LED On A Can

Here is an interesting concept from Eric Ferguson. Eric took a roll of flexible LED strips and wrapped it on a can which he attached to an umbrella.

The nice thing about this mod is that unlike DIY LED strip light, you don’t need to cut the LED into strips. This means it that this project requires no soldering, making it a quicka nd easy project to get the full power of a 600 LED strip.

LED On A Can

I can see two obvious cool factors here:

1. A typical roll of 12v LED is usually 2 Amps, just right for the average power convertor for just about any gadget that you already have somewhere around the house.

2. This would probably be a great on-location light with a 12V battery.

, As much as I love the idea of light light in an umbrella, I think I am going to love it even more in a modifier that is has the light a bit more controlled for spill, like an Apollo softbox.

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A Gun In Your Luggage May Save Your Photography Equipment

If you thought that carrying a gun on a flight can get you in trouble, think again. Haje Jan Kamps shares an interesting tip on how to use a gun to make sure your photography equipment does not get lost (or accidentally lost) by an airline.

A gun tucked with your luggage forces the airline to take extra precautions that it wont get lost, otherwise it is a big mess for everyone.

Crown Royale Infinity Rifle by V&A Steamworks

Here is the nice thing, you dont even need a “real” gun. A starter gun is under less regulation and in some countries does not need a permit, but will get you the same treatment. [Read more…]

Backdrop Projector Made With Lego Bricks

OK, this is becoming a bit of a personal obsession so if you are fed up with lo-fi projectors, just move along nothing to see.

Lego Projector

They say that there is nothing you can’t build with Lego. This is absolutely true. Even life sizes houses.

Photographer Jacek Poplawski cobbled up a projector from a few Lego bricks and some spare lenses he took off from a “real” slide projector. Those can be found on eBay for as little as $15. [Read more…]

Yet Another DIY Jib (YADJ)

THe good folks over at Film Riot have had this up for a while, and it went under the radar. With my recent obsession to jibs I stumbled upon it and thought it was worth sharing.

I love the idea of using a lazy Susan for smooth tilt movement and the fact that it is a huge and sturdy jib with a long motion range. And that it is black.

It seems that it is can take a bit more weight from previous Homedepot jibs we shared, and the cost matches. About $100 instead of the smaller $20 jibs. [Read more…]

Are Pentax Cameras *That* Weather Proof?

Apparently they are.

US soldier Alex Jansen took his two Pentax Cameras, The K-7 and K-5 and tested just how weather sealed and dust proof they are.

Are Pentax Cameras *That* Wether Proof?

Although serving in Afghanistan, Alex was short of a real storm a the time of taking the video. He “compromised” by pouring a bag of sand on the poor bodies and rinsed them off in the showers. The cameras survived. Twice. [Read more…]

How to Make DIY Red Scale Film

The “Red Scale” effect has actually been with us for quite a while. You see, your average 35mm color negative film has a semi-transparent layer on the back. – designed to keep stray light from getting onto the sensitive emulsion on the front. At some point, a few bright photographers got the idea to load the film “backwards” and actually shoot through this protective layer. The result is close to shooting through a reddish-orange filter. But unlike a filter, the effect is a bit unpredictable and varies in strength depending on the subject and light source.

Three Flavours of Macaroon: Redscale

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Huge Reflectors Borrowed From The Camping Realm

Huge Reflectors Borrowed From The Camping Realm

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that we are a big fans of reflectors. I would say that the 5-in-1 reflector is probably one of the most useful items a photographer can have in their bag. It is cheap and can serve for shade, a backdrop in a pinch and, of course, reflecting light.

The only caveat with the 5-in-1 is that it is usually a rather smallish item. Maybe 43″ in diameter.

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