The Making Of The Bokeh Goblins In The Gramatik Music Video “Solidified”

A few weeks back we featured a crazy video where bokeh golblins took over New York. Our Bokeh Masters Kit has been around, but nothing to that extent – I loved how much detail the bokeh goblins had and how their eyes moved so I asked the director Bradonio if he could explain how it was done. Following is his account.

The following is a quick description of the “bokeh silhouettes” in the Gramatik music video “Solidified”, if you don’t recall the video, here is a quick reminder.

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Don’t Let The Next Venus Transit Over The Sun Catch You Unprepared

Venus’s transit over the sun occurs when planet Venus positions itself between the Sun and the Earth, kinda like the solar eclipse we had a few weeks back.

The timing of this astrological phenomena is kinda weird, a couple of transits 8-years-apart occurs every 105 (or 121) years. So the next transit of Venus across the Sun won’t take place until 2117. This is plenty of notice – about a centery worth – but if you get to the last minute and still find yourself unprepared here is a neat fast trick from Jeff Finkelstein to get you back on your feet.

Here is the image of the Venus Transit, with my DIY $2.00 rig

Venus Transit of the Sun

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The Frankenlens Is A Polaroid/GH2 Hybrid

We have seen our share of old lenses / new cameras before. But nothing as frenkensteinish as this GH2/Polaroid hybrid from Gabriel Verdugo.

franken 1

franken 2

The franken lens, (:, just a fun project of the weekend, I took an old polaroid camera, of the ones that printed the images in the 80´s, took out the plastic lens and placed into my micro four thirds camera.

The tubes that you see are macro tubes, that are used to be able to have the lens in focus (In this case the distance from the lens to the camera sensor must be the same distance that the light traveled from the lens to the printable paper inside the polaroid). Luckily, these tubes accept a 52mm ring, so I simply attached a 52mm ring into the lens, to make the Frankenlens interchangeable. [Read more...]

How To Make A Simple And Effective Flash Diffuser

Flash diffusers have always been one of the more effective projects on the blog. If you are a run and gun photographer doing events or coverage, you don’t always have time to set up an off camera flash on location, and having a diffuser is the next best thing. (though you can still hold the strobe by hand/boom, foam it or mount it on a bag).

The problem with most of the DIY diffusers we features along the years is that they are either not very slick looking or that they provide only a small surface to bounce off.

How To Make A Simple And Effective Flash Diffuser

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Quick Tip – Importing Multiple Memory Cards With Lightroom

If you are only using one card reader or one memory card, this tip is of little use to you. But if you are using several cards or several readers this is a real time saver.

I use SanDisk’s ImageMate All-in-One card reader which takes both my D3100 SD cards and my D300 CF cards. But up till now I used to read the cards one after the other, which was pretty annoying.

This 3 minutes video shows how you can read several cards simultaneously. This saves the hassle of key-wording or applying import presets twice, but more importantly, it saves the need to babysit Lightroom and wait for the first card to finish download.

P.S. B&H are having a huge one day sale on sandisk cards, so if you need more space…

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A Neat Trick To Determine Your Dominant Eye

It turns out that not all eyes were born equal, and that most of us have one dominant eye. The dominant eye, is the one your brain prefers when it comes to processing visual input, and you should probably use that eye when looking through the viewfinder.

A Neat Trick To Determine Your Dominant Eye

Here is a neat trick you can preform to discover which of your eyes is the dominant one. Courtesy of reddit user ElementK.

  • Extend both hands forward of your body and place the hands together making a small triangle (approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inch per side) between your thumbs and the first knuckle like this.
  • With both eyes open, look through the triangle and center something such as a doorknob in the triangle.
  • Close your left eye. If the object remains in view, you are right eye dominant. If closing your right eye keeps the object in view, you are left eye dominant.

What are you? A lefty or a righty?

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A Light Bat Is Making A Stamp All Over The World (+ Tutorial)

Photographer and light painting extraordinaire TigTab (who makes beautiful light stencil images) sent a light bat flying all over the word.

Global Light Bats

Well, actually, it is a bat light stencil (similar to the stencil tigtab made a tutorial for in the past, only this one is collapsible – see new tutorial after the jump).

The bat stencil will travel some 50,000 miles and visit 28 light painters in what I think is the biggest light painting chain letter in the history of man.

bat travels

The bat, friendly named TAD started his travel in Australia almost 2 years ago and is still wondering the world. If you wanna follow the bat around (or join in on some of the next traveling stencils, check out the Light Stencil Central flickr group. (Or check the F-light of the Night flickr group to see the original bat travels)

And now, how to make a fordable light box tutorial (the stencil instructions can be found here) [Read more...]

3 Zoom H1 Recording Tips I Learned The Hard Way

3 Zoom H1 Tips I Learned While Making A Video

I’ve been shooting still for quite a long time now, about 18 years. But videos are really new to me. And it turns out that there is a learning curve. While I feel pretty confident about composition, exposure and stuff like this, some aspects are completely new to me.

Being on a shoot a few days ago, I learned a few tips the hard way. Weirdly enough, they all have to more with audio, and the Zoom H1 in specific, than with video. [Read more...]