Advice From J.J. Abrams: “It’s More Important You Learn What to Make Movies About Than How to Make Movies”

Here is a great inspirational interview from writer / director / producer J.J. Abrams (Lost, Star Trek reboot, Armageddon).

BAFTA Guru sat down for an interview with J.J. Abrams which gives a little insight into the director’s thoughts.

My biggest takeaway from the interview, and something I feel is deeply relevant to photographers in particular and any story tellers in general are one advice Abrahams got from his dad and one that he passes on as his own:

  • “It’s more important you learn what to make movies about than how to make movies”
  • “Your voice is as important as anyone else’s. You may not always be right — you shouldn’t be cocky about it…I felt like I needed to learn that the ideas that I had were as good as anyone else’s ideas.”

And his parallel advice to go out and shoot – “Go out and make your movie!

[J.J. Abrams: On Filmmaking” | BAFTA Guru via nofilmschool via FilmmakerIQ] [Read more…]

The Quickest Workflow To Get 24P Raw Video On A 5DmkIII

A few days back we reported about the Magic Lantern team hacking a 5DmkIII to shoot 24p RAW video (probably the best thing that ever happened to Canon, even if they did not mean that).

The Quickest Workflow To Get 24P Raw Video On A 5DmkIII

While this was super good news, the process of getting the files out of the camera and convert them to a RAW video was a bit cumbersome involving windows, mac, and after effects.

The good folks at Cinema5D just released a video explaining the fasted workflow to get a 5DmkII ML RAW file stream to RAW video. (movie after the jump) [Read more…]

A Look Into The World’s Most Advanced High Speed Studio

Even if you’ve never heard about Hamburg based studio, The Marmalade, there is a good chance you are familiar with their work. They are the studio responsible for many of the fascinating High Speed / Slow Mo footage in many commercials including Lipton Ice tea, Pepsi, Daimler, Dove and many, many others.

The studio specializes in creating incredible, slo-mo footage and they have perfected this into science.

A Look Into The World Most Advanced High Speed Studio

Their main difference from other slow-mo footage is that they are using a robot called spike to control the motion and focus of any standard camera. That enable the team to precisely repeat moves that would not otherwise be possible.

Spike’s extended arm has a reach of 1.6 meters. The robotic arm itself weighs 250kg. the base onto which the arm is fastened weighs about 300kg. [Read more…]

Build A Camera With This Raspberry Pi Camera Module

Here are some great news for the photographers/makers out there. Raspberry Pi just released their camera module into the world.

Build A Camera With This Raspberry Pi Camera Module

This is a 5MP camera which uses a similar imaging core (though different optics and sensor) to the Nokia N8. The camera module costs $25 and is available to order from MCM or Element 14 (North America) and RS or Farnell (Europe).

The board adds a 5MP camera to the Raspberry Pi board and can take static images with resolution up to 2592X1944, and stream video both 1080p, or 720p and as with any Raspberry Pi project where you take it from here is entirely up to you. Having a fully customizable camera for $60 ($35 Pi board + $25 Camera module) is not a trivial thing. [Read more…]

Death Valley Timelapse Accidentally Captures A Rare Southern Aurora

Death Valley in California is not where you usually expect to find an aurora. Those are usually found way more to the north.

Death Valley Timelapse Accidentally Captures A Rare Southern Aurora

However team Starchasers came across a rare phenomena that caused an Aurora to appear as south as Death Valley, CA while they were shooting March 16th – 18th 2013.

Apparently on March 17, 2013 a rare Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) hit Earth’s magnetic field causing a magnificent and powerful aurora.

Watch closely at 1:36 and 2:22 for the appearance of the corona. [Read more…]

The Slider World Is Changing, Innovating, Are You Game?

I have said it many times before. A slider is probably the first gadget you want to get if you are going into videography. It is one of the fastest ways to add production value to a movie.

The Slider World Is Changing, Are You Game?

It is also great for doing motion timelapse and almost all the time lapse movies we feature on the blog have some sort of sliding motion. And while getting a set of wheels on a rail may seem trivial, there has been a lot of innovation with this over the last year. It seems that even a triviality like a slider has ample space for innovation. [Read more…]

Hotel Keys Don’t Work? Make An LCD Hood! A Pictorial

Have you ever got stuck out side of your hotel room with the plastic keys not working and decided to go on a photowalk, but it was too sunny to read the LCD? Have you? Really wanted an LCD hood, but could not find one.

Hotel Keys Dont Work? Make An LCD Hood? A Pictorial

Well, you’re in luck because master pictorial maker Maciej Pietuszynski has just what you need – a Hotel Room Key to LCD hood pictorial. It has little text and great step by step pictures for you to follow.

[Read more…]

Why Magic Lantern Raw Video Is The Best Thing That Happened To Canon

If you are living anywhere on this little planet of ours and are subscribed to any of the blogs about photography, videography, HDSLR, or cinematography you are probably aware that the Magic Lantern team has a firmware that can shoot RAW video on a Canon 5Dmk3 in up to 3592×1320 resolution.

Magic Lantern Raw Video Is The Best Thing That Happened To Canon

While this is not an official release by Canon, and so far I have not seen any response from their PR department or from other reps, I think that this is the best thing that Canon could have wished for. [Read more…]