Creating Multiple Exposures Of Man Spitting Fire

Hey guys,

This is Benjamin “Von Wong” and I am a Montreal Based Photographer. Recently I just did a tour across Europe and one of the shots that I did that got selected as Editor’s Choice on 500px featured something quite new that I haven’t quite seen around and that’s blending Fire and Multiple Exposures. I’ve outlined the general storyline of how the whole shoot and project came about for those of you interested on my blog but figured I’d give you DIY’ers a little more technical breakdown for those of you who want to attempt to create your own Multiple Exposure shot! Before going into any explanations, be sure to see this video of how the entire photoshoot came together:

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Quick Tip: Carabiners Quick Release Strap

We love camera straps, what we don’t love is dangling straps from the camera while it is in the bag or on a tripod.

The good folks at thought grenades share a (somewhat volumatic) tip on using key-rings and carabiners to attach a strap to a camera body. Is it all fancy looking? Not that much. Will it work, probably like a charm.

Yea, we love strap hacks, here are our guide for DIY R-strap, DIY glide strap and a DIY C-Loop. [Read more…]

The Back Side Of Model Releases

The Back Side Of Model Releases

Last summer I was traveling in Central America and as a photographer, it was obvious to me that I will take this as an opportunity to add photos to my portfolio.

In the past, I’ve already licensed, sold & published some of my photos and was sure that I know all the details & restrictions about licensing a photo and whether I need to have a model release (written permission to use my photos for any purpose) or not.

When I arrived to the beach town Puerto Viejo I started photographing surfers and tourists and since I knew that I was not gonna start signing each and every one of them on a model release form, I made sure to photograph them from angles that did not reveal their faces. I assumed that this was my subjects will not be recognizable and I won’t need a model release. Boy I was wrong (: [Read more…]

Developing Paper With Red Wine

We have talked developing film with coffee before using a substance called caffenol. Bet what if you are more of a wine guy than a coffee guy?

Dirk Essl of the Caffenol blog just shared a video on using red wine for developing paper.

Developing Paper With Red Wine

Same as the caffenol process it uses vitamin C and washing soda and is done in the almost now disappearing dark room.

The process gives a bit of a brownish duotonish look to the final developed paper, which I find very interesting, A video after the jump [Read more…]

How To Transfer Prints To Wood

If you have a picture that you want to transfer onto wood you have two options, pay for a service to do it, or have a go at it yourself.

Photographer James Brandon shows how to transfer a print onto wood at the leisure of your home, using a laser jet print and a gel medium. (Yes, it has to be laser, inkjent won’t cut it for this project).

How To Transfer Prints To Wood

The results are gorgeous and the entire project is fairly simple.

You can read the entire tutorial on DPS, or watch a video demo after the jump. [Read more…]

Portal World Recreated With Light Painting

If you ever played portal you know how enchanting this game can be. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the game, it is kind of a hybrid between a 3D shooter and a puzzle game, where the hero (you) can create small portals pairs which are linked and skip from one portal to the other.

Highly addictive.

Jeremy Jackson AKA tackyshack recreated a man jumping in mid-portal scene with a single light painted exposure.

154/366 - The Portal is a Lie?

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5th Year Of Taking Portraits At My Daughter School

So, it has become kind of a ritual. Every year I take portraits of every kid in my daughter’s class. This has been the 5th year and it got me thinking about stuff.

But first, here is the general idea. Each year I go to my daughter’s school and take pictures of all the kids in her class. There is no preset date for this, but I try to hit one of two events: Purim (where everyone shows up in a custom) or very close to end of year.

5th Year Of Taking Portraits At My Daughter School

I do not charge for these pictures, nor do I hand businesses cards to the parents. The teacher and parents are free to use the pictures as they please and more than once, the pictures found themselves in birthday calendars, fridge magnets and T-shirts.

I use a very similar setup each year, with the same collapsible backdrop. Usually with one strobe and umbrella on the kids and another gelled on the backdrop.

There is no monetary compensation in doing this kind of project, but I consider it to be one of my best personal projects as it intertwines with so many aspects of my life.

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Using A Door Peephole As A Fisheye Lens

Sometimes you wanna have that specific POV of someone looking through a peephole. I guess the easiest way to shoot this is by sticking your camera through a peephole.

Dave from Knoptop shares how he converted a $7 200 degrees door peephole and a PVC reducer into a wide angle lens. The vignetting is pretty strong so I am not sure it is usable as a “real” fisheye, but the effect is still pretty cool for $7.

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Double Portraits – Portraits of Projections of Portraits

I have a soft spot for using projectors in photography. Aside from the art it produces I think that there is something magnificent in using the light in the opposite way while taking a picture, kinda like having a light-dialog.

This is why I love John Lang’s Blind Spot series. John used a projector to throw people’s own faces at them and then take a picture of the (real) composite.

Double Portraits - Portraits of Projections of Portraits

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