Quick Tip: Use Velcro To Improve Your Time Lapse Setup

If I had to divide the world into two equal parts, it would not be men vs. women. It would also not be Canon vs. Nikon. The most accurate division would probably be between the people that say that Velcro rules and those who say that Gaff tape rules. (we have featured them both plenty on the blog).

Quick Tip: Use Velcto To Improve Your Time Lapse Setup

Here is a quick and not so dirty idea from Simon Anderson that you will probably find useful if you are doing extended timelapse photography with an intervalometer.

This thing is always dangling without a proper place to put it, so Simon placed a stretch of Velcro on the intervalometer and another stretch on the tripod. Now it has a good place to stay till the shooting is done.

I guess Simon is a Velcro person.

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The Comprehensive Tech Guide To Pinhole Photography

If you’re somebody who likes to take film photographs, you know the satisfaction you get from a film photo that you just don’t feel when you use digital. Just imagine seeing the first photo you get out of a camera you designed and built yourself!

The Comprehensive Tech Guide To Pinhole Photography

The process of designing and building a camera may seem daunting, but with a little patience and the help of this guide and some further reading, you’ll be able to do it. You can use this information to figure out what you want to build, gather some simple materials and tools, and build it!

I want it to be clear that building a pinhole camera relies on your abilities, available materials, and your desired outcome. As a result, this guide is less of a step-by-step and more of a lesson on how pinhole cameras work, the physics and math involved, and some practical knowledge I gained while researching and building my own cameras. [Read more…]

Tips On Building Lighting And Shooting On A DIY Green Screen

It’s been a long time since we had a good green screen tutorial here on DIYP, and Lars Lindstrom over at The Slanted Lens just came up with a pretty sweet tutorial on how to build a DIY green screen (also known as Chroma Key).

Tips On Building Lighting And Shooting On A DIY Green Screen

Aside the awesome car defying video, they also shared a few tips with the blog about lighting and shooting against a chroma key – DIY or not. More after the jump. [Read more…]

Building a Beautiful Wooden Anamorphic Pinhole Camera

Some things are not made for digital (yet). This beautiful wooden anamorphic pinhole camera by instructables user Matt Bechberger is probably one of them. If not for the curved film plane than for the lacquer finished wood.

Build an Anamorphic Pinhole Camera

This wonderful device takes 120 film and then spins it around a cylinder. It is housing a mechanism that keep tension on the film so it stays at a circular form around the lens pinhole. This lead to the creation of an anamorphic image. [Read more…]