D3A – 4th Place Winner

d3aThis is something that always amazes me. How a photograph can change even the simplest of every day objects.

An image of a simple object done well can ignite several threads on the viewer’s mind. Things that can range from "What is this?" / "Is this what I think it is?", through "That’s an interesting take on life" and for us photographers sometimes even "Darn! I see this everyday, I wish I’d thought about this before" "Man, That totally original! Chapeau!"

Read on to see the actual picture and hear the judges’ decision.

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D3A – 5th Place Winner

d3aMC Escher must be rolling with joy at the sight of his followers experiment around the globe.

I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it. Just goes to show that sometimes the simple stuff is the best. The great comments this image receive could only be rivaled by the pinch you felt when discovering it was partially fake. Here is what you had to say:

"Fake? FAKE??!!! Does the front page of
Explore know this? ;-)

"FAKE!?!?!?!?! what??? just kidding"

Read on to see the actual picture and hear the judges’ decision.

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43 Photography Hacks, Mods And DIY Projects

My gift to you readers for DIYP 3rd Year Aniversarry – 43 Photography Hacks, Mods And DIY Projects. (And some shameless self promotion)

Light Modifiers

DIY Gridspot - Gelling

1. Homemade Speedlite “Snoot”

2. The Best Softbox Ever

3. Using A Cooling Honeycomb As A DIY Gridspot

4. The DIY Speed Strap

5. The DIY Speed Strap – Accessories And Samples

6. Kimel’s Pop Up Flash Soft Box Diffuser

7. Drinking Beer – Out! Snooting – In!

8. Striplight and Softbox

9. Gel Holder for Flash

10. V Cards

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Oh, V Cards


The following guest is written by Matt Haines (site, blog, Flickr). After surfing his awesome Flickr stream, I asked him if he’d like to share his mojo with DIYP readers. I should have known better. Now I am trying to find a new lighting trick to make my face look less red.

I’d like to thank Udi for inviting me to do a guest blog posting (my first!). Initially when he asked me to write about V-cards, I thought…huh? V-cards? Just a couple of foam panels taped together, what’s the big deal?

But Udi is wise. Oh he’s a wise one alright. The more I thought about it, the more I realized there’s plenty to say about such a simple—and cheap—light modifier. They’re so simple, the DIY construction part is hardly worth mentioning. Although I’ll mention it anyway. But it’s not how you build your V-card, it’s what you do with it. And you can do a lot!

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Flood The Pool With DIY

I love the DIYP flickr pool. It is a place I go to relax, to learn, to share. The discussions that are going on there are great. And in general it is a nice place to hang out.

When I come to think about it, I never posted clear guidelines on what are the types of images that should go on the pool. Well, trust DIYP loyal readers to start such a discussion. I think it was a great discussion and it helped me realize what readers are actually looking for when browsing the pool. Mind you, browsing is a lot different from submitting.
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Lightpainting Lightsabers

among us, by benny4bsWhen I was a kid, there was nothing I liked more the swords. And space. This is why I was so exited when the Return of the Jedi came out. WOW a sword that you battle with on a spaceship – I was instantly hooked. This was the first Starwars film I saw and I watched all the series in no time. (Mind you, this was before DVD rental era, so Daddy had to kindly drive me around various theaters around the country).

Now I am a grown up, and love grown up films where you get two people in a room and let them talk about love, death and marriage for ninety minutes. NOT! I’d still choose a robots-fighting-in-space-with-swords movie over any film featuring Kathy Bates. Unless, of course, Bates is playing a giant robot smacking some other robot in space with a sword.

So how does this all connect to photography? As you may have noticed, one of my photography loves is Light Painting. This is why I was so thrilled when Ben Matthews created a Lightsabers for his light painting works. Just before you read on, check out Ben’s great light painting gallery. See what great art he does with them Sabers. Read on to discover the magic that Ben created, and to get detailed instructions on creating your own Lightpainting Lightsabers:

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Empower Yourself On Location (Or Two Portable Power Packs)

Portable Battery for StrobeI used to love a good what do you get when you cross jokes. I still do. What do you get when you cross a battery with a pure sine inverter? Read on to find out.

As you probably know, I am a big fan of small flashes. (*cough* Strobist *cough), but sometimes small flashes just don’t have the juice to light up a scene. It may be a big place that needs tons of power or a huge light sucking modifier that eats up all the light from your strobe. (Try using the SB 900 on the westcott 2.15 meters octabank, that would be an interesting strobe challenge). So I do have one big 400WS flash. (Ok, just before you hit me with the “you call 400WS big?? ppffffhhh!”, I’d say that it was big enough for me when I bought it, and it was I could afford.

So anyway, if you are in a studio this is no biggy. Plug the flash to the wall socket, dial up the power and you are good to go. But what if you are outside the studio. On the beach, park, moon? [Image by andyarmstrong]

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31 Angels (And Spidermen, Sportacuses and Doras)

Kindergarten Custom PartyA few weeks back I was asked by my daughter’s kindergarten teacher to come and take everyone’s portraits of a kindergarten custom party.

Of course I said yes. Then I hit me. I am scared sick from staying home alone with my daughter and one of her friends, how the heck am I going to manage 35 kids running around?

OK, I’ll talk about kids a bit later. Before this let’s talk setup. 

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Cold Halogen Lights

DIY Halogen to CFL conversionWhen I just started exploring artificial lighting, I had no strobes. I had no light stands and had no nothing. Yea, when I was your age, we use to walk barefoot to school. In January. When it snowed. *cough* *cough* sorry. Something just took over me. 

Anyway, when I just started lighting, I looked for the cheapest light that I can afford. Halogen seemed like a good choice. It was cheap and it could be plugged in even cheap light stands. With some baking paper, it ever provided some diffused light. [Image by fangleman].

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