The Lollipod Is The Cutest Light Stand / Tripod Combo Around

There are two “issues” with your casual light stand – A) chances are it is pretty boring. Most are pro black (with a minor percent being silver to break the uniformity). B) while they would be perfect as a tripod for a small digital camera (or even a smartphone), they lack the tilt/pan head to make them useful.

The Lollipod Is The Cutest Light Stand / Tripod Combo Around

Enter The Lollipod – a somewhat of a hybrid between a light stand and a tripod. It has a narrow base with a mechanism that resembles a light stand and a top with a light-duty tilt-pan head.  [Read more…]

Visual Story Telling For National Geographic Traveler

Visual Story Telling For National Geographic

My name is Oded Wagenstein and for the past 10 years I have been a professional freelance travel photographer and writer. The thing that interests me the most is the human story, so I focus mainly on shooting portraits, but I love working with all kinds of culture related subjects: landscapes, festivals, food – I love it all. But today I would like to talk about Visual Story Telling. [Read more…]

Portraits Of Severe Face Injuries Made With Cake, Candy & Ice Cream

Usually where we me mention candies and posrtraits, the expectation is for vivid photographs that make you mouth water. Not in this case.

Artist Ashkan Honarvar created a series of portraits called Faces 5 in which candy and ice cream are used to sculpture gruesome Injuries.

Portraits Of Severe Face Injuries Made With Cake, Candy & Ice Cream

In the intro for the series Ashkan explains that it constitutes a search for an identity and the physical and psychological wounds inflicted on soldiers by war. [Read more…]

GoPro Strapped To Angry Ram Captures A Duel With A Motorcyclist

A few weeks back a viral video was circulating the web showing a horned New Zealander ram dueling with a motorcyclist Marty Todd. The flick went viral and was shown on CNN, CBS and many more new outlets.

GoPro Strapped To Angry Ram Captures A Duel With A Motorcyclist

However, all the coverage was pretty one sided only showing the action from the motorcyclist point of view.

In an act which I am not sure if to call heroic or plain stupid, Todd returned to the same spot, found the same ram and mounted a GoPro camera on the animal’s back using a Velcro strap. The footage captured show the action from the ram’s point of view. [Read more…]

How to Write a Better Photography Bio

As photographers, it’s our job to make people look good. It’s interesting, then, how difficult it can be for so many of us to write solid bios for our websites. Obviously, we’re talking about different modes of expression, and what we can often do so easily with a camera for someone else can feel like rock climbing with one hand when it comes to talking about and promoting ourselves to prospective clients.

As a writer, the one question I hear more than any other from my friends is, “Hey, can you read something for me and tell me what you think?”  Of course the answer is always yes, and lately I seem to be proofreading quite a few website updates and revisions. Consistently, the most difficult hurdle seems to the bio or “about” section. And it’s no surprise. Growing up, we’re taught that good manners dictate we show more interest in what others have to say, rather than whatever it is we think is so interesting about ourselves.

All well and good, but we’re grown-ups now and we have families to take care of. In an era when everyone with a camera and a website is competing for the same finite about of business, it’s become more important than ever to be able to sell yourself– quickly, concisely, and effectively.


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AA Batteries for Photography Accessories

I use a lot of AA batteries.  So many in fact that finding them all and getting them charged up for a gig has become a significant bottleneck in my workflow.

I have finally realized that it is time for a more sophisticated system to actually manage all of the batteries that I need – as opposed to the old system which mostly consisted of pulling batteries out of my kid’s toys, TV remotes (or wherever else my AA batteries had migrated to) and then shoving them into ten different chargers the day before a big shoot.

AA Batteries for Photography Accessories JP Danko Toronto Commercial Photographer

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14 Years Old Shares Amazing Conceptual Portraits, Shares BTS and Setups

We’re quite fond on conceptual photography here on DIYP. We love BTS, so of course we love BTS of conceptual photography.

This specific stream is even more impressive as both the pictures and the BTS sneak peeks are coming from 14 years old Zev Hoover (AKA Fiddle Oak)

Zev Hoover

From Natick, USA Zev Hoover creates amazing conceptual self portraits. Zev tells that he is working on this project with his 18 years old sister – Nellie. Luckily for us all, Zev recently started a blog where he explains how he makes the photographs.

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Quick Tip: A Fun Introduction To How The Light Blaster Works For Backdrops

The folks over at Creative Live just kicked off a new shiny blog, and we are humbled and honored that their first gear review is for the Light Blaster.

If you waned to see how the Light Blaster works for backdrops, Topher and Dana explain how to put together a quick & dirty setup for fast backdrop swapping.

[Gear Review: Fun Portraits with the Light-Blaster | CretiveLive] [Read more…]