From the Cold War: The Evolution of the Modern Digital Camera


The history of the digital camera is much older than most would expect.  With roots going way back into the dark days of the Cold War, a fascinating series of innovations have led to the creation of technology we take for granted in our everyday lives.

For instance, did you know that the first cell phone photo was shared in 1997 or that the first digital camera prototype was developed as far back at 1975 or that the basic plans that launched the CCD sensor were developed in under one hour in 1969?

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Wandering About Lapland’s Milky Way and Northern Lights


Tiina Törmänen, a Finnish landscape photographer, has travelled the vast wilderness of Arctic Lapland creating an awe-inspiring series of self portraits.

Titled “Wanderer”, the series is Tiina’s attempt to show how tiny we humans are in this world we live in and the universe around it.

The isolated frozen landscapes and the stunning skies, showing the magnificent northern lights and Milky Way, fulfill her goal in the most beautiful way.

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See the Nikon COOLPIX P900’s 86x Zoom Lens Take On the Moon


When the Nikon COOLPIX P900 was released earlier this year, it brought with is a number of convenient and exciting features, including built-in WiFi, GPS…and a lens the equivalent of 24-2000mm.  No, that is not a typo.  The 83x optical zoom lens can really reach out and touch.

YouTube user Naturbeobachtungen von Lothar Lenz decided to put the lens to the test and shoot for the moon. Literally.  (Kinda.)

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Watch As An Old, Damaged Photo Is Masterfully Brought To Life


Colorizing monochrome photographs is nothing new.  In fact, photographers were hand-coloring photos as far back as the 1800s.  But, one of my gripes has always been how artificial and “flat” the images always looked.  Even with Photoshop, many people seem content to just slap a single color over an area and call their work done, but color in the real world is not so simple.

Retoucher Joaquin Villaverde released an excellent video of a digital restoration and coloring of an old, damaged photograph in which he restored the image to its former glory and then brought it to life with meticulous color, yielding a beautiful end result.

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Photographer Convinces Live Nation CEO to Change ‘Work For Free’ Photography Policy


Sometimes ranting about things works.  On Friday, Jared Polin of FroKnowsPhoto posted a rant in which he expressed his frustration with Live Nation about their policy of not paying photographers for their work while retaining the rights to the images.

After replying to a job ad looking for photographers to cover the opening of their new Ascend Amphitheater, Polin was informed that the position “is a great opportunity to build a portfolio.”  In response, Polin made a video as an open letter to Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino.  In his original bog post, Jared urged readers to “share this out with the world and lets make Michael Rapino hear that he needs to make a change inside his company and #RespectPhotographers.”  And, apparently, it worked.

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Man Shoots Down Neighbor’s Drone, Has To Pay For Damages


Drones are a common and controversial topic, and drones themselves sometimes make people angry.  Brett McBay, a California resident, is so passionate about drones that he instructed his son to shoot one down outside their Modesto, CA home with a shotgun.  McBay alleges that he originally thought the drone was a CIA spycopter.  However, it was a homemade hexacopter built by his neighbor’s son who was home visiting his parents.

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Ditch Paper: Create and Sign Model Release Forms with Snapwire’s Free Mobile App


Model release forms are simply part of the photography industry, and while you may not be legally required to have one in all situations (depending on local laws), it never hurts to get a signed release from a subject.  However, toting around a bunch of unsigned release forms in the event that you might need them is a bit of a nuisance, and there have been times that I’ve forgotten a release form when I was actually required to get one.

Now (at least for iPhone users), the hassle of printed release forms can be a thing of the past.  Thanks to Releases by Snapwire, a mobile app that enables you to create and sign model and property release forms on the go, you will have no excuse for not having one.

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Epic Star Wars Pre Wedding Shoot Done With Action Figures

SW-AdrianAdelineTitle-1Photographer Mezame Shashin-ka from Singapore loves shooting action figures and also loves shooting themed pre-weddings. So how could he say no to this opportunity of shooting a pre-wedding session based on Star Wars. The couple saw one of Mezame’s previous themed shoots and approached him with the idea.

Being a collector of action figures, Mezame came up with the idea of shooting the couple and some of the action figures and combining them in post. Results are epic.

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Jason Seldon’s Response To Taylor Swift’s Agent


After my public response to Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple, I didn’t quite expect the phenomenal reaction it received. I knew it was provocative, I knew it was going to be risky and could possibly harm my chances of getting access to other concerts in future. but it needed to be said – out loud. When I thought hard about the possible consequences, and restrictions on my access to future work, I asked myself “What point is there in going to work if I can’t be paid for it – yet everyone else gets to benefit from my labour?”. The answer?

There was nothing left to lose. When you’re faced with a choice of working for free to save a millionaire having to pay a reasonable fee, or not working at all. what would you do?

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