A Great Lecture About Photography and The Copyright Law

There are a lot of misconceptions about photography and copyright. Some of the more common questions (and wrong answers – at least on the net) concern copyright ownership, photo usage, online usage, fair use and licensing.

Others concern model releases, invoicing & payments (and their relations to copyrights) and legal documents and wordings.

Jack Reznicki and Ed Greenberg A.K.A The Copyright Zone (and authors the Photographer’s Survival Manual: A Legal Guide for Artists in the Digital Age) have a great lecture on B&H indepth blog.

It is a one hour and fifty minutes long lecture, but it clears a lot of the questions and misconceptions around the subject of copyrights and well worth the time watching it.

[The Copyright Zone Guys | BH Event Space Videos] [Read more…]

DSLR Rig Video Remote Record Button

In this post Andy Pearson solves one of the most annoying issues for DSLR shooters – the location of the record button. The default “start video” button is placed in the most inconvenient location ever. If only you could operate it from the rig….

While filming the other day with some of my colleagues for a short project we’re producing I noticed that the cameraman was having to balance the DSLR Camera rig with one hand while trying to press the record button on the back of the camera.

DSLR Rig Video Remote Record Button

I had a little research on the internet and searched for how the pros do it with their camera rigs. It became apparent that unless you paid a ton of money for bespoke remote triggers for the model camera and rig you owner, it was something that most people lived with… [Read more…]

This Earth Time Lapse Is Made With Real Photos

Time-Lapse | Earth is a time lapse edited by Bruce W. Berry Jr, and it is one of the most beautiful timelapse sequences I have ever seen.

This Earth Time Lapse Is Made With Real Photos

Here is the thing though, Bruce did not take a single shot to create this movie, nor are they digitally rendered. It was all done with pictures shot by the ISS team and made available for public use by NASA (Here, here and here).

I am placing the movie (and some info) after the jump to make sure you sit back, go full screen and turn up the audio before you continue. [Read more…]

Spoil Your Mamiya With A Wooden Shutter Grip

Spoiling your camera is fun. It also shows her you love here. We’ve shown how to spoil your camera with a DIY Carbon Fiber lens hood and a DIY Waxed bag, but never actually showed how you can treat that special medium format camera that means so much to you.

Shutter Grip for Your Medium Format Camera

Matt Bechberger over at Instructables has just that missing piece, a tutorial about treating your Mamiya 645 (or other medium format camera) with a custom-made wooden shutter grip. [Read more…]

Photographing Pigments Can Kill Your Vacuum + Tip On Shooting Flour

A few years back we were first introduced to Benjamin von Wong with a creative flour and dancers shoot. We thought it was quite Epic back then. How little did we know :)

If cleaning up after a flour session seems like a crappy job, how about the mess after doing a session with colored pigments.

Photographing Pigments Can Kill Your Vacuum

Ben took a visit to Place Cliché to collaborate on a high end pigment based shoot. The results are exploding with color and creativity. Video and some tips after the jump [Read more…]

DIYPhotography Now Owns The Trade Mark For Bokeh®

A few years back we released what was then a revolutionary product called the Bokeh Masters Kit. It is a revolutionary device (or at least it was back then), that transforms light into shapes with the spirit of Create Your Own Bokeh.

DIYPhotography Now Owns The Trade Mark For Bokeh®

Just in case you need a refreshment, Bokeh® is a Japanese word with a close proximity to the English word blur, and in photography it is used to describe the blur (or out of focus area) quality. This made it perfect to describe our product which changed the shape of out of focus specular highlights. [Read more…]

On Becoming A Photgrapher – Communicating With Your Subject


So, you’ve got the shoot planned to perfection, you’re all good to go and the subject walks in the door. But how do you make someone smile, and how do you dig out those genuine expressions? That is what we’re going to be talking about today. Well, what I’m going to be writing about anyway. From the pre-shoot planning and meeting, to how you act on set, and a few stern words on not being a damn creep. So let’s get on with Communicating with your subject [Read more…]

Operating A Small Production Crew? Compensate With Creativity!

Just because your production has a small crew does not mean you cannot make a kick axx movie.

Just like everything in life, physical constraints can be overcame with creativity.

Vimeo Video School (am awesome resource by its own) just released an entertaining clip with three tips on enhancing production value without actually adding any resources to the production mix aside creativity and creative effort.

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