Gel Caps – DIY Light Painting Gels For Your Flashlight

Gel Caps - DIY Light Painting Gels For Your FlashlightZeke K. is the guest author of this post. Of course, you’d probably figure this out yourself after getting to the “Nice!” at the end of the post.

Ah, light painting. Thanks to digital photography, light painting has never been easier to get the kind of effects you are looking for. Lock that shutter open, mess around with your flashlight, check the results on the screen. Didn’t work? Adjust and repeat. Lovely!

But maybe you want more than just lovely. Maybe you want color! That’s where gels come in. Next time you are in a photo store or making an order from an online shop, pick up a pack of the Lee or Rosco sample gels. You’ll have access to every color in the rainbow, even “Cosmetic Silver Rose.” Did you even know that color was in the rainbow? I didn’t.

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Welcome Tronix

Please join me in welcoming Innovatronix as a sponsor for DIYP. Innovatronix are the makers of the awesome Explorer XT battery pack I reviewed just a while ago.

If you did not read the review yet, let me fill you in quickly. Tronix make a killer battery-pack that you can take outdoors and power your favorite studio lighting anywhere in the world. OK, not anywhere, you need to actually be able to be on location yourself.

If you are bummed about using speedlights anytime you leave the studio, you’ll surely appreciate the portability.

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Using A Cooling Honeycomb As A DIY Gridspot

DIY GridspotI just love gridspots. The amount of light control that a gridspot will give you is incredible. So, a while back I ordered some honeycomb grids from saxonpc. It is with two of those gridspots that I took the image on the left, but first thing first. In fact Saxon PC is specializing in making computer cooling solutions, little did they know that their honeycomb is just perfect for light control. OK, they knew, they made a site for it. Yet it was fun to say “little did they know”.

One of the first projects on DIYP was a coroplast made gridspot, which totally rocked, but getting those nice black honeycombs tickled so much and I caved in.

In fact this solution is very similar to HonlPhoto’s 1/4″ and 1/8″ gridspot solutions. If you are willing to settle a bit on the looks and spend a few minutes modding, you can save a few Dollars. Not that a few dollars will take you anywhere today.

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Baby’s Growth Stages Captured in Photography: Maternity

Baby's Growth Stages Captured in PhotographyWelcome to this multi-part series of articles on Baby’s Growth Stages Captured in Photography by Shannon Kietzman from My Baby Photos.

Whether you are expecting your first child or your fifth, your pregnancy is a special time in your life. As such, you will want to capture these remarkable months with photos that you can cherish forever. By keeping a few key thoughts in mind while taking maternity photographs, you will be certain to have some amazing photos to share with your child when he or she grows older.

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Chase + Snow + Good Music = New Book

When I was in summer camp we used to have an evening routine. Each time one of the campers had a birthday, the chief councilor would step up to the mic at dinner time and say: "Every day is special here at ILTC, but today is a very, very special day for Daniel B.". This meant that it was Daniel B.’s birthday and that after a bit of prancing and jumping around the room, he "treated" everybody for a cake. Now, since it was summer camp, it was always the same "mass deployment" chocolate cake. But we were kids and loved it. For me it was those cakes that made dinner that much more fun.

So, let me try something here: Every day is a special day at DIYP, but today is a very, very special day for Chase Jarvis.

Nope, it is not his birthday, but his book’s birthday. That’s right. Chase is out with a new (and first) book called Stevens Pass. And nope there is no cake, there’s a much better treat – a Chase Jarvis Frames video about the book making (if it does not show on your RSS reader click here).

Now this is what I like about Chase. He’ll give you that fabulous book that will make your eyes go out of there holes. BUT, he will also so you the hard work and all the images that did not get in the book so you’ll know this is hard work.

If you’ve ever wondered if it is difficult to shoot from a helicopter check out the frames where the rotor shows. Now, how in the world can you time that rotor to be out of the frame?!?

You can order the book here, and get it signed for no extra charge by Chase. There are only 2,500 copies so you have to be quick if you want one for yourself.

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Exploring Small Strobes: Why should I Use a Speedlight

Exploring Small StrobesWelcome to this multi-part series of articles on Exploring Small Strobes by Yanik Chauvin from Yanik’s Photo School.

