Request From Strobe Makers – We Want Better Batteries!

If you are using hot shoe strobes (like I am) you’ve probably noticed the exponential growth of AA batteries living in your drawers.

And it is not just the number of batteries that can drive you crazy it is the fact that you have to tag them all, keep an eye on them all, use them in the same batches that you bought them in and in general managing those huge lots of rechargeable AA batteries can be quite a headache.

Pledge To Strobe Makers - We Want Better Batteries!

I was wondering why don’t strobes get the same treatment as cameras – using their own dedicated batteries. I know that there are some hurdles down the road on implementing those, but I know what I’d like to see.

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I Shoot Weddings Too – Don’t Tell Anybody!

Let me know if this sounds familiar. 

You’re gearing up for a big wedding session and one of your commercial photographer buddies comes over and notices that you have eighty AA batteries charging.  They ask – “Hey, what’s up with all the batteries – you have a gig with 20 speedlights tomorrow?”  You answer – “Uhhhhhhhh ya, ummmm, well, the kids just got this crazy remote control helicopter and it takes like 40 batteries….so….THOSE AREN’T MINE!

It’s ok.  I shoot weddings too.  Just don’t tell anybody…

Ancaster mill wedding photography ancaster mill wedding photographer hamilton jp danko blurmedia

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Stunning Product Shots With iPhone and iPad LightPainting

I like playing around with lightpainting ever since I started photography because the possibilities were endless! One night I wanted to challenge myself to lightpaint using only my gadgets, so my iphone and my ipad.

I thought of using my iPhone as my main light to highlight the subject and my iPad to use as my background. I had an app in my iPad which had some cool patterns to use as a catchlight, then I saw a pattern which I knew would look great if I used it for lightpainting.

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12 Pointers That Will Help Your DSLR Live Longer


It’s that time of year again. Can you feel it? Camera companies have launched shiny new, “must-have” trinkets. Your GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) is raging like an inferno at an all-time high. And– of course– nothing celebrates the birth of a savior or the rededication of a holy temple quite like upgrading your camera. It’s a simple, unavoidable fact-of-photography-life. It’s the holiday season and you want a new camera. So do I. It doesn’t matter how pristine or properly functioning my cameras are at the end of the year. Without fail, I always want a new one. Every year. And this is why I’m engaged in my annual Battle of the Voices. I’ve got the devil from one shoulder talking about new cameras in my ear, while the angel from the other shoulder is trying to give him a serious beat-down.

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Freelancers: Work For Free – The Reward Will Be Greater Than You Can Imagine

We have shared quite a few articles on working for free. And usually we are not big advocates of that. Today we would like to share a different opinion by Dann Petty who shares how working for free landed him a contract with NatGeo. While Dann is a design/UI/UX expert, I think this approach may be relevant for photographers as well.

Freelancers: Work For Free - The Reward Will Be Greater Than You Can Imagine

I recently wrote a post about how to make your clients love you, which reminded me of the one key things that kick started my career and landed me the type of work I was looking for. It will for yours, as well. I am talking about working for free.

Before you laugh, slam the computer, and tweet that I’m the dumbest person in the world, let me tell you a few stories about how I got where I am today. [Read more…]

Mirror City Converts A Cityscape Into A Hypnotizing Kaleidoscopic Show

Photographer and “filmer” Michael Shainblum was looking for a new way to depict the cityscapes which he loves. This love combined with his time lapse skills created Mirror City a mesmerizing time lapse combined of mirrored photographs.

The movie combines the great American cities Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles giving each a kaleidoscope, unique and disorienting look.

Mirror City Converts A Cityscape Into A Hypnotizing Kaleidoscopic Show

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2D Or Not 2D Challenges Our Perception Of Three Dimensional Photos

Usually when we look at a photo we have a pretty strong intuition if it is a two dimensional illustration or a three dimensional object reduced to a two dimensional photo.

2D Or Not 2D Challenges How We Perceive Three Dimensional Photos2D Or Not 2D Challenges How We Perceive Three Dimensional Photos

This is definitely not the case with the 2D Or Not 2D series from photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make up artist Valeriya Kutsan.

In a series of portraits they mimicked various sketching techniques on living models and photographed the results. You could probably swear that some of those are sketches or Photoshop manipulation. But no, they are real live portraits. [Read more…]

Photos Of X-Rayed Lenses [Collection]

Some people get off from watching naked ____ (fill as you desire). Photographer Guy Viner gets his fix by watching naked lenses. Just his luck that he is also a talented X-Ray technician giving him access to the special camera needed to fulfill his desire.

While we’ve all see illustrations of the internals of lenses, Guy’s work shows the internal glass elements, gears, levers and CPUs that make up a lens.

Guy has worked over recent years and collected a nice collection of both classic and new lens p0rn:

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Epic Rant: Stop Photographing Snow Covered Patios! Response Shows Patios Are Still Loved

The world is full of rants so you should be very careful about the ones you choose to listen to. Colorado’s 9NEWS at 6 p.m news co-anchor Kyle Clark was fed up with the huge amounts of snow photos his desk was getting.

Epic Rant: Stop Photographing Snow Covered Patios! Response Shows Patios Are Still Loved

This drove him to an epic two minutes of an epic rant about snow covered patio shots.

While he shows some empathy with the shooters he want the viewers to make a better effort of capturing winter: [Read more…]