How I Shot A Fire Breathing Street Fighter Series In Paris

Street Fighter Photoshoot a3.jpg

I started shooting fire after participating in a shoot by Von Wong and DAS in Paris in November 2012.

I took a few snaps while the shoot was going on and I carefully looked at Ben’s methodology and setup. Back home, I said: “whaoouuu, I really want to explore fire and photography more”.

A few months later, and a lengthy discussion with DAS, we put together my first fire shoot. The tale unfolds after the jump. [Read more…]

Realtime Bullettime Effect Coming Soon To A Boxing Ring Near You

I love a good time freezing Bullettime effect. And we have shared quite a few rigs on the blog. All with varying degrees of sophistication and effort. From a LO-FI pinhole rig, through a crowd funded version to a high end light painting 360 rig. And quite a few others too.

Realtime Bullettime Effect Coming Soon To A Boxing Ring Near You

They all had one thing in common, after taking the footage with the multi-camera rig needed a significant amount of post processing time to create the bullet time effect, making it practically unfitted for live event coverage. [Read more…]

About Photography, Failure And Success – An Inspirational Video

So. What does it take to be a successful photographer? This, I guess, is a question that bugs (or bugged) you if you are in the field. More specifically, what does it take to be a successful working photographer.

While everyone probably have their own take about it, an interview with a few names you may have heard about reveals that many shares a similar view on what makes a successful photographer.

Surprisingly (or not), none of them talk gear. And almost every single one talks about commitment and balls.

This video shot by Fstoppers’s Lee Morris and Patrick Hall while they were doing the BTS coverage over at 2013 Gulf Photo Plus. It is full of inspiration, love and some hard truths. bewarned, it may just give you that final push you did not even know you needed.

[Success in Photography From Gulf Photo Plus 2013 | Fstoppers] [Read more…]

Win A Dream Lomography Package – A Diana F+ And 9 Rolls Of 120 Film

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. roll to the bottom for more details.

If you ever shot a roll, you know how great it feels to photograph on actual film. If you never shot film this is your change of starting out big time shooting on medium format 120 film camera.

Win A Dream Lomography Package - A Diana F+ And 9 Rolls Of 120 Film

The good folks over at Lomography are joining us today in an absolutely fabulous giveaway (yes, I said absolutely fabulous) of a complete kit to get you started shooting on the best Lo-Fi analog cameras in the world – the Diana F+.

To complete the experience we are also including 9 rolls of film (3 roll of each: Negative, Slides and B&W). The entire package is valued at 126.88.

This is waaaay better than Instagram, trust me. [Read more…]

Using Chroma Key Water For Special Effects [NSFW]

Usually when we hear about Chroma Key projects it is connected with altering the background of an image or a video (like this awesome BTS footage from Pacific Rim).

Brazilian photographer Bruno Lanzone took another route for his Rainbow Splash project. Instead of keying the background, he used Chroma Key painted water to splash his subjects. He then overlays the keyed pictures with color splashes. The results are mesmerizing. [Please be advised that some of the photographs after the jump may be NSFW]

Using Chroma Key Water For Special Effects [NSFW]

[Read more…]

A Humorous Flowchart On Choosing Royalty-Free Music For Your Project

If you are shooting indie projects or editing wedding videos, you know how hard it is to find good music for reasonable prices. This is why many opt for Royalty Free music licensing. This is very similar to Royalty Free photography – you pay a lump sum and can use the music regardless of how many seconds of it you need / how it will be used / where geographically it will be played. (there are different fees per different uses, but the idea is similar – a one time buy out).

Like with anything off the shelf, Royalty Free music is not tailor made for a specific movie or a specific scene. Tumbler David Marino has a funny flow chart describing how he handles Royalty Free music in his movies.

A Humorous Flowchart On Choosing Royalty-Free Music For Your Project

[Read more…]

Bare Bulb Strobes – Polaroid Jumps In The Game?

Hot shoe flashers don’t have it easy when it comes to using bare bulb strobes. Generally speaking, it has not been trivial. You either have to hack the flash electronics (BTW, Lumopro, what about the promised LP180?) or eat a bunch of light using an Omnibouce or (DIY waxfen) or any other yogurt-cup-light-eating solution.

But if you wanted a good solid bare bulb strobe that you can use with your big gun light modifiers choices were limited. If you wanted bare bulb speed light, you could have looked at the Cheetah Light, but that ran off a dedicated battery pack, and not off standard AA batteries. (+ it is about $420).

Bare Bulb Strobes - Polaroid Jumps In The Game?

Amazon is now selling a Polaroid PL-135 which has a Nikon Flavor and a Canon Flavor which have corresponding contacts on the hotshoe and TTL systems for about $110 a piece. [Read more…]

How To Build A 30$ Still Life Photography Folding Table

A few years ago I started shooting for microstock sites. My main focus was vivid still life with white background photographs. This is why I started looking around for a nice and cheap still life table.

After a quick search on the internet, I exluded the commercial solution and turned my energy towards analyzing a variety of homemade solutions. I am living in a small apartment, so one of the key features of my table would have to be the ability to fold it and remove it from my wive’s eyes in a very short time. I decided to build my own home made-low cost-still life-folding table! This post will illustrate my idea which tok about 1 hour of work to build and cost less than 30$

How To Build A 30$ Still Life Photography Folding Table

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Magic Lantern’s Low ISO Raw Video Leaves H.264 In The Shade

It is probably safe to say that Magic Lantern’s RAW video is just so much better than the native H.264 that Canon camera usually put out. (and if you want to judge for yourself just head over to this huge collection of ML’s RAW footage).

Magic Lantern's Low ISO Raw Video Leaves H.264 In The Shade

So we got better resolution and better dynamic range, but it seems that we also get the buff of better low light performance. Dustin J Tolman over at Vimeo did a low light test and results are great news! Mitch over at planet5D has an interesting analysis. [Read more…]