Calling All Agents: Kilometers Long Remote Camera Shutter Trigger

Calling All Agents Kilometers Long Remote Camera Shutter TriggerWhile this is not the first shutter release cable project that was featured here (we had a vanilla shutter release cable and a mouse one before) it is definitely the first to feature a walkie-talkie, and the first to beat the 3 meters range.

As a kid I was fascinated by walkie-talkies. Mind you this was way before the days of twitting-via-your-iPhone-while-getting-your-kids-picture-in-mail-and-SMSing-your-boss-that-you-are-going-to-miss-the-meeting-cause-your-stuck-in-traffic days.

The mere concept that I can talk to a friend hundreds of meters away… And do it with a Spiderman looking device…

Now, would it be nice if the same distant magic could apply to triggering your camera? Sure, you can do this with a pair of pocket wizards, but not for that distance and not for this price. Marco Jetti pulled this off. Read on for the full story.

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Knock. Knock. Who’s There? Two Days Left for S@H 1st Assignment

This is just your friendly reminder that there are two more days left to complete the first assignment of Studio @ Home – Backdrops.

If you were looking for an excuse to go and shoot, this is it. All you need is a background and a subject.

Below you can find the slide show of current submissions, just begin in that slide show would make me wanna go and shoot.

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Nasty Lil’ Lighting Thing

NastyClampIt is always nice to see a good DIY project turn into a product. It is even better to see a nasty DIY project turn into a product.

This is just what happened with Matthew G. Monroe’s Clamp-It-Anywhere Project A.K.A Nasty Clamps.

In fact he has so many requests to just-make0one-for-me from other photographers that he upgraded the CIY to a full professional grade product. In fact, big part of the production chain is located in Oregon, just near Matt’s house, and the rest of it is done right at Matt’s Garage. Talk about home grown business.

This is why I was so happy to give them Nasty Clamps a go. And they are nasty indeed (in a good way). Read on for the full review.

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Infinite White

infinite whiteDid anybody say obsessed?

OK, I’ll admit it. Over the last month or so, I’ve been obsessing with home studio tweaks – backgrounds and seamless whites in particular. No wonder too. I’m about to enter my own kids place space studio in about a month now.

This setup has been around for over a year on the web. I can’t believe it went under the radar. It’s cheap, quick to build and kill and best of all it is continuous, so it is also good for video A-LA matrix style.

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One. Two. Three. White Background

Headshot - White BackgroundHow do you take a lovely portrait like this, on a perfect white background? Of course you’ll need a beautiful model. But how would you handle the lighting? Just throw about 10000 Watts/Seconds on your seamless white and you’re good. 

Or use a single strobe and 5$ worth of white Coroplast. Read on for the full details. 

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Studio @ Home – 1st Assignment

Photography Studio @ HomeUPDATE: assignemt results are posted here.

Welcome to the first assignment of Studio @ Home.

As I promised in the first post of the series, Studio @ Home will be accompanied with a series of assignment (or exercises if you will) that will put some structure on the evolution of your home studio. Those assignments can also be used a motivation leverage – and provide some great opportunities to win great prizes. Read on for the full details.

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Studio @ Home – Easy Lighting

Photography Studio @ HomeOnce we have explored location and a few basic backdrops options we are going to hit lighting. The backdrop assignment will be up next. However, I thought it would not be fair to do the first assignment without even a little bit of home lighting discussion.

After all, light is the substance from which your photograph is made of.

There are several lighting options if you are building up your home studio: Tungsten, Halogen, Florescent, small speedlites and the big canons – studio flashes. Each with its vices and merits. I will dedicate a full post to explore the several options. But just to get things started, I wanted to discuss the most available light of all: Available Light.

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The Strobist Corner: Protect Your Strobe With A Frisbee

Free-Style by Iguana JoEver had your light stand taken down along with your precious 5000$ Profoto? Not a fun experience.

Next runner up on the not-so-fun light stands falls is a knocked-down speedlite. While the cost of speedlites is considerably less than the cost of a Profoto, if this is all you have it can still be pretty annoying. Especially if you’re on the beach where it’s sandy. 

Keep reading for a cheap and ingenious solution. 

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