Create An Automated Macro Rail For Image Stacking

Create An Automated Macro Rails For Image StackingDo you find that producing sharp macro photographs is hard due to the super limited depth of field? The way to get around this is to take multiple images with different focus points and stack them together. A tidies work, no doubt.

Macro photographer Domjan Svilkovic was kind enough to share a setup that needs nothing more than a camera, a micro controller, a bunch of cables, a computer, an old DVD an old floppy drive and some basic electronics. OK, that’s a lot of stuff, but considering that the alternative for an automated rails are in the high $100s range, it may very well be worth the extra effort.

Now, just before I hand the floor over to Domjan, beware, this is going to get geeky. And by geeky I mean that you need to have some previous electronics know-how (or better yet, ask a friend). [Read more...]

Light Works Film Features Some Dope Type Bokeh Techniques

Light Works Film Features Some Dope Type Bokeh TechniquesJust in case you did not notice, DIYP has a slight obsession with shaped bokeh. While we covered almost anyregularaspect of this technique, I am pleased to learn that there are always new applications for some good old shaped bokeh.

This one made by Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher (Supernormals) is a short movie that uses type bokeh. i.e. shaped bokeh with words. The movie, some tips on type bokeh and a short BTS after the jump [Read more...]

High Speed Air-Gap Flash Will Freeze A Bullet In Mid Air

High Speed Air-Gap Flash Will Freeze A Bullet In Mid AirHow would you go about freezing a bullet in mid air?

There is the high enthusiast version, using a cameraAxe and a precise gate similar mechanisms; There is the cheapo version that uses the Hiviz kit and there the Air-Gap Flash.

All the strobes, flashes, monoblocks and heads the use on regular basis are built around a pushing energy into a xenon tube. It is fast. 1/40,000th of a second fast. But from a bullet point of view this is actually kind of slow. Think Matrix-bullet-time kinda thing. Only the bullet is their fast one. [Read more...]

iPad + iPhone Picture in Picture In 8 Easy Steps

iPad + iPhone Picture in Picture In 8 easy StepsLying in bed one night reading a Photography eMag on my iPad I was drawn to a photography competition for a Picture in Picture. Instantly and idea shot into my head to use the iPad for a Picture in Picture photo where it appears as if the iPad screen is transparent. I decided that a shot of an apple on the kitchen table would keep the scene easy but also add a bit of reason.

The photo turned out well and after sharing it on Facebook one of my friends presented me with another challenge, to also include an iPhone in the photo giving it a third level. The iPad iPhone Picture in Picture was born.

I decided to make a self-portrait using the iPhone to display my eyes and the iPad to display the majority of my face (or as much of my big head as would fit). [Read more...]

Best of DIYP – 2010

Best of DIYP - 2010 With a great year coming to conclusion, allow me to share the top ten stories from this blog.

The first list is your pics, simply calculated from number of views. The second list is my favs.

All posts on both lists were posted on 2010, popular content from previous years like the bokeh post or hacks round ups were not included. [Read more...]

2010 And 4 Lessons About Plans

This is kinda my concluding post for 2010. It is not a DIY tutorial in the usual sense, so if you’re here for the lighting/carpentry lessons feel free to wait to the next post which will pick the best 5 tuts and projects from this last year. This post is going to be about my biggest lesson from 2010 – a lesson about plans. (And a bit of foresight into 2011). [Read more...]

Quick Tip: DIY “Four Square” Flash Bracket

Quick Tip: DIY Four Square BracketLooks like the four square is gaining popularity with off camera flash photographers. If you can shell the bucks for four strobes (only 268 for four YN460II) , why not get them all together for increased power / shorter recycle time.

We did have a dual flash bracket and a triple flash bracket, but this version of a four flash bracket (AKA four square) from an Electrical box and a few washers by Destin Danser is just too good to be ignored. [Read more...]

Light Painting? There’s An App For That

Merry ChristmasA while back we featured a BTS that shows how a group of artists used iPads to extrude lightpainting letters from iPads. And I know what you all been thinking. Those artsy folks with their artsy iPads. If only I had that software my light painting extrusions would be far, far cooler.

Well, there you have it. Holographium is an iPhone/iPad app that converts text into iPhone patterns which can be dragged in front of the camera to extrude 3D light painted text.

The app costs 1.99 on the app store here.

And Merry Christmas. [Read more...]