Photographs Of Neatly Arranged Dissembled Old Gadgets

Disassembling gadgets and photographing them arranged in a neat way is the new geek porn. Almost every new camera, iPhone, Galaxy and why do I need this gadget gets this treatment which usually results in a beautiful OCD-ish photograph. Here are a few samples by Todd Mclellan, Martin Kozák and Kelly Hofer.

But what about the old gadgets, the long forgotten ones, the dial phone, the original Sony Walkman?

Photographs Of Neatly Arranged Dissembled Old Gadgets

Photo editor Gabriel Menashe does just this. He gives those old gadgets a new life as photographs of neatly arranged dissembled components. The project is called Taking Apart. [Read more…]

Mindshift Gear Comes Out With A Photography Tarp – Here Are My Thoughts

Mindshift gear (ThinkTank’s little sister company) just came out with a piece of gear I am pretty happy about. It is called the Contact Sheet and it is a lightweight, waterproof tarp aimed at the outdoor photography market.

Mindshift Gear Comes Out With A Photography Tarp - Here Are My Thoughts

I am happy because a photography tarp is a great idea, this tarp is seems to be made extremely well (I have not touched one, this is based on their PR, site and product specs).

I’ve been using a tarp myself when going on location, and think it is one of these essential pieces of gear that you learn to appreciate only after you’ve used one for a while. Once you do, you’re hooked. Here is why: [Read more…]

Quench Your Photography Rumors Thirst With These 8+ Photo Rumors Sites

As with anything trendy, rumors are a big part of the photography industry. And as with anything that is a big part of anything nowadays, there are photography rumors sites for just about everything and anything in the world of photography.

Those sites share gear development news, industry statistics, brand specific deals and most importantly insider’s information.

Quench Your Photography Rumors Thirst With These 8+ Photo Rumors Sites

While some rumors fade away, a lot of them turn out to have a solid base and become main stream news once formally released.

Favorite quote of all sites: “This site is not affiliated with Canon/Nikon/Fuji/Sony/Olympus….”

If you want to know the future before it happens (at the risk of being totally wrong), here are the main sites that cover photography rumors. [Read more…]

It’s The Light, Stupid

Some of you may be old enough to remember the 1992 US presidential election between Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr.

Bill Clinton - Official Portrait

One of the key mantras for the Clinton campaign was the phrase “The Economy, Stupid”, which was meant to remind the campaign team that the economy was the crux of the whole election.

So, what does the election of Bill Clinton twenty one years ago to be the President of the United States have to do with photography?

Nothing – it’s just an interesting back story.

But, now that you’re paying attention, I’m going to apply some political spin, and the famous “It’s The Economy, Stupid” phrase to photography:

It’s The Light, Stupid.

[Read more…]

Watch out Instagram! – An Analog Tale

The love story started spontaneously. I noticed it in the middle of a boring day – it was love at first sight. There were no special news events that day to photograph – no ultra-orthodox demonstrations or Palestinians throwing stones. I decided to visit the old flea market in Tel-Aviv, a vibrant place I always find fascinating and which I never get tired of photographing.

Watch out Instagram! - An Analog Tale

It was in one of those narrow side alleys that I suddenly noticed it – an old camera with a beautiful accordion neck. I stopped by the stand and carefully picked it up in my hands as if I was holding an old Chinese vase. I tried putting on an indifferent face, turned to the seller and asked the price. “150 shekels” was his answer. (That’s equivalent to about $42 as I write this.) “That’s really expensive”, I snorted, “I’m willing to give you 50 shekels for it”, I continued with the best apathetic voice I could generate. The seller, who probably sees a hundred bad traders like me every day, just nodded lightly, letting me know that I was wasting his time. I walked away, knowing I would be back to his stand soon enough, but I had to make it look as if I came back by chance. Five minutes later, I was back at the stand. “I’ll give you 100 shekels for it and that’s my final offer” I shrugged. “Sure, no problem – 150 shekels and it’s yours,” replied the seller without even looking at me. Needless to say, we closed the deal. [Read more…]

A Primer On The Math Behind F-Stops

Have you ever wondered why the aperture number skip in such a weird way? What does 1.4 has to do with 2? The video below by Dylan Bennett has a great primer on the relations between focal length, aperture and the amount of light hitting the sensor.

A Primer On The Math Behind F-Stops

My favorite part is the trick to remember aperture stops -> Start with 1.4 and 2. and then double the numbers for the next stop => 1.4, 2, 1.4×2=2.8, 2×2=4, 2.8×2=5.6, 4×2=8 and so on. [Read more…]

Nightvision Timelapse Will Remind You How Awesome European Architecture Is

Director Luke Shepard took on an enormous task of doing big scale time lapse sequences of architecture found across Europe.

Nightvision Timelapse Will Remind You How Awesome European Architecture Is

While each sequence seems as if it was done on a multi-meter slider track, the shots were actually taken separately and stabilized in post. It is quite amazing to see how the camera moves in space like this. Yes, this is another one of those sit back, pump up the volume and go to full screen films. [Read more…]

eMotimo TB3 Review for Time Lapse Photography

I have a big and complicated time lapse film project on the horizon, and one of the new pieces of gear I recently picked up was an eMotimo TB3 Black robotic panoramic head.

I have created my fair share of time lapse films in the past. However, for this project I really wanted to step up my game by adding some killer dynamic time lapse sequences.

That is where the eMotimo TB3 comes in. The eMotimo TB3 is basically a robotic panoramic head that allows a time lapse film maker / photographer to make pan and tilt moves (two axis) while filming a time lapse photography sequence.

eMotimo TB3 Review - Setup

(The eMotimo TB3 head can also be added to a robotic dolly to produce pan, tilt and push / pull moves – three axis control.)

The resulting time lapse video sequences can be pretty mind boggling – and that sense of dynamic motion is exactly what I wanted to add to my work.

[Read more…]