Impact Master Century C Stand Kit Review

Impact Master Century C Stand Kit Review

B&H put the “sent” in century a couple months ago when they mailed me the Impact Master Century C Stand Kit to review.

I’ve been making films in Hollywood for nearly twenty years so I’ve not only used more than my fair share of C (C is for Century) stands, but I’ve also (imagine a hilarious cinematic montage of C stand related violence) tripped over them, received monster finger pinches, and worst of all dropped them more than once on various extremities. Yet despite the abusive relationship I LOVE a well made C stand.

Why? C stands are not exactly portable. Yes, you can move them from one place to another, but they are huge and weigh a ton. But their weakness is also their strength. A well made C stand stays where you put it and can reach for the stars. If you’ve got a huge soft box, movie light, monoblock, etc. that you don’t want taking a dive, C stands are the way to go. Just make sure you sand bag them for safety. [Read more…]

The Holy Trinity Of Free Sunrise/Sunset Planning Tools For A Photographer

Great photographs involving the moon and the sun can be made by sheer coincidence, but they usually don’t. It took photographer Luke MacGregor three nights and the aid of an iPhone app to nail that wonderful Moon Through Olympic Rings photograph.

Holy Trinity of free sunrise/sunset planning tools for a photographer

Andy (A.K.A Stargazer95050 on Flickr), an experienced astronomical photographer,shares his holy trinity of free tools to assist in finding the perfect location relative to the sun and moon for taking a perfect photograph. [Read more…]

Use Pentax-110 24mm Lenses On Micro 4/3 Cameras

Pentax-110 24mm on Panasonic G1

Photographer Sasha Vasko wanted to get his Pentax-110 24mm lens on a Panasonic Lumix G1. I am sure you remember the G1, but do you remember the ultra small Pentax 110 series, it was quite popular at the days with a wonderful array of lenses.

By hacking the old lens with a C-mount to Micro 4/3 adapter (going through a 55mm filter stack cap, a faceplate and the lens mount and aperture assembly from the original sacrificed Pentax-110 Auto camera) Sasha created a match. [Read more…]

How To Unsmash Your Nose When Taking Pictures

How To Unsmash Your Nose When Taking Pictures

If you feel nose pain after shooting for a while, it is not a random thing. The LCD and eyepiece on most DSLRs are perfectly aligned to maximize nose-smashing.

Redditor lilgreenrosetta explains how to push the eye-piece just a little bit backwards so it sits comfortably against your eye.

The process involved the Nikon DK-17M Magnifying Eyepiece and the DK-19 Rubber Eyecup and costs about $45.

Here are some pictures showing how he assembled the pieces together. [Read more…]

How To Build A Sweet DIY Backdrop

Laya Gerlock was in need of a backdrop for a Senior portrait shoot. As it just so happened to be it was his girlfriend that he was shooting so it was all the more important.

Instead if going with a store bought backdrop or even with the heavy DIY muslin backdrop, he opted for a thinner, smaller fabric which fit the smaller scale of the shoot. The total cost: $3.

Day 275 | DIY Muslin Cloth

Here is Laya’s pointers on making one for yourself: [Read more…]

Looking At 120 Playboy Centerfold Photographs At Once [NSFW]

Some when along 2003 photographer Jason Salavon created a rather interesting piece of art. He stacked all the centerfold images from each decade of playboy and created a super centerfold. While those super centerfolds lack any real nude, or even a clear human image, they are kinda hypnotizing as you can see from Salavon’s work below.

Looking At 120 Playboy Centerfold Photographs At Once

Photographer Pat David set out to recreate those images using ImageMagick a free image handling software. By stretching, rotating and layering the images David not only recreates the process made by Jason Salavon, but tries to add a few tricks of his own. The results are just as hypnotizing. Do you find it interesting, artsy? [Read more…]

Focal Length Matters When Shooting Faces

How often did you hear that Zooming with your legs is not like zooming with your lens? They were right!

Focal Length Matters When Shooting Faces

This video demonstrates how different focal lengths control the distortion of the human face, assuming of course that the face take the same amount of space in the frame.

It is quite an interesting and experiment, and really easy to replicate at home, if you don’t believe the stuff you see on the internet. [Read more…]

Create Futuristic Photographs With Black Light And Office Markers

Benjamin Von Wong over at the VonWongBlog shared a creative tool that we immediately loved! Using Black Lights and a mystery fluid he was able to capture a futuristic-Tron-like self portrait.

Create Futuristic Photographs With Black Light And Office Markers

OK, it was not a mystery fluid, just office markers, and while painting office markers on your body may seem kinda dull, magic happens once you turn off the every-day-boring-florescent-lights and kick in the super-cool-magic-black-lights. Watch the video with Ben’s explanation after the jump. [Read more…]