IKEA Continuous Ring Light

DIY RingflashI know you love continuous light ring lights, both for stills and video, however, one of the most common responses is that it is too complex to build and the need for woodmanship.

Well, aside from providing paper furniture and raw beauty dishes, IKEA seems to have solved the ring light issues as well. With the (sadly discontinued) Kvartil Chandelier. Sadly IKEA, not realizing the product potential for photographers, has discontinued the product. The concept however is too good not to be featured in the hopes that IKEA or some other chandelier manufacturer will make it right.

If you got more photography IKEA hacks I would love to hear them, share in the comments. [Read more...]

DIY Camera Mounts For Bicycle

DIY Camera Mount For BicycleThe two films below shows two ways to mount a camera on your bicycle.

The first shows what great results you can get with simply mounting a video capable camera like the Canon 5D Mark II on the front basket.

The second film is a bit more technical and it shots how to build a small and efficient mount for a small camera. (Of course, you can always go for a super quick mount hack for small cameras)

UPDATE: a third video was added that shows modifiying a reflector holder to accept a 1/4 20 screw. [Read more...]

Build a Panoramic Head For Perfect Panoramas

Build a Panoramic Head For Perfect PanoramasI do some real estate photography that requires indoor panoramas. Those are kinda hard to take because the small space and proximity of objects really makes any parallax errors show significant distortion on the final picture.

First I bought the Panosaurus (which was HUGE and a bit cumbersome as it support any camera) but it does work. This got me thinking: do I really need a panoramic head that can support any camera at all, or do I just need to support my Lumix GH1 and 9-18mm lens.

After making a few brackets, I decided that this one is going to be focused on ease of manufacturing. [Read more...]

Use Welding Glass As 10 Stops ND Filter

Use Welding Glass As 10 Stops ND FilterNeutral density filter reduces the amount of light going into the lens, so you can take long exposures even when the light is bright.

Long exposures blur anything moving, like water, clouds, or people. This can be very useful for making choppy water look smooth, making clouds streak, or getting rid of people at a tourist attraction.

These types of filters usually cost up to $200 (especially on big diameter lenses), but with this simple hack, you can make it for only $5. [Read more...]

Build A Beauty Dish From An IKEA Lamp

Build A Beauty Dish From An IKEA LampWe featured a few beauty dishes before, one made from a turkey pan, and one made from soup bowls. (Even when it seems like DIY, it is actually about food).

With a recent mention about the connection between DIYP and IKEA, I thought that it would be fun to feature a beauty dish made with the very appropriate named IKEA FOTO.

It is a simple build, the smarts here are in the bracket that takes the load of the strobe head and allows for easy mounting on a lightstand or a boom. [Read more...]

Build A 35mm Panoramic Pinhole Camera

Build A 35mm Panoramic Pinhole CameraIf you are still shooting film and are still in love with the magic of pinhole cameras, I have no doubt that you are going to fall head over feet for this next tutorial. You could always buy a model, but nothing gets a good old-days thrill like building a pinhole camera yourself.

It shows how to build a panoramic pinhole. You see, one of the things with small pinholes is that the focus plane is not constant, the film is “closer” to the lens at the center and farthest at the edges.

The panoramic pinhole camera takes care of that issue, while providing stunning panoramic images.

The guide below, while very detailed is not a 100% step by step, it is more of a specific guidelines on how to build your own. Feel free to experiment with and adapt the design [Read more...]

Freelensing A Macro Lens

Droplets-006Our friend Destin (whom you may remember from his excellent cheapo high speed tutorial, heck I stalk this guy so much he’d probably called the cops by now), just came up with a quick little video about combining two favorable techniques: freelensing and reverse macro lens.

The idea is simple enough, pop your lens off the camera body, reverse it and hand hold it to get that killer macro. There is an adapter ring you can buy for this but, that would take half the fun off. [Read more...]

Weekend Project: Magical Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fantastic 3Continuing with our tradition of weekend projects, here is another quick one. The nice thing about this project is that little bit of camera magic it has, so it si great to do with kids as they will absolutely go crazy after it.

If that was not good enough, this project also uses that Circular Polarizer filter that you bought a while back and never actually got to use. Here is your chance to take out of that filter case and give it a good use.

Plastic Fantastic

This is how you do it courtesy of Jon Gibbons: [Read more...]

DIY Camera Uses Xray Sheets For Film

If you’re one of those guys who can appreciate both vintage cameras and DIY projects, your jaw may drop permanently when you see this project.

Darren Samuelson, who is building a big camera, is actually building a HUGE camera. A retro style bellows camera.

The camera has a back panel of 14×36″, which is so big that it uses X-ray sheets as film.

Construction took about 6 months of work and technical issues ranged from finding film, through building a “medical grade” X-ray table, to supporting the huge bellows.

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Laid Back Countinous Light Ring Flash Tutorial

Layed Back Continuous Light Ring Flash TutorialIf you’ve been here over that last week, you know that we love ring flashes. In fact we love them so much we made one :)

While we have featured many many strobe based ring flashes, there is one thing they can not do. Shoot video. This is where you would have to go to a continuous light ring lights.

They have a very flattering quality of light. It just because they are usually so big. If an average strobe ring flash is 40 cm across, you can easily build an 8 or 12 bulbs ring light which is a meter across. Which is just what British videographer Rick Clarke did.

The video is packed with useful info both on how this light works and on how you would go building one with a very minimal set of tools.

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