The $10 DIY Foamcore Softbox

The $10 DIY Foamcore SoftboxIn this tutorial I will explain how I built the softbox used to take the image on the left. It is a 40cm X 40cm foamboard softbox that accepts a strobe. Kinda similar in size and effect to the Photoflex LiteDome XS which I use a lot out of the studio.

On the left image this softbox was used as key, see this lighting setup for another use of the softbox as fill.

It is a simple softbox to make and it takes about half an hour if you have mediocre cutting skills. [Read more...]

Reverse Engineer This Light – Resolved

Reverse That LightTwo days a ago e made a little challenge here on DIYP, to try and reverse engineer the lighting on this portrait. A wonderful strobist muscles stretch. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for everyone who took a stub at the setup.

I did mention that all the lighting on the set was DIY and made by yours truly.

Before I go ahead and do the lighting breakdown (I don’t actually have to reverse engineer it, I was there and took pictures :)), I am placing the portrait on the big again below. Look at it (or super size it) and then skip to the actual break down (which is also a sneak peek into my living room) [Read more...]

LightStudio iPhone App Lets You Take Studio Pictures (And shows You How Too)

LightStudio iPhone App Lets You Take Studio Pictures (And shows You How Too)If you like the SLR iPhone app that lets you take studio pictures from your iPhone, you’re gonna love LightStudio ($1.99 on the app store).

It is a great fun while riding the train to work, or waiting on the bench for your date to arrive. The application is built from a series of lighting setups each has several tabs or “functions”.

If you are familiar with lighting, the first tab is kinda trivial and shows the setup and a sample portrait taken with that setup. By setup I mean “Rembrandt Light”, Clamshell, Butterfly and so on.

If, on the other hand, you are new to photographic lighting, this is a great resource to have on your next train ride. Just browsing through the setups and getting familiar with the “classic” lighting positions. [Read more...]

Pictorial: A Sync Port Mod For The YN-460II Manual Strobe

Pictorial: A Sync Port Mod For The YN-460II Manual StrobeI am not surprised that the YN460II strobe is gaining popularity with a price tag around $60 (or even less if you’re an eBay kinda person) those flashes are pretty attractive.

They cheap price also make them a good candidate for modifications as it helps removing the fear of nuking them in the process. See for example the TV contorl remote for the YN460 we featured a while back.

Today’s hack, courtesy Oliver Hanka, adds a mini jack (i.e. 3.5mm ear plug) to the flash syncing options. Hey if you can do it to a Canon strobe, you can do it to a Yongnuo. You’ll need a solder, and a Yongnuo. [Read more...]

Reverse Engineer This Light

Reverse That LightUpdate: Full setup description (and a peep to my living room) here. you are still encouraged to do the exercise.

This one is a great exercise if you are into lighting. It is even greater-er if you are into DIY lighting modifiers in particular. You can think about this as a puzzle or a self-test for lighting skills (in which I’d probably fail miserably), or a strobist muscles exercise.

Here is the deal. The portrait on the left was taken 100% with DIY lighting modifiers. The challenge is to reverse engineer the lighting in this picture.

Now, I’ll admit it is not the fanciest setup in the world, but it is all DIYed (With the minor exempt of the actual light sources). Now, since it is all DIY it would be nice to see if the actual projects and mods can be located around this site and the web. [Read more...]

Follow Focus + Remote Made From K’NEX

Follow Focus + Remote  Made From K'NEXOn of the big rants of Videographers moving to HD-DSRLs is the hard to control manual focus. The focus ring on most DSRL lenses is very tight, completing a full zero to infinity cycle in about 120 or 180 degrees.

A follow focus can use gears to change that ratio. Sadly such follow focus for DSLRs  are in the megabux neighborhood.

Enter prippman from Bootleg Productions. Using a secret K’NEX stash and their motorized battery pack, prippman created the first child-toy-driven-remote-controlled follow focus.

[via pc world] [Read more...]

Pieroway Makes Printed Strobe Bouncers For 5c

Pieroway Makes Printed Strobe Bouncers For 5cWouldn’t it be nice if there was a technology that can print whatever you want? Like a lens of a D3 body? Actually StarTrek featured a replicator that does exactly that, but as far as I remember it malfunctioned at one point and only replicated sausages and plants.

Anyhow, the family of printable gear (Gels, Lenshoods, Pinhole cameras and photography cheatsheets) just got a new member – Pieroway. A page dedicated to printing Lumiquests-like bouncers.

We have had bouncers before, but never one that prints both sides of the paper in a single click.

You can choose Nikon, Canon or Blank logo. The instructions says to print on stock card – I tried printing on heavier than usual paper.

Use photos, and a piece of history after the jump. This is how the paper comes out of the printer


Font and back sides on a strobe


Folded for storage / bag-tacking


Of course, you can always attach it to a black foamy for a little more sturdiness.

And for all the fans like me…

PocketWizard Review – My Two Cents – Part 2

Jump awayAs I was telling a week ago, I got me some PocketWizards. Last week I shared why I thought that PWs were a good choice. There was quite an interesting debate on the comments whether this “industry standard” set is worth its high mark price – $169 apiece and you need two – and I recommend reading those comments and opinions before making any decisions.

In this post, I will share my thoughts on the PWs. My likes and dislikes. Now, this goes without saying (yet, I’ll say it anyway) those are my opinions, there are not absolute truths (and my wife will testify to that). I am also aware of the fact that a lot has been written about this set, however, they are still considered the standard and for that alone deserve the attention. [Read more...]

DIY Beauty Dish Fight At High Noon

DIY Beauty DishesHave you ever wondered what are the subtle differences between various home brewed beauty dishes?

Photographer Ed McGowan had just the same question in mind. He faced off two of the more popular DIY beauty dishes: on the left corner, wearing blue shorts at feather weight, the Turkey Pan beauty dish. On the right corner, enforced by the elements, wearing red, the Terra Cotta bowl beauty dish.

Winner after the jump. [Read more...]

HD Camera and iPhone Go 19 Miles High To Take Earth Pictures From Space

HD Camera and iPhone Go 19 Miles High To Take Earth Pictures From SpaceWe have featured iPhone getting some altitude on balloons before, yet we never featured an camera and an iPhone going into space.

The camera was pulled by a weather balloon 19 miles into space and back. Overcoming, extreme chill, strong winds and overwhelming speed. It would also have to land on outside water.

The experiment marked mission successful, with the pod surprisingly landing only 30 miles from launch spot.

Surprisingly, the iPhone was only tagging along as a GPS module.

[Read more...]