Huge iPad Arrays Used As Portrait Lights

Huge iPad Arrays Used As Portrait LightsWhat happens when you cross Kirk Tuck’s insatiable love for LED panels with Jim Goldstein’s unstopped craving for iPads? Nothing, ’till you add in a secret ingredient – a starving-for-innovation photographer Jesse Rosten.

Jesse did a complete portrait shoot using 9 (yea NINE) iPads as lighting sources. Those iPads were mounted on three fixtures in what I would adventurous mode. Video and a little about constraints after the jump. [Read more...]

High Speed Photography – Let Arduino turn The Lights Off For You

High Speed Photography - Let Arduino turn The Lights Off For YouIf you’re reading DIYP for a while you probably know that High Speed Photography is not about high shutter speeds. Au contraire. It is about shooting very long exposures in bulb mode, and using a strobe to freeze the action with a split second light.

This means that once you have a setup read to go, you turn off the lights. go back to your setup and pop the balloon / break the glass / shoot the bullet. Kinda messy and uncomfortable. Ask Edward Horsford, the exploding balloons magician.

Photographer Matt Richardson came up with a better to do it. Matt was already Using an Arduino as the triggering device for the strobe. It only made sense to Let the Arduino turn off the lights and open the camera shutter once the setup was ready.

In the video after the jump, Matt explains this concept, and shared the circuit to make this magic happen. [Read more...]

Holidays Bokeh

create your own BokehJust saw this great example by Kim Long of Shaped Bokeh effect done on a Christmas tree. See the before and after right after the jump.

With the upcoming holidays I thought this a great time to sharpen up your shaped Bokeh skills with the free tutorials posted here and here. [Read more...]

DIY Lightstand Bag Makes Your Assistant’s Life Easier

DIY Lightstand Bag Makes Your Assistants' Life EasierLagging lightstands is a bummer. They don’t fit in the bag. They are hard and pointy, and in general they create traction. Lots of traction. If you are just going Bazooka with one stand this is OK. But if you have to carry a few of them… Darn!.

Photographer Peter Miesch was dealing with the same issue and came up with a wonderful lightstand carrying system bag much like the Standbagger that puts an end to the photographer’s assistant misery. Of course, if you are like me and you are your own assistant, than the solution is even more wonderful. This project requires some sewing skills, so if words like zigzag stitch and bobbin make you go AUH? ask your grandma for help. [Read more...]

Need. Bigger. Light

Twin speedlite soft box in actionSometimes, a small softbox would not do it. You just need a bigger light. The thing is that bigger modifiers eat more light up. This a guest post by Edward Peters will show how he dealt with building a large softbox, including building a double flash bracket, mounting two strobes and syncing a pop for up to five strobes using a headphone splitter.

My Wife needed photos of a jewelry piece she had created, but the piece was too big for my favorite 13×13 inch DIY speedlite soft box.

Unfortunately for us, the jewelry has entered a contest and cannot be displayed on the web. However, the good news are that I can share the making of the mega-dual-light softbox that took the image. [Read more...]

Lexar® Echo Ze 32GB USB Backup Drive Giveaway

Lexar® Echo Ze 32GB USB Backup Drive GiveawayUPDATE: winner selected and announced at the end of the post. Thanks for all the great comments and tweets.

The good guys at Lexar are giving away a super cool Echo Ze 32GB USB Backup Drive (Valued @ $139.99).

Now, if you are a hardware geek like me, you’re forced to like it. A – It carries a nice capacity for a USB drive – Whopping 32 gigs. And B – it is nickel sized. That would have been a problem if you needed to find it. Lucky is has such a small footprint that you can leave it stuck in your laptop forever.

If you are seeking for some backup assurance, this is a good choice. Check out the video at the end. Let’s just say, I am glad I am not a Lexar card.

And it is blue. NICE!    More Details after the jump. [Read more...]

DIY Photography Gear Buying Guide

DIY Photography Gear Buying GuideThis short buying guide presents my recommended list of photography gear. Does it include everything you’ll ever need? No. It does include a range of cameras that can get you started and what I think is a great start when it comes to “on location” lighting modifiers.

While this list is pretty much prefect for me (almost all the items on this list are owned and used by me on a regular basis, has a high spot on my wish list or is an equivalent of the “other” system), you may need to adjust or select from it to meet your needs.

You can always come back to this list by clicking the buying guide banner on the right. [Read more...]

The $10 DIY Foamcore Softbox

The $10 DIY Foamcore SoftboxIn this tutorial I will explain how I built the softbox used to take the image on the left. It is a 40cm X 40cm foamboard softbox that accepts a strobe. Kinda similar in size and effect to the Photoflex LiteDome XS which I use a lot out of the studio.

On the left image this softbox was used as key, see this lighting setup for another use of the softbox as fill.

It is a simple softbox to make and it takes about half an hour if you have mediocre cutting skills. [Read more...]

Reverse Engineer This Light – Resolved

Reverse That LightTwo days a ago e made a little challenge here on DIYP, to try and reverse engineer the lighting on this portrait. A wonderful strobist muscles stretch. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for everyone who took a stub at the setup.

I did mention that all the lighting on the set was DIY and made by yours truly.

Before I go ahead and do the lighting breakdown (I don’t actually have to reverse engineer it, I was there and took pictures :)), I am placing the portrait on the big again below. Look at it (or super size it) and then skip to the actual break down (which is also a sneak peek into my living room) [Read more...]

LightStudio iPhone App Lets You Take Studio Pictures (And shows You How Too)

LightStudio iPhone App Lets You Take Studio Pictures (And shows You How Too)If you like the SLR iPhone app that lets you take studio pictures from your iPhone, you’re gonna love LightStudio ($1.99 on the app store).

It is a great fun while riding the train to work, or waiting on the bench for your date to arrive. The application is built from a series of lighting setups each has several tabs or “functions”.

If you are familiar with lighting, the first tab is kinda trivial and shows the setup and a sample portrait taken with that setup. By setup I mean “Rembrandt Light”, Clamshell, Butterfly and so on.

If, on the other hand, you are new to photographic lighting, this is a great resource to have on your next train ride. Just browsing through the setups and getting familiar with the “classic” lighting positions. [Read more...]