Bag O’ Goodies Assignment – Sports

bog logoThis is absolutely the last chance to make a submission for the Bag O’ Goodies assignment. It has been a great ride so far, with two great assignment and two awesome winners (food, people @ work). Consequentially, this is also your last chance to win goodies valued at $870, that will set you on the right path as far as gear and inspiration goes.

This time we are asking you to take a picture related to sports. Not that the world football cup has any grip on me. (for the American readers: football = soccer) [Read more...]

Poll: What Is The Most Important Item In Your Photo Bag?

one (by benefit of hindsight)Many of us are carrying gear bags (Or gear trucks). It would be interesting to find our what are we using those bags for.

So This poll is about understanding what is in your photo bag. To exclude the obvious answer, cameras and lenses are a given. And to make it a bit more interesting, please choose only a single item you consider to be most important.

I did not include pre-loaded options on this one, so you can get as creative as you want.

All the polls I ran gave really interesting results in the open text box, and I expect this one to be no different. Especially that “Other” is only option now. [Read more...]

Photographer Shoots Locomotive HD Video With Pinhole Canon 7D

Photographer Shoots Locomotive HD Video With Pinhole Canon 7DPart time photographer (and full time DB architect) Josh Grant, was able to shot an entire like the old schoolers, with a pinhole camera. In this post Josh shares how he made the pinhole camera (from a Canon 7D) and filmed the movie. josh picked the perfect subject too – a locomotive to match feeling with technology!

I’ve wanted to make a pinhole lens for years now, but I finally got off my duff and did it after reading Matt Devlin’s fine tin can digital pinhole tutorial. [Read more...]

Canon Mug Giveaway Winners

DSC_9437 (by udijw)A week ago we were proud to announce a giveaway for a Canon lens mug from we have our winners.

The winner of the most original use for a canon lens 70-200 f/4 thermos is sieversma who suggested to use a canon lens to “tenderize meat”. Ouch.

The randomly selected winners of the 24-70 mug are twitters #54 – @jamesenloe and #18 – @matt_holdridge

Some other cool uses for the lens were:

  • DeathProctorbreak the glass inside, load it with 80mm mortar rounds and use it
    as a cannon
  • iamunique127If
    I had a Canon lens I’d call a friend with a Canon to come and take a
    picture of all my wonderful Nikon gear
  • noroom2 Canon Cocktail: Long Lenses Give Greater Alcohol Amounts

Winners were contacted. [Read more...]

Bag O’ Goodies – People @ Work Assignment Winner

bog logoIt is time to announce the winner of the second part of the Bag O’ Goodies assignment.

It was not an easy pick as there were many different interpretations for the assignment – work / people at work. Many interpretations and many great images. The winner will take home more than $870 worth of prizes.

I have to admit that I managed to narrow it down to six. It was my dear wife who helped me make the final selection of five. Here goes (with no particular order): [Read more...]

LIM Intervalometer Fits In A Liquorice Drops Box and Takes Time Lapse Movies

Intervalometer LIM revealed (by Majet)Reader Marco Jetti shared a really cool project on DIYP’s flickr pool. It is an Intervalometer project call LIM (Less Is More). Intervalometer is the thingy that allows you to take a picture every X seconds. And it is made with very basic electronics. It fits in a small liquorish box (which I guess is the Italian equivalent of Altoids).

Here is the cool thing. Marco added a very detailed diagram of the circuit as well as simulation and building steps. (This is very cool, Marco did just the same with his 5 km camera trigger) [Read more...]

Reflector Primer – The Photographer’s Best DIYed Friend

Reflector Primer - The Photographer's Best DIYed Frienddo you really need one? The short answer is yes. The long answer is….

A reflector, as the name implies, is something that reflects light. In photography, is it usually a big sheet of something white, silver or gold, that bounces light at your subject (or at anything you want light on for that matter).

If you are not to particular about having your reflector look all nice and nifty are plenty of DIY options here, and basically any flat surface will do. Foam boards, bed sheets, aluminum covered plywood, did I say any big surface yet? [Read more...]

Canon Lens Mug Review And Giveaway

DSC_9437 (by udijw)On the left, this is me, in my secret headquarters contemplating a move to Canon. Or am I? If you’ll remember about 2 months ago cool canon lens shaped mugs were observed on the Olympic booth held by some lucky journalists (yup, photoshooting the Olympics just have it merits).

I actually twitted that if anyone knows how to get a mug like this they be declared hero and win internal fame. (PDN link died since then).

Well Canon
are now selling thise direct. In the internet era it is rare that a store’s name is a 100% match with what it does, but you gotta hand it, those guys live up to their name.

Canon Mugs are now selling two kinds of mugs: a 70-200 L f/4 thermos (on the left image) and a 24-105 travel cup. [Read more...]

On Board Flash Snoot

On Board Flash SnootWhile I don’t usually advocate using the camera built-in flash, There are times that it may be useful. Neil van Niekerk is quite popular for his on camera flash use (with the black foamy thing). This little mod sent by Nick Murray-Hogarth goes even back as far as on camera flash goes and uses the on board flash wrapped in a snoot.

Not too long ago we had an article about using foam rubber sheets to make a snoot to mount on an external flash, not having upgraded to an external just yet, I thought I would have a go at making one for the on-board flash. So here goes! [Read more...]