D3A – Prize #4

d3aAs you may know, I really dig the creative minds over at Lensbaby. They are right on the mark when it comes to adding some creativity in your images. All you have to do is to let go on all those fancy multi-matrix-focus-technology, and you gain access to instant tap of creativity. This is why I was so glad when the nice people of Lensbaby decided to join as sponsors for D3A. Read more after the jump.

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Speed Links for 03-06-2009

speedlinksIt has been quite a long time since the last speed links segment. I tried to have a bit of everything on this one. Ranging from keno-flo lights to the lighting "geeks" through some ode to film shops to Lighting and portrait techniques.

D3A – the contest we’re having for the 3rd DIYP Anniversary is still running till the end of this month.

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D3A – Oh My God – There Is More

d3aThere definitely is.

Just before I share the cool prize #3 – that will let you freeze time, a quick update on D3A rules. As advised by Addie, I am changing the prizes-to-winners algorithm. The general Idea is that every winner will select their own prize in descending order. That means that the first place winner will get first selection, second winner will go next and so on.

The motivation for this is doubled. The first motivation is that winners will not get a prize they already own. The second motivation is that hey! You win – you get to pick! Maybe you like the "second place" prize more then the "first", or maybe you don’t need one of the prizes. Read the full change over at the rules page.

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What, Me Film Noir?

Film Noir setupFirst a confession, I really like Flash Frog. FF is a blog with a nifty idea – create great images, post the entire shooting process, help others get inspired. Just before zetson AKA Joakim Tangstad goes into the details of his Film Noir setup, a few words about Flash Frog.

I find FF to be a great companion to strobist readers. Allot of the theory and ideas that David shares on strobist get to life with a creativity twist on Flash Frogs. I really get myself lost whenever I visit FF, finding ideas, techniques and inspiration. This is why I got really exited when zetson (Flickr stream) – the person behind the blog – agreed to do a guest post here on DIYP. Read on for Film Noir setup details.

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D3A – Fifth Prize Announcement

d3aAs promised in the D3A Photo Contest introduction post, I am going to count down the five D3A contest prizes in individual posts.

Here we go. The first prize announcement that I am going to make is for the fifth runner up. Prize is tightly coupled with lighting and DIY and is provided courtesy of Photogels.com.

The fifth place winner will receive an Ultimate Combo Pack for 3 Flashes (valued at 48.60$). This is not all, the winner will also receive 2 2×5" Polarizer Gel sheets (valued at 10$). Read on for full prize details. [Read more...]

D3A – The Best Photography Contest Ever

d3aUPDATE: prize giving rules have changed. Winners will select their own prizes starting with the first place going down.

Almost three years ago today, I posted the first article on DIYP. It was about creating a Lumiquest like softbox for a hot shoe flash. What started as fun and sharing three years ago grew up to be fun and sharing, three years later.

To celebrate the 3 years DIYP anniversary with the great community that evolved I am throwing the best photography contest ever. The DIYPhotography 3rd Anniversary Photo Contest – D3A. We have cool sponsors, with great prizes, a great judge and kick ass spirit to start the show. Read on for full details.

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The Mother Of All Light Tents

The Mother Of All Light TentsLight tent, or Light box is a piece of lighting gear used mostly for product shots. It creates a nice, smooth, safe light with almost no hot spots. 

We’ve posted a tutorial for a really simple light box before. This light box was made of a simple cardboard box and was super easy to construct and really dispensable.

Reader Randi Scott constructed a PVC light box skeleton that is both sturdy and, not  dispensable, but can be stowed away so your significant other will not complain. Read all about it and learn how to make one yourself on this link.

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Impressionistic Light Paint Photography

Impressionistic light paint photographyAs you probably know, one of my favorite techniques is light painting.

This is why I was so happy when reader and artists Chris Kroeger from Light Paint Photography agreed to share one of his special light painting techniques with DIYP readers. Just a word of caution, this is not your ordinary light painting.

The art of light paint photography is thought to of begun with Pablo Picasso. His simple black and white image with nothing more than a few light scribbles spawning a new art. Today most light painting closely resembles Picasso first image, a image that light painting is added to draw in something that is not in the original image.

I hope to help change all of that.

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