Fully Working 4×5 Camera Made Of LEGO Bricks

Fully Working 4×5 Camera Made Of LEGO BricksThey say that if you set a 1,000,000 monkeys at 1,000,000 typewriters for 1,000,000 years and let them type randomly at the machines, one of those monkeys will end up accidentally writing the complete works of William Shakespeare.

Similarly, I wonder, if we sat down 1,000,000 monkeys with a ton of LEGO bricks, will they end up building a fully functional camera.

Well, photographer Cary Norton took the monkey part out of the equation and proved that a fully functional camera can indeed be built from heap loads of LEGO bricks

The camera, named Legotron,  uses a 4×5 film back and took over a year (with lapses) to build. Images are quite impressive. [Read more...]

DIY Portable iPhone Power Supply (A Rad Photoshop Tut)

DIY Portable iPhone Power Supply (Or Rad Photoshop Tut)

If you are an iPhone user like me, you must hate the way the battery drains after about 3 hours of use. Michael Herb came up with a super cool way to keep your iPhone charged at all times. The Xtend portable generator.

OK, you got me, the Xtend does not really exist in real life (though it would be such a cool DIY project). But not all is lost. Instead of charging your cell, you can have a behind the scenes look on how this photograph was created. Michael was kind enough to walk DIYP readers through his workflow of creating this image.

It may be hard to believe but using some image magic, the photograph was taken using a small bath and a bed sheet. (You can watch the entire process on video at the end)

It’s all Michel from now on… [Read more...]

Super Detailed DIY Ring Flash How To Video

ringflash-36I am not really sure how this 2008 awesome video duo went under the radar here at DIYP, but thanks to our alert readers (thanks Gail) it is now up for your viewing pleasure.

This is by far one of the best DIY Ring Flash designs I’ve seen and the only thing that tops that design is well document how to video that makes building it looks like a walk in the park.

The design by Craig White is a bit different from the usual paper pizza box ring flash we’ve seen here on DIYP. It is quite sturdy – made from metal bowls. I would not be surprised if it takes some inspiration from the Terra Cotta Beauty Dish.

Anyhow, here are the two videos, followed by a sum-it-up image. [Read more...]

The Orbis Safety Cord

If you are an Orbis user, you know it is a great piece of hardware. (It compete well with DIYP’s DIY ring flash ;)

If you want to add some extra protection against fallen strobes, consider this quickie from Jakob Aebischer. Jakob uses the small cord that comes with the Orbis as extra protection to keep his SB900 nicely tucked in the Orbis holster.

“Love the idea to use the stuff that you already have – and what you always have with you. It’s just simple, use the cord that came with the Orbis and a mini stand (x-shape recommended) of your flash. Now it won’t slip

The Orbis Safety Cord (TM)

The Orbis Safety Cord via the DIYP Flickr Pool [Read more...]

Notebook-Size Platform For Tethered Shooting

Notebook-Size Platform For Tethered ShootingRecently I treated myself to the Manfrotto 131DDB Double Head Support (USA) / (AUS) which allows me to mount both my camera and a laptop on the same tripod, for when I’m shooting tethered.

Now all I needed was a platform for my notebook; but all I could find available were platforms for laptops. Too big for what I needed and I also wanted something a little more secure so that my notebook would not be easily knocked over. [Read more...]

Using Different Sized Softboxes For Portraiture

Using Differnt Sized Softboxes For PortratureDid you ever wondered what softbox you should use when doing portraiture? If you only have one softbox, there is an easy answer, but if you have several sized softboxes, knowing which one to use can usually takes lots of experience and pixel peeping.

J. P. Morgan just put up another one of his Slanted Lens instructional videos, I can do nothing but admire the scientific approach in which he compares the effect of a small, medium and large softbox has. (Hint, it involves placing a 12 by 12 shooting target on the wall). [Read more...]

Poll: What’s Your Favorite Lens

Poll: What's Your Favorite LensFollowing yesterday’s post about using prime lenses as a compositional tool, we had an interesting discussion in the comments, about Primes Vs. Zooms.

I thought it would be interesting to ask DIYP readers about their favorite lens. Please also let us know why what you’re using it for. Please leave your answers as comments.

I’ll go first:

My dearest is the Nifty Fifty (50mm 1.8), which is one of the first lenses I bought waaaaay back. I still think it is the best value-for-money lens out there, and I find it perfect for portraiture.

[image by Dr. RawheaD] [Read more...]

What’s Your Prime Perspective?

What's Your Prime Perspective?One of the first lessons in almost any photography course will probably have a section about perspective.

This is done for an obvious reason, perspective is one of the tool we, as photographers have to control on how our photographs look.

Though this is a well chewed subject and is familiar to all, some photographers tend to forget it in the passion of shooting. The solution to that problem is prime lenses.

[Read more...]

When Bored At Work, Build A Camera

Art's CameruhFlickr user Some Guy (Art) as bored at work, we do sometimes. So instead of going to the cooler and catching the latest on American Idol or having another go at that darn level of angry birds he built a camera from trash.

Pulling a MacGyver, the camera was build from a machine core (AKA big toilet paper core) and a multi-tool.

Here is how the story starts, with a few necessary omissions: [Read more...]