GoPro Falls From 3,000 Meters, Found by Mycologist, Returned To Parachutist

Here is a story that can only happen in the days of the internet. A mycologist (fungi explorer) was doing his thing in Sweden while suddenly founding a GoPro on the floor.

He tested the memory card and found the above footage, which was uploaded to Youtube by his son. Apparently the GoPro detached while connecting while maneuvering in midair and swirled down to the ground.

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The iPhone 7 Camera Could Offer DSLR-like Performance Thanks to Apple’s Latest Acquisition


Pretty much since the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus there have been rumors that the next iPhone will include DSLR-like capabilities.

Apple has taken a giant step towards that goal with its recent acquisition of LinX, an Israeli camera-tech company focusing on computational imaging, and rumor has it that the next iPhone (iPhone 7?) will include the “biggest camera jump ever”.

Setting new standards for color fidelity, HDR and shutter lag are just a few of the company’s selling points, but it is the shallow depth of field, selective focusing and 3D capabilities that make this technology, aiming to revolutionize mobile photography, so important.

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Adaptalux Hopes To Revolutionize The Way We Light Macro Photography


The old adage “Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken” holds a lot of wisdom, but every once in a while a new product shows up to replace an old one that we didn’t fully realize needed to be fixed. In many ways, Adaptalux appears to be that kind of item. Using a combination of interchangeable, flexible lighting arms, Adaptalux hopes to revolutionize the way macro photographers and videographers light their photos.

Sam Granger, owner and CEO, says Adaptalux will eliminate three major problems currently found in the typical macro lighting setup. He says his nifty invention will battle the inherent restrictions of most light sources, reduce the amount of time needed to setup and start shooting, and save photographers money all at the same time. That’s enough to get my attention. Let’s take a look at their Kickstarter video to see how they plan to do it. [Read more…]

500px Improved Their Image Uploader To Allow Bulk Upload & Other Time Saving Options

Popular image sharing and photo marketplace, 500px announced this morning they have made some updates to the way users are able to upload their photos to the website, which will (hopefully) allow photographers to speed up their online workflow a bit. The latest update now allows users to upload their images in bulk rather than having to painstakingly upload each individually, as Clay Cook explains in the demo video.

You can upload new images from your hard drive or import them from other websites such as Facebook, Flickr, Picassa, etc…While waiting for your image collections to upload in the background, you are free to spend that time tagging, titling, licensing options, and organizing the fresh uploads so they are ready for publication on 500px as soon as they are finished uploading.

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Magic Lantern’s April Fools’ “Joke Mode” Intentionally Crashed Cameras


Image: josecarlosss

For years Magic Lantern has been loved and trusted by many Canon users, and envied by Nikon users, thanks to the host of features the free software adds to the camera’s firmware.

A miserable April Fools’ joke, however, has many users irritated with the developers.

Turns out Magic Lantern though it would be funny to set the camera to have a 1 in 1000 chance of getting the blue screen of death, as long as the camera is not busy recording video. That’s right, ML intentionally crashed cameras.

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The Canon 5D Mark IV Will Come in Two Versions; One Dedicated to Video


There have been plenty of specs and rumors going around lately regarding the Mark III’s successor. Just yesterday we went over some of the rumors and why some previously unlikely specs seem more logical after the release of the C300 Mark II and the XC10.

One of the rumors that have been floating around the web is that the Mark III replacement will not have 4K video, but rather that the high-end video capability will be included in a dedicated 5D-series camera.

New info reveals a bit of new specs, but mainly brings back another rumor about sensor size and organizes all the rumored specs.

If true, we will be seeing two new cameras in a few months time – the 5D Mark IV and 5D Mark IVc.

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Blackmagic’s New Micro Camera is the GoPro of Cinema Cameras


The newly announced Micro Cinema Camera seems to be following in the footsteps of the popular action cameras, with Blackmagic advertising it as a multi-purpose camera that can be taken almost anywhere (which makes sense considering yesterday’s leaked poster).

Touted as the world’s smallest digital film camera, the camera is advertized as a being perfect for drones, as a crash cam, mounted to a helmet or the side of a car or hidden on the set for reality TV.

Along with its compact size, it is the advanced camera features, interchangeable lenses, remote operation and monitoring, expandable connections and professional recording formats that make this a great camera for high-end products.

The ease of use, reasonable price and wide flexibility, however, mean this camera will not be used only in Hollywood.

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3D Robotics’ Smart Drone Uses Computers to Control Flight; Allows Artists to Focus on the Footage


Just days after industry leader DJI announced the 4K Phantom 3 drone, 3D Robotics presented its own advancements with the Solo – a ready-to-fly drone made specifically for the GoPro.

The ‘smart’ drone uses two computers in order to allow unique features and have the drone fly autonomously according to a predetermined path or pattern. This allows you to focus on operating the camera rather than have to worry about flying the drone.

The Solo will soon hit the stores and is expected to be available in 2,000 physical locations.

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