What’s Your Prime Perspective?

What's Your Prime Perspective?One of the first lessons in almost any photography course will probably have a section about perspective.

This is done for an obvious reason, perspective is one of the tool we, as photographers have to control on how our photographs look.

Though this is a well chewed subject and is familiar to all, some photographers tend to forget it in the passion of shooting. The solution to that problem is prime lenses.

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When Bored At Work, Build A Camera

Art's CameruhFlickr user Some Guy (Art) as bored at work, we do sometimes. So instead of going to the cooler and catching the latest on American Idol or having another go at that darn level of angry birds he built a camera from trash.

Pulling a MacGyver, the camera was build from a machine core (AKA big toilet paper core) and a multi-tool.

Here is how the story starts, with a few necessary omissions: [Read more...]

Build A Motorized Slider With A Pen (And A Bunch Of Other Stuff)

motor and controller circuitTime lapse movies are getting more and more attention now. And as time lapse movies are getting more common, it takes more to create an outstanding time lapse. That more is moment. (There is a very good intro by Vincent Laforet on that).

If you want more control that what you get from a rotisserie grill or an egg timer, we have the project for you. Motorized sliders start at about $700, but if you have the spare time and solder mania you can get by at about $100 (and a pen) with a build guide from Jeff Tolentino.

But first here is a small glimpse of the capabilities taken with an EOS Rebel T1i: [Read more...]

Using Postit Notes For Rack Focusing

Using Postit Notes For Rack FocusingIf you shoot any dSLR video, you probably already know that some scenes reacquire shifting focus between several planes. This is a great way to tell a story.

For example, think about a shot where you see a person eating at the front of the frame, then, the focus changes and you see a sign that says “Dont feed the monkeys” or “No people allowed behind this line” or any other thing that adds to the story.

Here is the thing, though, it is not trivial to shift the focus between those two planes without a focus rack or a follow focus. Those usually come with a marking wheel where you can mark each plane of focus and easily return to it while shooting. That’s the up side, there are about 600 downsides if you are not shooting video regularly.

Michael The Mentor came up with a poorman’s solution to focus racking using arrow post its. [Read more...]

Mrs Scissorhands – Shoot Anatomy: Q&A With Benjamin Von Wong

Mrs Scissorhands - Q&A Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Montreal. In this post we try to get inside his brains with some Q&A about a recent concept shoot: Mrs Scissorhands.

If you are just in it for the awesome lighting jump to the last part. If you want the whole enchilada, we start right after the jump.

Oh yea, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Ben here on DIYP soon. [Read more...]

The Comprehensive Guide To Macro Photography

Female Blue Dasher Dragonfly (Pachydiplax longipennis)When we photograph something very small we call it a macro photography. I would imagine we should call it Micro photography, but I don’t have control over the jargon.

Shooting small things poses great challenges and comes with high rewards. In this tutorial I to get all the info that you’d need to take macro shots. starting from equipment through subjects and tip and wrap up of some of my favorite macro photographers on Flickr if you need some extra inspiration.

When we talk about macro photography we tend to think about small things that we shoot from a close distance. This definition works for me as an on-the-nose definition and is probably right for just about 95% of all macro images. [Read more...]

Make a PVC Table Dolly for Under $20 [video]

Make a PVC Table Dolly for Under $20 A while back we posted a tutorial on how to make a PVC video dolly. This dolly works great for in house on floors or tables or any other smooth surface.

The guys at Fugal Film Maker (kinda like DIYP, only for video) made a video version of constructing a very similar dolly, so if you had any questions about what goes in where or how to use the skateboard wheels your questions will be answered.

The video is a bit old, but still worth a watch if you just started videography and looking for inexpensive hacks. [Read more...]

A Shotgun Camera Tripod – Mounting A Camera Next To The Driver’s Seat

A Shotgun Camera Tripod - Mounting A Camera Next To The Driver's SitSometimes you’d wanna mount a camera next to the driver. This gives you a great POV as the shotgun passenger.

For stills you may wanna do this if you want to catch the dial going up to 88 MHP without breaking the law or shopping the speed in.

But I find this technique to be more relevant for videographers that want to use the shotgun POV as part of their story telling.

While a Gorillapod may be an option for smaller cameras, big cameras need more support. In this tutorial, Boris Georgiev is going to show us how to build a very simple and cheap shotgun mount. [Read more...]