DIY Wax-Fen Flash Diffuser – Yet Another Bouncy Thingy

wax-fen.jpgThis guest post by Rick S. (aka therickman), Pittsburgh, PA. features a stofen like device for no money at all. (OK, 2 cents, if you get really pecky). It’s foldable and it’s cheap and it’ll give you a bare bulb type of lighting. To learn more about bare-bulb lighting visit the strobist.

Here is a quick and easy way to make a “professional” flash diffuser without shelling out twenty or so dollars at your local camera shop. In fact, the cost of this homemade pearl is… well, nothing! Just your time making it, which should take less than ten minutes. Ready to start taking better images with softer lighting? Let’s go! [Read more...]

85 Great Photography Blogs, Galleries and Sites You Can’t Afford to Miss

librarianWOW! I love DIYP readers! A week ago I asked DIYP readers to introduce yourselves by sharing your photography with the rest of DIYP readers. A total of 85 (that’s almost triple my age) photographers and bloggers accepted the challenge and stepped up to share their blog, gallery, site or flickr stream.

I was happy to get familiar with 85 photography sites, blogs and galleries. During the course of the week, I have paid a visit to each of the sites and blogs, learning a bit about each of you. My RSS reader is now fully loaded with tons of new feeds.

The images found on the sites listed below took my breath more then once. I also found it very hard on many occasions to tell amateurs from pros. Man there are some darn fine amateurs out there. Below you will find a list of all the great places I visited and all the great people who makes DIYP so special.
Image by Cindi.

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Speed Links for 12-11-2007

speedlinksIt has been a great month for photography lovers with tons of good stuff from around the web.

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Just Fab’s Turkey Pan Beauty Dish

just_fab_beauty_dish_00Beauty Dish for the Mechanically challenged a guest post by Just Fab

I had the honor of being photographed by one of my mentors, Don Giannatti (Wizwow on flickr) the other day after attending one of his fantastic lighting seminars. He chose to use a beauty dish on me. I love the way beauty dishes look, especially the way it sculpts the edges of my roundish face. Soft concentrated light which falls off quickly. You can learn more about the merits of the beauty dish on Don’s site.

Most of my inspiration for lighting setups come from that site and DVD. Anyway, I was so excited when I saw the images I knew I had to come up with something that could recreate the look that was portable and wouldn’t break the bank. Although I am handy with PVC pipes, my ability to use power tools are in question. I was thinking of cutting out a hole in a wok or mixing bowl, but I still couldn’t figure out how to rig it to reflect the concentrated beam back into the dish, plus my lighting stand would probably never stay upright with that kind of weight.

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Making It Look Yammy

Food photographer Edward Cownas shares some of his food photography ideas. You can get some of the lighting as you watch the flick. Watching the flick also helps understand the complexity that is involved in food photography production.

Edward strikes me as the DIY guy (I could swear I saw him with scissors making a diffuser at one point. Warning – This video is not for people on diet. It was reported to kill five diets already and no solution is seen on sight. (More after the flick)

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Shadows – What They Are And Where To Find Them

shadows_friends.jpgDid you know that shadows can work for you? In my recent article I described eight ways that you can use to enhance your photo. In that article I described 8 situations where you as a photographer can gain from the presence of shadows.

Now, it’s time to pay the debt I left at the end of the article and talk a bit about where you can find shadows. (A Valentine for my Wife by Ella’s Dad)

The shadow assignment pictures are starting to pour in – you are doing a great job. If you want your image to appear on the search tag it with DIYP and shadow. You can see the great work already coming in on this link.

Before we talk about where to find shadows, it is important that we discuss about the nature of shadows and where they are coming from.

Shadows are not an “is” but an “is not”. They are not light, but lack there of. If a light source is projecting light onto a surface you will get a nice lighted surface. If for some reason this light is obstructed – TADAM! Shadow it is. So far for kinder garden stuff. And now, on with photography and lighting stuff. [Read more...]

Eight Great Ways To Include Shadows In Your Pictures

shadows_friends.jpgUsually on this site I describe ways to deal with shadows in pictures. This is because shadows can distract the viewer from the main subject. Shadows also often create high contrast that gives the sensor some hard time. In past articles I’ve shown how to eliminate the shadows, minimize them, diffuse them and even bounce to get rid of them.

But what if? What if there was a way to turn the shadow into a friend, to make the shadow so distracting, it will become the subject itself?

In this article I’ve decided to face the enemy and make it a friend. Here are eight ways to get a great shadow picture: [Read more...]

Share Your Blog, Site or Gallery With DIYP Readers

librarianProblem: I really love blogging about photography and DIY and all this great stuff you can find in the site. I get to share my ideas with you wonderful readers and get great feedback by reading the comments and tuning in on the DIYP flicker group.

I hope that you as readers share the same feeling and enjoy the communication on this site.

I do feel that this information flow can be taken to a higher level by letting DIYP readers to better know each other. (And letting me to know you better in the process).

Solution: To help the DIYP community to learn more about who you are show us what you do as a photographer? Show off with your work.

Request: So how can we make it better? Please post a link to your blog, site, gallery or flickr account in the comments section. Feel free to add some text describing who you are, what you like (and what you like to photograph).

On December 12th, I will share all the great sites, Galleries and blogs that you have posted. Posting the galleries and blogs will help everyone to know a little about the DIYP community.

What’s in it for you? As a site / blog / gallery owner you will be sharing your work with more than 80,000 readers of DIYP across the world. As a reader, you will get to know the other readers that make DIYP such a great place.

What’s in it for me? I will get to know you better. I will also start some interaction between DIYP readers and myself as well as some interaction between DIYP readers.
Image by Cindi.

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