LIM Intervalometer Fits In A Liquorice Drops Box and Takes Time Lapse Movies

Intervalometer LIM revealed (by Majet)Reader Marco Jetti shared a really cool project on DIYP’s flickr pool. It is an Intervalometer project call LIM (Less Is More). Intervalometer is the thingy that allows you to take a picture every X seconds. And it is made with very basic electronics. It fits in a small liquorish box (which I guess is the Italian equivalent of Altoids).

Here is the cool thing. Marco added a very detailed diagram of the circuit as well as simulation and building steps. (This is very cool, Marco did just the same with his 5 km camera trigger) [Read more...]

Reflector Primer – The Photographer’s Best DIYed Friend

Reflector Primer - The Photographer's Best DIYed Frienddo you really need one? The short answer is yes. The long answer is….

A reflector, as the name implies, is something that reflects light. In photography, is it usually a big sheet of something white, silver or gold, that bounces light at your subject (or at anything you want light on for that matter).

If you are not to particular about having your reflector look all nice and nifty are plenty of DIY options here, and basically any flat surface will do. Foam boards, bed sheets, aluminum covered plywood, did I say any big surface yet? [Read more...]

Canon Lens Mug Review And Giveaway

DSC_9437 (by udijw)On the left, this is me, in my secret headquarters contemplating a move to Canon. Or am I? If you’ll remember about 2 months ago cool canon lens shaped mugs were observed on the Olympic booth held by some lucky journalists (yup, photoshooting the Olympics just have it merits).

I actually twitted that if anyone knows how to get a mug like this they be declared hero and win internal fame. (PDN link died since then).

Well Canon
are now selling thise direct. In the internet era it is rare that a store’s name is a 100% match with what it does, but you gotta hand it, those guys live up to their name.

Canon Mugs are now selling two kinds of mugs: a 70-200 L f/4 thermos (on the left image) and a 24-105 travel cup. [Read more...]

On Board Flash Snoot

On Board Flash SnootWhile I don’t usually advocate using the camera built-in flash, There are times that it may be useful. Neil van Niekerk is quite popular for his on camera flash use (with the black foamy thing). This little mod sent by Nick Murray-Hogarth goes even back as far as on camera flash goes and uses the on board flash wrapped in a snoot.

Not too long ago we had an article about using foam rubber sheets to make a snoot to mount on an external flash, not having upgraded to an external just yet, I thought I would have a go at making one for the on-board flash. So here goes! [Read more...]

Say Hello To Trade Secret Cards

Please join me is saying hello to Trade Secret Cards as a new sponsor on DIYP.

Trade Secret Cards are a set of trading cards that approach inspiration, lighting and picture taking in an innovative way.

Each card features an image on the front and a setup / discussion on the back. They are great for learning lighting, getting ideas and inspiration and for reference.

There are now two decks of cards available for purchase: The Strobist gallery fav deck (as in Flickr fav), and the Chase Jarvis Portrait sessions deck. I reviewed the Strobist deck when it went out.

The decks are edited by Zeke Kamm, the Editor of Nice Magazine. They are made from high quality stock cards with UV coating and feel great in your hand.

It is sponsors like Trade Secret Cards, Bokeh Masters Kit and Wix that enable this site to remain free, and for this I am grateful. [Read more...]

Three Chroma Key Solutions For The DIY Photographer

chroma Key FrogThe following post about 3 ways to DIY your Chroma Key was made by Ben Eadie of

There are several ways to get a decent chroma background for a photo for the DIYer and the results are just as good as any pro system I have encountered. We will cover 3 solutions I have used with great success and all cost less than $15. You can use a green sheet, you can paint a wall and you can make a pop out chroma key like a pop out reflector. I use green for my key but you can also use blue if you choose. [Read more...]

Create Wonderful Digital Pinhole Pictures Using a Tobacco Box

ph012 (by Matt (MattDevlinPhotography))Digital pinhole uses the same principles as a “regular pinhole” i.e. a small hole instead of lens, but as all digital cameras, it provides a way to instantly view your image and “change film” with less hustle.

Photographer Matt Devlin posted this awesome digital pinhole guide on DIYP flickr group. I thought it is worth to repost it here (with permission) to help everyone see it. Thanks Matt. [Read more...]

Bag O’ Goodies – A DIYP Assignment Pt. 2

bog logoHere comes the second part of BOG (Bag O’ Goodies). BOG’s first part was a riot, with a final that was very hard to judge, this time we are going to up the difficulty level (see how great the last round was in this slideshow).

Again we have some awesome prizes for the winner, just the stuff that will get you going is you are starting to look into the world of photography hacks, mods and lighting. [Read more...]

Extending The GI Trigger Range

Extending The GI Trigger RangeFinally I got around to making a little change on my GI Radio Slave Transmitter set (those are also known as GI Triggers or Poverty Wizards).

I love the triggers dearly, and while there pop rate is not good enough to play Russian Roulette with, it is good enough for most of my usage.

One thing that has been bothering me for ages is the short rage of those triggers. While they work well indoors, they tend to be a little limiting once stepping outside. I looked around and found some great tuts (including a camo one) about extending the GI range. This post will describe how I did it (kinda quick and dirty).

[Read more...]