Photo Breakdown – Amazing Star Trails Night Exposure

Over the last few years I was obsessed with macro work. I decided to take a short break and experience/experiment with other forms of photography. I had a short (and enjoyable) period of underwater photography which ended abruptly when I introduced my beloved 60D unprotected to the ocean (not as enjoyable). After that unpleasant experience, I decided to stay away from large water habitats and expand my horizons by driving off to the desert and shooting the night skies (pun totally intended).

Photo Breakdown - Amazing Star Trails Night Exposure

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How To Build A Square Ring Light for Less Than $10

I know that Square Ring Flash is kind of an oxymoron, I mean how can it be both square and ring shaped. Well if they can do it in boxing, we can do it in photography. Making a square ring light is significantly easier than making a circled ring light, as strait lines as easier to handle. So easy in fact that you can be done with a ring light in half an hour and $10 as Isiah Xiong demostrates.

How To Build A Square Ring Light for Less Than $10

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The Recesky TLR DIY Camera Kit – A Review

It occurred to me recently that I’ve been a regular contributor here at DIY Photography for four months, and I’ve yet to actually write anything DIY-related. So, before anybody notices and rats me out to the boss, today’s the day I bring a little DIY to the table– compliments of a Chanukah gift from my 12-year-old son.

This particular man-cub is one of the most thoughtful people I know, which is one of the reasons he gets so pissed off every year around the holidays and my birthday over the high price of camera-related goodies. He wants to do something nice and can’t afford it. This year, though, he was bound and determined, and let me tell you– that kid of mine struck gold. For about twenty bucks, he got me the Recesky TLR DIY Camera Kit.

Recesky DIY Camera Kit

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Anatomy of a Christmas Stock Photography Shoot

I am not primarily a stock photographer, but I do contribute to a few stock agencies (primarily Stocksy United).  Right now, I mostly see stock photography as a way to earn passive income by leveraging leftover photography from paid gigs or personal work into additional revenue streams.

It’s pretty sweet to check your stock photography stats and find out that you just earned some extra cash from work that would otherwise just be sitting on a hard drive somewhere.

However, every once in a while I do go out to specifically shoot stock photography.

In this article, I am going to share the anatomy of a recent Christmas stock photography shoot.

Christmas Stock Photo Christmas Stock Photography Woman with Christmas Tree

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[UPDATE] Edelkrone Launches Sliderplus Motion Control Kit – Has Sweet Responsive Target Tracking

UPDATE: for pricing and features head down the post

A few minutes ago Turkish company Edelkrone released a Motion Control Kit for their SliderPlus slider.

Edelkrone Launches Sliderplus Motion Control Kit - Has Sweet Target Tracking

While motion control is nothing new (and Redrock Micro has a solution to a similar problem) Edelkrone did something a bit different when they gave a mounted camera independent responsive targeting, enabling the kit to slide while the camera stays on target. This can be quite handy for one man interviews.

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This Clever Stop Motion Movie Was Made Entirely With Google Glass

Whether you are an advocate or an opponent of Google glass you can not ignore the fact that it brings some creative potential to the table.

Catch a stop motion movie made with over 1,000 photographs taken with Google glass  was TU+, Namroc, Freddy & Isam Prado over the course of 4 days.

The movie follows a lipstick phone number left to a guy at a bar as it moves in space. (really, you probably need to see it to understand).

With the media busy with the social implications of Google glass, it is simply enjoying to see someone uses it as a creative tool.

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365 Reasons To Do A 365 Photo Project

I still remember the 1st time I clicked the shutter button of a DSLR. It was 5 years ago, Aug.24 2008. I was using a Nikon D80 back then and didn’t know how to use all of the buttons, how to focus, what exposure and all the number means and all that. When I started photography 5 years ago, I didn’t expect that I would be doing this for a living.


I wanted to learn more about Photography so I read books, looked at pictures, and then I stumbled into Flickr. I learned about the 365 Day Project in flickr. Some of my flickr friends where doing it and I wanted to try it for the challenge.

Doing The 365 Day Project was one of the most memorable moments in my life, and made me the photographer that I am today. [Read more…]

18 Photography Apps Each Smartphone Photographer Should Consider

If you stop to think about it, that little eye on the world on the back of your smart phone is a technological wonder– particularly if you grew up in an era when leaving the house or office meant nobody could reach you until you surfaced somewhere with a land line. Even when compared to point-and-shoot digital cameras of just a few years ago, these cameras which are constantly with us keep advancing at an incredible rate, creating images often indistinguishable from those taken with our DSLRs.

But it’s not perfect– and never can be–.since perfection means drastically different things to different people, Thanks to ambitious app creators, though, we can trick out our smart phone cameras with a seemingly endless supply of options. From filtering and sharing, to editing and correcting, if there’s something you want your smart phone camera to do, chances are there’s an app for that.


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Christmas Intro – DIY Newborn Photography Tips

Learning newborn photography techniques can come in handy for both amateur and professional photographers. Even if you’re not planning on doing it professionally, you have an opportunity to create lasting, well-appreciated, and meaningful imagery of your own children and the children of your loved ones.

Chances are, if you’re already passionate about photography, you have most of the necessary tools and knowledge to capture great newborn images. However, there are still a few important newborn-specific things to learn prior to diving into your first shoot.

Christmass Intro - DIY Newborn Photography Tips

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