Why Urban Exploring Can Never Be A Mass Photography Thing

Urban Exploring or Urbex is the art of photographing and documenting desolated, abandoned city locations before time sank its claws into them completely. If you are not really sure what  I am talking about you can check the works of Daniel Marbaix (featured) and David Van Bael.


The work is quite enchanting, but if you try to get into that field of photography, and ask about those locations, you will probably get a cold shoulder and those locations will stay secret. and there is a good reason for that. [Read more…]

Removing The Camera Drone from the Scene of the NYC Gas Explosion Was the Right Thing to Do

A screen grab from Brian Wilson's Instagram.

On Wednesday, Harlem’s community suffered tremendously when a gas leak explosion brought down two apartment buildings, killing 8 people and leaving over 70 injured. The NYPD was again faced with the task of digging through rubble to find any signs of survivors in a demolished area, bringing back memories to many people of what happened back on 9/11. A bizarre incident, however, did manage to make an appearance in the midst of everything when one photographer, Brian Wilson, caught some attention for his camera’s setup; it was on a flying drone.

The flying drone, a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter, managed to take a (pretty well done, might I add) aerial shot of the debris from the explosion that morning, and the photo was posted to the photographer’s Instagram account. It wasn’t, however, until the drone caught the attention of the NYPD that things got slightly controversial. I take that back; it already started turning heads of other people before it got noticed by the police, and even the people themselves got worried.

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Touching Group Portrait For Sick Friend Done With Shaved Heads

There aren’t many single moments in life that you can lay your finger on and say that your life before that moment is completely different from the life after that moment. Discovering you have cancer is definitely a life changing moment. And is it in that moment that you need your supporting environment – friend and family – the most.

Anything for love ...

Last month, one of Gerdi McKenna’s friends wrote an email asking Gerdi friends to come and make a group portrait for her. Having diagnosed with breast cancer, all of Gerdi’s friends accepted the invitation.

But, this was not a trivial group shot. To show their empathy, Gerdi’s friends all shaved their heads prior to posing for the portrait, which despite the sad circumstances is one of the most touching portraits I’ve seen. [Read more…]

Without Prior Notice, Calumet Just Closed Down Every One of its Stores in the US, and Filed for Bankruptcy

“It has been a joy to share our passion for photography with you all of these years. We’ll miss each other and we’ll miss all of our customers. Thank you for everything.”

That was the last post written by Calumet on their US Facebook page before it disappeared along with their website last morning. And just as abruptly as their online sites closed down, their retail stores in the US closed down as well. Reports have been coming in from different locations across the country of employees that couldn’t even get inside the buildings to see what was going on. Just like that, they were informed that they no longer work for the company anymore.

From Calumet's UK Facebook Page

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How To Invoice Photography Clients For Your Time

Last week, we took a look at how much should photographers charge per hour.  The next step is to explore how to actually invoice photography clients.

In this article, I will explain three billing methods commonly used in the photography industry: Time Plus Cost, Lump Sum and Upset Limit – and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

It might not seem important at first, but how you invoice photography clients can have a big impact on the success of a job, and your profit margin.

Retro Mad Men Business Man Business Woman In Office JP Danko Toronto Commercial Photographer blurMEDIA photography   [Read more…]

Nikon Adds a New (and Expensive) Mirrorless Camera to Their 1 Series

The front of the V3

Just an hour ago, Nikon announced their latest addition to their 1 line, and they claim it to have the world’s “fastest continuous shooting rate with AF tracking, [and] performance with tracking of moving subjects that exceeds that of digital SLR cameras”. It’s called the Nikon 1 V3, and its the first Nikon 1 camera that comes with a vari-angle touch screen LCD monitor and Wi-Fi capability.

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How To Take The Ultimate Selfie

Time magazine just named Makati City, Philippines as The Selfie Capital of the world. And as a proud Filipino I have done my shares of selfie in the interweb.

Selfie Capital PH

Selfies from friend’s in facebook

There are tons of selfies in the internet taken using a smartphone, but those do not compare to the greate selfies I have seen was on Flickr, where people take the time to light or setup their shots and use “real cameras” to take their selfies, just to name one that I always follow is Dustin Diaz’s flickr.

There are a lot of ways to do a selfie using your dslr, so to each his own, this is a quick tutorial on how I do my selfies. [editor note: Laya’s Selphies are some of the best I’ve ever seen so you may wanna hit the jump see what he has to offer] [Read more…]

Quick Tip: Using Toilet Paper Rolls As Cable Organizers

A week ago we shared a quick tip about using paper binders to organize your workstation. Today we supplement this tip with another quick tip about arranging cables in drawers.

Quick Tip: Using Toilet Paper Rolls As A Cable Organizers

Instructables user berserk shares a clever tip on using empty TP rolls as a divider system for cable management. Once you are done with a cable, put it away inside the in of a TP roll placed vertically in a drawer. A few of those and you will have a honeycomb of cable cells each with its own little baby cable.

If you can’t fill up an entire drawer, you can tape a few rolls together to keep em standing up straight.

[TP Roll Organizer Box | instructables]

P.S. and on the second drawer from the top, you can Arrange Your Photo Gear In A Cutlery Tray [Read more…]