Give People An Aura Using Light Painting

Méditation...See that nice aura on the picture to the left? No… it was not taken using the new generation of psychic point and shoot, not is it the result of using high def video capture.

This image was made using long exposure light paint and a simple accessory. (If you have no clue what light painting is, click here for DIYP’s entire folder of  light painting tutorials)

In this short and sweet tutorial, Renard Nicolas is going to explain how to achieve this effect. [Read more...]

Build A Semi-Anamorphic 35mm Pinhole Camera

Build A Semi-Anamorphic 35mm Pinhole CameraAn Amamorfic Camera provides a clever method of using the 35mm film to capture non standard aspect ratio photographs.

The short version is that the pinhole on that camera is not perpendicular to the film for the long version [OpenGeekWindow] You know this problem all to well from digital point and shoots. The aspect ratio on a regular point&shoot is 3:4 and the standard for printing pictures is 2:3, so you have to ask your printer (hey, anyone here still prints?) to leave white stripes at the edges of the picture. [Read more...]

Creating a Big Bare Bulb Flash From An IKEA Regolit Lamp

Creating a Big Bare Bulb Flash From An IKEA Regolit LampIf you love IKEA for their cheap furniture, you’d probably love them even more after discovering the huge possibilities they provide for creating lighting modifiers. (Beauty Dish, Ring Light and even a DSLR shoulder rig are some of the projects we covered so far).

In this project Andy Kubbat takes us through the process of building an overhead bare bulb light fixture using a strobe and an IKEA Regolit Floor Lamp priced at $49.99. [Read more...]

Dancer – A Shoot Anatomy

LironIt is not a big secret that dancers are one of my favorite subject matter. I was just so lucky to have the opportunity to shoot Liron Kichli, one of Israel’s dance scene rising stars a few Saturdays ago.

It is my believe that when working with such a talent as Liron, preparation can have a tremendous impact, so it is a good idea to have a detailed plan before meeting on location and watching her doing stretches.

On this post, I am going to cover some of the aspects and planning you should consider practicing in order to have a great and successful shooting day, from equipment, through location and flower. [Read more...]

Creating High Speed Movies With “Regular” DSLRs

Creating High Speed Movies With "Regular" DSLRsCatching a bullet in mid air is pretty impressive. There are some high end techniques you can use to make that possible starting from the relatively cheaper photogate kits, all the way up to air gap strobes. But I don’t think I have ever seen a movie made from cutting together a sequence of high speed butter shots.

“Smarter Every Day” Destin did just that, he used the repetitive pattern of a bullet shot from a fixed gun to take a series of pictures with increasing shot-to-picture delay. The result is a series of pictures that when put together create a moving bullet movie.

(and if that was not enough for you, check the matches trick at 2:54). Movie after the jump. [Read more...]

YASBT – Yet Another Shaped Bokeh Tutorial

If you wanna freshen up on the shaped bokeh technique, Makezine has an thorough  video tutorial covered by a text article that you can follow through off-line. DIYP has a kit that takes the work out, but it always amazes me how quickly you can make one of those to win a another effect in your box o’ tricks.

If you are still having questions after watching the vid, (yea, you never know just how big that hole should be….) there are some great tips on the Removing The Mystery From The Heart Shaped Bokeh tutorial.

[Read more...]

Photographing Stars At Night Video Tutorial

If you had fun reading our Guide To Star Trails Photography and want to complement it with a guide for shooting non-moving stars, check out this video tutorial by Ben Canales.

The video covers anything you need to go out and start shooting stars, with the rule of 600 as your thumb rule for keeping them static. This rule says that if you divide 600 by your focal length you get the number of seconds you can leave your shutter open without turning the stars into trails.

[via fstoppers] [Read more...]

Freelens By Building Your Own Bellows

Freelens By Building Your Own BellowsSome of the comments about the freelensing quickie we posted were deeply concerned with dust.

One way to solve the dust issue is to make a small step away from 100% free free lensing. The plunger lens is one way of doing so using a… well… a plunger :)

Another way of freelensing without concern for dust or flare is by building bellows. DC Watch has a nice video tutorial that you can follow along with a template PDF.

And if you feel comfy with slightly broken English, you can follow the instruction on the machine translated post from DC Watch. [Read more...]

Win A Strobe And Softbox Set By Building A Softbox

Win A Strobe And Sotbox Set By Building A Softbox

UPDATE: Contest is now closed for entries. Thanks everyone for the great and well constructed submissions. I will update with the winners shortly.

It’s been a long time since we had a healthy contest, one where you challenge your hands as well as your eyes.

The awesome guys over at B&H are sponsoring this awesome contest where we will be giving away a complete set of Westcott Apollo Speedlight set (values $109) along with a Nikon SB700 ($329.95) or a Canon 430EX II ($284), depending on your system. DIYP will be giving all those goodies to the best entry on our Build A Softbox Contest. Of course we could not let B&H carry the load all by themselves, so DIYP is going to chip in with a full set of the DIYP lighting kits line – a Ring Flash and Double Flash Bracket for the two runners up. [Read more...]