How To Really Void The Warranty On An LP160 Strobe (Extreme Bare Bulb Mod)

A while back I shared a post about three ways to skin a cat to bare bulb a strobe, one of which was Ryan Mangondaya’s excellent mod for the quad-sync LumoPro 160. Since than those strobes have been discontinued and I am now eagerly awaiting the LP180 replacement. But still if you care for having a go on this with one of your units Ryan put up a guide on this mod. Of course, with the 160 being discontinued and the 180 not announced yet, don’t come crying if you nuke your strobe dead. Or if you buzz your self to death handling a stripped strobe. Those capacitor inside can deliver an unhealthy a healthy jolt is handled incorrectly. There, this was our standard warning, consider yourself warned. It’s all Ryan after the jump.

How To Void The Warranty On An Lp160 Strobe (Extreme Bare Bulb Mod)

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This Is Your Flash, This Is Your Flash On HSS (Strobes At 500,000 FPS)

DIYP reader Florian Knorn just sent in this really rare footage of a Sony HVL-F58AM Flash gun shot with a super fast 500,000 frames per second Fastcam SA4.

This Is Your Flash, This Is Your Flash On HSS

The SA4 is usually used to study ballistics and explosions, but Florian turned it on a strobe, playing a 500,000 movie at 25 FPS – an X20,000 reduction in speed. Actually, he did it twice, once that shows the strobe firing at 1/32 power with HSS on, and one that shows the same power shot with HSS off. The videos and my thoughts after the jump. [Read more…]

How To Build A Teleprompter + Tips

Griffin Hammond over at Indy Mogul has a great video about how to build a $35 DIY teleprompter. That is pretty awesome compared to the cheapest one I found on B&H which was $449.

How To Build A Teleprompter + Tips

For anyone who’s wondering what a teleprompter is, it is a device that allows you to read text while looking directly at the lens. It is made with beam splitter glass positioned at 45° with a camera behind it and running text below it. The beam splitter does not block the camera from seeing as you look at it, while reflecting text that you can read. It is all explained in the movie after the break. [Read more…]

Panoramix – A Panoramic Hack Of The Wonderful Dippold Pinhole Camera

One of the nice things about releasing a project to the world is the fact that it can tranform, and et enhanced by the community. Here is how humble Paul Eliasberg describes his project:

Panoramix - A Panoramic Hack Of The Wonderful Dippold Pinhole Camera

This tutorial is nothing more than showing you my way of putting an extra frame into a standard Dippold pinhole camera. There may be other ways, but this works for me. If you haven’t made a Dippold camera before, please do so first. You can find the template and instructions here. [Read more…]

Rigwheels Is The Mother Of All DIY Dollies

Many of the video hacks we share are about dollies and sliders. It is not surprising as both make a huge impact on production value.

Most of the wheeled sliders we featured are using aligned skating wheels for smooth movement. This makes sense as they come with bearings and provide smooth motion. The only down side here is that the smooth movement is limited to the length of smooth surface you have.

Enter RigWheels. RigWheels is somewhat of a DIY product, but also somewhat of a high-end product, mostly depending on how you use it.

Rigwheels Is The Mother Of All DIY Dollies

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