Nikon Just Filed A Patent For An Interchangeable Sensor Camera. I Am Not Thrilled

If you are ready any of the photography blogs out there you could not have missed the new patent from Nikon. A patent for an interchangeable sensor camera (brought to light by Nikon Rumors, and machine translated here).

Everyone are saying – Yay! I would love to swap the sensor on my camera when technology changes. YAY!

Nikon Just Filed A Patent For An Interchangeable Sensor Camera

At first glance it seems like the future has opened for cameras that can do practically anything now, at the change of a sensor – Higher res, better video, dedicated chips, say Infra red photography, built-in HDR, better dynamic range. Everything that we can imagine. While the latter (HDR, IR, dynamic range) makes lots of sense, the former (more resolution, better video) is not likely to happen. [Read more…]

How to Be a Great Photo Assistant

I think I entered a photographer’s rite of passage a while back when I started receiving inquiries from new photographers wanting a job as either my assistant or my intern. It was a flattering and surreal experience for me, particularly in light of the fact that I can name several photographers for whom I’d do just about anything for a chance to assist, even if just for a day.


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DIYP Interviews Photographer Steve Richard [NSFW]

Today we are interviewing Fine art photographer Steve Richard. He is an amazing photographer who has supreme understanding of light. Some of the photography below is NSFW. (They are top notch fine art, but skin is showing…)

DIYP Interviews Photographer Steve Richard [NSFW]

DIYP: Hi Steve, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your relations with photography?

SR: I have been involved with photography off and on for most of my life. I was interested in both music and photography relatively early on; I began playing guitar and had my first manual camera both around the age of 13. Though I was initially more interested in music in my youth I have always been intrigued with capturing images. Over the past 40 years I have had the opportunity to work within almost every category of photography you can imagine (landscape, portraiture, commercial, wedding, product, etc). I even did some time working in a commercial colour lab in the late 70’s, which I think was the reason I actually gave up photography for a while. In addition to my obsession with photography, over the past 11 years I have also become very passionate with cinematography. I think this has also broadened my perspective on taking still images and given me a much better insight into the art and importance of lighting to tell a story. [Read more…]

LG Pokes At Image Stabilization With A Chicken

I guess after the megapixel wars are behind us and we are nearing the end of the ISO wars the next war will be about image stabilization. With mobiles phone used as on-the-go hand held video cameras the native videos are quite shaky and unusable.

LG Pokes At Image Stabilization With A Chicken

This is why almost every decent phone has some sort of image stabilization. This commercial from LG takes an idea from Smarter Every Day, and build a complete concept around it – The Chicken Steady Cam.

The commercial takes the concept to the extreme with the GallusCam using Lizzy, a chicken as a living stabilizer. [Read more…]

Do You Look Like a Professional Photographer?

“Funny…You don’t LOOK like a professional photographer.”

“Really? What does a professional photographer look like?”

“Well, for starters, you only have that one camera!”

“Will I be needing more?”

Thus began the conversation– and the engagement session. I’d met the bride and her mother (really awesome people, by the way) when they hired me, but this was my first encounter with The Groom. At first I figured he was just trying to break the ice. I’m still not sure if that assessment was right or wrong, but in either case it was quite possibly the longest two hours of my career as a photographer. Yes– a professional photographer, damn it.

photographer evolution

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BTS: How I Took This Inception Photograph Without Photoshop

Obtaining access to a cool set is awesome, but the question is do you know what you are going to do once you arrive on set. Luckily for this shootout, I knew the location and had a fairly good idea of what I was planning to do.

BTS: How I Took This Inception Photograph Without Photoshop

I have shot this location before but felt that I can get more out of it. I needed to return. So I got a team together. A Ballet dancer, a hip-hop artist a second photographer and an assistant. [Read more…]

Sony QX100 Teardown Video – Don’t Try This at Home

Have you ever wondered what’s inside Sony’s new lens shaped camera – the XQ100? Trust Sony to deliver. In a short 3 minutes video We can see a Sony engineer taking a apart a XQ100 form full camera or its basic components.

Sony QX100 Teardown Video - Don't Try This at Home

While some steps are rushed through, maybe to discourage others from attempting a similar procedure, the tear-down shows the main parts and functions of the camera. [Read more…]

Photography From The Future: Cockroach Cam

We’ve seen our share of drone cameras, with cameras mounted on R/C Helicopters, R/C Quadcopters and R/C cars. But the need for a better, more capable drone drove Alper Bozkurt, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at NC State university, to develop a remote controlled Cockroach.

Photography From The Future: Cockroach Cam

One of the main motivations for this development is to carry cameras into wracked sites where no man can go like earthquake sites or fallen buildings. Instead of developing a tiny robot capable of maneuvering in hard environments the NC team used a readily made creation of nature: ‘We decided to use biobotic cockroaches in place of robots, as designing robots at that scale is very challenging and cockroaches are experts at performing in such a hostile environment.[Read more…]

Nature Forces: Photographer Captures Two Lighting Bolts Over The Grand Canyon

Photographers Rolf MaederScott Stulberg and Holly Kehrt planned to take a sunset photographs trip to the Grand Canyon.

After taking the two hours’ drive from Sedona the conditions were not optimal and the air was a bit hazy. Luckily for Rolf, the party decided to take is slow and look for some other viewpoints.

Nature Forces: Photographer Captures Two Lightings Over The Grand Canyon

As they were waiting, a lightning storm emerged at the east end of the canyon, providing a perfect lighting show at a safe distance. The fact that the storm was far away, and the cars were nearby for fast escape, allowed them to setup tripods and do some long exposures. [Read more…]