A Creative Time Lapse Showing The Cityscape Of Chicago

I really like how time lapse movies are evolving as equipment is becoming more accessible and allows more cinematographers to express their vision. Cityscape Chicago by Eric Hines is one of those examples with some very creative camera moves taken of the city of Chicago.

A Creative Time Lapse Showing The Cityscape Of Chicago

The movie is made from over 30,000 individual images shot with the Canon 5DmkIII and took over four months to complete.

In the three days that it is playing it was watched over 102,000 times, So sit back, change the view to HD on full screen and enjoy. [Read more…]

Photography From The Future: Anti Photography Systems

Photography From The Future: Anti Photography Systems

About two ago Times broke with a piece about how Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has an anti-paparazzi system built on his new Yacht. This triggered a bunch of follow up posts from technology and photography blogs covering the story.

The system is described to work by detecting the CCD of an camera using lasers and shinning a bright beam of light onto the CCD rendering any image burned.

Many of the commentators were skeptic about whether or not a system like this can really exist, so we decided to take a tour to the realm of anti photography systems. Click any of the images for more info.

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A Home Brew TLR That Shoots On Polaroid

Polaroid TLR Project

This home brew TLR (Twin Len Reflex) Polaroid is yet to be named (maybe you can help) but since it is a one of a kind you can just call it THE Home Brew Polaroid TLR.

Kevin Kadooka (A.K.A. kkado on flickr), a mechanical engineering student at University of Portland, created this camera by combining a lens pair from an old pair of  105mm f/3.5 lenses originally intended for a C-series Mamiya TLR with a Polaroid back from a Mamiya Universal.

Since this combination was not… hmmm…. supported by Mamiya Kevin had to design a body using solidworks and build it using birch plywood parts ordered from a laser cutting service. [Read more…]

Win A SlideTracked Time Lapse System

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over, thanks for everyone who entered and a huge thansk to SlideTracked who sponsored the prize.

We love Timelapse and we love DIY. This is why we are happy to team up with the fine folks at Slidetracked on this giveaway.

Win A SlideTracked Time Lapse System

Sidetrack is a semi DIY solution (well mostly pre-made, and just a dash of DIY) for taking awesome moving time lapse shots. You can use it horizontally on a tripod, but it is also strong enough to do a vertical move carrying a camera.

We are giving away a Sidetracked system (valued $300) and the shoot-move-shoot module (valued $50), which includes a built in intervalometer and can take longer shots. If the winner happen to be in the US/Canada we will throw in a 6 foot rail as well. Otherwise, SlideTracked will assist in finding a local supplier for the aluminum rail, and walk you through DIYing it SlideTracked style.

This giveaway is open to DIYP and SlideTracked facebook fans only. Once you like both pages, simply hit the enter button below.

you also get additional entries for spreading the word. [Read more…]

How to Trigger 6 Strobes With A Single Slave

Six flashes ganged up with ONE trigger

If you are using multiple strobes as a strobank (yes, strobank is a word) you may have stumbled on the issue of triggering. Triggering one strobe is one thing, but triggering a hole bank is a bit more challenging.

The naive way to do it is to try and use a trigger splitter, in a similar way to a headphone splitter. This will probably work with 2, maybe 3 strobes, but what if you have 6 strobes or more lined up? You should just split it into 6 right? wrong. Most triggers just not enough juice in them to close the circuit on more than two strobes. So for six strobes it would take 3 slaves. [Read more…]

How To Build a Tilted Plane Pinhole Camera

How To Build a Tilted Plane Pinhole Cameras

Tilted plane cameras can control perspective in the same way (more or less) that a tilt-shift lens can do.(well, it’s actually just the tilt part, the shift is something else). Tilt-sift is pretty common for dSLRs, either for professional use (like architectural photography), or as a fun add on, like the Lensbaby Spark. Amazingly, it works for pinhole cameras too. And we are going to show you how. [Read more…]

Do We Really Understand Online Marketing?

As photographers we try to market ourselves really hard with one of the growing venues is online marketing. We use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram and a bunch of other social media hocus focus with the hope that our services, product or message will reach the audience that we seek.

But do we really understand how online marketing works? Adobe TV jsut put out a funny short which tries to distinguish the buzz from the fact. Hint, there doesn’t see to be a lot of the latter.

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How to Create a Colour Saturated Moon Photo

Colour Saturated Full Moon

Why does the picture of the Moon above have those funky colours? You can’t see them with your eyes, or through the telescope like that, right?

Actually the colours are real – they’ve just been artificially boosted; amplified during processing. The colours themselves represent the various types of iron and mineral deposits on the Moon. The blue hues reveal titanium rich areas while orange and purple colors show regions relatively poor in titanium and iron.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to process your lunar images to bring out those colours. I’ll talk a little about the equipment and capture, but most of the article will focus on the image processing.

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