Fitness Trainer Photoshops Herself In An Awesome Response Video To Her Critics

No one is immune to cyber bullies, especially when it comes to body shaming. Not even fitness trainers–just ask Cassey Ho. Ho, who runs a fitness blog called, Blogilates, regularly receives unwarranted negative comments and remarks shaming the trainer on her physical appearance. In response to the criticizing, Ho put together an impressive video clip that shows the beautiful trainer Photoshop her body in “live view” to match the beauty standards of the hypercritical internet. [Read more…]

Pentax Unveils The Pentax K-3 II Declaring It To Be The Sharpest APC To Date


Ricoh just announced the Pentax K-3 II. The camera is the successor to the popular Pentax K-3. The camera has some similarities to the prior K-3 and some new features.

The K-3 II has the same magnesium alloy casing, metal chassis as the K3, and a sensor featuring 24.35 effective megapixels.

As far as focus is concerned the camera has a 27-point AF system and it can shoot up to approximately 8.3 frames per second.

One of the raved additions to the camera is an improved 4.5EV stop shake reduction system. Ricoh claims that it will be the sharpest APC to date and also included a selectable anti-aliasing filter, which can be turned on or off to either garner the highest resolution and sharpness possible or provide enhanced protection against moiré.

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How To Add Computer Cabinet Cooling


Besides your camera, your computer is probably your single most important piece of photography equipment.

Laptops and iMacs are nice, but if you’re relying on a big beefy desktop PC or Mac Pro to take care of the heavy lifting, your computer is probably tucked away in a computer cabinet somewhere under your desk.

Have you ever checked to see how hot your hard working computer is getting in that enclosed space?

If not, I suggest you check – a computer that is always running hot will not perform as well and will have a drastically shorter life span than a computer with adequate ventilation.  There is a big difference between the amount of heat generated by the average office PC running Excel and a creative professional’s PC rendering 4k video.  And although most computer desks come with a computer cabinet that isn’t totally enclosed, the available openings can be clogged with wires or ineffective if pushed up against a wall.

So, in this article I am going to share a few really easy ways to add active computer cabinet cooling with fans.

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Watch How Cameras Change Over Time In These Morphing Animated GIFs


Cameras have changed over the years. Design consideration, ergonomics and improving electronics (not to mention the move from film to digital) left a mark of cameras form factor.

The folks at ebay deals takes us for a time trip watching how cameras evolved over time in a trippy series of morphing GIFs. Pentax is at the top the following cameras are shown below: Polaroid, Olympus, Leica, Fuji and Canon.

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Spiffy Gear Announces Studio Strobe Add On To Its Light Blaster System


We are big fans of Spiffy Gear’s Light Blaster and have seen quite a few creative uses of it over the time. From jewels photography & commercial work through light graffiti , and even a wedding proposal. But studio shooters were always complaining about the need to use hot shoe Strobes with the system.

Today, the Light Blaster gets a new add on – a Universal Studio Strobe Adapter:

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Excuse Me? Why, Yes, My Camera DOES Take Great Pictures. Thank You For Noticing That


“Excuse me?

Why, yes, my camera DOES take great pictures. Thank you for noticing that. You have a keen eye and a very good sense about these things-not everyone does. Well done!

But can I share something with you? I mean no disrespect to my camera but…it didn’t used to take great pictures. I mean, not at all.

I bought it because I’d heard how good these nicer cameras were, so I was expecting great things from mine, but when I got home and opened the box, it didn’t do anything. Nothing at all. For what I paid, I expected it to jump out of the box and work with people to get great expressions and select locations and create natural posing and compose images filled with warmth and beauty and light, but nope. Nada. Zip. Zilch. What a loser it was.

It simply refused to do anything. It just lay there, motionless, like me after my 5th margarita.

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“What A Catch!” Man Rescues Falling Drone Seconds Before It Crashes Into The Ocean

When 34 year old photographer, Ryan Chatfield, took his drone out for a spin over Floreat Beach in Australia, his experience running the New York Marathon came in use. As the drone passed over the shoreline in a rocky area, it began falling from the sky. Chatfield, who was 100m away from the drone when it began it’s untimely decent, began a mad dash to the water in a last ditch attempt to save his precious camera equipment. [Read more…]

Adobe Officially Announces Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6


As expected, the new Lightroom was just announced and it comes in both CC and 6 versions.

The details mentioned in the premature post we shared earlier today turned out to be spot on, and Lightroom CC will be available as part of the Creative Cloud Photography plan while Lightroom 6 will be available as a standalone item to be downloaded or on DVD.

New Lightroom CC features and videos after the jump.

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Leaked Movie Shows Lightroom’s New Facial Recognition Ability; Lightroom 6 Will Be Available As Well


A post that seems to have been published a few hours early sheds some light on the software that is scheduled to be released later today.

An unlisted video on the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom channel on YouTube was included in the post and provides a lengthy explanation of how the new face recognition feature will work. The fact that the video was uploaded on April 13th, is unlisted, and barely had any views until just recently indicate that the post is both real and that somebody will be in trouble over this.

Good news for those hoping to get a boxed version of Lightroom, as the post confirms that it exists and will be released as well.

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Canon 6D Mark II Rumored to Be Coming, But Not Before The 5D Mark IV

6D Mark II Mockup

6D Mark II Mockup

Most Canon-related rumors lately have been regarding the 5D Mark IV, with the latest claiming there will also be a Mark IVc video version, and we’ve seen very little being said about the other models.

There’s finally some new information about the 6D Mark II, stating it will be smaller and lighter, but once again Canon’s top attraction is involved – the 6D replacement will not come before the 5D Mark IV is already shipping.

If this and the rumor claiming the 5D Mark III replacement will be released only after the 5DS is shipping are true, Canon seems to be releasing new cameras from the top down with each camera being given a chance to sell before offering cheaper alternatives.

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