting us humans know exactly how much the “cone of shame” has become the bane of existence to canines everywhere. Some win our hearts with a sad, pathetic, or downright goofy look, while other dogs come at you with a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding me kind of expression. And, much to the dismay of the all subject’s, it’s hard not be entertained by their misfortune… [Read more…]

Microsoft ‘Hyperlapse’ Released; Creates Time Lapses from POV Videos

Time to get out all the first-person footage you captured with your GoPro, but never touched, as Microsoft finally released its Hyperlapse technology.

Capable of turning standard lengthy videos into smooth and stabilized time lapses, you can expect to see a significant bump in time lapse videos in the near future.

The software is available in one form or another to Windows, Windows Azure, Windows Mobile and Android users.

Microsoft seems thrilled about the release; just don’t confuse it with Instagram’s Hyperlapse app.

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Secret Service Detained a Man for Trying to Fly a Drone over the White House Fence


Source: U.S. Secret Service

A man was detained an hour ago by uniformed personnel of the Secret Service, who marched him into a police car, and Lafayette Park on the north side of the presidential building was completely locked down.

The aerial device did not make it over the fence.

President Barack Obama is currently at Camp David, so he was not in the White House when the event took place.

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Atlanta Police Department Sanctioned for Obstructing Filming and Photographing Police Conduct


Felicia Anderson took the City of Atlanta to court for violating her constitutional rights when she was arrested in 2009 while photographing police activity, and besides damages, a consent order was agreed upon.

As the city and its police department failed to comply with the court’s order, federal judge Steve C. Jones found the two in contempt of court. Additionally, he imposed sanctions should they continue to fail to comply with the 2012 decision.

Among the requirements are that all APD officers undergo in-person training on the matter and make it a firing offense to interfere with a citizen’s right to record police.

The City of Atlanta will be fined $20,000 per day, should it fail to implement the previous and current court order within the given timeframe.

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Recreating The Aurora Borealis With A Piece Of Fabric


So, what if you have to create an Aurora Borealis right the middle of anywhere but the North Pole? Usually it means that you’re done (unless you actually go to the north pole). But Joey Shanks really needed some Borealis for his movie production – SPECTRUM.

What he did was quite clever, he used pieces of colored fabric and pieces of lit fabric dancing in the wind as a base and then he composed them into the final movie.

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Panasonic G7 Leaked Specs and Photos

pana_g7_f001Specs and photos of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 mirrorless micro four thirds camera have been leaked, and the most noticeable change is the design. The curves have changed to straighter lines, but that’s not the only difference.

The camera is said to offer 4K video, the same DFD autofocus technology as the GH4 and an improved electronic view finder, among other things.

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Photographer Defeats Unlawful NYPD Search in 7 Seconds


Recently it seems like every other day there’s a story in the headlines about police officers abusing their power and violating civil rights.

Shawn Randal Thomas, an event photographer from New York City, is the kind of person who fights for his rights and firmly believes in civilian oversight.

As such his YouTube channel hosts a variety of videos recording law enforcement officers during one activity or another, pointing fingers at those he thinks are bad apples.

This probably won’t come to you as a surprise, but spending so much time around cops and always against them won’t get you on their good list. In fact, Thomas has been arrested six times (as of May 2014); though no matter the charge he was never found guilty.

The video below, which has been viewed 380,000 times in just 4 days, shows Thomas putting his knowledge of the law, experience and what many think is a too-large serving of disrespect, to brush off a couple of NYPD officers who ask what he’s carrying in his bag.

While he succeeded to avoid answering the cops’ question and was left alone, one must wonder if his provocative behavior doesn’t attract police and give photographers a bad name.

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Listen: Interview With Sally Mann On Her Controversial Photography, Mortality, & Human Form

Mann's latest book, Hold Still.

Mann’s latest book, Hold Still.

Over the past several decades, Sally Mann has become preeminent figure in the world of photography. And though her expansive portfolio is home to many, many beautifully crafted photographs, Mann has also found herself under public fire. Her book, Immediate Family (1992) attracted a lot of attention from critics who claim the photos of Mann’s naked children found inside the book eroticized children. [Read more…]

Racing Boat Saves TV Drone at the Very Last Second


The DJI Phantom has a failsafe mode that will automatically land the drone if the remote controller’s battery runs out of juice. This is a smart feature, but not very helpful when flying over water.

In such a situation your options are to watch your drone go belly up or make a run for it, or in Tom Leogrande’s case, race a quarter mile for it.

Watch as the drone, capturing footage for a fishing TV show, gets saved and avoids becoming fish bait.

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