Everything You Wanted To Know About Rolling Shutter

Everything You Wanted To Know About Rolling Shutter

Rolling Shutter is the way that most DSLR are shooting video. (and point and shoots and iPhones too). For 95% of the time it does not really matter what type of shutter is used for capturing video, in the other 5% it matters a lot. Following is a break down and explanation of what is Rolling Shutter why it is being used and what are its quarks. [Read more…]

How To Convert A Time-lapse Intervalometer To A Slider Controller

Andy Pearson wanted to introduce some sliding motion into his Parkour time-lapse footage with Parkour Generations. He already had a Varavon slider and only needed a way to consistently and remotely move the camera on the slider. (So the drill trick ain’t gonna work).

How To Convert A Time-lapse Intervalometer To A Timelapse Controller

Andy took a different direction, using the output of an intervalometer to control the starting and stopping of the slider. While the video quality is not all that great, it packs a huge amount of info on building this type of motion control.

Andy was kind enough to allow us to place the video and tutorial on DIYP. If you have any questions, hit the comments. [Read more…]

How To Make A Chill Box For Controlling Smoke

How To Make A Chill Box For Controlling Smoke

If you ever incorporate smoke in your photography, you know it is pretty hard to control. You can use a bit of dry ice for small dosage of smoke, or use flour if you are willing to pick up the cleaning tab, but large shoots require something different.

The folks over the slanted lens have a video where they show how to make a chill box, which is essentially a device that cools the smoke down so it heavier and sticks to the ground. (Interestingly, this mechanism is very similar to the one found in beer taps at your local pub). [Read more…]

Protect Traveling Lenses With A Beer Cozy

If your camera only has one extra lens, it sometimes makes sense to save on the number of bags on a trip by co-locating the lens in a laptop bag or a day bag.

The thing is, you wanna keep the lens protected. Dedicated camera bags have foam inserts, called dividers, that’ll keep your lens safe from bumping against hard materials, but your laptop case will most likely won’t have those dividers.

Taryn Fiol of apartment therapy came up with a smart way or protecting a lens (or a strobe for that matter) if you choose to go bag-light.

By using a beer cozy to wrap the lens Taryn was able to protect it from strap hard edges. (and won a makeshift snoot in the process).

Protect Traveling Lenses With A Beer Cozy

Of course, if you want to go all the way to the other extreme, you can, with basic sewing skills, make your own camera bag insert all together.

[Creative Reuse: Keeping Camera Lenses Safe on the Cheap | Apartment Therapy] [Read more…]

Tom Eshchar Shoots Nude Projections On Naked Bodies (NSFW)

Photographer Tom Eshchar was bored with nude photography and took a different angle on it.

Tom Eshchar Shoots Nude Projections On Naked Bodies

In NoFace Tom uses a home movie projector to blast images of his subject’s inner worlds on their (mostly) naked bodies. In some photographs you can clearly see the bodies, but in some the bodies dissolve into the projection.

Here is an interesting observation Tom made on the project

The person sitting in front of the camera, looking at the projector feel completely exposed. They don’t see the picture and cannot know that from the camera side it is not as exposed as they think.”

[Read more…]

Website Responds To Infringement Claim By Paying 15kg of One-Penny Coins

Website Responds To Infringement Claim By Paying 50kg of One-Penny Coins

UPDATE: apparently some one at The Kernel noticed the buzz the video was generating. So it is now set to private, which means it is not viewable anymore.

With videos being so common, we’ve seen our share of how papers who infringe copyrights handle the situation. If the paper is smart they will (grant a bit but) accept an invoice and be done with it.

If they are extremely deaf or have no understanding of how the nets work nowadays, they will make a video ranting about the photographer, then change 60 pounds into 15 kilos worth of pennies and go and hand them to the photographer.

As wild as this may sound this is how The Kernel handled infringing Charles Arthur’s photograph. [Read more…]

Converting A Pentax K10D To IR Photography

Converting A Pentax K10D To IR Photography

A few days ago we had a tutorial showing how to crack open and IR-ize a Cheapo $28 Canon point and shoot. Today we are upping the stakes doing a similar operation on a Pentax K10D. This installment is more of a story told by Jerry Biehler than a micro-step-by-micro-step tutorial I hope it will inspire you to try new stuff. Of course, you are still running the risk of nuking your camera, and you will definitely void the warranty (if for some weird reason you still have a warranty on your K10D), so know the risk before you get to work. [Read more…]

How To Manage Folders Inside A Lightroom Catalog

If you are managing your photographs within a single Lightroom catalog, the fine guys are SLR Lounge have a sweet tip for file management from their new Lightroom 4 Workshop Collection DVD Series.

How To Manage Folders Inside A Lightroom Catalog

For a wedding photography studio like Lin and Jirsa, we like to keep multiple Catalogs in Lightroom because of the large volume of photos that we process every time we shoot.

Each wedding that we shoot can have thousands of images, so multiple Catalogs are a must for our workflow to remain at peak efficiency since Lightroom 4 will slow down with large catalog sizes. But for many photographers who shoot far less than we do, one Catalog or one Catalog per year, may just be enough to hold all your photos.

Now if you do use a single Lightroom Catalog workflow system and you have a folder with a lot of photos, we can show you how to break out those images into smaller shoots within their own respective folders inside of the same Lightroom Catalog. [Read more…]