Nothing Can Stand In Your Way, Not Even Gravity

Water defies gravitySometimes it seems that everything is against us. Nothing is working. It’s as if the rules of the universe themselves were built to set us back. Well, not for Andy Price.

If the image above looks weird, it is because Andy found the perfect way to defy gravity.

With a little fairy dust, a Whiskey bottle and some tubing, Andy DIYed his gravity defying device. Oh, yea, did we say this was not a composite?

Andy Explains: [Read more...]

How To Catch a Lightning Every Single Frame

How To Catch a Lighting Every Single FrameLighting photography is not trivial. You have to wait in the rain, all drenched, setting one long exposure after the other, with the hope that one of open shutter intervals will catch a lighting strike. Well, there is an easier way.

Andras Schaeffer and Viktor Takacs came up with a clever way to capture lighting.

It does take a bit of electronics know how, and a bit of code (all available from Victor’s site), but the result is a very intelligent lighting capturer. Think Ghost Busters and that pedal-box thingy. [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide To Managing Batteries On Location

The Ultimate Guide To Managing Batteries On LocationIf you’re using strobes, pocket wizards, remotes, or RC cars, you are probably using AA batteries. Those are small little wonders of energy.

Here is the big question, how do you manage them on location? How do you keep the loaded batteries ready for grab?

How do you make sure the empty ones get enough charge?

How do you sleep at night knowing that a battery may stop working at any given time?

Good questions! Benny Johansson, AKA Benvelo created a full system just for that and guess what? It is graphically rocking. [Read more...]

Using Transparencies For Delicate Shaped Bokeh Shapes

Using Transparencies For Delicate Shaped Bokeh ShapesWhen it comes to Shaped Bokeh, it is all about the shape of the hole where the light goes through. Heart shaped hole creates heart shaped bokeh, stars shaped hole creates stars shaped bokeh and so on….

If you want your bokeh to be a little more elaborate you have to be pretty darn good with an exacto knife. So crude shapes are fine, but what if you wanted to do something more delicate, like writing a word. I mean, even Dr. Shepherd can only get that precise with an exacto knife. (lady readers in the audience?).

Videographers Jimmy Wong and Laurasaurus Rex (Lore), came up with a prety clever way to create delicate bokeh shapes. They used Transparencies (and kinda replicated  my bokeh masters kit in the process – all for a good cause). [Read more...]

How To Mount Anything In The World

How To Mount Anything In The WorldSometimes you want to add a 1/4″ threading to objects that don’t have threads. It makes sense. I mean, all the mounting gear is already built to support 1/4″ thread: Tripods, light stands, swivels…

This allows you, for example to position a flashlight on a swivel and have full control over it’s angle and direction. Or mount a point and shoot on a bicycle handle.

Photographer David Sr. Lapeer showed a smart way of doing this on the DIYP flickr threads: [Read more...]

Shooting The Wettest Band You’ll Ever See

Shooting The Wettest Band You'll Ever SeePhotographer Benjamin Von Wong sent over a couple of vids showing how he shot Triggered Response, A rock band from Montreal.

To go with the rocky band, Ben and Eva Jinn Productions got them completely drenched and splashed. All while keeping both photography gear and band gear safe.

The video is divided into two parts: a behind the scenes which explains the thought and execution of the shoot itself and a quick Photoshop composite primer that explains how the images were combined. vids after the jump. [Read more...]

Amazon Loves Canon Better?

Amazon Loves Canon Better?I just stumbled the weirdest behavioral on Amazon. Wondered if anyone can shed some light on this?

If you go to the Canon 580EX II page, amazon tells you that when folks buy this they also order an Omnibounce. Makes sense, right?

But when you go to the Nikon SB900 product page, Amazon tells you that folks buy the Nikon along with a Canon 580EX II.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love canon, but who in their right mind will complement the Nikon flash flagship with a 580EXII?

Are you seeing the same thing? If so The only conclusion I can come to is that Amazon loves Canon better. [Read more...]

Throw Your Strobe To Great Lengths Using a Poor Man’s Better Beamer

poor man's better beamerIt is not really possible to defy the inverse square law. I know I tried and failed miserably. But you can stretch it.

A better beamer is a device that does just that, it extend the distance the light from your strobe travels. So while the inverse square law is still in effect, it stretches over a greater distance.

Physics bla-bla aside, it means that light coming from your strobe will go further. Some strobes, like the SB900 has an impressive zoom functions that does just that.

Flickr used lonelyhome contrapted a poorman’s better beamer using a cheapo Fresnel lens (around $1) and some plastic (I assume cardboard will do too).

The picture is really self explanatory. [Read more...]

Build a DIY Mini-Rail Slider

Build a DIY Mini-Rail DollySeems like vidoe is getting bigger and bigger. I am considering to add a video category instead of having it hide under the Camera Hacks section.

After the impressive table top dolly design, Martin Taylor shows how to build a Slider Dolly.

As more and more people get into video the number one accessory they seem to want after a shoulder rig is a slider. A slider allows short trucking camera movements. Commercial sliders run the gamut in price (from several hundred to several thousand) and design. A slider usually has a captive body that you mount a tripod head to. The body runs on a track on mechanical bearings or some low friction material. The tracks seem to run anywhere from 2 to 5 feet and can mount on a tripod themselves or some have feet that allow you to lay the slider on the ground for a low profile shot, or rest it on a convenient table or counter top. [Read more...]