You’ve probably heard or read this a gazillion times by other photographers so I thought that I would be the gazilionth and one to tell you that creating a great photo is all about lighting. Light is what sculpts your scene. You can have the best composed shot but if your lighting is crap, good chances that your shot will be also. And sometimes to get good light, you’ll need to work with artificial light sources. One of the most popular light source used by photographers are strobes; also called flashes.

So I figured that I would give you my insights on small strobes (also known as flash guns or speedlights) in this multi part saga here on So let’s get right to it, shall we.

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Two Great Series Coming Up

I guess it is no big secret that two of my photography passions are children photography and using small strobes. In fact, lots of images in DIYP are images of my son and daughter and were taken with off camera lighting. 

This why I am so exited about two new series by two great guest authors starting this week: 
Exploring Small Strobes by Yanik Chauvin and Baby’s Growth Stages Captured in Photography by Shannon Kietzman. [Read more...]

Having Fun @ The Pool #5

It is time for another great collection of DIYP reader’s images.

I could not resist watching the images submitted to DIYP Flickr pool, no matter how late it became and mark a few favs.

The range of images, as always, is a great variety ranging from portraiture to still life to abstract. 

I am going to try something new and make the next pool-fun all about portraiture. 

Do submit studio portraits, opportunity portraits, kids portraits, on location portraits, off location portraits, self portraits, black and white portraits, friends portraits, OK, I think you get the point.

Acute Viral Nasopharyngitis (Week Eight of Fifty-Two) by Auzigog On The Playground by paggre Razor by Bald Monk jason-safari-28 by spudcheyne  by Ryan Holloway Photography The Great Eggscape by Bald Monk
Taking the Trash Out by Brian Auer Our court R.I.P by Chuckle Brother by confusing...or somewhat confusing by anvancy Chris & Jessica Engagement - Falling by Auzigog Bike trick by Salvatore Falcone
Night Sky Over Country House by neilcreek DSC_0148 by chris challoner _MG_6184 by x by Victor Bezrukov Marcus Fenix by Will Nickelson | Clueless Photog Bluebottle by Bald Monk
Chair dance by grilkip yellow by Salzer studios Pencil Party by Scott Coulter Sea of green by Bald Monk Coffee Legends by rivm Worlds within Worlds by Bald Monk
Belladona presenta "Show" by Yon Pol Fotografía Like An Old Pair Of Shoes by Latente ?? Ho accidentalmente Port-125 by Victor Bezrukov Pure Fire by Touzeen Hussain 092708000678 copy by taylorjonesphoto Dude, why won't you look at me? by Will Nickelson | Clueless Photog
Guitar by TrixSigio Alternate Realities by Julian Chin DSCF7632 by anvancy Olympus 35 RC by Brett Dickson NorthWestern by Adam Melancon AppleJacks Acoustic Set #3 by Salvatore Falcone

More Photodumps:
- Having Fun @ The Pool #4
- Having Fun @ The Pool #3
- Having Fun @ The Pool #2 – What a Splash
- Having Fun @ The Pool #1

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What Happens When You Provoke the Guerrilla

What do you get by provoking a guerrilla party? Apparently, if you provoke the right guerrilla party and do it just the right way you can try out one of it’s nifty lighting devices.

Bert Stephani had an insightful comment about the “Guerrilla”ness of the Florida based California Sunbounce Guerilla video by Michael Grecco. In short he said that going out to shoot with a bunch of stylists, assistance, hair dressers and models is not really Guerrilla. Bert also suggested showing the Sunbounce guys what’s real Guerrilla.

Whadayaknow? They picked the glove and sent Bert their Micro-Mini to try out. Here is the funny yet informative video Bert took:

Hey, this is also a great chance to browse around Bert’s site – Confessions of a Photographer. The Great insights and videos will easily chew your evening away.

Grab the full Bert Stephani Video and post here.

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Your Cute Kid – Everywhere

Wouldn’t it be nice if your kid was sooooo cute, he’d be on every bulletin board, feature internet campaigns and smile at you from the highway signs?

Wouldn’t it be so uncool if this happened without your consent?

This is going to be another you-must-read-the-TOS-before-you-enter-a-contest post, so if you are just here for the DIY stuff, feel free to skip it. If on the other hand, you’ve ever entered a contest without reading the TOS (Terms of Service), man, you’d be happy after you read this one. [Read more...]