The Unruly Headcase Is Tough Enough To Match A GoPro

The Unruly Headcase Is Tough Enough To Match A GoPro

GoPro has made a great name for themselves when it comes to action cams. It turns out that the while the camera itself is an amazing piece of hardware its mount is the source of frustration for some pro shooters who have to make sure it won’t fall-into-the-ocean / shoot-it-self-off-a-race-car / drop-off-a-flying-balloon.

It is that frustration that drove Jim Clark to design and kickstart the Unruly case system for GoPro. [Read more…]

How To Build A Nicely Diffused Strip Light

In my kid-days from long ago, I liked to bang on things with my toy hammer and play with a pretend saw. As a kid today it is no different except that it means hot glue, Velcro, duct tape, drill bits, hack saws, wing nuts, lock washers, and so on.

My goal was to design a strip light mod for small hot shoe flashes with limited power. Instead of light-eating grids and inner diffusers found a way to use the edges of the box to cut down spill, and a reflector inside helps distribute the light more evenly. This allowed me to eliminate the inner diffuser, which soaks up the light output. I can now shoot with this strip light about 2 to 4 feet away using ¼ power!

Finally it was finished and I asked my reluctant model if she’d pose. Judy came out wearing my vest because it was cold. I really liked the pictures that came out.

Judy cool [Read more…]

The Protobooth Takes 3D Photobooth Pictures

The Protobooth Takes 3D Photobooth Pictures

I love a good photobooth. Nothing beats the thrill of getting a just printed strip with 4 images of my current state of being. Actually I keep a ton of pictures take n on various booths of myself from all over the world.

OK, one thing may beat that, and that is a photobooth that creates 3D images. (or rather 3D animated gifs).

Digital Kitchen, a Seattle-Los Angeles-Chicago design firm created a photobooth that uses 3 Canon 5D MKII, 4 Macbook Pros and a bit of software sorcery. The result, a photobooth that creates 3D magical images.

So where can you get one? Ah, that’s the rub. “We have no plans to commercialize the Protobooth,” David Mikula told me in an email. Mikula, who holds the cool title of “Senior Creation,” worked on the project with a half dozen others on the team. “It was an internal project that we had a lot of fun creating. That being said, everything we learned from this process has the potential to make its way into future projects.”#

It would be totally rad if the good guys at Digital kitchen made a tutorial on how to get a setup like this working. Till they do, click here to see all the images.

[protobooth via hyperallergic | photojojo] [Read more…]

Setting A Model On Fire. Twice.

Setting A Model On Fire. Twice.

Benjamin Von Wong is no stranger to this blog. In his latest installment Ben shares how he lit his model on fire.

For me it was very interesting to watch this BTS as it is a second run of shoot that did not go well for Ben, which at least for me, sends out a clear message about pushing yourself and not giving up. It was also interesting to see that Ben did not fled the windy conditions that interfered with his first shoot but embraced that in the second one.

Watch both this man on fire BTS and the previous one after the jump. (New one first, older second). [Read more…]

Build Guide: A Modern Old Camera That Eats Photo Paper

Build Guide: A Modern Old Camera That Eats Photo Paper

Be warned, this guide is not for the faint of heart! BUT! it will be one of the most rewarding projects you’ll ever make, granting you with a camera you built yourself that takes real pictures onto real photo paper.

And before anyone jumps, we covered all the parts and all the needed steps, and while it is pretty detailed, it is not an super precise plan (just like the battleship) and we assume you know some basic staff. so feel free to expand it into something of your own. [Read more…]

Use A Rubber Band For Smooth Panning Shots

Have you ever tried to take a panning shot with your DSLR and a crappy tripod? If you have, you know that the results are usually jumpy and un-smooth.

Seems like the solution for this abruptness is as simple as using a rubber band. Placing a band on the tripod’s head handle helps even out the tension on the start and the end of the shot, and also averages out any small movements that would have caused shakiness in the shot.

This video by brusspup has been floating about for a while, but it explains the trick very well.

Thanks for sending the tip over, Graham [Read more…]

On Assignment: Girls Basketball Team

Maayan Shem Tom - Center

About two weeks ago I was invited to shoot a local ladies basket ball group for their yearly calendar. They are called Elizur Yavne and they play the third regional league (fifth place). It is a very mixed group of ladies with the youngest being about 18 years old and the most experienced one almost 40 years old. Nevertheless they are a unified team and it was a big pleasure to see them practice after the shoot. (Heck, anyone of them can probably kick my ass on the court). [Read more…]

DIY: Circle of Confusion Shape Modifier

We are always happy to get a nice bokeh build tutorial in the blog, even if it means we have to throw away the name of our best product and find it a new one, maybe the circle of confusion masters kit

Circle of Confusion Shape Modifier – At least that’s what I call it. I call it that because “circle of confusionrefers to the actual defocused spot, while “bokehrefers to the aesthetic quality of the blurring caused by the larger-than-a-point circles of confusion. If you disagree with my reasoning, just ignore the title (darn, need to think of a new product name, UT). Anyway, since you are reading this, you have probably seen this article. I really liked the idea and made one just like it. It worked very well, but to make one for every shape I might want seemed a bit impractical due to the amount of space such a collection would require. So I set out to solve that “problem.” And here is what I came up with…

DIY: Circle of Confusion Shape Modifier [Read more…]