How to Build A Big Axx 4 Meters Homemade Camera Crane

Not a long way back we shared a cool tutorial on a homemade Travel Jib (kinda like this Portable Mini Jib). But for those times that you need to carry heavier cameras and you want to trade portability for stability you may want to use a crane.

Charlie Mac created this wonderful tutorial for building a the Travel Jib big brother – a camera crane. It is not as portable, but way sturdier and can handle bigger loads.

How to Build A Big Axx 4 Meters Home Made Camera Crane

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Panolapse Fakes Camera Moves On Time Lapse Footage

Readers on this blog know that I am a big fan off adding movement on time lapse footage. This can be done with motorized sliders, rotating pano heads and even a BBQ rotisserie. However those are sometimes hard (or expensive) to set up.

If you are looking for “dirty trick” to add motion to a static time lapse you could to it in after effects, or you could check out the new boy in town – Panolapse.


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Using CHDK For Quadcopter Aerial Photography

If you ever got a camera way up in the air (and we have several tutorials on that), there is a good chance you used a self timer or an intervalometer to “press” the shutter button.

Using CHDK For Quadcopter Aerial Photography

However, if you want utter control, an every 5 seconds press is probably not accurate enough. If you really want control on when the shutter is pressed, there is a relatively easy way to hook it up the remote control unit you are already using, assuming you have a spare channel. [Read more…]

24P Raw Video, Soon In A 60D Near You

I am not sure if the Magic lantern team are wearing shoes, but if they do then the other show just dropped.

24P Raw Vidoe, Soon In A 60D Near You

One of the more common requests coming after the 24p RAW video hack with the 5DmkIII was “I would love having this on my ($700) 60D“. Well, last night marekk of ML released the following statement:

Hi all 60D users :)
I prepared special version of autoexec.bin like 550D user mk11174 and RAW video works now on 60D :) This ML version has only few options enabled. I’ve got no skills to fix 60D’s boot problems with full ML package with modules and tcc enabled so I removed everything except ability to record raw videos and load modules.#

This is great news, bringing the possibility of raw video to a camera under the $1000 price tag (comparing to a $3300 5DmkIII). More info and videos after the jump. [Read more…]

Dear Canon/Nikon/Panasonic Can I Use Custom Firmware With My Camera?

I was really interested to see how camera makers reps would respond to questions about installing custom firmware on their cameras. I approached Canon, Nikon & Panasonic customer service departments with a simple question:

Dear Canon/Nikon/Panasonic Can I Use Custom Firmware With My Camera?

Dear Canon/Nikon/Panasonic,

I would like to use Magic Lantern/Nikon Hacker / Ptool with my 5DmkII/D7000/GH2 and was wondering if it will void my warranty.

all my best,

Both the short version, No, Yes, Yes and a longer more detailed one after the jump. [Read more…]

Dear Model…, kindest regards, Other Model. XXX

A short while back Jen Brook wrote an open letter to photographers on behalf of models. Here is a second letter from her to her fellow models. It is actually packed with information for photographers as well.

Dear Model..., kindest regards, Other Model. XXX

Dear (new’ish) Model,

My name is Other Model. I have spent the last couple of years finding out a few things that I wish I’d known from the start. Please don’t think I’m patronizing as I mean this only in goodwill, as there is absolutely no gain for me by sharing these cheats. Not all of my points will be valid for you as posing varies in each genre. Just take what you can and ignore the rest. If only one suggestion helps your future career then my time has been well spent…  [Read more…]

Nikon D3s Goes Through Swamp, Shower, Car Drop, Ice Block And Fire. Survives To Tell

Nikon advertises their D3s as a war tank that can withstand some serious damage. French site pixelistes took it to the test. And when I say “took it to the test” I mean beat the living juice out of it.

Nikon D3s Goes Through Swamp, Shower, Car Drop, Ice Block And Fire. Survives To Tell

Aside from using the D3s under running water, soaking it in a tub, dropping it from a car, dumping the camera in a swamp, freezing it in a block of ice and setting it on fire, they were actually pretty soft with it.

Surprisingly the camera lived to tell the tale. Albeit with some of the plastic molten. I guess this is how Nikon justifies the $6,799 price tag. (Movie after the jump, not for the faint of heart) [Read more…]

Why Using A White Balance Cap May Be Bad For Your Pictures

One of the possible ways of handling unexpected and varying lighting conditions is to use a white balance lens cap to average the light temperature. Haje over at Photocritic makes a very valid point about white balance and white balance averaging lens caps.

Basically he says that if direct sun is hitting the lens cap while your subject is in the shade your reading is going to be off. Makes perfect sense to me.

Here is a typical situation Haje describes where this method will not work.

Why Using A White Balance Cap May Provide Bad Pictures

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