DIY Dual Gun Bracket With 39″ Umbrella

DIY 39-inch Reflective Umbrella w/ Dual Speedlight Bracket (by Allen Mowery)I am not surprised to see the DIY community responds to David’s Hobby last post about the Lastolite Triflash. Reader Allen Mowery came up with a quick and easy way to build a dual flash bracket with a DIY umbrella.

Made from a T-brace and a 1/2″ plastic pipe (+ some odds and ends), Allen presents the Dual Bracket Swivel Mount. The “genius involved” is debatable to quote the tutorial, however for about $8 (umbrella excluded) this is quite a find. (I am not really sure about the DIYing of the umbrella, in this case. folding and unfolding it seems a bit risky with cheapo paint).

It does not carry a trysync hotshoe as the tryflash, but is still a great way to double your flash power (and save some on a swivel).

Read the full tutorial from Allen on DIYP’s flickr group.

Read about other dual brackets here. [Read more...]

The Complete Guide For Photographing Live Insects At Home

I started toying around with insect macro photography about 18 months ago. And to be honest, those first few months produced some amazingly bad photographs. But as scientists say, there is no such thing as a failed experiment – as long as it yields data. Well, I’ve managed to amass quite a lot of “data”. And I am grateful that I am able to share some of that knowledge with the DIY community.

As bad as they were, those first few macro shots opened my eyes to the amazing detail and intricacies that lay just beyond the capabilities of our vision. Watching the insects move through the viewfinder was – and still is – a fascinating experience. So, from my earliest attempts, I decided I was going to only shoot live insects.
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Attaching SLR Lenses to an iPhone

Phone-O-Scope: Completed build (by bhautik joshi)Photographer and Engineer Bhautik Joshi came up with a nifty way to attach a real SLR lens to camera phones. and when I say attach, I mean optically, not just wrapping both in tons of gaffers tape.

Using not much more than old CD lenses, cardboard and some sticky putty, Bhautik was able to construct a mechanism. Now, we had a project on the site before where we combined a DVD lens with an iPhone to create a super macro cameraphone, but Bhautik takes it to the next step. [Read more...]

Low Profile, Low Cost Backdrop Wall Mount

seamless white, jump 1 (by udijw)The next hack is pretty trivial so if you have a seamless backdrop mount already feel free to skip forward, if not here is a way to build such a mount for as little as $5. (Actually, the mount by itself is about $2, the other three are for some extras).

Actually, This is how I mount (and store) my seamless white backdrop at my basement studio, and thought it may have some sharing value if you are in a similar position and space confined.

I started off with two angle strong ties, the ones you use to bind wooden beams together. I am using the ones that are about 7cm on each side of the angle. [Read more...]

Scan Your Old Films For The Cost of A Happy Meal

DIY 35mm negative duplicator - front (by iamclaus)If you’ve been around from before the digital age, chances are you have stacks and stacks of negatives and slides stuffed in a box somewhere neatly ordered in dedicated archival grade binders.

Those binder (or stuffed boxes) are not the best performers when it comes to finding photographs, making prints and most importantly, they are not back-up friendly.

For those reasons (and more) it is a good idea to scan your old film into digital format. If you shop around there are some pretty good film scanners for about $150, and the Nikon monsters that will set you back a few months rent. [Read more...]

La Guillotine Camera, A.K.A The Adidas Camera

La GUILLOTINE - 3 lens 120film camera - SHOT ! (by steven -l-l-l- monteau)Steven Monteau, the out-of-this-world-designer who created the Battlefield Pinhole Camera (and the amazing bokeh video) is back with a new camera the Guillotine (A.K.A Adidas) Camera. It is a homemade camera that creates actions sequences, in a fashion very similar to the Lomo Super Sampler (only better). It does so on 120 film and with great fineness.

Steven was kind enough to share how this camera was built. I am not really sure if this goes into the crazy or genius category.

Check his other photographic inventions on his Flickr stream and his bi-lingual blog. [Read more...]

Photographer Rigs An iPhone 4 To Helium Balloons To Take HD Videos

Here is a nice concept to compete with Kite Arieal Photography, Helicopter rigged cameras and very long pole photography.

A bunch of curious DIYers at Los Angeles rigged an iPhone 4 to a set of helium balloons that helped it rise about 1000 feet and take 720p videos of Los Angeles.

The footage is displayed below, while it is not perfect, and kinda shaky, there is also a valuable BTS. Hit the Just for some behind the scenes and my notes of the video

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Surf Photography Primer

Surf Photography PrimerThis Wave photography Primer was written by Dane Grady.

Below, you will find an introductory guide to the beautiful art of Wave Photography, covering all the key components, from choosing a camera to finding the right kind of waves. Enjoy the ride!

Before I can cover what kind of gear you need for Wave Photography, Safety is EXTREMELY important! You should have knowledge of the ocean and ocean currents, and have experience in and be more than comfortable in the surf. Know the area you want to shoot, study the conditions… “know before you go” [Read more...]

Homemade Lenses: What’s All The Fuzz About?

Fireworks (by johnnyoptic)Several weeks ago, you may have read my post on this site entitled Build Your Own Lenses in which I extolled the wonders of homemade lenses and the soft, glowy images they produce.

In this post, I’m going to explain how to get that softness under control to produce images with interesting and more subtle soft focus effects, such as the photo on the left. (I’ll even show you how homemade lenses can produce crisp, sharp images, if you like that sort of thing.) [Read more...]