Police Capture Fugitive Turned Model by Setting Up a Fake Photoshoot

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

So many things can go wrong when you’re working on a set, especially when there are more people involved; the make-up artist can call in sick, your assistant might oversleep and there’s a risk the stylist might get lost on the way to your studio, just to name a few.

I’ve heard of all these, and many other last-minute problems happening more than once, but what I’ve never encountered was a model who got arrested on his arrival to the studio.

Luckily the scout who hired the model was an undercover British police officer and the company, WOU Photography, was actually operated by the Wanted Offenders Unit – WOU (did you see what they did there?)

Ben Fiberesima modeled for tops brands such as Nike, Calvin Klein and Tom Ford while he was a fugitive in Australia, though his next outfit won’t be as glamorous.

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Videographer pleads guilty to “Unauthorized Photography,” world does not implode

Last week, Photography Is Not A Crime published an article about a Shreveport, Louisiana videographer who was detained by authorities for flying a drone over a local VA hospital while on assignment for a local newspaper. This brought screams of “tyrants” and “carry a gun” from Internet commenters, as most logical people in today’s screwed-up world can imagine. Mickey Osterreicher, renowned media lawyer and general counsel for the National Press Photographers Association, even weighed in on the subject, his comments being published in PINAC’s original article.

However, after all the fanfare had died down and the Internet trolls put away their pitchforks and migrated back to Reddit, little was heard about the case which “went to trial” last Friday. In fact, when I spoke to Jay over the phone, apparently I was the first person to give a rat’s tookus as to the outcome of his plight and the first to see how our brother-in-arms was doing.

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In Memoriam: Legendary Photographer Mary Ellen Mark Passes Away At Age 75


Mary Ellen Mark, a legend among photographers, sadly passed away on May 25th, 2015 at the age of 75. A representative from her offices has confirmed her passing in an official statement sent to members of the press, which remembers the artist by noting, “Mary Ellen touched so many people throughout the world. We all celebrate her fierce and passionate spirit.” [Read more…]

Quickly digitize the Dark Age with this DIY Automatic Film Slide Scanner

For those alive (or with family alive) during the days of film cameras, you have probably encountered the phenomenon of film slides (considered by some to be the precursor to PowerPoint, but Bill Gates refused to comment on where he originally came up with the idea). The problem with them, however, is moving them over into the digital era.

That is where photographer and DIY-er Stefan Lindgren took it upon himself to build a more-affordable alternative to the SlideSnap Pro, which weighs in at a hefty $3,395. (Heck, I don’t even spend that much on a car!)

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How Breaking the Ice Can Lead to Incredible Photos


Asher Svidensky travelled to south China to photograph the Yin-Bou fishermen. Famous for using cormorants birds to fish, and located in a gorgeous setting, the fishermen are quite the attraction for any photographger.

After capturing the “right” and “pretty” images in the same location as every other photographer who goes there, Asher asked to move to another location to get better lighting.

The fisherman immediately refused stating that’s not how they do it, so how did Asher get them to change their mind and end up getting astonishing one-of-a-kind photos? Believe it or not, but with the then-viral ice bucket challenge.

You don’t need to drench yourself in water, however, and you’re not limited to trying it in China, so check out Asher’s story in the video below to see how it can help you become a better photographer.

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Is photography meeting your needs? — A reflection on what’s important

Is photography meeting your needs?There’s a segment of readers (yes, those of you who have life and your career all figured out) who will dismiss this as drivel. This is for the more humble among you…

In a recent blog post, marketing guru Seth Godin asked a series of simple, yet poignant, questions:

Is it meeting your needs…

Or merely creating new wants?

Is it honoring your time or squandering your time?

Is it connecting you with those you care about, or separating you from them?

Is it exposing you or giving you a place to hide?

Is it important, or only urgent?

Is it right, or simply convenient?

Is it making things better, or merely more pressing?

Is it leveraging your work or wasting it?

What is it for?

…and, immediately, I began to reflect on my own career as a creative professional.

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Move Over London; Mont Blanc Is The New Star Of The World’s Largest Panoramic Photo

mont blancUp until recently, a 320 gigapixel photo of London as the subject of the world’s largest panoramic photo. It was taken from the BT Tower, not too long ago in 2013. But, the title has now been claimed by Mont Blanc–the highest mountain in Europe– and was taken by Italian photographer, Filippo Blengini, and his team. The Mont Blanc photo weighs in at 365 gigapixels.  [Read more…]

Touching Ad Brilliantly Explains Why Real Photographers Are Needed


It’s no secret that the photography market is no longer the exclusive realm of professionals. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re the client, but with so many “professional” photographers out there these days it’s not hard finding a dud.

Be it your next door neighbor who just bought a DSLR, his grandchild who believes his 16 megapixel smartphone camera is just as good as the D4s or your sister-in-law’s cousin who has been photographing weddings as a side gig when he isn’t working at the corner deli, anyone of them has a reasonable chance of getting hired for a low-budget project where the client is mainly concerned about price.

Some moments, however, are too precious to risk with an amateur and that’s exactly the message the video below brings home.

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Quick & Easy DIY Counter Balance For Steadier Video

Here’s a super quick and relatively uncomplicated DIY build for those of you who are in need of a camera counter balance (think Steadicam) on the cheap. Using a few pieces of pipe and some basic fittings, you can make yourself a DIY version with just a little bit of elbow grease. The team over at I Like To Make Stuff created this video, showing you exactly how to make the counter balance. [Read more…]