5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When They Share Photos Online


I look at more photos online every single day than most people go through in a month. It’s part of the job, scouring 500px and the Internet at large for the best photography out there and then writing about it—and over the course of 5 years doing this or something similar, I’ve learned some things.

I’ve learned what will get you published, what will get you noticed, what ‘exposure’ is really worth, and what topics are so dead-horse beaten that they make me nauseous every time I see an article about them (did you know that you should NEVER EVER EVER give away your photos for free… except, of course, when you should… duh).

I’ve also come to recognize the most common mistakes photographers—both newbies and, surprisingly, advanced shooters—make when they begin sharing their work online. Below are the 5 most common mistakes I see, and if you’d like to have your work noticed and appreciated, NOT doing the 5 things below is a fantastic place to start.

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‘Desktop Stories’ – Photographer Reimagines Her Office, Bringing Scenes To Life

Turning the everyday mundane into something exciting is a challenge for almost anyone, but creative still life photographer Dina Belenko readily accepts the challenge and aces the test.

As Dina describes it, “I tell animate stories about inanimate objects.  I believe that each thing contains a kind of ‘folded story’ inside.”  Looking around her studio, she saw a wealth of stories right before her and set about bringing them to life.

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The Big Camera Movie Quiz


So, here is some thursday fun. After the jump you’ll get photos of cameras from twenty five movies. See if you can match each camera to its right movie. The highest score is 25.  Good luck!

P.S. we are going to publish a delicious quiz each thursday now, sharpen your minds.

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GoPro 4 vs XiaoYi and AMK5000 Go Head To Head In An Extreme Durability Test

Usually when comparing action cameras we assume they are built strong enough and compare them by footage quality, battery stamina and features.

However, what happens when you put these cameras to their durability extremes? Kai of DRTV took four cameras to the test: GoPro 4 ($500), XiaoYi ($60-$80), AMK5000 ($72-$90) and a vibratorcam (which we will ignore for the sake of this article). While each of these cameras have a slightly different set of features, this very-Kai-style test is not focused on any of them. This is a pure durability stress test:

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Decorate Your Home With Those Adobe Icon Pillows


Adobe users rejoice! If you feel that staring at an Adobe Photoshop/Lightroon/Premiere window all day long is not enough. You know, you just want to stare at those lovely icons a bit more when your are done with work, here is the thing for you – Adobe Icon Pillows.

These pillows are not really made for sleeping, but are more of a decoration thing for your sofa or studio (if you are that kind of person).

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GIF Of Pluto Shows How Camera Technology Has Improved Over The Last 85 Years

pluto-observations-through-the-years (1)

NASA just released this sweet GIF of Pluto that uses photos taken between 1930 through 2015. The first photo (courtesy of Lowell Observatory Archives) was taken by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 when the planet was first discovered. NASA digitally zoomed in on the image for the GIF. The following images were all taken form NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope between 1990 and 2014. The only exception being the last image in the series, which was snapped from the New Horizons spacecraft this year.   [Read more…]

Smoldering Roses Scene Built From Scratch, Used Burning Coals


I recently came across this stunning image from Warsaw-based creative studio Ars Thanea and was mesmerized by the paradoxical elements.  Roses, a symbol of love and beauty, smoldering and covered in ash…all stunningly captured.

“We wanted to create something unreal,” says Peter Jaworowski, creative director and founding partner of the firm.  But Peter didn’t want to go the route of 3D computer simulation, partly for authenticity and partly because that method would simply be too time-consuming.  So, they opted to build the image from the ground up.

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GoPro Announces New Premium Content Licensing Portal


In an announcement made on the camera maker’s website, GoPro shared it’s latest venture content licensing portal. GoPro says the service is geared towards “high production value content” which they hope will also eliminate “the pain points creative professionals have when sourcing content by helping them clear copyrights and likeness rights”.  [Read more…]

Infographic: 8 Things to Check Before Taking Your Drone Airborn


I love checklists.  I have tried to be more like my wife in being able to mentally keep a running tally of what needs done, but I continue to fail miserably.  Thankfully, there are other people who also appreciate lists, and the folks at Story and Heart were kind enough to share one of theirs with us.  It not only serves as a checklist, but it offers tips to explain some of the method for the madness.

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