Creating A Video Setup With Homedepot Lights

If you are looking at video productions it is often seems that there are big lights, big setups and big budgets involved. Surprisingly, this is not always the case.

Pye from SLRlounge just released a behind the scenes video for his latest production, a video for kickstarter presentation of the One camera bag system (kinda cool bag regardless of the video).

Pye used (almost) nothing but Homedepot lights to create the entire setup. Here is the video below (the resulting product intro video is after the jump)

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Shooting Tango In The Streets Of Montreal [BTS]

Hey guys, this is Von Wong, Montreal Based Conceptual Photographer. I recently did a Tango themed photoshoot around the Old Port here in Montreal. Udi thought it would be interesting to provide a little more detail than in the actual Behind the Scenes video developing a little more into specific shots, lighting techniques and the dynamics of doing an unplanned photoshoot with a small team so…hope you guys enjoy!

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The EZ-Steady Is One Smooth Camera Stabilizer

It is no secret that I am a big fan of photography makers and tinkers. I am one myself with a few (smallish) inventions of my own. It is also no secret that Kickstarter is a great place for photo-tinkers. This is why I love sharing photography related projects on Kickstarter.

My latest favorite is the EZ-Steady. A small but clever DSRL Video Stabilizer.

The EZ-Steady has both a clever mounting stage for smart camera mounting, and an easy to level set of balances.

It also enables camera pointing with one hand (or actually one finger).

The project is already about 400% funded in less than a week, and a pledge of $225 will get you one too.

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High Speed Primer – Introduction

High Speed Into Primer - Introduction

We have done quite a bit of High Speed Photography here on DIYP, but never took it from a step by step approach starting with the basics and moving up to elaborate setups. This is going to change today.

Starting today, and for every Monday in the next few weeks, high speed photographer Brian Davies is going to go show us the ropes on high speed photography. Brian is just your ordinary guy who loves to play with high speed, so the series is not going to be exclusive for lots-of-gear-super-techy-rich photographers, it is also aimed at the entry level togs who want to get some hands on with high speed. Actually there is very little that you would need other than a camera, a strobe, and a tripod to start with. All the high speed electronics can be DIYed if you have some basic soldering skills, or bought if you have a bit of extra green in your pocket. (Actually, for the triggers we show in this series, no soldering is neeed, they are on breadboard based).

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The Complete Guide To Shooting The Moon On A Budget

The Complete Guide To Shooting The Moon

It’s amazing how many people never look up. The skies can be many things to a photographer – a backdrop, a light source, a diffuser. Sometimes just a nice source of teal for your orange foreground. When you decide to use the skies for your subject, especially the night skies, the very first thing you are going to notice is the moon.

There are some very beautiful objects in the night sky, and the thrill of using the camera to see what your eyes can’t see is enormously rewarding. The trouble is that the stars, planets and nebulae that fill the night sky are very dim and very, very far away.

If, like me, you want to get great looking photos of the night sky, but can’t afford the gear required to capture some of the deep sky objects, you’re left with night landscapes, and the moon. So here’s some tips for shooting the moon. [Read more…]