Nikon D3s Goes Through Swamp, Shower, Car Drop, Ice Block And Fire. Survives To Tell

Nikon advertises their D3s as a war tank that can withstand some serious damage. French site pixelistes took it to the test. And when I say “took it to the test” I mean beat the living juice out of it.

Nikon D3s Goes Through Swamp, Shower, Car Drop, Ice Block And Fire. Survives To Tell

Aside from using the D3s under running water, soaking it in a tub, dropping it from a car, dumping the camera in a swamp, freezing it in a block of ice and setting it on fire, they were actually pretty soft with it.

Surprisingly the camera lived to tell the tale. Albeit with some of the plastic molten. I guess this is how Nikon justifies the $6,799 price tag. (Movie after the jump, not for the faint of heart) [Read more…]

Why Using A White Balance Cap May Be Bad For Your Pictures

One of the possible ways of handling unexpected and varying lighting conditions is to use a white balance lens cap to average the light temperature. Haje over at Photocritic makes a very valid point about white balance and white balance averaging lens caps.

Basically he says that if direct sun is hitting the lens cap while your subject is in the shade your reading is going to be off. Makes perfect sense to me.

Here is a typical situation Haje describes where this method will not work.

Why Using A White Balance Cap May Provide Bad Pictures

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The GIFTY Camera Prints Animated GIFs. Needs To Move From Concept To Reality

While there is currently only one GIFTY camera in the world (at Jiho Jang’s room), it would be completely awesome if someone took this concept and made it a reality. But right now, this fresh camera is the a one of a kind brain child of Jiho Jang as part of his college thesis.

GIFTY is a fun (or toy) camera that snaps short animated GIFs and then prints them on Zink inkless paper (kinda like the Polaroid Z2300 in-camera printer). The paper is then cut into a small flip-book that animates just like an animated Gif. Actually it is way, way cooler.

<cough, cough> anyone mentioned kickstarter..?

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Making People Look Like Individuals In Portraits

Today’s post by Andreas Bergmann is about communications with your subjects and making them feel good so they look good on camera.

Andreas Bergmann Portrait Blog: Making people look like human beings in portraits 1
Robyn isn’t just “a person”, she is sparkly, cheeky and silly, and it shows!

So, this turned out to take quite a while writing, and it is loooong, so get your caffeine pills ready people, today we’re talking about making people look like individuals in portraits.

A portrait is more than a topographical description of the face of a human being. It is indeed a topographical description, but it is more than that. A portrait says something about the depicted human being’s attitude, their emotions, their personality, their passion, their job, their life and it makes people who see the portrait go “That’s the person I know right there”, and people who don’t know the person feel like they know a bit more than just how the person look. Getting this into a portrait has very little to do with technical stuff, and a lot to do with personal interaction. Obviously in order to create a technically competent image, or at least to make an image look the way you want it too, you have to be technically competent. Googling for 2 seconds will give you a ton of guides to technically good portraiture, that isn’t what we’re talking about today, we’re talking about making people look like individual human beings, so get ready for fuzzy subjects, weird ideas and stuff that generally intimidate the hell out of technical introverts like myself. [Read more…]

Why I Started Creating My Own Locations

I guess none of you’d be surprised if we start this post by saying that location matters. In fact it is probably one of the more dominant elements of a photograph.

Why I Started Creating My Own Locations

This is pretty much what most photographers gather after a few months of shooting. Actually, it is bigger than that, a location can make or break a photo, and if you have a “picture in your head” the further your location is from your vision, the more work (or compromises) you’ll need to get to your final image.

So, why am I telling you what you already know? Because until recently (actually until I made this very photograph) I have always looked for a location that would match my vision and will need as little changes as possible to get to that final result. [Read more…]

Photographs Of Pets And Their Owners Mashed Up

Canadian wedding photographer and filmmaker Zachary Rose (23) takes the common saying about pets and their owners to the next step.

Zachary shoots an photograph of a pet using a DSLR and then takes another photo holding the DSLR in a specific way so the head of the pet seems attached to the body of the pet’s owner.

Zach (@zachdriftwood on Instagram) than uploads the photos to Instagram with the #petheadz hashtag.

Photographs Of Pets And Their Owners Mashed Up

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