Low On Budget? Consider A Desk Lamp + Softbox

1:18 New Beetle Car Model (by andygame)If you read this blog long enough, you know I am a big fan of small strobes. They are portable, relatively cheap, can squeeze some intense light and great for on the go. Key words for this post are relatively cheap.

While you can buy used SBs on eBay for a bit over $100 or a LumoPro for a similar price, you are still in for more than a $100 for lights.

Just saw photog Andy Game setup which has a great answer to the money issue. [Read more...]

Frame Your Pictures To Smell Good

Adventure! (by udijw)It was this time of the year when my wife decided I need a new scent. It happens every now and then. This is a fundamental difference about the two of us. It takes me so long to get use to a new fragrance that I rarely want to make a switch. Wify, however, want a refreshing hubby twice a year, so fragrance shopping we go.

This year’s winner is Adventure By Davidoff. Not sure she liked the fragrance as much as she liked the fact that Ewan McGregor was on the cover sleeve of the box.

Good thing he was too. He reminded me of an exercise we used to do on my photo club. (Really, you don’t have to do it with Ewan McGregor, but it adds so much more fun to the exercise that you really don’t want any other model).

As you may have guessed from the title of this post this exercise is all about framing.

You will need a camera, and a cardboard box. Ewan McGregor is optional, but hard to resist. [Read more...]

Some Nasty Car Rigs

Some Nasty Car RigsA while back we had an amazing post about building a DIY camera car rig to take incredible images of cars. This is a common method for car photographers to get in camera smoothness.

Not a long while ago BMW created a series of promotional short films called “The hire” it’s all about Clive Owen driving some fancy cars in impossible situations with impossible passengers. A real treat if you like this kind of movies.

Now the cool thing is that BMW has a BTS film where you can understand some of the howthehelldidtheyshootthis scenes and sequences. Movie, pointers and some DIY after the jump.

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Never Ever Lose Your Lens Cap Again

Never Loose a Lens cap againHere is an interesting question – please hit me in the comments with your answer -  Where do you put the lens cap when you are shooting? (My answer at the end of the post, if you care).

I use to lose them all the time, which was no biggie. Then Nikon started to ship their lenses with fancy lens caps and losing one cost an arm and a leg. (OK, really just a finger nail, yet…).

I got a mail from Benny Johansson telling me about his newest invention. The invention that make your lens cap never to go away. [Read more...]

PVC Studio Lights With An Attitude

PVC Studio Lights With An AttitudeMechanical Mashup is a site to my taste. It is a new and fresh pod/video cast thing with great DIY tutorials. Lots of Photography, but also other fun hacks and ideas for the DIY lovers. And to top sugar with chocolate, you got to love those guys attitude.

One of their latest creations is a video describing how to build a PVC and coroplast continuous light system. (Videos, yup plurals,  after the jump). [Read more...]

Fencing For Background

Taeer Standing In front Of Our New Fence (by udijw)As many of you know, I moved to a new place a few months back. (And took down a ten ton wall when doing so). Now remember that story about Thomas Sawyer and the fence?

It starts as Tom got a punishment to whitewash his fence on Saturday. Bummer. However, Tom finds a clever way to both avoid the task and profit from it. He pretends that this whitewashing is so much fun that his friends want to take part in the mission. But our clever Tom, he charges his friends to whitewash the fence. How cool is that?

Anyhow, my story is kinda similar. I got the task from my wife, which is similar. But in my story none of friends paid me to build the fence and there’s a very nice dinner involved.

While putting is fence up is definitely DIY, you must be asking yourself what it has to do with photography. Find out after the jump. [Read more...]

The Strobist Corner: Attention Pocketwizard Flex TT5 Users

DIY RF shield for strobe The fact that Pocketwizard have a new TTL enabled unit is old news. The Flex TT5 and Flex TT1 have been shipping for almost a year now.

In the beginning the Flex units were having some hard time dealing with radio interference coming from some of the Canon flashes. This interference comin from the Canon flashes had impact both on distance and reliability of the TTX units.

The good news: Pocketwizard made a 580 radio-frequency-blocking-beer-holder for the delinquent Canon flashes. They go by the code name AC5 (I can only guess that it stands for Allocation Control, or Algorithmic Collision. Go figure).

The even better news: Pocketwizard decided to provide them AC5s shields free of charge to US photographers who bought the Flex units.

The not so good news: If you are living outside of the US, this offer is not for you. Other thing is that the AC5s will be free only till the end of the month.

Good news again: photographer Daniel Aqua posted a DIY tutorial on the Flickr pool that shows how to build a Canon shield at home. [Read more...]

Getting a Handle on Your Compact Flash Cards

Getting a Handle on Your CompactFlash Cards The following idea about making flash cards accessible to nails-challenged photographers is a guest post by Zaug one of the world’s leading “your own bokeh” photographers.

I am quite happy with almost every aspect of my Sony alpha 850 and 900 DSLRs; one of the particular things I like is their size, especially with the addition of the vertical grips, they are a nice comfortable fit for my rather large-ish hands; not huge just larger than average.

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Creative Gel Cheat Sheet + Giveaway

Creative Gel Cheat SheetAfter reviewing the Rosco Strobist gel collection, I just had to take it for an intense spin.

Since one of the main uses I see for this kit is the ability to color objects and backgrounds for creative effects, I did a little matrix of colors. (I am a computer geek, I know).

As with all the other cheat sheets on the site, I will go through the idea, the setup and end with a creative commons statement. Unlike the other cheat sheets, we are also going to have a Rosco Strobist gel collection giveaway. That stuff is near the end of the post.

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