10 Essentials Nitty Gritties Every Pro Photographer Should Have On A Photoshoot


As a pro photographer there are all sorts of little tips & tricks that you learn on the job.

Aside from the basics – camera, lenses, lighting etc.  there are those little secrets of the craft that help you go from amateur to pro.  These are little tricks of the trade that I have picked up from my years as a photographer.  One of the things we photographers are great at is “improvising”  I have seen some of my fellow photographer friends come up with the funniest tools for getting the job done.

10 things never to be without when heading out on a photoshoot.  All of these things can be picked up at your local grocery/hardware store.

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The Canon 5D Mark IV Will Be Very Controversial If These Specs Are True. 4K Included.


A list of specs supposedly belonging to a test camera has found its way to the web, and despite certain similarities to the 1D X, reports deny it is the 1D X Mark II.

The 5D Mark IV is expected towards the end of the year and hopes are high that the test camera is a draft of sorts.

But while 4K video, super high ISO and a substantially boosted burst mode will be greatly appreciated by some, a possible decrease in the sensor’s megapixels could rain on their parade.

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Patent Law Fails Again: Amateur Photographer Sued For Holding Online Photo Competitions

6082519875_83a9edfd36_b‘The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has agreed to take on the case of Ruth Taylor, an photographer who runs the website BytePhoto.com. Taylor is being sued by the owners of Garfum.com for running photography competitions on her own website. Garfum claims to hold the patents (US Patent No. 8,209,618) on online photo competitions.

Before she found out about the EFF, she spent several months attempting to fight the legal case on her, but exhausted all her financial resources. At that point, Talyor had become even more infuriated at the idea that someone could hold a patent on online photo competitions that she decided she didn’t want to pay Garfum any money, even if the amount she was being sued for was reduced to $500.  On principle alone, Taylor refused to settle. “It seemed like a scam…How could you have a patent on a contest?’ I’m not a lawyer, but it’s not logical.” Taylor said. [Read more...]

Download Your Very Own Free DIY Printable Lens Hood Template

Start your weekend off the right way by taking advantage of this sweet website that offers printable templates you can use to whip up your own collection of lens hoods. We covered LensHoods.co.uk way back in 2006  and the free service is still going strong. In fact, they’ve added new templates and even launced a sister site, Lenshoods.com, which is “optimized for digital SLRs with 1.5x and 1.6x crop sensors.” Be sure to swing by both websites and grab your templates so you’ll never find yourself without a lens hood. Templates are available for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina lenses.


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Behind The Scenes On The Set Of The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Photoshoot


We recently reported that Sports Illustrated let go of it’s six remaining staff photographers. It was a sad day for the photography industry, as we saw yet another major publication give way to budget cuts–seems like the photographers are always first on the chopping block.

The company, which is currently undergoing many cost saving measures, seems to be hoping to gain back some momentum after all the bad press it received after news spread of them cutting the staff photographers. They’re making a major marketing push in regards to their popular Swimsuit Edition, which remains to be the publication’s bread and butter with reports valuing it at $1 billion. [Read more...]

Japan Has Spoken: Canon Dominates, Sony Dethrones Olympus And Nikon Stutter


Market research and analysis firm BCN announced the annual BCN Awards 2015.

Winners are determined based on sales volume, calculated from data gathered from thousands of sellers throughout Japan.

Canon seems to be doing better than ever, while Nikon is just barely holding its ground.

Sony gets its first taste of victory (and a painful failure) and SanDisk maintains its top spot.

A bit of digging reveals why names like Think Tank, Lowepro and Manfrotto won’t make the list.

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New Flat Lenses Technology Could Offer Smaller Lenses with Zero Chromatic Aberration


A new technology dubbed “achromatic metasurface” from Harvard’s SEAS aims at making Chromatic Aberration (CA), a thing of the past. Moreover, they are planning to do it with a flat lens design.

A flat lens prototype was introduced back in 2012, but it could only work with one wavelength creating significant Chromatic Aberration

The lenses we know are curved, making the acting like a prism and breaking different wavelength in different angles, creating an effect called Chromatic Aberration. Most lens companies have technologies to overcome this problem by either including several glass elements in the glass or by using different types of glass (like ED glass for Nikon).

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Using Lasers To Shut Down Street Lights And Get Better Space Photos

One of the biggest obstacles of taking good astronomical photos is light pollution, this is why almost every tip article on night photos has a tip about getting away from the city. But what if you want to take photos in your driveway? In that case, street lights will most probably kill each and every one of your photos.

Astronaut Don Pettit (previously) has a neat little trick he uses to shut down that annoying street light he has just outside his driveway. He points a laser at the street light sensor which tricks the street light into thinking that it is still day outside and preserve energy by shutting down.

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Canon and Panasonic’s Sponsorship of The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Could Cost As Much As $126 Million; Potentially Earning $10 Billion


Canon and the Tokyo Olympic Games organizers have announced on Tuesday that the Japanese camera manufacturer will be the official still camera and desktop reprographic hardware provider for the event.

While the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, Yahoo Sports reveals the price of being an Olympic sponsor.

Sponsors will be divided into three groups, with just one company selected in each category:

  • “Gold Sponsor” – bidding is said to begin at 15 billion Yen ($126M*). This is $26M higher than the estimated price Coca Cola paid for the 2012 London Games.
  • “Official Sponsor” – the reserve for this group set at 6 billion Yen ($50M)
  • “Official Supporter” – between 1 to 3 billion Yen ($8.4-25.2M)

Canon however will most likely pay a significantly lower amount as it has partnered with the Japanese Olympic Committee to be a domestic sponsor, rather than a worldwide sponsor of the International Olympic Committee.

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