Gorgeous Photos From Bulgaria’s Dark Underworld


A perennial favorite, Rebecca Litchfield, never fails to impress us with her beautifully crafted photos, and the collection she has just published from a recent trip to Bulgaria is no exception. On the second day of her travels to Buzludzha, Bulgaria, the skies opened up and dropped a foot of snow, providing the perfect prop for her photoshoot with model, Dorina Georgieva, at the former communist monument. [Read more…]

How To Build A Raspberry PI Action Cam


You know how action camera like the GoPro or Yi Camera are never quite what you wanted? Connor Yamada experimented with a GoPro but wanted to build a camera that would be a tight fit for his needs –  a cheaper, open-source, and biking-centric action camera. (And to also have Long battery life; Wireless communication and a Simple, durable enclosure)

While the project is not completely off the shelf one, Connor made sure that anybody with access to a 3D printer and soldering iron, can build this project.

The camera is based on the Raspberry Pi Model A+ connected to a 5MP PI Camera and gets wireless access via an Edimax nano adapter. For power Connor added a small 2000mAh battery and a Lipo Charger board.

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About Patents, Design Patents and DIY Mockups


There is a thread on r/photography noting that posts were taken down from DIYP, FStoppers and Petapixel. The thread tells that a letter was sent to Petapixel (which PP shared) asking them to take a post down.  Here at DIYP we got a similar letter.

I can assume that Josh (who is the author of the article) and Fstoppers got similar letters. I mean, why send a letter to only one of the places where certain info is published, right?

The main concern or anger can we the fact that the post was taken down and that DIY info should be with the masses, I mean, no one that has the time (and probably not the money) to make a product would buy it, right? That’s what I think too. This brings us to the issue of…

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[NSFW] Obscuro Is An Hauntingly Beautiful Nude Series Taken In A Dark Pool


Some photos can only be made once a complicated array of elements come together. Such is Obscuro by Steve Richard (previously).

Obscuro is a series of photos of nude dancers and models shot while wrapped in delicate fabrics. Oh yea, it is also shot in a top down view underwater.

Steve Richard has been taking photos for this series for over 15 years and the technical nature of those photos yields quite a few challenges:

(The photos and video after the jump contains artistic nude)

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Yongnuo Extends Their Lens Line with A 35mm f/2 Lens


When Yongnuo launched their nifty fifty, we knew it was likely that they will extend their lens line and start making more lenses. If you are making clone-ware it only makes sense that once you have the means to produce a product you will want to utilize those capabilities to create more similar product.

And so, Yongnuo  now announced their 35mm f/2 Lens, which looks incredibly similar to Canon’s 25 years old EF 35mm f/2 lens. (Canon since upgraded to a newer Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM lens)

While initial reports on Yongnuo’s nifty fifty were not that promising, we would love to see a comparison between those two lenses.

As for the striking resemblance to Canon’s Lens, aside from the fact that the Yongnuo lens has 7 blades rather than 5 (a difference we have seen in their nifty-fifty as well), the lenses bare striking resembles.

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Man Asks Photoshoppers to Place the Eiffel Tower Under His Finger; Gets Trolled Big Time


It is said that 7 million people visit the Eiffel Tower each year, and as with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, many of them take forced perspective photos pretending to be holding, pushing or otherwise interacting with it.

One tourist, who tried taking such a photo and was quite a ways off, recently posted his attempt on 4chan’s Graphic Design forum and innocently asked for someone to photoshop the Eiffel Tower so it appears under his finger.

Awakening the forum’s trolls, the poster received tens if not hundreds of edited photos; none quite as he had expected.

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Fitness Trainer Photoshops Herself In An Awesome Response Video To Her Critics

No one is immune to cyber bullies, especially when it comes to body shaming. Not even fitness trainers–just ask Cassey Ho. Ho, who runs a fitness blog called, Blogilates, regularly receives unwarranted negative comments and remarks shaming the trainer on her physical appearance. In response to the criticizing, Ho put together an impressive video clip that shows the beautiful trainer Photoshop her body in “live view” to match the beauty standards of the hypercritical internet. [Read more…]

Pentax Unveils The Pentax K-3 II Declaring It To Be The Sharpest APC To Date


Ricoh just announced the Pentax K-3 II. The camera is the successor to the popular Pentax K-3. The camera has some similarities to the prior K-3 and some new features.

The K-3 II has the same magnesium alloy casing, metal chassis as the K3, and a sensor featuring 24.35 effective megapixels.

As far as focus is concerned the camera has a 27-point AF system and it can shoot up to approximately 8.3 frames per second.

One of the raved additions to the camera is an improved 4.5EV stop shake reduction system. Ricoh claims that it will be the sharpest APC to date and also included a selectable anti-aliasing filter, which can be turned on or off to either garner the highest resolution and sharpness possible or provide enhanced protection against moiré.

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