46% Of DIYP Readers Love Strobes, Another 30% Go Natural

Photography Studio @ HomeAs part of the ongoing Studio @ Home series, I asked DIYP readers, what is your favorite photographic light

By that question I meant what is the light source you love most when you are taking pictures. Strobists you can cheer, but it was a close match. Again, thanks for all who voted and commented, it helps us learn about the trends, and makes a great community feeling.

Results and some thought after the jump.

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The Toilet Gridspot

While I’ve done some considerable efforts to disconnect the Gordian knot between bodily functions and lighting, my efforts are futile once and again.

Visit Tony‘s excellent picture tutorial for the quickest toilet gridspot ever.

diySnoot (by Coach_Bo)
Click image for larger version on flickr

Of course, you can always make your snoot in a more conventional way – with a cooling grid or coroplast (or heavens forbid, buy one).

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The Inverse Square Law Experiment Done Right – Myth unBusted

The Inverse Square Law Cheat Sheet Yesterday I posted a cheat sheet that tried to question the applicability of the Inverse Square Law (ISL) on the way we use portable flashes I called this post The Inverse Square Law Cheat Sheet – Myth Busted.

The post stirred up a great conversation from which I learned about Light, some physics and some in camera processing facts. But mostly I learned that it is great fun to experiment and to share your findings. It definitely helped me get my knowledge to a higher level (at the small price of throwing a way my totally wrong fringy and conventions breaking experiment.

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The Inverse Square Law Cheat Sheet – Myth Busted

The Inverse Square Law Cheat Sheet UPDATE: This Experiment is all Wrong. I should hit my head on the same wall I used to measure reflected light off. Some great comments about what went wrong, and great discussion going on – I posted the main points here.

Have you heard about the Inverse Square Law? It’s the law that says that light intensity falls the farther you move your light from your subject. It also tells you that if you move your light to be twice as far it will fall by 4 (the square of 2). if you move the light three times as far, it will fall by 9.

We all swear by that law. The only thing is this law does not apply to the way most of us use flashes.

I’m gonna explain this in a beat, but first here is my newest cheat sheet. (I love cheat sheets. If you are as senile as me, you can print them and then pop them up later and look really smart).

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What’s Your Favorite Light

Photography Studio @ HomeAfter doing nothing but moving pausing for a short while to let everyone suck in the goods on Studio @ Home, we’re going to continue to explore lighting options. We already discussed LED lights, and we’ll be exploring worklights, strobes and big guns next. Till then, I’d love to hear what you use for lighting your pictures. 

If your answer is not on the list, let us know via the comments.

The other thing is that we are going to have a new assignment on S@H. get your cameras ready. And now on with the entrée. 

RSS readers, you may have to click the link to vote and view results. 

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A PJ Book Full Of Projects

photojojo bookA PJ book? Are we talking about a new Pajamas book? A rising Photo Journalist?

Our friends over at Photojojo lunched the Photojojo book. It is a book loaded with great projects for the DIY addict.

For a long time now, I’ve been reading the PJ newsletter. It is a great source to get project inspiration and  some great ideas to lay with once you are sitting at home wondering what to do with all those great pictures you took.

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