Speed Links for November 20 2007

speedlinksThere is so much great stuff out there that I really absolutely must share with you all.

Here is my round up for November 20 2007:

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Lighting – Light Like a Butterfly

butterfly_lighting_01.jpgAfter Just Fab introduced her fabulous Ghetto Studio, which was a ghetto setup for the butterfly lighting (AKA Glamour Lighting; AKA Paramount Lighting) I felt like taking a shot with this kind of setup. (Pan intended).

It was my bad luck that the PVC store next door has ran out off all the PVC piping they usually hold (Yea, right! try – my wife will kill me if I build another PVC monster in the living room). I had no alternative but to go with another butterfly lighting solution. (The final deal, by the way, was “OK, OK, I will not build it, will you model for me? pleeeeease?”). [Read more...]

Home Studio – Third Hand Lighting Pole

third_hand.jpgReader Mike Coutinho saw the post about the studio compression pole, and this triggered something in his mind.

Mike told me about the Third Hand system (via toolmonger) which provides a very similar functionality.

Same as with the DIY system, you can create a vertical pole from floor to ceiling and hang stuff on it (Flash, backdrop, diffuser panel).

The extra value of this solution is that it does not have to go vertical; the top pad can support various angles, so you can go diagonally wild. Another “feature” is that the Third Hand comes ready and there is not much DIY you need to assemble the pole. [Read more...]

DIY homemade GaryFong Like Light Sphere

diy_lightsphere_01.jpgGary Fong has become a de-facto standard for speed light diffusion. The accessories made by Gary include the famous Lightsphere and lots of other small flash improvements.

I have tried to make some flash modifiers in the past, like a flash mounted softbox or an improvised beauty dish. Zond is following this approach with a Lightsphere solution.

Zond2 came up with a small and cheap flash application that mimics the lightsphere effect. The materials: A soda bottle, some foam cardboard and a starbucks latte cap.

I did not test this at home, but the concept looks really nice. [Read more...]

Annie Does Disney

One of my personal favorite photographers – Annie Leibovitz was recruited to crate the fantasy of every photographer (and every kid alive).

In a project designed to celebrate Disney’s ‘Year of a Million Dreams’ Annie is shooting celebs dressed up as Disney’s all time favorite characters. Check out Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella, Beyoncé as Alice and David Beckham as Prince Phillip. Check out my personal most-charming-in-the-world-ever favorite Rachel Weisz as snow white.

Check out the cool behind the scenes (media player, real player) to see
some of the lighting and allot of Annie’s eye-level approach that makes
her photos feel so natural. (You can also get a glimpse on the amount of octagon softboxes on the scene)

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The Best 6 Ways To Create Your Own Bokeh

bokeh_heartLittle more than half a year ago, I published a guide to create your own bokeh. This guide provides a simple technique to shape the bokeh of the unfocused elements in your picture.

Here are the best 6 pictures that employed this technique, courtesy of DIYPhotography readers. I was glad to find creativity both in the shapes used (guess what? Hearts wins the jackpot) and the creativity using this technique. [Read more...]

How To Add Pictures To Comments On DIYPhotography.net

diy_flickr.jpgAllot of readers are asking me "how can we add pictures to go along with our comments?"

The reasons are numerous – some want to share a picture they took, some want to share a cool DIY project they built and some want to show of with their implementation on one of the DIY hacks from this site.

Well, the age of unknowledgeness comes to an end – here is the picture tutorial for how to add images to comments on DIYPhotography.net (of course you can always use the Flickr stream). Click any of the images for a bigger view. [Read more...]

Studio Lighting – The Ghetto Studio

just_fab_ghetto_studio_01.jpgJust Fab has come up with a great PVC contraption she calls the Ghetto Studio. It’s a great and portable setup that takes great Glamuor shots.

I asked Just Fab to share her plans and setup and she kindly agreed. Below you will find the instructions to build such setup. Total cost is less then 40$.

We have showed a PVC setup before, but it was very big. This PVC setup can be used both indoor and outdoor. The bottom and top are tiltable, covered with Ripstop nylon. Bottom hasa car windshield screen as a reflector. The strobe goes behind the topscrim and bounces off the bottom to reflect up. Instant one light setupto do butterfly lighting. I did have to glue some of the piecestogether to keep it from falling over in the wind, but it’s modular andtears down. The bottom screen tilts about 1/16 the way down, the top istilts in the middle. I can reverse those is need be. You simply shootin between the two.

Here is an image taken with this setup. Look for shadows under the eyes. Found any? No!

Sweetness by Just Fab

The next following images show the materials you need to create this Ghetto Studio, as well as assembly needed.

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Great High Speed Photography Trigger by Tom Barnett

flash triggerTom Barnett (pxlsnfr) has come up with some great High Speed Photography shots.

Tom uses very basic circuitry to trigger the flash on “hearing noise” and a bit more complex (though still pretty simple) circuit to avoid repeating flash triggering.

In fact the basic circuitry is just one SCR with plus and minus going to the flash and minus and gate going to an amplified mic. See pictures below.

From the number of crushed bulbs on Tom’s photostream, I’d recommend his services to any person that wants to be environment friendly and move to Energy-saving compact fluorescents (CFs).

What I like about Tom’s High Speed Photography, is that Tom controls this technique flawlessly, and can use it to photograph images with a great amount of creativity.

pxlsnfr flash trigger

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