Ordinary People Shot As SuperHeros On The Ledge Of A San Francisco Skyscraper


Everyone wants to be a superhero. It is not easy to become one, but given the right opportunity, talent and time, it is possible to make it for a day. Photographer Benjamin Von Wong took an ordinary team of workers from Smugmug and granted them a day of superheroness.

While a superhero shoot is always hard to pull off while maintaining a “real” look, this shoot had another high stakes factor. Ben chose to actually shoot the team on the ledge of a San Francisco skyscraper. Of course this could have been accomplished with photoshop, but Ben wanted to do it for real:

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Sony World Photography Awards Reveals Shortlists

© Aprison Aprison, Indonesia, Shortlist, Arts&Culture, Open, 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

© Aprison Aprison, Indonesia, Shortlist, Arts&Culture, Open, 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

Less than two weeks after the World Press Photo winners were announced, the World Photography Organisation has put itself center stage with the release of the shortlists for its Professional, Open and Youth categories.

The world’s biggest photography competition got even bigger this year as the number of submissions grew by 24% compared to 2014.

Almost half of the photos were submitted to the Open categories where anyone can enter, reaffirming the general feeling that every second person today is a photographer, or as the press release referred to them – “the growing army of citizen photographers”.

Jokes aside, I’m happy to see so many non-professional submissions and so are the organizers who state the awards offer these photographers “unpreceded exposure and opportunity”.

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Photographs Of Superheroes In Everyday Situations


If you are like me you know what superheroes are doing for the brief 120 minutes that they are on the silver screen, but surely they have a life after the movie, and they face the same situations as we all do, don’t they? Photographer Edy Hardjo decided to find out.

In his photos our favorite superheroes face jealousy, bodily needs and human emotions. Not without a healthy sense of humor.

I wondered how the photos look so real. I guess using 1/6 detailed figures (like Hot Toys, Enterbay, 3A and alike, they those are not cheap and can easily go over $200-$300) have a big contribution to that, but Edy also told DIYP that he makes small modifications to the figures: “especially the hair. I change original the sculpted hair with rooted hair, to make it looked more alive. My friend do it for me, he is the expert“. And those modifications are well worth the effort.

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Family Offers A One-In-A-Lifetime Free Portfolio Building To Any Photographer Willing To Work For Them


Working for free has always been a touchy subject and while opinions may sway one way or another I think that working family events for free is not something you would do to ‘build a portfolio’.

Apparently one family from sun prairie, Wisconsin thinks differently. There are many ads asking for free photography service but this one made reddit for being especially presumptuous. (I agree) The family posted a work offer on craigslist, they offer the photographer to “use the photo’s to build portfolio“. What photos you ask? Those: “We have several occasions coming up this spring/summer and would like a photographer who would work with us“.

Here is the untouched craigslist ad (really, we did not touch it):

Hello, We are looking for someone who is building their portfolio or just starting out their business.
We have several occasions coming up this spring/summer and would like a photographer who would work with us. In exchange you may use the photo’s to build portfolio. A student would be fine with us. Please send some information about yourself and any examples of your work that you have. Experience working with kids and newborns would be excellent! This can take some patience to get the right shot!

And there is a little “compensation: no pay” at the bottom, just to keep things clear.

[Family photographer needed (sun prairie) via reddit]

8-bit vs 16-bit – What Color Depth You Should Use And Why It Matters


When going into an edit process there is much confusion about what color depth should one use. Some pieces of knowledge are more relevant than others and some are not relevant at all. Either way, the selection of color depth in which you edit will have a huge impact on the final editing result.

The purpose of this article is to try and clear up the confusion about bit depth and give you advice on what bit depth to choose when you edit and output your images.

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Radiant Photos Of Myanmar Beautifully Illustrate How It Earned The Golden Land Moniker

04-David-Lazar-Myanmar1Despite the tourism industry in Myanmar still in being somewhat in it’s infancy, the so called “Golden Land” is quickly gaining a reputation as being quite photogenic. Every year, the number of tourists that visit Myanmar is on the rise. As many of those tourist’s photos emerge into the world, more and more photographers are feeling compelled to photograph it.

Photographers like David Lazar have been able to capture the natural beauty of Myanmar on his multiple trips to the country. Lazar, who found a love for travel photography back in 2004, has made multiple trips there, and has recently started offering photo tours of Myanmar through Luminous Journeys.

Lazar has won numerous awards for his travel photography and work has been featured in major publications including National Geographic. You can look through a selection of photos Lazar has taken in Myanmar, below, but be sure to also swing by his website for more of his travel photos taken all around the world. [Read more...]

Get Ready For The World’s First Drone Circus; In Cooperation With The Royal Netherlands Air Force

Drone Circus 1

While the USA, UK and many other countries have been restricting the use of drones, the Royal Netherlands Air Force is said to be taking part in the planned spectacle, which will include hundreds of drones.

Promising 3D effects, a fusion of music, video, projections and special effects, AIR will be the first drone entertainment show.

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10 Essentials Nitty Gritties Every Pro Photographer Should Have On A Photoshoot


As a pro photographer there are all sorts of little tips & tricks that you learn on the job.

Aside from the basics – camera, lenses, lighting etc.  there are those little secrets of the craft that help you go from amateur to pro.  These are little tricks of the trade that I have picked up from my years as a photographer.  One of the things we photographers are great at is “improvising”  I have seen some of my fellow photographer friends come up with the funniest tools for getting the job done.

10 things never to be without when heading out on a photoshoot.  All of these things can be picked up at your local grocery/hardware store.

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The Canon 5D Mark IV Will Be Very Controversial If These Specs Are True. 4K Included.


A list of specs supposedly belonging to a test camera has found its way to the web, and despite certain similarities to the 1D X, reports deny it is the 1D X Mark II.

The 5D Mark IV is expected towards the end of the year and hopes are high that the test camera is a draft of sorts.

But while 4K video, super high ISO and a substantially boosted burst mode will be greatly appreciated by some, a possible decrease in the sensor’s megapixels could rain on their parade.

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Patent Law Fails Again: Amateur Photographer Sued For Holding Online Photo Competitions

6082519875_83a9edfd36_b‘The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has agreed to take on the case of Ruth Taylor, an photographer who runs the website BytePhoto.com. Taylor is being sued by the owners of Garfum.com for running photography competitions on her own website. Garfum claims to hold the patents (US Patent No. 8,209,618) on online photo competitions.

Before she found out about the EFF, she spent several months attempting to fight the legal case on her, but exhausted all her financial resources. At that point, Talyor had become even more infuriated at the idea that someone could hold a patent on online photo competitions that she decided she didn’t want to pay Garfum any money, even if the amount she was being sued for was reduced to $500.  On principle alone, Taylor refused to settle. “It seemed like a scam…How could you have a patent on a contest?’ I’m not a lawyer, but it’s not logical.” Taylor said. [Read more...]