Sick Of “Free Internship” Jobs? New Ruling May End Them Forever

If you surf Craigslist as a creative for hire it not uncommon to come across ads asking for film crews, sound man, photographers and interns in exchange for learning experience.

Sick Of "Free Internship" Jobs? New Rulling May End Them Forever

While sometime this is a fair deal (I know several photographers, I’d be willing to “intern” for) sometimes the interns are nothing more than coffee fetching gimps only gaining experience at drivers. Looks like things are about to change with a new ruling on the Black Swan Internship Lawsuit. [Read more…]

How To Build A PVC Soft Screen

If you need a big, nice soft light source one of the cheaper options is to use a small light combined with a diffusion panel, which is basically just a huge sheet of fabric. The question is how to support this mess of fabric that only wants to sit crumbled on the floor.

How To Build A PVC Soft Screen

Kevin Kobota has a pretty slick tutorial on building a soft diffusion panel a-la Dean Collins style, very similar to Photoflex’s LitePanels. Unlike the $350 LitePanel the DIY version only costs about $20 and an afternoon. The video covers the uses, materials, and build constructions + some interesting philosophy on transitioning from DIY gear to Pro. [Read more…]

Super Immersive Time Lapse Of Shanghai (And Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur)

I guess Rob Whitworth’s work can fall under the definition of time lapse photography, though even if you beat the living heck out of me, I would not know how some of it was done.

Photographer Rob Whitworth and city explorer JT Singh takes an immersive approach into time-lapsing the city with god-like camera moves that seems impossible to achieve. The result is breath taking.

Super Impressive Time Lapse Of Shanghai (And Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur)

Below is Rob’s last movie This is Shanghai followed by two of his earlier one’s Kuala Lumpur DAY-NIGHT and Traffic in Frenetic HCMC, Vietnam. Sit back, go full screen and turn up the volume before hitting the jump. [Read more…]

Lomography Konstruktor Is A Camera You’ll Wanna Build

I guess there is not much that can beat a camera that is both analog and down right fully DIYed. Especially if you are addicted to analog. Lomography just announced their latest  camera – The Konstruktor. It is a wonderful fully Do It Yourself SLR camera that you get to build from scratch.

Lomography Konstruktor Is A Camera You'll Wanna Build

The Konstruktor is not that 35mm pinhole kit you usually buy on eBay, but a full fledged SLR camera with an interchangeable lens system and a top-down viewfinder to see what you shoot and to focus. And more accessories in the pipeline. [Read more…]

A Beautiful Teardown of Google Glass (And Camera Module)

One of the notable things about photo taking Goggle Glass is how scarce they are at the moment. This makes a deep bow to Scott Torborg and Star Simpson who did a detailed tear-down post on the glasses.

Teardown of Google Glass

Some of the motivation for the tear down was purely technological while some of it was driven by the growing concerns about privacy and personal security in the US.

“Growing up on a rich diet of dystopian tech fiction, we were
filled with both intrigue and concern about Glass and decided to take
our model apart to bring you a detailed view into the electronics guts
of the device.

[Read more…]

Dror Garti Talks About His Project Photographing Ultra Orthodox Jews

Picture this. It is early morning a day before Yom Kippur. A Hassid walks into a side room at the synagogue, greets the Rabbi at his chair and the collector next to him. The Hassid quickly scans the room. He also notices me. I am not sure if he is simply ignoring my presence or actually acknowledging it. I cringe at the corner and make an effort to blend with the wall behind me. I disappear. Silently, the Hassid pulls his shirt and Tzitzit from his pants up to his shoulders. He places both arms on a 2 by 4 and starts chanting verses.

Dror Garti Talks About His Project Photographing Highly Orthodox Jews

The collector picks up a whip and starts lashing the Hassid on his back. This is what I was waiting for. I stood up, aimed the camera and took a few pictures. I embraced the camera to my chest and cringed again. The Hassid took 39 lashes, while continuously chanting. When the thing was done, the shirt went back in the pants, the Hassid murmured a quiet blessing to the Rabbi and left the room. [Read more…]

A DIY Sound Blimp Shoots Concerts And Shows Stealth Style

Photographer Dan Tabar shoots on sound stages, movie sets and studios taking production shots and scene shots. (Those are used by the production but also sometimes get released as BTS from some movies).

A DIY Sound Blimp Shoots Concerts And Shows Stealth Style

When sound is rolling, the sound of the flipping mirror is quite disturbing and while the D800 that Dan uses has a “quiet mode”, it was not good enough.

The solution is to use a Sound Blimp – a sound absorbing case that mutes the shutter sound. A commercial Blimp goes around $1100, so Dan devised his own DIYed version for about $80using a Pelican case a  a base and PCV fittings. [Read more…]