Best of DIYP – 2010

Best of DIYP - 2010 With a great year coming to conclusion, allow me to share the top ten stories from this blog.

The first list is your pics, simply calculated from number of views. The second list is my favs.

All posts on both lists were posted on 2010, popular content from previous years like the bokeh post or hacks round ups were not included. [Read more...]

2010 And 4 Lessons About Plans

This is kinda my concluding post for 2010. It is not a DIY tutorial in the usual sense, so if you’re here for the lighting/carpentry lessons feel free to wait to the next post which will pick the best 5 tuts and projects from this last year. This post is going to be about my biggest lesson from 2010 – a lesson about plans. (And a bit of foresight into 2011). [Read more...]

Quick Tip: DIY “Four Square” Flash Bracket

Quick Tip: DIY Four Square BracketLooks like the four square is gaining popularity with off camera flash photographers. If you can shell the bucks for four strobes (only 268 for four YN460II) , why not get them all together for increased power / shorter recycle time.

We did have a dual flash bracket and a triple flash bracket, but this version of a four flash bracket (AKA four square) from an Electrical box and a few washers by Destin Danser is just too good to be ignored. [Read more...]

Light Painting? There’s An App For That

Merry ChristmasA while back we featured a BTS that shows how a group of artists used iPads to extrude lightpainting letters from iPads. And I know what you all been thinking. Those artsy folks with their artsy iPads. If only I had that software my light painting extrusions would be far, far cooler.

Well, there you have it. Holographium is an iPhone/iPad app that converts text into iPhone patterns which can be dragged in front of the camera to extrude 3D light painted text.

The app costs 1.99 on the app store here.

And Merry Christmas. [Read more...]

Bullet Photography – The Cheaper Version

Bullet Photography - The Cheaper VersionAbout three weeks ago we featured a comprehensive tutorial for doing high speed bullet photography.

In that post, Maurice Ribble explained how to use a $195 camera Axe to literally freeze a bullet in mid air (or in mid egg, or in mid cantaloupe…).

Photographer DestinWS came up with a youtube video that explains how to achieve a similar effect (thought less accurate) with a Hiviz kit for $20. While the Hiviz kit does not provide some of the more advanced features of the Camera Axe, it is a great and cheap way to enter the world of High Speed Photography. Video tut after the jump [Read more...]

Last Day For Home Studio Photography eBook $14.95 Promotion

Last Day For Home Studio Photography $14.95 PromotionIt was just a week ago that we launched our first eBook: – Home Studio Photography: Your Complete Guide To Building A Photography Studio At Home.

It’s been great seeing the strong connection with DIYP readers and the hundreds of books downloaded and of their ways to help someone build a softbox from macaroni and pastrami PVC and wood.

Today is the last day of our launch week promotion where the book sells for $14.95. starting tomorrow the book will sell for $19.85 – still a heck of a deal, just not as good as $14.95.

We got lots of mail saying that “that’s a d–n fine book”. We also got some mails with questions about the book. the ones that were frequent got into the Frequently page thing. (The FAQ page also features a hot video of the book on an iPad).

You know you want the book – Get It Here. [Read more...]

Home Studio Photography FAQ

It’s been less than a week after lancing DIYP’s first eBook: Home Studio Photography and we had awesome response from readers. Hundreds of readers bought and downloaded the book so far with great feedback.

Lots of emails have been coming through. Quite a bit of those were thank you for the book emails, but also some common questions that I would like to answer here.

Q: Is there a version for iPad?

We tried to make the book as generic and device friendly as possible. This is why we went with PDF format. It can be read on almost any decide, including the iPad, Android based devices and other readers. All you need is a free installation of Adobe Reader. If you would like to see how the book looks on an iPad (totally RAD!!) check the video at the bottom made by and featuring Neil Creek’s iPad.

Q: Where can I get a hard copy of the Home Studio Photography?

Currently this book is only available as a downloadle PDF. There may be future versions of the book in printed version, but those are not currently on the road map.

Q: Can I print the book?

Actually, I encourage you to print relevant sections of the book for personal use. Since much of the book is printed instructions it would make sense to print the relevant chapter so you can follow it as you go.

Q: Who is that awesomely cute girl on the cover (and on page 44)?

That’s my daughter, Liri. She is 6 at the time of writing this FAQ, and while it may not seem so, she took vast portions in the editing, proofreading and photo taking stages of making this book.

Q: How Do I download the book

After completing payment, the backend servers will send a mail to your paypal mail account. This mail will include a download link which you can use to download the book for 48 hours. If you missed that window, it is ok, just shoot me a mail and I will re-enable your download link. The book is roughly 24MB big, so when prompted click “save as”.

Q: what forms of shipping do you offer?

Well, it’s an eBook so we offer email as delivery, there are some nice aspects to this actually: no postage or S&H fees applied, you can start reading the book within minutes after ordering, and only relevant pages can be printed helping to save some trees.

Q: I don’t have a Paypal account, how can I get the book?

We use Paypal as our payment processor engine since it is a very popular and very secure firm of payment. In  most countries, Paypal will allow you to use a Credit card without creating a paypal account. If you do want a paypal account you can sign for a free one here.

Q: What did you say about the iPad?

Q Yes! I want it. Where do I get it?

Right this way, follow this link to get your copy today.

Breadbox Strip-Light From A Plastic Bread Container, Spaghetti Sauce And A Twelve-Pack

Breadbox Strip-Light From A Plastic Bread Container, Spaghetti Sauce And A Twelve-PackAfter seeing some very creative use of strip lighting here, on the Strobist site and Flickr, often as ‘rim’ lighting, I thought “If only I had that fancy gear, my stuff would look as good as Joel Grimes’ stuff!” I had visions of after-shoot champagne lunches with Heidi Klune and groups of graceful models in a spacious studio populated with Broncolor and Hasselblad stuff – RIGHT!

[Editors note: The excellent intro and tutorial were made by John Hagar (flickr), we are trying to keep it family friendly, so no beer by default…]. [Read more...]

Shoot 3D Products Using A Suspended 360 Degree Shooting Rig

Shoot 3D Products Using A Suspended 360 Degree Shooting RigMaking a 3D display of an object is a great way to display merchandise on line, so this tut would be very relevant to any product or still life photographers.

The usual way of making a 3D display is to put your item on a turn table. The less common way, yet sometime more effective (wit shoes for example) is to suspend the object from a rig. In the following tutorial, Photographer Matt Devlin (Flickr) walks us trough the a build of a 360 deg rig. Matt says (and I heartedly agree that this is a very simple rig to build – 3/10). [Read more...]