Poll: You Have Gear?

motion gears -team force (by ralphbijker)It is time ofr another poll here at DIYP. Since we discuss gear alot ont he blog, I thought it will be interesting to see what is the relations between DIYP readers and their gear.

Personally I am a little GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) affected, however, with all the small tricks on the site that enable you to hack and mod even if you have little gear, I am sure we will see interesting results.

I am using twpoll for this for the first time, feel free to answer via twitter, facebook or right here on the blog. Would be grateful for retweeting this poll.

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Hennessy Shoots a Campaign Based On Light Painting

Hennessy Shoots a Light Painting CampaignPhotographer Atton Conrad recently shot a campaign for Hennessy VS Cognac. This is no biggie other than the fact that photography approach was based entirely on light painting.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, light painting is a technique where a camera is set on a tripod in a dark location @ long exposure, and captures the movements of light in the frame (you may want to check out this tutorial to get the general idea).

Anyhow, I think this is the first time I am seeing a campaign at this scale shot entirely with light painting, which could be a marker for light painting to start entering mainstream photography.

Atton Conrad did a short BTS (Behind The Scenes) clip. There is a longer one with my comments after the jump.

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DIY Macro Lighting LED Ring

diy led ring lightA while back we had a piece about the power of using LEDs in photography. In that article we had a very primitive LED ring light. In this guest post, Tim Brook shares a much better way to create a LED ring light.

Browsing through the dealextreme website, I came across these LED car headlight rings and thought that they’d be ideal for making a Macro Lighting Ring so I placed my order and had a go.
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DIY Oral Autofocus & Shutter Release

oral shutter releaseIn the following post, Jay Scott shares how he built an oral autofocus shutter release to enable him to take better photographs from his wheelchair. Jay is a talented photographer and a Strobist in heart, you can check his portfolio here.

Ever since I first began photography with a DSLR the possibility of having a problem with the weight of the camera existed for me. Why, you might ask? Because my hands (and the rest of my body from the chest down) are paralyzed. I have plenty of arm strength, but my dexterity with somewhat stiff, lifeless, fingers leaves something to be desired. I won’t go into details about the cause of my paralysis, but you can read about it here if you are interested.

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Using a Collapsible Backdrop On Location – Product Review

Portrait on Black Using a Collapsible Disk (by udijw)Some time ago, I was contacted by B&H to do a review on Impact’s Collapsible Background (Black and White 5′ X 7′).

I love using collapsible backdrops on location as they give me some freedom with regards to choosing a background. While I prefer working with existing walls / plants / fences to crate appealing backgrounds, this is not always possible. And this is where the collapsible comes in handy. [Read more...]

A Trio – DIY Multi-Flash Strobe Mount

A trio - DIY multi Flash Strobe MountMulti flash mounts are cool. I have discussed them before when we did a DIY on a dual flash mount. Just a quick recap: Using multiple flashed allows you to either drive more light or to remain on the same light level, while recycling faster. You can read it all here.

Using some objects that my wife will call junk elements smartly scattered around the house, photographer Brent Pennington made a three-way flash mount. Ha! Three is better than two. It will drive a stop and a half more.

As a bonus, Brent’s device relives you of the need to use a stud on your swivel. That’s a major bonus if you are like me and keep losing them. Kudos.

Of course, you could always sin and get the one made by Lastolite, but then where would all the fun (and your 70 greens) would be?

Read the entire tutorial and deep thoughts on Brent’s Blog. [Read more...]

The 5 Seconds Flash Bouncer/Gel Holder

Roaring Stars at Flamber Head (by Brian P Carey)Brian Carey (site, Flickr) just sent me a very cute mod/hack to create a flash bouncer (much like the omni bounce) only it can be made in 5 seconds and it folds crumbles flat.

It allows your strobe to fire light in all direction much like a bare bulb studio flash. And aside from providing a bare bulb mode on your strobe, it also doubles as a gel holder.

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Easily Carry Your Bokeh Discs

[091/365] - Make 7, Up Yours (by Marco_Parc)Finally, the Bokeh Masters Kit gets mod. I could not be more proud.

It is a simple mode, a modal’e. Yet DIYP’s kit is now a proud member of the modifiable products family. Kudos to Guy Tismansky for submitting it. If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about and see this kit introduction post.

The mod is simple and really takes only 30 seconds to complete, once done it will allow you to easily carry your bokeh discs by attaching the discs wallet to the camera strap. If you already have a kit, simply follow the instructions below. [The image above was taken by Marco_Parc using the bokeh masters kit] [Read more...]

Shooting the Burning Light Bulb Filament – The Movie

Burning Light Bulb Filament Back when I started DIYP, one of the first successful posts was a project called A Burning Light Bulb. The post explains how to break a light bulb and photograph it’s burning filament. This is really a fun photography project for a weekend (as long as you are careful with the glass and electricity).

For the new video with lots of great tips from Jon Beard, scroll down after the jump. For some blogging ponders read on.

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