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How To Build A Beautiful Camera Stabilizer Redux

A few days ago we shared a video and a tutorial from Pixel Art that showed how to build a camera stabilizer. We had two interesting comments.

The first came from batman who indicated that the stabilizer is not that stabilizing. (I wish I knew who you are Batman, I’ve been a big fan ever since I was a kid ;)

The second comment from Charles was more interesting. Charles noticed that down the youtube stream of Pixel Art, Charles found the newer version of the steady cam. It is way more stable now, and the video is as elegant as ever.

Thanks for the tip, Charles. [Read more...]

Use Smart LEDs for Focus Assist

DIY Automatic Focus Assist with RF-602

It’s really cool how cameras can now shoot with acceptable results at super high ISO ratings like 6400. A few years back ISO ratings like this were nothing but a dream. (And before that Fujipress 1600 was the highest I ever used. Never saw a Fujipress 6400)

Alas, when shooting in the dark it is not an easy task to focus. And please forgive me canon users, but if you’re a red brand lover, you’re pretty much screwed).

Enter Malowz‘s invention – a strong focus assist that uses $10 in parts from deal extreme. Using a powerful LED and a strong reflector, Malowz build a hot shoe device that projects light to assist in focusing. [Read more...]

Kids Science: How to Build A Huge iPhone Display On The Cheap

I love my iPhone, but I always felt that the 3.5 inch screen was a bit to small. Luckily, Instructabes user iamaledgend came up with a clever way to project the iPhone screen onto a wall.

Kids Science: How to Build A Huge iPhone Display On The Cheap

It takes very little to make this happen. All you need is a box of Nikes, some spare Lego parts for mounting and fixing the iPhone and a cheapo magnifiying glass as the projectors’ lens. [Read more...]

Three Super Macro Rigs You Can Build At Home

Three Super Macro Rigs You Can Build At Home

After posting the big Macro tutorial, I thought it would be interesting to see what extreme macroists (yea, it’s a new word) use to get those super detailed shots.

I was surprised by the amount of ingenuity compared to the amount of High end gear (hint more of the first, less of the second). This just goes to show that even with what you may consider highly specialized areas like macro, you can still make some pretty darn good pictures if you accept the lack of money as a creative constraint rather than a wall of bricks. [Read more...]

High Speed Primer – Triggers

High Speed Into Primer - Triggers

On our last post we went through the basic ideas of capturing a high speed photograph, and today we will cover some of the basic triggers and kits available to play the high speed game.

So, we need a small and preferably cheap electronic gizmo that will be triggered when an event such as a passing cherry or a popping balloon occurs. We need it to then fire a flash unit, or even the camera shutter for slowish events like a bird taking off. (The camera can then fire the flash in the normal way that cameras do!) The range of triggers – and sensors for the various types of event – is quite extensive now. [Read more...]

How To Build A Beautiful Camera Stabilizer

A few day ago we featured the EZ-Steady as a smart camera stabilizer. If you follow the blog, you know that there are plenty of DIY versions for similar stabilizers, none of which are as beautiful though, as the DIY Camera Stabilizer from Pixel Artwork.

The instructions come in Japanese, but Sergey Brin was kind enough to translate, see the first page here and the second one here.

There is also a video if you find Google transaction to lack some <cough, cough> clarity.

Thanks for the tip, Lance. [Read more...]

Build A Huge Beauty Dish After Eating Great Food In Chinatown

One of the things I remember most from my visit to new york city is the tour I took around Chinatown. Specifically I remember sitting in one of the local places ordering food which I did not know the name of nor its ingredients.

It was some kind of soup and it was delicious. Till this very day I am not sure what was that floating eyeball but I enjoyed it very much.

A short walk after my wife and i (really it was just my wife) bought a whole set of china dishes. This was the part where I dosed off. If I had seen the DIY video below I may have been more interested, as it shows how to build a beauty dish with stuff you find in Chinatown and an Lastolite Ezybox bracket (for mounting).

I wonder if someone would pick up the glove and add this BD to the DIY beauty dish stand off.

The Chinatown Special: The Best DIY Beauty Dish via slrlounge [Read more...]