A Shotgun Camera Tripod – Mounting A Camera Next To The Driver’s Seat

A Shotgun Camera Tripod - Mounting A Camera Next To The Driver's SitSometimes you’d wanna mount a camera next to the driver. This gives you a great POV as the shotgun passenger.

For stills you may wanna do this if you want to catch the dial going up to 88 MHP without breaking the law or shopping the speed in.

But I find this technique to be more relevant for videographers that want to use the shotgun POV as part of their story telling.

While a Gorillapod may be an option for smaller cameras, big cameras need more support. In this tutorial, Boris Georgiev is going to show us how to build a very simple and cheap shotgun mount. [Read more...]

How to Build A Cycwall – The Sexy Way

How to Build A Cycwall - The Sexy WayWe’ve had our share of building cyc wall guides. (A cyc wall or a Cyclorama is a curved background that gives you that infinite white look. If you wanna freshen up on what it is used for, visit here).

I am not sure if you’ll remember any of them other tuts, but I am sure you will remember this one, if only for presentation qualities.

The guys (I am taking a wild assumption when saying guys) at EyeHandy put up a complete cyc wall how-to presented by a model. It includes the entire process from measuring, through carpentry and painting.

I am placing the video after the jump as this may be NSFW for some. [Read more...]

Steel Wool Light Painting

Steel Wool in the StreetAnybody who does not like fire raise their hands. What no hands up? OK, I am not really surprised that the readers of this blog like fire.

In that case you’ll be happy to learn that the guys over at Photo Extremist released a video guide [after the jump] on how to make steel wool light painting. We sued to do lots of those in the boy scouts at the end of year fire display. We did not even used the whisk, just put some metal wire around the steel wool.

When you go out and do this, make sure you protect both yourself (goggles, gloves, long sleeves) and the surrounding (fire extinguisher, no dry leafs and so on). Those sparks seem small but they are nasty. [Read more...]

Shoot Sculpture People Made With Starch And Sub-Woofer

Shoot Scalpture People Made With Starch And Sub-WooferTurns out that mixing water and starch creates a mixture that interacts with sound in an interesting way.

Photographer Chris Tomkins send this video along with some instructions on producing the mixture and getting onto a tray over a sub woofer.

For some reason , the images taken while the basses are thundering resemble little people. This is true for lots of similar experiments. interesting.

[Read more...]

The Gelatin Photo Project

More GelatineAfter doing a similar multiplicity project with water, Vik J. shows us how to use Jello and water to create amazing repeating patterns and light painting.

If you’re looking at a hot and humid weekend forecast, try this instead of going to the mall.

Stuck for something to do on a rainy day? Find yourself a piece of glass, some gelatine and water. I never realized that these simple things could provide so much fun! [Read more...]

Give A Bulb The Hot & Cold Treatment For Interesting Burning Bulb Shots

Give A Bulb The Hot & Cold Treatment For Interesting Burning Bulb ShotsWay, waaaaaay back we had a tutorial about how to shot a burning bulb. IT was actually one of the first posts on DIYP to hit Digg (that was pretty big back in the days).

Till this day, it remains one of the most read posts on the blog and is a personal favorite. This is why I was happy to discover two bulb related tips from Flickr user Steve O that make those awesome images even more awesome.

The first tip is about how to make a small crack in the bulb. That crack allows air to get in and burn the filament while keeping some of the smoke inside the bulb’s glass.

The second tip is about creating a small hole to extend the time it takes the filament to burn. Both tips with their photos after the jump. [Read more...]

The Digital Light Wand Creates Light Painting In Thin Air

The Light Carnival is in Town!Looks like LED light sabers for light painting capture that interesting Venn Diagram intersection between photography and hackering.

After featuring Lightscythe – a light painting LED wand that can be loaded wireless comes another detailed tutorial from Michael Ross, which may be more suitable for the beginner Arduino. photographer.

The wand is build on the Arduino platform and can be loaded with still images that are shown as the wand is swayed from side to side. The results are amazing. [Read more...]

Nothing Is More Fun Than Throwing Stuff Through A Water Wall But…

Lemon RipNothing is more fun than throwing stuff through a water wall but photographing them.

A wall of water is a fascinating thing by itself. It can get even more amazing if you throw stuff through it.

In this tutorial, Jack Long will explain how he built the water wall and how he uses it to take spectacular photographs.

There is a slight use of power tools so the regular disclaimer applies, don’t do anything stupid, and get assistance if you don’t feel comfy around heavy machinery that spins fast. We also have a non-regular disclaimer about using water and electricity, make sure you take the necessary precautions with the splashes and all. [Read more...]

When Two Drops Meet a Pellet

When Two Drops Meet a PalletIf you thought that taking the perfect water drop photograph is as cool as it can get, think again.

When Corry discussed the concept of shooting a drop, he talked about how you can get interesting shapes and crowns by making two drops meet at a precise timing. It was pretty impressive. Photographer and water drop shooter extraordinaire Markus Reugels (A.K.A maianer) took the concept one step further and had those drops meet a pellet.

I asked Markus how he does that, and it ain’t that simple. Aside using a special device called StopShot to time the drops, it involves building a special pellet rifle. This is how Markus describes it: [Read more...]

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