D3A – Fifth Prize Announcement

d3aAs promised in the D3A Photo Contest introduction post, I am going to count down the five D3A contest prizes in individual posts.

Here we go. The first prize announcement that I am going to make is for the fifth runner up. Prize is tightly coupled with lighting and DIY and is provided courtesy of Photogels.com.

The fifth place winner will receive an Ultimate Combo Pack for 3 Flashes (valued at 48.60$). This is not all, the winner will also receive 2 2×5" Polarizer Gel sheets (valued at 10$). Read on for full prize details. [Read more...]

D3A – The Best Photography Contest Ever

d3aUPDATE: prize giving rules have changed. Winners will select their own prizes starting with the first place going down.

Almost three years ago today, I posted the first article on DIYP. It was about creating a Lumiquest like softbox for a hot shoe flash. What started as fun and sharing three years ago grew up to be fun and sharing, three years later.

To celebrate the 3 years DIYP anniversary with the great community that evolved I am throwing the best photography contest ever. The DIYPhotography 3rd Anniversary Photo Contest – D3A. We have cool sponsors, with great prizes, a great judge and kick ass spirit to start the show. Read on for full details.

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The Mother Of All Light Tents

The Mother Of All Light TentsLight tent, or Light box is a piece of lighting gear used mostly for product shots. It creates a nice, smooth, safe light with almost no hot spots. 

We’ve posted a tutorial for a really simple light box before. This light box was made of a simple cardboard box and was super easy to construct and really dispensable.

Reader Randi Scott constructed a PVC light box skeleton that is both sturdy and, not  dispensable, but can be stowed away so your significant other will not complain. Read all about it and learn how to make one yourself on this link.

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Impressionistic Light Paint Photography

Impressionistic light paint photographyAs you probably know, one of my favorite techniques is light painting.

This is why I was so happy when reader and artists Chris Kroeger from Light Paint Photography agreed to share one of his special light painting techniques with DIYP readers. Just a word of caution, this is not your ordinary light painting.

The art of light paint photography is thought to of begun with Pablo Picasso. His simple black and white image with nothing more than a few light scribbles spawning a new art. Today most light painting closely resembles Picasso first image, a image that light painting is added to draw in something that is not in the original image.

I hope to help change all of that.

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It’s The Lens, Baby!

Lensbaby Composer @The Playground OK, the title has to be read British accent style ALA  Austin Powers, cuz this is how much fun I had testing the Lensbaby composer.

The general idea, much like the Lomo Action Sampler, the composer is about letting go. Sharpness is low, repeatability is almost out of the question and state of the art electronics are relinquished in favor of artistic control.

The full review is just after the jump, and I’ll discuss the lens operations, thoughts and trade offs, however, if I had to squeeze it all into one word I’d say FUN.

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DIYP Third Year Anniversary Is Coming Up – Call For Sponsors

DIYP is going to turn 3 in two weeks or so. To celebrate this occasion we’re throwing our biggest contest ever.

I figured this can be a great opportunity for DIYP readers to show off and win prizes. This is also a great opportunity for sponsors to get exposed and familiarized with DIYP readers. And I mean this in the nicest way. As SPOY was such a great contest, I am going to model this contest in a similar fashion. Read on for more details. [Read more...]

The Light Stand Backdrop Holder Just Got Better

Double Your Light Stand As A Portable Backdrop Mount SystemOne of the simplest mods that were featured in DIYP is the lightstand to backdrop holder mod.

It is fast to make, has some PVC in it – PVC ROCKS – and it is a can be a cheap and easy alternative for on location instant backdrop

Martin Kimeldorf (Flickr) who is the master mind behind this simple-yet-genius contraption has been busy. Taking in the great reader comments on the original post, Martin has improved his original design. I was really happy when I got the note in the mail asking to share the new generation of the Light Stand Backdrop Holder.

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Splashes From The Pool

I like to let the pool gather some weight and take a nice slow journey once a month. It gives me a great relax time and a great opportunity to get to know DIYP readers.

The pool currently holds 8277 great photos, and 4546 members. Thanks for everyone who shares their photos, and everyone who’s still holding on the "send to group" button, the pool is a great place to view images, comment, mingle with other photographers, and get critique.

Here are January picks.

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Readers Projects – The Midas Umbrella Touch

Readers Projects - The Midas Umbrella Touch

Remember the story about that king from ancient Greek called Midas? Midas was a greedy, greedy king that loved gold more then life itself.

In fact Midas loved gold so much that he prayed the gods to grant him a golden touch. His wish was granted, and now, everything the king touched turned into gold. 

This was quite a party trick with the wooden cup, table cloth and the chicken and apples. Wait a minute, chicken and apples? Yes. Midas could not eat. With his fear of starving to death he prayed the gods again to take his gift away. His new wish was granted. Moral at the and of the post.

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