End Of August Late Speedlinks

speedlinksOK, somehow something went very wrong, and I still don’t have a decent internet connection. Thank you coffee lord for providing free internet (and lots and lots of coffee). On today’s speedlinks lots of gel holders, light painting, some great projects and as always lots of hacks and DIY mods to the photography addict.

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Take Cool Car Photos With A DIY Specialized Car Rig

camera rig for car photographyThe following post is a guest post from James Evins- an automotive photographer from Houston. 

Hi! My name is James Evins, and I am going to talk to you guys (and girls) about a nifty way to build your own automotive rig! Who doesn’t love rig shots? The sense of motion achieved and the interesting angles that would be nearly impossible in a car to car or panning shot make automotive rigs an invaluable tool to automotive photographers. [Read more...]

Super Macro Your Cellphone Camera With A DVD Lens

Cellphone Macro PhotographyI’ll admit, Super Macro Your Cell Phone Camera With A DVD Lens is one weird title.

However, if you just moved to a blu ray DVD player and you’re looking for some good use for your old DVD, cnflikt (who also took the shots for this tutorial) came up with a hack to enable you to take super macro shots with your cellphone. Of course you’ll need a camera phone for that. cnflikt uses the notorious, yet old-skooled K800i, but any camera phone will work here.

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Build a Back-Lit Slope Backdrop For Better Product Photography

Child's shoe isolated on white background

The following article is a guest post by Ilya Titov, a photographer and web designer, who also runs a great blog at blog.webboggles.com.

Are you a photographer who needs to take dozens of high quality photographs every day?

Are you a designer who has to process the above? – I am both, and I cheated.

Well, not really, I just optimized the way I go about achieving the target outcome. I dothis by using a home grown illuminated light table (or slope). Read on for full details.

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Where Do You Take Your Studio Pictures – Poll Results

Photography Studio @ HomeAbout a week ago, I asked DIYP readers where do they take most of their studio pictures. The matter of setting up a home studio is strongly related to having a place to set the studio at. 

We’ve all seen how a studio can be set up in under three minutes (ok, timelapse cheating, but still), so it was interesting to learn how DIYP readers coped with this issue. Full results and some thoughts after the jump.

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A Bag Full Of Tricks – Rotation360 Product Review

Ori loves the rotation360Are you an “I love to carry stuff with ease” (AKA comfort carry) kind of photographer or a “I love access to my lenses” (AKA easy access) kind of photographer?

The comfort carry kinda photographers tend to take backpacks that have back systems, while the easy access types go for pouches and sling bags.

When I got the Rotation360 for review I was happy to see that you can have both comfort and access in the same system. Read on for my full review.

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Five Great Flash Techniques To Improve Your Photography Light

Exploring Small StrobesSo, you moved your light off camera (very good) and looking for some new ways to explore more lighting options. Some of the most interesting light can come from doing the unexpected with your flash.

Here are five great techniques to boost your off camera lighting.

After exploring those five you’ll have a great toolbox for shooting pictures with off camera flash.

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Where Do You Take Your Studio Pictures

Photography Studio @ Home

With the Studio @ Home series going on, I thought that it would be really interesting to share and learn about the “habits” and locations that DIYP readers use as random (or permanent) studio locations. This is the first poll ever on DIYP and I am very exited about it and looking forward to hearing on your photography life.

Some of the setups you have shared on this thread, and more shares are welcomed. However, an image of a setup is not necessary, simply tell us where you improvise your studio. From bedrooms to kitchens, let us know where you shoot. If your place is not on the list, let us by sharing in the comments.

RSS readers, you may have to click the link to vote and view results.

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Endless Backdrops (And Patterns) For a Penny

Endless Backdrops (And Patterns) For a PennyTwo things about backdrops.

1. Studio backdrops are not cheap.  A single color muslin backdrop can cost up to 30$ and the fancy ones with patterns can cost even more.

2.  Backdrops take space. No matter how you look at it, each roll of seamless or fold up fabric take space. It is especially “bad” if you’re using seamless paper. I mean those rolls are huge and having just a few of them will get you a ‘sad smiley’ with your significant other.

The easy solution of course is to use a black backdrop; a white backdrop and some magic to get all the rest. (If you’ve already gelled flashes till your head popped, skip right to the pattern part).

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