Can’t Afford To Crash Cars? How About Scaling It Down

Here is a resolution I hope each one of you will get to employ one day. Freddie Wong and Brandon Lasstsch were asked to shoot a car chase for Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Alas, they did not have the money, cars or closed roads to shot it in.

The ingenious idea was to scale it down and use RC cars to shot the entire thing. RC cars meant no real danger, no need to close down a district, really fast shot reset and having a way smaller production in general. It can still be Epic though. Heck, they even had a police heli for the car to jump over! Hit the jump for the BTS

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Bokehlicious Splash Shots

A few weeks ago Corrie White shared a tutorial on creating a spactacular bokeh for a water splash photograph. When I saw it, I immediately thought “hmm….. this may play nice with the Bokeh Masters Kit“. So I asked Corrie if she wanted to experiment and play. She said yes. Yay!

A few weeks later Corrie sent me this wonderful photograph of a Bokehlicious background with a spectacular splash.


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High Speed Photographs of Toys Stuffed With Firecrackers

Shatter Straw

Alan Sailer is a master of blowing up stuff. Last year Alan declared a war on Christmas ornaments and hit them with a pallet shot from an special homemade, high speed, air canon. But then he also hit just about anything with stuff shot from that air canon.

Now Alan has a new hobby worth noting. He explodes things with powerful firecrackers and captures the microsecond just after the explosion. Alan uses a deadly home-built strobes that have a very short exposure length and a DIYed debris detector. The results are interesting and freaking at the same time.

Here are some of the stuff that Alan exploded (click any of the images for more information): [Read more...]

How Good Is Your Hue Sight?

Hues are little increments in tone or in true color. X-rite put up a little twist on the old numbers in the dots hue test. And put up a challenge where you can test how well you can discriminate hues from each other. It was far from trivial on a calibrated monitor.

Of course, the other side from a perfect score is being color blind.

How's Good Is Your Hue Sight?

You can take the test yourself here. How did you score?

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Building An Automatic iPhone Panorama Maker

While getting a good panoramic image got a whole lot easier with iOS6, there is still the issue of getting the phone to move the right way to achieve a perfect panorama.

Building An Automatic iPhone Panorama Maker

Ilya Titov solved that by building a stepper based rotor motor that also controls the iPhone via the headphone socket. (kinda like Triggertrap only reversed). The bracket takes a set of 16 images to create a cylindrical panorama, but doing three sequences: Sky + Horizon + Earth can result in a full spherical panorama. [Read more...]

Will Olympus OM-D EM-5 Be The Next Camera To Get Community Firmware?

Will Olympus OM-D EM-5 Be The Next Camera To Get Community Firmware?

Canon P&S shooters have CHDK, Canon film makers have Magic Lantern, and GH2 shooters have pTool. All are unofficial firmware updates, developed by the community, that provide additional features in the camera firmware.

A Nikon firmware group was started a while back, but it has seen very little progress.

Sometimes those are features developed by the dev team, like scripting, or HDR time-lapsing, but some features are simply unlocking camera capabilities that are enabled in hardware but are blocked by the firmware. Sometimes camera manufacturers develop a platform and disable certain features on specific cameras depending on marketing needs. (This is similar throughout the silicon industry and is not limited to camera, it is a way to save on R&D, tooling and manufacturing).

This is why this post over at 43rumors is a really interesting one. An anonymous hacker claims to have hacked the Olympus OM-D EM-5 claiming it is capable of features like clean HDMI output, focus peaking and 1080p@120. This is great news for Olympus shooters. [Read more...]

What If We Photographed Time Instead Of Space

When we talk about photographs we usually talk about how we Freeze Time or Capture The Moment. Still photography has become almost synonymous with describing an image that happens in a single moment in time.

What If We Photographed Time Instead Of Space

So the photos we know capture space as we see it in a single moment in time. What if that was reversed, what if we chose to photograph a single location in space over a period of time? [Read more...]