The LensBaby Composer – A Review by Kirk Tuck

I am probably the last person anyone want to hand an “artsy” device to. I shoot quick, have not tolerance for fiddling around and I hate the canned look for most “alternate” processes that are inherent in a camera’s performance profiles. So maybe the owners of this site did the LensBaby people a big disservice and then again, maybe not…..

The LensBaby Composer - A review by Kirk Tuck

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Light Traveling With A Bass Case

My New Lighting Bag - YAY! Goodies!It’s amazing how a new gear bag can brighten up your day. And my new bag is certainly doing wonders for my mood.

Up until recently, I had two modes of operation: Light – in which I traveled with my Bazooka kit – Westcott shoot through umbrella and mini lightstand bunjeed together and held with an M16 strap and Loaded – where I used an old trade-show-stand-bag for an additional stand and umbrella, my softlighter II, and my Apollo box.

It was OK for lagging stuff around, but not very comfy when it comes to packing and unpacking – there was only a top opening, which made it hard to grab the right modifier or to place everything back in.

On my last session with Tomer Jacobson I picked up his little trick. He uses a bass guitar case for lagging his lighting stuff around. I got one today for 35 USD (it was listed 40, but when the store person heard that I’ll be using it for lighting gear, he took 5 dollars off. cool!). [Read more...]

Giving Away An Awesome Tamron SP 70-300mm Telezoom

Tamron SP 70-300mm TelezoomUPDATE: the giveaway is now over, scroll over to the end of the post to see who won the lens.

Tamron, our awesome sponsor is giving DIYP readers a Tamron SP 70-300mm Di VC USD Tele Zoom lens.

It is a great little lens with Ultrasonic Silent Drive which provides fast and quite focusing, low dispersion glass, optimized for DSLRs and Tamron’s Vibration Compensation technology. An excellent grab for its $449 street price.

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Quick & Dirty Full Fledged Video Dolly

Quick & Dirty Full Fledged Video DollyThe good guys over at Age of Rockets are sharing their DIY design for a video dolly. Me likey. Unlike the iPhone Dolly or the PVC Skater Dolly which are for small cameras, this one allows you to mount a full fledged tripod on it. Probably a light camera only, but still better than a skateboard :).

The dolly also comes with a set of cheap aluminum angle bars rails (~$10 for 96″ @ HomeDepot) for smooth motion.

Basically it is nothing more than a few pieces of aluminum angle, some wood and bolts and 6 roller blade wheels. Did I say quick and dirty yet? [Read more...]

Using a Twist Jar Opener as Follow Focus

Photographer Tony Carretti came up with a pretty twisted way to make a cheap follow focus.

Tony uses a $2.49 Bed Bath & Beyond twist jar opener with the focus ring on the lens replacing the jar lid. As Tony says it is not solve 100% of your follow focus problems, but for $2.49 it really is a sweet solution.

If you are looking for a more complete DIY solution, prepare your workshop and check out the friction based follow focus that we features a while ago.

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Crossing Over To The Dark (Field) Has Never Been Easier

Crossing Over To The Dark (Field) Has Never Been EasierGlass is one of the hardest thing to photograph. It is transparent, hard to define, and punish for every spec of dust. In this post, we will explore two cheap, easy ways to ease the pain of shooting glass. And get stuffed with Pringles while doing so.

Bright Field and Dark Field are two lighting techniques used to shoot glass I first saw the term while reading Light Science & Magic though the principles are probably way older then the book.

Photographer Steve Bennett came up with a sweet and super cheap setup to perform both lighting schemes quickly and on a budget. [Read more...]

Build A PVC Camera Shoulder Rig

Build A PVC Camera Shoulder RigUser knoptop of Instructables came up with a video to show how you can make an HDSLR shoulder rig from PVC pipes.

For the most basic configuration all you’d need is a bunch of PVC pipes and fitting and a conduit box.

If you want a little bit extra you can add insulation foam as padding. I really like these kind of projects I wish we’d see more of them. [Read more...]

About Available Power, Being Nice To Earth and Saving Money

About Available Power, Being Nice To Earth and Saving MoneyAs a child we used to have a special plastic container in the fridge. The battery container. At any given moment it had a about two dozen batteries.

As I grew up and started to use a camera (a used Nikon F70) and a strobe (A used SB28), and then 5 strobes  it was only natural come up with a better system.

A system that would be kind to mother earth on one hand, and will allow me to shoot as much as I want on the other. The system evolved over the years, and will probably keep changing. This is where I stand now.

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Understanding Flash Sync, Shutter Curtains And High Speed Sync

Photographer Paul Duncan put together a great instructional video explaining what those darn curtains are, and why they matter for flash photography.

This excellent video, uncomplex some of the more complex concepts of flash photography. It explains the illusive T0.5 and T0.1, the concept of flash and front/back curtain and how high speed sync works (pretty clever).

Kinda makes this whole curtain thing simple as a shower curtain.

and if you thought that the video is smart, check Paul’s (Even Smarter) galley, and informative you tube channel. [Read more...]