Kimel’s Pop Up Flash Soft Box Diffuser

Kimel’s Pop Up Flash Soft Box DiffuserHere is another great one from Martin Kimeldorf, converting a LumiQuest popup diffuser into a softbox thingy. This will work great to add some direct flash fill in. Now, I am not saying that you should run and buy one of those just to mod it, you can start with silk and some black Bristol and get the same place.

I liked the LumiQuest Diffuser for Pop Up flashes except that the diffuser panel hung rather limply on my camera and thus produced an unreliable surface shape. Also, I wondered about the light escaping the sides. Then I thought, I could add sides and create a miniature soft box, especially if the inside had a silvered lining.
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Kevin Kertz’s Excellent Lighting Diagrams Tool Goes Online

Lighting Diagram CreatorDon’t we all love to make Lighting diagrams? They help us explain our lighting setups. They can also help us design a setup in advance.

UPDATE 3: The The Lighting Diagram Creator now supports export to jpeg. Man, Huy has really done great work with this one, It even allows adding sound gear.

UPDATE2: Lets try and make the online diagram creator complete. read on for making a stamp on the history of online lighting diagrams tools.

UPDATE1: Due to licensing issues the tool has been revised to use Don Gianatti PSD file – It is still a great way to create lighting diagrams online.

In the past I have written about a great PSD file created by Kevin Kertz. This PSD file allows you to describe (almost) any lighting setup you create. I have used this excellent method myself in Shooting The Team series.

There are other lighting diagrams creating tools out there, but none was as complete as Kevin’s. The only drawback to the PSD file is that you had to install Photoshop or The GIMP to use the file (yap, PSD is Adobe’s Photoshop native format).

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Pan Intended – Matters Of Light & Depth – A Book Review

Matters Of Light & Depth I believe that the best way to understand lighting is to experiment with it. But understanding the basics of light and the general scheme of things can help you set foot in the right track. This is why I think reading lighting books is a great way to improve your photography.

Today I would like to review on of those books, Matters of Light & Depth by Ross Lowell.

Just before I dive into the content of this book, I’d like to say something about style – Ross has plenty of it. The book got a smile on my face more than once. With titles like Light of Passage, Light Philosophy, and Shedding Light, you take in valuable lessons while not feeling too serious.

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The Bokeh Shape-O-Matic

bokeh shape-O-matOne of the more popular posts here at DIYP is Create your own Bokeh. It shows you how to add hearts or stars (or skulls) shapes to your picture. I can totally understand it. It is a quick project, it’s fun and it takes nothing more than a piece of black paper and a puncher, or scissors.

I have to say, though, that making a few of those fun widgets takes time. It also eats space in the camera bag. If you are ready to take it to the next step, take a look at Ron Rademacher‘s Bokeh Shape-O-Mat.

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Three More Days for Something Newer

Something New - A Photography ProjectHi there, this is just your friendly reminder that there are still three days left to enter our Something Newer photo contest. Cool prizes are a two-week play time with a lens or camera (or both) of your choice, courtesy of

To enter the contest, select the best image your shot in 2008 that goes along with the friends theme then 1. Submit it to DIYP’s Flickr pool and 2. tag it with somethingnew. You can watch a slideshow of curent submissions here.

For the full rules of this project visit here.

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TTL Flash Cord Soup From A Stone

DIY TTL cordNot long ago I posted an article about extending a TTL cord. This hack is kinda nice, especially since concatenating a few SC 28s can get you bankrupted.

Soon after I got a mail from reader Benedikt Seidl saying even buying the original SC 28 is a waste of good money. Actually all the material you’ll need to create a TTL cord is  a stone. OK, a stone and a wiper. Oh you have some guitar string, great. Now usually this will do, but if you have just one little copper board… 

So Benedikt’s site is in German, but he was kind enough to translate the article into English for DIYP readers. Benedikt’s site has lots of cool projects. The bad news is that it’s all German. The good news – the images are usually enough to follow.

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Upload To Flickr – The Smart And Easy Way

Flickr Export LogoWhat do you get when a programming guru decides that enough is enough, Flickr Lightroom users should also enjoy direct uploading to Flickr just like Aperture users.

You get Jeffrey’s “Export to Flickr” Lightroom Plugin. This is great plug in which I heatedly recommend if you are a using Adobe Lightroom and have a Flickr account. Hey, I am not affiliated with Jeffery, but after using his plugin for soooooo long, that I just had to share my joy.

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The Strobist Corner – Extending Your TTL Flash Cord

TTL Cable Extender
When I first got this hack in the mail I immediately thought, hey this looks like something Strobist would do. After all he did it with a PC-Sync cord. This great mod from Mario Giambanco takes it one step further. Instead of using a PC-Sync and a home power cable, Mario used a TTL cable with a network cable. Simple? Kinda. Genius? Surly.

One of the things I really like about it is the extended rage you get, up to 50 feet. Maybe more. Radio Poppers, right behind you :)

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