Bag O’ Goodies Final Winner

bog logoTime to wrap up the Bag O’ Goodies contest.

Huge thanks for everyone who participated. This was the final round of this assignment, and the last chance to win (Literally) a Bag O’ Goodies.

As always with those kinda contests, It was a hard pick and as always, I wished I had more prizes to give away. read on for the five runners up, the winner and another glimpse on the prizes. [Read more...]

Create a Complete Strobing System From Foamies & Velcro

Create a Complete Strobing System From Foamies & VelcroPhotographer and Strobist fan John Cavan got a pretty cool line up of speedstrap like DIY attachments.

The line, which can be made in about 20 minutes total (or less), includes a foamy & Velcro based speedstrap and an assortment of Strobist friendly foamy & Velcro based modifiers:  a snoot, a Gobo and a bounce card. You now I love foamies and Velcro so this is like a small party for me.

[Read more...]

On Assignment: Dance Class Manager

DSC_0683_fw_01 (by udijw)A while back when I made a huge career move and quite on the high-tech job, I set a goal of developing a photography business. I did warn you about the occasional “on assignment post” and this is just one of those posts.

At the place where I live there is a dance class for kids 4-16 years old. The manager of that class wanted some pictures to provide the local newspaper for an upcoming article. We talked and decide to take the pictures at her house where there is a nice decorative brick wall. This should eliminate the need to battle the harsh sun on one hand and provide both indoor and outdoor locations on the other. [Read more...]

Seamless Paper Wall Mount System

backdrop holder 3 (by Cindy Ellis Photography)Now, here is a question, what do you do with all your seamless backdrops while they are not in use?

Store them of course. Savage has a nice sponge system for storing backdrops, the right way – standing up.

Why do you want to store them standing up? Because if you store seamless paper lying down you will get rippled paper. The weight of the paper sets on the bottom part of the paper and presses it against the floor. While this does not crease the paper, it reshapes it into an oval, and when rolled out it will show ripples. not that good.

So, how about that Savage system again? Well, to store a seamless upright, you’ll need a wall as high at least as the length of the paper – 3 meters. While this is not rare in studios it is kinda rare in home studios. [Read more...]

Chase Shows How To Play It Safe (When It Comes To Protecting Data)

Have you ever wondered what happens to those little raw files in big shoots? I mean, big scale productions gotta worry more than simply unloading the card, importing to light room and get a good night sleep.

Firstly it is a lot of date, and then it has to travel, get stored, archived, backed up and processed.

Chase Jarvis has a great video where he share his Protect-The-Data-Kong-Fu

I think that the question is how do you scale down (or up, if you are that guy) to your working model.

watch the video, and read the entire post (+ some really good comments) in Chase’s blog post titled The Complete Workflow and Backup for Photo. [Read more...]

Create a Digital Holga

Create a Digital HolgaFrenzy over at Instructalbes came up with a neat way to convert your SLR into a Holga.

A Holga is a very popular plastic toy camera that shoots 120 medium format films. It is known for its plastic looks and its amazing ability to provide inconsistent images.

the idea is very much similar to the Altoids pinhole we featured a few days ago. It uses the same mechanism – a body cup with attachment replaces the lens. Only this time Frenzy did not use a pinhole made from Altoids, he used a Holga lens. [Read more...]

No Strobes, No Light Stands, No Modifiers, No Problem!

Kimberley - Fluorescent 3 (by Ragoem)They say that necessity is the mother of all invention. How will you go on lighting a shot when you have no strobes, no lightstands and no modifiers?

With fluorescents of course. waintaminute! Fluorescents? Aren’t those the things that make green harsh hideous light? Well depends. Netherlands photographer Ragoem Vakfotografie shows just what can be done with just a couple of those lengthy lights.

First thing first, you need to understand light a bit to work with light sabers like this. Light is harsh when it is far (and looks small) and softer when it is close (and looks big). So fluorescents had t be placed close to the model. Placed? Try hand held. [Read more...]

SyLights Allows You To Create Online Lighting Diagrams

SyLight Allows You To Create Lighting DiagramsA new member is joining the ever expanding lighting diagram tools family. Sylights (which stands for Share Your Lights) is a Strobist oriented tool for sharing and creating lighting diagrams.

The tool was created by Paris based photographers Pierre-Jean Quilleré  and Olivier Lance to encourage photographers to share their lighting diagrams. This would, in turn allow other photographer to learn more about lights. [Read more...]

DIY Strip Lights And Rim Lights

strip lights setup (by udijw)After reading David Hobby’s post about rim lights, I decided that I wanna have a go myself.

In spite of David Advice, I went with strip lights. Made from an electrical racer. I did push them a bit more then on that post though.

Since I was not using a real “store bought” strip light I wanted to see how far I could push the light down the racer in a way that still produces good light through the diffusion screen. (Or actually, up the racer, since my flash was set on the bottom).

I placed the flash on the bottom of the racer and popped a few shots. I got nice blow out up to about 70cm. So that was the length of the strip light. From here the build starts. [Read more...]