Blinky Is One Cute DIY Pinhole Camera

If you have not noticed DIYP is big on semi-made/semi-DIY photography projects. And we are also big on pinhole. This is why we absolutely love this Pinhole/DIY/Camera project.

Blinky Is One Cute DIY Pinhole Camera

The Blinky is a self-assemble DIY Pinhole lens made from cardboard. Similarly to the Paper Fold Pinhole, the film chamber is kept shut with a rubber band. (Did I say this kit is genius yet?) and the film is wound with a wooden peg.

The Blinky site does not say how much each kit costs, but they provide a mail for contact. [Read more...]

Igus W1080-B Slider Review And Dollarama Bokeh

Benjamin Von Wong, Montreal Based Photographer here to bring you guys yet another post for DIY photography!

Igus W1080-B Slider Review And Dollarama Bokeh

Recently, I’ve been looking for simple ways to improve the production quality of my Behind the Scene videos and one of the things I noticed that were lacking were some smooth rail pans that you see pretty much in any professional production.  Unfortunately, I did not have the 1000$+ required for a set of real professional sliders such as the Cinevate Pegasus so I began searching for affordable alternatives… which is where I stumbled upon the IGUS Camera Sliders. IGUS is a plastic development company and one of their products just happens to be an oil-free low friction camera slider with various DIY options… even better, they were extremely competitively priced varying between 130-210$ for a 3 foot piece of rail/slider system!

[Read more...]

Build A Jib From 5 Pieces of Scrap

Build A Jib From 5 Pieces of Scrap

If you are doing any videography, a jib (or a crane) is probably the third piece of gear you will buy (after a camera and a slider).

Jibs can bring huge production value to your videos. See this tutorial by J. P. Morgan for example. Alas they don’t come cheap. A small starters jib will set you back about $270 and a production monster like this one will be about a left kidney.

I just wish someone will have plans for a small and affordable crane. Lucky me you. Videographer Dan Colvin from Unitips has a tutorial just like this. [Read more...]

How To Bake A Nikon Cake

A few weeks ago the blog has taken a small detour to the baking realm with camera shaped cookies. I thought that cookies were not big enough in some cases so here we go with a guide to bake a Nikon cake.

How To Bake A Nikon Cake

I must say that making this Nikon cake was not trivial, but it was not as hard as I expected and seems like everyone with a bit of baking skills can pull this off.

Please note the cake is of an un-named model (D4, maybe?). Names will be happily accepted in the comments. [Read more...]

Crowdsourcing Bullet Time

Eeeeveryboy loves Bullet Time. Bullet Time is that magical moment in a movie when everything freezes and the camera makes a circle or a semi circle around an object. I guess it is called bullet time cuz the camera moves at the speed of a bullet.

By now, you probably know that this effect is achieved with a battery of stills camera that will set you back a small house. To achieve Bullet Time, the photographers (or Bullet time specialist) places cameras in a circle and use both a green screen and clever triggering software.

The big number of cameras are used to maintain smooth motion as the point of view moves from one camera to another.

The Triggering mechanism is used to trigger the camera one after the other in very close succession, so it would seem like time is still flowing while the POV changes.

And the green screens is used to eliminate any interference and gain control over the set.

Or….. You could crowd source it all. [Read more...]

High Speed Primer – Better Trigger And Cherry Drops

High Speed Primer - Better Trigger And Cherry Drops

On our last post we built and used a sound trigger to shoot a crossbow shoots an egg, today we add a photo gate trigger and shoot things falling.

After using the original trigger circuits for quite a while, I decided to make some improvements and to amalgamate the various devices into one, and to finally “hard wire” the whole lot. My excuse was that while I was incorporating the improvements I could rationalize the kit, but to be honest this was a bit of a vanity project. The finished control box is better, and much more versatile, and has enough knobs and switches to impress the unwary, but functionally the quick-and-easy separate circuits are just as good!

So, you can treat this post as a bit of a vanity project too, and skip it completely unless you are a inveterate tinkerer yourself! [Read more...]

Stocking Stuffers Giveaway

Stocking Stuffers Giveaway

I wanted to do a quick fun thing for Christmas & Hanukah so we are giving away some awesome stocking stuffers – we are doing all holidays and shipping worldwide.

UPDATE: the giveaway is now over, scroll over to the end of the post to see who won the lens.

To celebrate the spirit of gift giving we are giving away 5 (yea, five) Bokeh Masters Kits and 5 (yea, five) Camera Cookie Cutters to one winner. With the main idea that you will give (at least some of them to your friends.

Also, our pals at MOO, chipped in with 200 Business Cards here
and 3 StickerBooks which you can
actually use as greeting cards.

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is answer one simple question:

Who Are You Going To Share The Goods With?

You can enter in two ways, each will grant you one ruffle ticket

1. Leave your answer as a comment on this post (and please unmark ‘receive email notifications’ – trust me on this one :) + I am moderating comments so you’ll have a to wait a bit to see it coming.

2. Twit your answer with the following text in the tweet: #diypstocking Feel free to be as creative as you want, as long as you have that text in the twit.

The giveaway will end on Friday, December 9th, when will pick up one lucky winner, and this post will be updated with the winner’s name.

UPDATE: The giveaway is now over. Thanks for everone who entererd. The winenr, by ir comment #12 by Jeremy.

UPDATE2: Sadly no contact from Jeremy,, moves the prize to comment #252 by Johnathan Nissan

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Keep Your Lens Cap Safe With A DIY Nice Clip

A while back we shared a niec little clip called the Nice Clip. It is a clip that attaches to the lens cap and make it clipabale. It really is one of those smack-me-on-the-head-for-not-thinking-about-this kinda of ideas.

Luckily, its simplicity makes it a good candidate for a DIY version. I guess photographer Sean Ragan thought the same. Using a small lapel clip and heavy duty outdoor mounting tape.

Keep Your Lens Cap Safe With A DIY Nice Clip [Read more...]