It’s Anything But A Normal Lens


Right off the bat I have to clear up a misunderstanding some have to what a 50mm ‘standard’ lens actually is. Throughout my teaching career I’ve heard beginner photographers refer to them as prime lenses and, of course, they’re correct. However, as the conversations develop I’ve found that a good number also believe that only a 50mm is a prime lens. In actuality any non-zoom is a prime lens.

With that small but important point out the way let’s move on to why I think the prefix ‘standard’ can be a little misleading and undermine this focal length and the many advantages there are for using one.

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Ikea Hack: Warm Up LED Accent Lighting Using Photography Gels

Ikea Hack Besta TV Wall Unit Undercabinet Accent Lighting Warm LED 2

Installing new LED accent lighting or replacing your old energy wasting halogen under-cabinet lighting with new LED accent lights?  Notice that even the “warm white” LED lights are just a touch too white or a touch too harsh compared to the warm glow of the halogen lights you’re used to seeing?

Click the link for a simple way to warm up the look of LED accent lighting for less than $10 in less than two minutes by using photography gels.

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DIYP Reviews The Max Stone IR Camera Controller

The Max Stone (Amazon | B&H) is a little IR- based camera remote that was successfully funded on kickstarter in February, earlier this year. The Max Stone aims to connect your camera and your smartphone with their app and dongle, enabling you to wirelessly trigger your camera with your phone. The app also allows for multiple other features like a time-lapse mode, thief protection and weather information.


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Behind The Scenes: Mythbuster’s Jamie Hyneman Gets Tintyped

tintypeThe team from Tested, including Jamie and Adam of Mythbusters fame, all had their portraits taken by San Francisco based tinytpe photographer, Michael Shindler. Take a behind the scenes look at Jamie’s portrait session and recieive a bonus education on the entire tintype process from Shindler in this 6:30 minute episode of Tested.

According to Shindler, the ISO of his camera when shooting tintypes is about 0.5, about 7 full stops below ISO 100. With that information, you can probably imagine how much light you need to expose one of these portraits. Outdoors on a sunny day, Shindler says an exposure will take betwee 2-10 seconds. In the studio, you need to bring a lot of light to the plate (pun somewhat intended). [Read more...]

How To Transform A Space With Lighting: Quality Of Light Vs. Quantity Of Light


When it comes to lighting, a good quality light is almost always better than just having more light. Yet, when presented with a room in which an entire wall is made of windows, many photographers still choose to open the curtains all the way to flood the scene with light. Not that it always makes a bad photo, but there’s a lot to be said for pulling the drapes shut a ways and enforcing a little more control on the light. In the quick video below, wedding photographer, Cliff Mautner, shows us how to do just that.

Mautner shoots a lot of weddings and has become an expert when it comes to transforming banquet rooms and wedding halls into beautifully lit spaces. In the tutorial piece below, he shows us how to prep a large space with a full wall of windows typical of a wedding staging area. He starts by grabbing an assistant and rearranging the furniture, lamps, and other things that may be found in the room. He then walks us through how to go about controlling all the bright sunlight pouring through the windows to capture the image you see above. [Read more...]

On the Sidelines with High School Junior at LSU Football

UPDATE: We want to clarify that there was a misunderstanding in the text of the interview. Jansen A. Nowell is not an official LSU Staff Photographer. He is in no way affiliated with LSU Athletics. 

Professional photographers get asked all the time, “what is it like to be a professional photographer?” Sure there are things we can say, and things we can try to visualize for them to really see what we get to experience as a photographer.

Jansen A Nowell, a high school junior, took his answer a bit further with a couple GoPros and a broomstick!

Jansen A. Nowell on the sidelines taken by fellow photographer.

Jansen A. Nowell on the sidelines taken by fellow photographer.

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We Got A High End Strobe System For 4 Days – Here Is What We Did With It


Multiblitz was very kind. They said: “Here is our catalog, choose wisely”.

So we did! We prowled through their catalog and picked a small yet very powerful set of strobes for us to play with for a few days (spec below). It was pretty exiting to choose what to take and set up our wishlist, we had big eyes as the packages arrived a few days later in our studio. It was only then that we realized that we still need to put a model on a crane in a junk yard; Take an amazing beauty shot and test the strobe speed with a pro diver.

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Behind The Scenes: How They Restored The Original 35mm Negative Of Jaws And Updated It Into The Digital Age
Here’s a really in depth behind the scenes look at an aspect of photography and cinematography that we rarely get to experience. As part of their 100th anniversary, Universal Studios gave the iconic 70′s film (that’s given sharks everywhere a bad rap) a breath of fresh air. The mini documentary is pretty interesting as it walks you through the entire remastering process from start to finish.

The original reel, which was shot on 35mm film, had suffered some damage throughout the years and would need to be repaired. They used a wet transfer film gate to repair the scratches, which essentially scanned the original negatives while they were wet. It’s actually a really neat process and you can see more of it in the 8:30 minute mini-doc below. You’ll also be treated to a peak at the digital editing process, along with some before and after shots which are pretty astounding.

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Watch: Jackie Chan Trashes A Studio To Fight Off ‘The Bad Guys’

I’ll admit, I love a good Jackie Chan movie. I think he is one of the only artists who can make Kung-Fu funny and painful at the same time.

One of Chan’s fighting trademarks is his ability to use everything and anything around him as combat tools and studio gear is no exception.

In this epic fight sequence from Armour of God: Chinese Zodiac Chan is running away into a studio while fending of a full gang of ‘bad guys’. The scene ends with the mandatory selfie. (Weirdly that studio uses light stands as tripods, but we will this one go…).

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Witness 100 Years Of Different Hair And Makeup Styles In Just One Minute

Timelapse photography is useful for things other than making moving landscapes and watching fungi grow. It’s also a great way to condense 10 different decades of hair and makeup styles into less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee. Such is the case with the fun little timelapse video project by Cut Video. The clip features Nina Carduner playing the part as the fashionista as she has her hair and makeup done to match the styles that were most popular spanning over the past 100 years–10 generations of looks in total. The hair and makeup part is all timelapse, so you can get a behind the scenes look, but Carduner also poses for each look, allowing the time to really take the look in.

The clip has recently started going viral, so if you haven’t already watched it (or you want to watch it again), there’s no better time than the present… [Read more...]