Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way – Photographers As Problem Solvers

While the photography in this Ben Von Wong is as awesome as always, I am sharing this today because I think it highlights a photographer’s role which is sometimes overlooked. The photographer is not only the one who is pressing the shutter. The photographer is the “wolf” of the shoot.

Photography, problem Solving

There are three concepts on this shoot and in every single one of them Ben does some amazing problem solving. [Read more…]

Capture One Coupon Code Leaked Making It A Free Downland

Capture One by PhaseOne is one of the most glorified RAW processor software in the market. On just about every day, you can buy Capture One Pro for $299 or its little brother, Capture One Express for $99.

Capture One Coupon Code Leaked Making It A Free Downland

Redditor zeta3232 reports that buying Capture One Express 6 from this page and then using coupon code DCM2013 on checkout takes $99 off the purchase making it practically a free download. [Read more…]

TriggerTrap Strobe Adapter – High Speed Photography With Your Phone

With TriggerTrap, ioShutter and TriggerHappy making camera triggering via iPhone very accessible, I always thought it was quite a shame that all that iPhone (or android) power of triggering cameras was not used in high speed photography.

There are a few pretty good other solutions out there (cameraAxe being my fav), but they are all separated biggish boxes.

TriggerTrap Strobe Adapter - High Speed Photography With Your Phone

So TriggerTrap (whom I love for being an open community) came up with a flash adapter. It works with the same cycle as any high speed shoot: open shutter in dark room, trigger flash, close shutter.  I have not had any hands on with the adapter, but it seems very similar to other hotshoe adapters with the difference that they have a cable that goes into the TT dongle, so they should be pretty compatible. [Read more…]

Quick Tip: Using 35mm Film With Lomography’s Belair X 6-12

Lomography’s Belair X 6-12 is a beautiful bellows based 6×12 medium-format camera. As you probably know medium format film is getting harder and harder to get by (not to mention having it developed).

Flickr user ext237 found the perfect solution, adapt the Belair to 35mm film using nothing more than two pieces of Styrofoam. Now, even 35mm is getting harder to find and develop by the say, but it’s still cheaper and more accessible than medium format film.

Bellaire 6-12 6x9 hack for 35mm film

If you prefer not “spoiling” this beauty with Styrofoam pieces, there is a dedicated 35mm back too.

This is a great hack and if anyone tried it on other cameras please share with us. [Read more…]

J.F. Kennedy Photographs By Jacques Lowe Restored From Contacts After Negatives Lost On 9/11

The entire negative archives of Jacques Lowe – JFK presidential photographer – were stored in a fireproof vault in a bank in the World Trade Center. Lowe’s photos span from Kennedy’s 1958 U.S. Senate re-election campaign through his early years in the White House

Those negatives were lost on 9/11. It was a trove of about 40,000 individual negatives.

Creating Camelot: The Kennedy Photography of Jacques Lowe

Luckily, Lowe stored about 1,500 contact sheets and prints in his NYC studio and D.C’s Newseum was able to restore about 70 of the photos. [Read more…]

Considering A Group Buying Deal? You Might As Well Be Working For Free

We are familiar with Groupon or other group purchase services from the buying side. Those services offer you a pretty cheap coupon to get an item, or a service for about half the price or sometime even less provided that enough buyers hope on the deal.

[If you have never bought a Smartphone case from them raise your hand. No hands? good, you know what group purchases are. let’s continue..]

Considering A Group Buying Deal? You Might As Well Be Working For Free

But how do those deals looks from the service providers side? Specifically from a photographer’s point of view. Photographer JP Danko of blurMEDIA photography was recently approached by a group purchase service to offer a full session coupon  for $29. [Read more…]

Building A DIY Trigger Trap Mobile

A while back Haje Jan Kamps kickstarted TriggerTrap – an open-source magic camera trigger box. This box has evolved into TrigerTrap Mobile, a similar device that relies on the smarts of a smartphone rather than of a box.

When Lorenz Bee asked me if I wanted to post a DIY version of the dongle, I asked Haje. He was totally cool about it and gave his blessing. I think it may be a cool project to experiment and understand how camera triggers work, better that reviving an old mouse anyways.

DIY Trigger Trap Dongle

If you just want a cool trigger for you camera that uses a smarphone and don’t really care about soldering, just grab the dongle here, and the app here (iOs, Android). Otherwise, if you are doing the solder thing, just get the app.

If you have some basic soldering know-how making a homemade dongle should be pretty easy. [Read more…]

A Neat Trick For Shooting Beer Bottles

Have you ever wondered how they get that perfect pour when on those delicious beer or other bottled beverages ads? So did I.

A Neat Trick For Shooting Beer Bottles

If you look closely at any of those ads you will notice something in common. None of bottles bottoms are showing. And there is a simple reason for that, to get that clean, constant, bubble free pour, they are using a bottomless bottle (bar jokes anyone?).

The bottle is then “free” to accept any liquid going through the bottom and gently let it through to the other side.

[Read more…]