Thanks You And Bokeh Masters Kit Winners Announced

Mystery Project Tease (by udijw)A few days back I launched a new product – my baby – the Bokeh Masters Kit with a little giveaway to kick things off.

My first reaction was thank you. In little less than 48 hours, my entire stock of Masters Edition kit went down. As well as lots of Demo kits.

I am thankful for this great acceptance of the kit.

But you are not here for my thanks, you are here to see who won the prizes. Winners just after the jump. [Read more...]

Create Wonderful Light Painting Art Using A Cold Cathode

relative field strength (by { tcb })The following article is a guest post by Dana Maltby a.k.a. Twin Cities Brightest a.k.a { tcb } a Light Painting Art Performer.

Greetings again from Minnesota where it’s getting cold again. Below freezing last night, brrrrr!! But there ain’t no rest for the wicked, so let’s get back into some light painting techniques. This time I would like to talk a bit about Cold Cathodes.

A cold cathode is a tube of light that has a similar look to neon lights. It is brighter than a glow stick, and you can attach an on/off switch making them much more versatile in the field. You can find different kinds of these cold cathode tubes. They can be found at auto part stores, for in car light accents and under car lighting.

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The Coolest Photography Gadget Ever – The Bokeh Masters Kit + Giveaway

Mystery Project Tease (by udijw)Everybody loves shaped bokeh images. So do I. Shaped bokeh images are those cool images that have all the blurred lights spear as a heart or star or any other shape.

This is why I wanted to share a very cool new gadget that’s out there for creative photographers – The Bokeh Masters Kit. It is a pro level tool that achieves the same effect as we did with the “Create Your Own Bokeh” post way back when we just started the blog. [Read more...]

Spam Filter gone Crazy Or Where The Heck Are My Comments

I received quite a few emails over the last few days asking a very basic question: Where did my comment go? Why is it marked as spam?

To make a long story short, I did a site software upgrade to Drupal 6 a few days ago (thanks Drupal guys). For some reason known only to the software gods, my spam filter started to develop an intelligence of its own. Kinda like that elevator on that elevator movie.

This caused me to miss a huge amount of perfectly valid and info-packed comments, a very sad mishap. Here is what’s done and the plan to go ahead:

1. I disabled most of the functionality of the spam filter. If you are blocked as spammer, please let me know.

2. I digged into the database and retrieved all the so-called spam comments. So ןf your comment was marked as spam it is now back on the site.

3. I am going to change the way DIYP deals with spam comments. Instead of letting any wondering bot to post spam, and then letting a piece of code to decide if it is spam, I will install a CAPTCHA module that will make sure you are human before you are posting the comment.

My apologies for the inconvenience caused and finally I am going to stop seeing comments about baby diapers.

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The DIY Photography Holiday Gift Guide

Message From Tatooine (by udijw)This time of the year is gift time all around and it is not just gifts under the Christmas tree. There’s Hanukkah for and Eid El Adha and Ōmisoka and the list goes on.

Yep, it is gift time. I tried to make the list as frugal as possible, this is a DIY centric blog after all…

As for the image at the beginning of the post, I really didn’t want to put any specific holiday picture, so I am declaring my own holiday – the R2D2 day of glory, celebrated by geeks, me included, all over the world. It is a tradition of this holiday to buy photography related gifts.

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S@H – Change Your Studio Appearance With Instant Flooring

S@H - Change your Studio Appearance with Instant FlooringOne of the comments I got when I started the Studio @ Home series was about flooring. I mean not *all* of our pictures are seamless white. Some pictures are taken with the floor and background as part of the picture.

We covered spaces and backgrounds quite a bit but never gave enough attention to that thing under our feet called floor. Here is a neat little way to create instant flooring that looks like hardwood floor, checkers, or almost any other cool pattern.

Most hardware stores in the US hold something called Vinyl Flooring Sheets. Donno how to describe those other that rollable floor.

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Balance Your Light Stand On Tough Terrains

Balance Your Light Stand On Tough TerrainsPhotographer Reuben Krabbe, whom you may remember from the landscape bicycle portraits hack, had his flash pull an untethered bungee jump during a session in the mountains. So Reuben came up with a great idea to balance a lightstand on uneven terrains. That figures with all those mountain bicycle trips.

Being the nice chap that he is, Reuben put a video together to explain how it works. Video and some thoughts after the jump.

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Create Awesome Tilt-Shift Macro Shots With Old Car Headlights

Create Awesome Tilt-Shift Macro Shots With Old Car HeadlightsWe have covered Macro Lenses before, from optically flawless reverse mounts to the questionable-yet-so-much-fun DVD iPhone Lens adapter.

What we never did before is to convert some headlight to macro tilt-shift lens. Till we got a mail from David Koch, that is. A mail with a precise prescription.

Now, this will work only with super expensive headlight, so you may want to check your local scrap yard /old auto yard before you dive into this project. [Read more...]