Endless Backdrops (And Patterns) For a Penny

Endless Backdrops (And Patterns) For a PennyTwo things about backdrops.

1. Studio backdrops are not cheap.  A single color muslin backdrop can cost up to 30$ and the fancy ones with patterns can cost even more.

2.  Backdrops take space. No matter how you look at it, each roll of seamless or fold up fabric take space. It is especially “bad” if you’re using seamless paper. I mean those rolls are huge and having just a few of them will get you a ‘sad smiley’ with your significant other.

The easy solution of course is to use a black backdrop; a white backdrop and some magic to get all the rest. (If you’ve already gelled flashes till your head popped, skip right to the pattern part).

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Give ‘Em A Spin – A Fun Family Photography Project

Give 'Em A Spin - A Fun Family Photography ProjectUPDATE: Hey this is fun, however (as some commenters indicated), it may be risky to young joint if you’re spinning to fast. Holding your loved one under the elbow is safer.

This is by far one of the most fun family projects ever featured on DIYP. (Oh yea, I said this on the title).

We all know what kids like best – spinning. The only thing that kids love even more than spinning is sharing the spinning pleasure with a family member spin Dad till he passes out.

Fortunately for us photogs, spinning creates a great panning like effect. But wait how can you spin and take the image, I mean both hands are holding your precious one.

Reader Mr Din has figure out the secret. Learn how to spin and photograph your kid in 5 easy steps.

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What’s Your Favorite Photography Book?

Ori and Some Photography BooksI just love a good photography book. Call me old fashioned, but for me reading a good book leaves surfing the net eating dust.

It was quite a while since I shared one of the books that had a tremendous impact on my photography – Light: Science and Magic.

It was mostly because the book talked true to the techie in me. While I knew some of the principles discussed in the book, I did not know why they worked. I was also not familiar to many of the theories discussed in the book. Well, after reading it my (photography) life was never the same.

Here is a question to you. What was the photography book that impacted or inspired you the most? It can be a photo album, a learning kind of book like Light: Science and Magic a biography, or any other book that is about photography. Share with us in the comments.

and in case you are wondering, it is my son up there, I’m trying to give him an early start.

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Introduction To LED Lighting

Introduction To LED LightingYou know how you never have enough lights to do the shot you want? Today I am going to solve this problem once and for all. I’m going to show you how to get all the light sources in the world for just a few bucks. How? With LEDs.

Lighting with LEDs is a ton of fun. It is also a great way to practice lighting. Why? Because LEDs are cheap. Having a ton of LEDs allows you to position a huge amount of light sources on any miniature detail oriented given setup – Provided that the setup is small enough.

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Camera Shoulder Stock For Nature Photography

Camera Shoulder StockWhen shooting nature there nothing better than a getting just a little bit more stabilization. The stabilized you are the slower you can shoot.

Brian Carey has an awesome way of holding the camera while shooting nature. It’s a stock that allows you to use your shoulder for more stabilization, just like you would have done with a rifle. It’s gonna be all Brian in just a sec, before that make sure you take a peek at his fine art photography site and Flickr stream.

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S@H – First Assignment Results

Photography Studio @ HomeStudio @ Home First assignment (Backdrops) is over with great success.

We had 36 submissions with great variance of ideas, and some great interpretation of the assignment mission: shoot something that makes you feel good. 

It was fun to watch how submissions added to create a portfolio of unique pictures and setups. It was also fun to see some of the innovation you had with using everyday objects as backdrops, and “achieving more with less” in terms of squeezing every bit of creativity from whatever equipment was around. So thanks for everyone for participating. Read on for the some thoughts and the winner.

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S@H – 7 Home Studio Lighting Options

Photography Studio @ Home

There you have it. You managed to convince your wife/hubby to spare some space under the kitchen table where you can do your photo business without interruption. You have managed to scrounge up some bed sheets for backdrops. What’s next? Next is the really big thing that will instantly convert your den to a fine studio after hard labor and learning will give you the ability to take wonderful photographs. Light!

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