Shooting For Friends And Family

This is not a DIY kinda post, it is more related to my career as a photographer. If you here for the nuts and bolts, move along, nothing to see. If you are starting out as a photographer, I think this will be super relevant and valuable for you.

Having walked the path of “What’s that black button for?” to “Chin down, eyes to me” over the last three years, one of the things that I had to struggle with is how to handle friends and family who ask for discounts (some will ask for  a 100% discount :).

The next video by the awesome Jasmine Star pretty much sums up what I think is the best approach to handling this awkward situation.

Jasmine’s advice breaks into two parts, one that fits the “I’ll shoot anything that will stand in front of my lens” phase where you are benefited from sharpening your skills and spreading the word about your talent. And one that fits the phase where you move on to establishing a business where you need to be more aware of your time.

As Jasmine explains it may be hard, but it is best to have “the conversation”. To me this makes perfect sense in the way that you will probably not ask your carpenter friend for a free table.

How do you handle friends discounts? Share with us in the comments

[Photo Discounts + Booking Policy via slr lounge] [Read more…]

How Flash Duration Impacts Motion Blur

Photographer Sam McGuire takes the Lumedyne 200W/S Action Pack for a spin. The different thing about this pack is that its T.5 and T.1 times get shorter when you increase flash power. (Usually, the more power you use, the more time it takes the strobe to push it out).

How Flash Duration Impacts Motion Blur

Sam compares two images taken at similar conditions with a short and long T.1 and demonstrates how strobe duration, much like shutter speed, can control motion blur. [Read more…]

Comparing Teleconverters In Africa

Comparing Teleconverters In Africa

Hey guys!

Benjamin Von Wong – Montreal Based photographer here to talk about a couple neat devices I borrowed from the nice fellows over at B&H for my trip to Africa. I figured that a nice little trip around Namibia would be the perfect opportunity to try out some gear that I had never previously had the use for – Teleconverters! (The Sigma 1.4x DG EX APO and 2x EX DG APO spesifically)

Teleconverters are these great nifty little devices that actually add range to your lenses at the expense of losing some light. Depending on how big of a zoom factor you go for, you losie more light as well as focus speed and overall sharpness – a little more on that later. What does that mean in terms of actual numbers? [Read more…]

Use Open Source Software To Emulate Every Possible Lighting

One of the ways to understand how light works in photographs is to do basic exercises. We did one way by creating the portrait lighting cheat sheet that shows how positioning a single light effect a portrait, others have done similar stuff with an egg.

Photographer Pat David had another idea. Using a CC-BY 3D scan by Infinite Realities and an open source 3D modeling software called Blender 3D (Blender is darn near real rendering engine, it can even mimic shaped bokeh), he started to play with positioning various light sourced around the scanned head.

Use Open Source Software To Emulate Every Possible Lighting [Read more…]