DIY iPhone Camera Dolly

DIY iPhone camera dollyAbout three weeks ago I got a mail asking me why I don’t do any video related DIY’s. This mail got me thinking that with recent photographers going video, there is actually no reason not to include video DIYs on the site. Au contraire, Photographers looking to start on video may benefit from some low $$$ video tutorial. We started with a great video DIY roundup, and now…

Here it comes, my first video DIY, an iPhone Dolly.

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Day One

Last week was my last week with my previous day job.

Today is day one of my new job: Photographer, Blogger and Entrepreneur.

Over the last year I have been thinking a lot of where I want to go and what I want to do with my life. Between running the blog, taking on photo assignments, developing products like the bokeh masters kit, being a software lead in Texas Instruments I had to show an ID so my kids and wife will let me enter my house.

I also felt that I could not keep doing all my tasks at the same level of execution that I would like in the long run.

So a decision had to be made what has to go out.

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Bullets Out / Batteries In

Bullets Out / Batteries InWeapon stores are a cool place for photogs to hang out in, not necessarily because photographers use firearms (though we are constantly treated as terrorists), but because photogs share some of the same concerns of hunters.

Readers Michael Page just spotted that bullet cases or (“Ammo” boxes) can be used to store batteries on long trips where you have no chargers. Or when you need lots of batteries to stay dry.

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How Easy Would It Be To Custom Paint a Nikon?

Pink NikonThe idea of a custom camera is quite appealing. Like any other custom item there is a bit of personality in having something that is not replicated all around you.

This is why I thought that creating a custom Nikon would be so awesome. If there was a way to customize your camera, you could be both Nikon and unique. Now, just before all the Canon photogs hit me on the head. I assume the same goes for Canon (putting aside the already “customized” white lens).

The video after the just shows how DigitalRev TV, a Honk Kong retailer customized pink-nuked their D90.

I’ll let you see the vid to judge the results and outcome of this project.

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Are You Checked? Using Photography Checklists Before Shooting

Are You Checked? Using Photography Checklists Before ShootingA few days ago I was shooting Brith Party. Actually, I was not shooting the Brith itself, but an after party taking part a few days later. (Heavens help me if I had to shoot the actual ceremony).

Since I get a lot of how/what-to-pack questions, I thought that my preparation process is worth sharing via a post. While this may be very trivial for some, it can be a life saver for others. And even if you are doing this for a long time, it is a still a great thinking experiment.

Well the uncomplicated truth is that I use Check Lists. Read on to hear how and why. [Read more...]

The Best Paper Fold Pinhole Ever

The Best Paper Fold Pinhole EverWe’ve seen our share of pinhole cameras before, including a room sized pinhole and one that uses Polaroids. However, we’ve never seen a pinhole camera as nice as the one from Francesco Capponi (AKA dippold) before.

You can print it on paper (A4! go Europe!) so all you really need to have is a printer (and if you are reading this via computer, I assume you have one right to your left). You’d need a thick paper though, or some cardboard, to glue your instructions to. You can probably use the cereal box leftovers from the snoot you made. [Read more...]

A Simple Fold Away Light Box

DIY light boxOne of my favorite home studio instruments is the light box. I like it for several reasons. First, I like it for the light quality that it produces. It produces light that is soft and even very much like a light tent. Only instead of lighting it from the outside, you push light from the inside.

The “walls” of the light box reflect the light source, and making it bigger, however the light quality is a bit harsher than the light tent, especially if you are using a semi reflective material such as foamboard. Light boxes are also commonly used with worklights, which are a personal fav of mine due to their low cost. [Read more...]

Seven DIY Video Photography Projects For HD-DSLRers and Videographers

Videography DIYIt looks like where ever we look HD-DSLRs are gaining momentum and more and more photographers are using videography as a way to express themselves, to offer services to their customers and to create art.

No wonder with HD-DSLRs like Nikon’s D300s and Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II you can use all your exquisite optics and get results that will not shame a pro video cam.

With all that it is no wonder that video DSLR started getting some hacks and mods.  [image by blhphotography] [Read more...]

Gloves / Photography Tips And Etre Touchy Gloves Winners

Cool Gloves Will Help You Photograph When It Is FreezingFour days ago, we had a post about making gloves that fit taking pictures in a cold weather. We also had a giveaway for Etre Touchy gloves.

Well, the Etre Touchy Contest is over and we have our three winners. Scroll to the end to find out if you are one of the Lucky bare handed who get a pair of the coolest photog gloves ever. We had 215 submissions, some had some great tips, some were hilarious to read (yup, I read them all) and some were simply opt-in which is also cool. Thanks for everybody who took the time to chim in. provided us with the winning numbers. However, just before we announce the winners, I’d like to share some of the really useful tips we got through the comments [Read more...]

Telling a Story With Shaped Bokeh – Five Examples

We all love a photo that tells a story. In stories we talk about sub plots. Subplots can relate to the main plot and enrich in it many ways.

It can prelude the main plot and help create emotional attachment to the characters. It can contradict the main plot and provide irony. It can resonate with the main plot, making its point stronger.

In photography we have subject and background (or far plain). The background can relate to the subject, in similar ways that a sub plot relates to a main plot.

To illustrate that point I decided to use images with shaped bokeh.

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