Portrait Photography In The Eyes Of 5 Years Olds

Kindergarten Photo Day (by udijw)I had the honor and the pleasure to give a talk at my daughter’s kindergarten on Friday. We recently moved to a new place and once the kindergarten teacher heard I was a photographer, she asked me to come down and talk a bit with the kids about what I do.

Of course I said yes. I also offered to take some portraits of the kids and stuff – just for funzees. I asked the teacher to tell the kids to bring a favorite toy or set of clothes. It was amazing to hear what 5 year-olds think about photography and I am going to share some of this discussion here.

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Don’t Give Up On Your GI Trigger – Three Ways To Revive It When It Looks Dead

GI Trigger (by udijw)So you hacked yourself a gadget infinity flash radio slave and you are happy. You are shooting off camera flash and things work splendid. Actually, you really wanted a pair of pocketwizards, but it was 26 big ones Vs. 360, so it’s GI. Actually they work quite well. They worked quite well for a long while now. Then a crisis. Flash wont fire. 

Camera clicks, but flash won’t fire. Darn! It was working just a second ago. What could have gone wrong? (Or in the words that the guys from the internet service hear 1000 times a day – I did not touch it.)

Here are three things to check before giving up on your cactus remotes.
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Using Plexi As A Photography Tool

Pumpkin (by udijw)I’m gonna talk about Plexi in a moment, but first, Happy Halloween everyone.

OK, Plexi. 

It is very common for a product shot to be built from two symmetrical halves, the product on top and a reflection on the bottom.

I tried taking shoe images like this using a mirror and some glass, but with both I got two reflection – one from the upper surface of the glass and one from the lower surface on the glass. I then tried using durable nylon to get the same effect which was nice, however the reflection image was not sharp.

Then. Came. Plexi.

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Just Before Going To New Zealand

Chase Jarvis is a photographer I really love following. Heck, if he ever counted his mentions on this blog, he’d probably call the stalking police.

Chase’s latest installment is a cool video about his latest joy trip assignment to New Zealand where he shot a campaign for Sandisk.

A small treasure of goodies came out from that ride (check here for videos, BTSs, Gear talk and more), but in this post, I’d like to focus on the last video. The one where Chase shoots a rapid-hell-fire-8-FPS-strobed-ski sequences.

Ok, I’m gonna take my chances and try not to sound like a third grade
teacher when I’ll say – This video is not about gear, it’s not about
technique it’s about homework. More after the jump

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Band Your Cables for Orderly Photography Travel

Band Your Cables for Orderly Photography TravelThis is a quick photo-travel tip by DIYP reader Don Simpson. Actually it may be really obvious, but I learned that it is better to show the obvious than to assume that everyone already knows it. Actually, it is also a more general travel tip that applies to more than carrying photography gear.

Don’t you hate it how your cables fly about in your bag, and when you are trying to pull out  the batteries charger cable you also fish the USB cable, the pc-sync cable, the super long TTL cord, the power cord, the strip, and a bunch of other cable you did not even know you have?

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CloudPlug – Backup Solution Review

ctera cloudplug
As you may recall my computer kinda crushed on me last year. I’ve been looking for a backup solution ever since (in the meantime, there is not a single component in my computer that was not replaced, excluding the motherboard).

I found that the CloudPlug answers most of my needs, and decided to review it here on DIYP.

If you’re just here for the coupon, jump to the end. If you want to share your backup strategy, let us know on the comments.

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SB800 Internals

SB800 internals  (by udijw)As you may know, I am involved with a secret project. For this secret project I needed dots, plenty of dots.

My first thought was to punch some holes in a black Bristol and cover the flash up. Then (I naively thought) I’d get a nice projection of spots on the adjacent wall. Right? Wrong!

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Twit Twit – I’m Jumping In

look ma, I'm twittinI am starting to Tweet. I simply could not resist all the goodness that’s being spread out there and not be part of the fun. Besides, it is really easier to use short URLs.

If you’re wondering what’s gonna be on my twitter, Here is my twiterfesto:

I will not be wasting your time.

I will tweet about great posts out there, mostly photo hacking, but also other hacks which I feel are nice, but not fully fitted in DIYP blog

I will tweet with heads up and content promo before stuff hits the main blog.

I will tweet with various promotions that I’m being offered to extend to DIYP readers when they are not 100% blog material.

I will be opening another channel to communicate with DIYP readers, and be open to feedback, suggestions and general "lets hang out"s.

I will also make small updates on general things, I do promise not to tweet about the balloon kid even once.

I will share the occasional photo via twitpic. Where you can follow my shots in addition to my Flickr stream.

So if you wanna hear a lame pan hear my twits, follow me @diyphotography

Make sure you don’t miss out on the next article – Register to the RSS feed or the newsletter.

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