Photographer Answers the Question, ‘What Would Chairs Look Like As People?’


Many of us have often pondered the great question, “What would chairs look like if they were people?”  Okay, so perhaps not, but I appreciate those who think outside the box (with the exception of a classmate in high school whose way of thinking stood as a stumbling block in my mathematics career).

However, it was during a disappointing shoot that award-winning photographer Horia Manolache was inspired to ponder that very question.  What resulted was an intriguing and somewhat comical portrait series.

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Crowd Sourced Photo Project Delivers Window Views From Around The World

A window covering manufacturer, Somfy, just released an interesting crowd sourced photo project aptly titled, “A View From Here“. For the project, they tasked 27 photographers from around the globe with a rather simple set of instruction: take two photographs of the view from your window, (one in the morning and one in the evening) and tell us what you see and how it makes you feel. 

Abu Dhabi, United Emirates

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How to Photograph the International Space Station. Every. Single. Time.


Photograph of an ISS transit using Triggertrap Mobile taken by Aaron Harris

Photographing the International Space Station is no easy feat. It takes skill, a fair amount of planning, and a whole lot of patience. After years of planning, Aaron Harris has managed to perfect his method for capturing the ISS in transit. Aaron uses his Canon 7D with a Sigma 150-500mm, and of course his Triggertrap kit, to capture his stunning images. We got in touch with Aaron to find out how he captures his impressive ISS photos.

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Children Give Unfiltered Opinions On How Models Are Portrayed In Fashion Photography

kids vs fashion2Interested in photographing fashion and models? You may want to take a moment to watch the entertaining clip below. In the video, filmmaker, Yolanda Dominguez, sits down with a group of 8 year old children and shows them various photographs from recent fashion campaigns. As they describe their initial reactions to the images, you can’t help but laugh (mostly because they’re right). “There’s a girl taking a sh*t,” exclaims one of the children. “It is like she is poor…” and, “she needs a first aid kit to get healed,” are other examples.  [Read more…]

This Clever Strobe Case Transforms Into a Reflector

lp742 -05

Here is a clever idea. A Strobe case that turns into a reflector. There are many strobe soft reflectors out there, but none that double duties as a strobe case. The LP742 from LumoPro is a transformer of a case that doubles as either a full reflector (think Flash Bender) or a small flag (think speedstrap flag thingy).

The case is actually made from three parts: a velcro strap and a case with two reflective prats that zips into one piece.

When assembled, the case is a regular holster, but when the zipper opens, each of the two parts can be velcroed to a strobe on its black side (for flagging light) or on the reflective side (for extra reflection).

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The Burdensome Wire Transmission Equipment Photojournalists Had To Carry In The 1970’s

upiThere’s no doubt many of us (myself included) take for granted just how easy we have it when it comes to making a photograph, much less making available to the world to see. Thanks to the digital revolution, we can go from exposing an image to posting it online in a matter of seconds. Obviously, it hasn’t always been so simple. Just ask any photojournalist that was working back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

To be a photojournalist in the 80’s meant lugging around a “portable” darkroom everywhere you went so you could process and print your photos, which was a necessary step to get them sent off your boss. Before there was email (as we’ve come to know it in modern times), press photos had to be “wired” from the field to the photo desk using a special photo transmitter such as the United Press International’s UPI 16-S[Read more…]

This Man’s Selfie with a Rattlesnake Cost Him $150,000…and a World of Pain


It is my belief that people are forever destined to be stupid, and the quest for dangerous selfies is a prime example.

Earlier this month, Todd Fassler of San Diego, CA thought it would be great to get a selfie with a rattlesnake.  Claiming to have previously housed a pet rattlesnake of his own, he must have figured it was perfectly normal.  However, the rattlesnake wasn’t really feeling it that particular day and struck Fassler, landing him in the hospital.  But, it wasn’t until after he was discharged that the real surprise happened – a hospital bill of over $150,000 for his five-day visit.

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Amy Schumer’s Hilarious Narration Of Her Glamour Magazine Cover Shoot


Ever wonder what kind of thoughts are running through model’s heads as they’re sitting through hair and makeup or on set trying to make sexy, sultry faces while having wind blown into their face? According to Amy Schumer, it may not be as exciting as we like to think it is. Just take a moment to watch this hilarious behind the scenes footage of the comediennes recent Glamour Magazine photoshoot.

Schumer personally narrates the entire clip, giving viewers a laugh as she invites us into the mind of a model at work. Between sarcastic jabs at the over zealous wind machine operator and giving herself whimsical little pep talks, her unfiltered opinion of the experience had us bursting at the seams with laughter. [Read more…]