Nothing Is More Fun Than Throwing Stuff Through A Water Wall But…

Lemon RipNothing is more fun than throwing stuff through a water wall but photographing them.

A wall of water is a fascinating thing by itself. It can get even more amazing if you throw stuff through it.

In this tutorial, Jack Long will explain how he built the water wall and how he uses it to take spectacular photographs.

There is a slight use of power tools so the regular disclaimer applies, don’t do anything stupid, and get assistance if you don’t feel comfy around heavy machinery that spins fast. We also have a non-regular disclaimer about using water and electricity, make sure you take the necessary precautions with the splashes and all. [Read more…]

When Two Drops Meet a Pellet

When Two Drops Meet a PalletIf you thought that taking the perfect water drop photograph is as cool as it can get, think again.

When Corry discussed the concept of shooting a drop, he talked about how you can get interesting shapes and crowns by making two drops meet at a precise timing. It was pretty impressive. Photographer and water drop shooter extraordinaire Markus Reugels (A.K.A maianer) took the concept one step further and had those drops meet a pellet.

I asked Markus how he does that, and it ain’t that simple. Aside using a special device called StopShot to time the drops, it involves building a special pellet rifle. This is how Markus describes it: [Read more…]

DIYP Products

DIYP products are the result of collaboration between photographers, designers, authors and artists.

The Bokeh Masters Kit

The Bokeh Masters Kit

The bokeh masters kit is a magical lens attachment that turns distant lights into shapes

Home Studio Photography eBook

Home Studio Photography eBook

Home Studio Photography is a book child of love we edited here on DIYP to satisfy both the photographer and the designer in you.

DIY Lighting Kits

DIY Lighting Kits

The line of lighting kits from DIYP provides an affordalbe way to high end lighting. The line includes an uber-cheap, yet well designed ring flash, and a double flash bracket

Spatial-Temporal Shift Of Pictures

Spatial-Temporal Shift Of PicturesA picture is an interesting subject if you look at it through the eyes of Doc Brown. It captures a single moment in time and spreads it over space.

But what if you could do it the other way around? Capture a single instance of space and spread it over time?

Well, this is just what Vimeo user lastfuture set out to try. There are no coding hints but I find the experience very interesting.

I was sitting in a train traveling through The Netherlands recently when for some odd reason I decided I had to take a video of the landscape passing by. I had no real use for it but decided to try and make something of it. I remembered slit-scan photography, a method where a slit is moved across the picture plane essentially taking a temporal image, where different times of the scene are captured on different parts of the film. [Read more…]

Filter Card Pack for Vivitar 285’s

Filter Card Pack for Vivitar 285'sHaving recently been able to acquire a trio of Vivitar 285s for some strobist playtime, I was anxious to add some robust gels to them. I’m not keen on using velcro to attach them, especially as the design team at Vivitar had thoughtfully provided a filter slot on the flash itself (sa they did for the entire 285 series). I also wanted the ability to be able to use more than one filter at a time easily and without fuss.

And so, armed with some Instant Self Laminating Cards, A set of 50 Colour Correction Gels (40mmx140mm, sold by Crazy Daisy through and a pair of scissor, a permanent marker pen and a treasury tag, I set about creating a set to suit my needs. [Read more…]

The KDS-POTO2 – A DIY Super Plastic Camera

The KDS-POTO2 - A DIY Super Plastic CameraIf you were not impressed with the La Guillotine DIY camera, we are taking another stub with the KDS-POTO2. KDS-POTO2 is a camera designed and produced by kit da studio – It is quite an awesome camera for a DIY camera, however, one step requires laser cutting. Totally worth it f you ask me.

Here is what this camera is capable of: It supports various lenses (yes the very first DIYLR – in this tut: a wide lens scavenged from a Konica WaiWai camera and a pinhole), Interchangeable 120/135 (regular) back, Bulb and normal shutter modes and a frame counter. Yea baby. It is totally DIYed!

In this post, I will show you how to make one of those babies. [Read more…]

Light Painting Using an Arduino-based PegBoard

Trazo de Colores / Colors TrackIf you’ve been following the blog for a while you know that there are some neat iPad/iPhone apps that create spatial drawings, like Holographium or Aurora Bulb for Android. 

Wulfrano Moreno shares on how he achieved a similar project using Peggy, an Arduino-based LED PegBoard.

Taking the photograph above required a combination of several skills: A bit of electricity engineering, some open source enthusiasm and a bit of light painting know how.

This image evolved as I started experimenting with light painting.  At first I started creating some shots using the typical DIY “orb tool”. As I got more drawn to the subject I came across an amazing video of some guys light-painting using an iPad. [Read more…]

Using Dropbox To Manage Projects With Big Files

Using Dropbox To Manage Projects With Big Files

Recently I was involved in a video production for the DIY Lighting Kits that demanded synchronization between a large number of participants. Well, that is usually the case right, you have the photographer (or more than one), the editor, a retoucher sometimes, a sound man,  and a client. It can get even more complex if you have even more stakeholders to the project. how do you sync them all? In this post, I want to share my personal experience with Dropbox a semi-free file synchronization solution. (Here is my personal subscription link, if you sign up through this, both you and I get some extra space)

Before diving into the technical solution a few words about projects. The ability of ad-hock teams to organize like this to meet a project creative goals and deadlines is truly amazing. Only a few years back it was not really possible to work with a scattered team like this unless you were working for a big organization with a pricey network and expensive servers. For me this means freedom. Freedom to hire better craftsmen regardless of their physical location. Freedom to interact faster and on a deeper level with fellow photographers, and freedom to put my efforts into my core business rather than deal with bureaucracy and technicalities. [Read more…]

Friday Quicky – Build a Pop Up Diffuser From A Heavy-Duty Funnel

Friday Quicky - Build a Pop Up Diffuser From A Heavy-Duty FunnelWe have featured a bunch of pop up flash diffused before as a poorman’s alternative to getting some nice diffused light. Build materials ranged from cardboard, through cloth hanger and headphone packaging.

The idea is that light coming of the pop up flash will hit the diffusion panel and then two things can happen:

1. Flash will appear bigger since it is coming from the scrim so light will be softer and/or

2. light will be scattered over the room and bounced back from ceiling and walls, again provided softer light.

All those hacks come with a price, they eat light like bears eat honey so be aware.

This new contraption by John Sloan (FB) uses a Heavy-Duty 1-Pint Funnel. [Read more…]