Everything You Wanted To Know About Light Painting

If you love photography and you love painting, imagine how much you would love light painting.

It is called painting with light because this is what you are actually doing while taking the shot – painting with light. Aside from being darn beautiful form of photography, it is also a pretty darn cool to spend an evening or a night.

Use Light Stencils To Create Amazing Light Paintings

The requirements are very minimal you would need a camera that you can set on long exposure, a tripod and some light, light a flash light, matches or one of the oh-so-cool gadgets I’ll share below.

If you want to get the general idea, a great place to do it is here, and if you want the jump start treatment, you can get it here.

The last thing you will need is tools, we will cover tool in a little while, but if you want to get a feel for the variety of things you can do check out this post. [Read more...]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Getting Your Camera High (Aerial Photography)

Getting your camera up in the air is not a trivial thing. Not trivial, yet lots of fun. The photographs captured via this unique vantage point are rare and provide a unique view on otherwise regular landscape. A quick look at Vincent Laforet aerial photography or Charles ‘Cris’ Benton Gallery easily demonstrates the potential in such images.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Getting Your Camera High (Aerial Photography)

But How do you get the camera so high? I think this is the main issue with Aerial Photography. Let’s explore some inexpensive ways (and some very expensive ways) to get that done. [Read more...]

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Magical Shaped Bokeh

Shaped Bokeh is that magical thing that happens when you place a hole in-front of a lens. Then every shiny dot turns from this to that.

Regular and Shaped Bokeh

The word Bokeh comes from a Japanese word and for a lack of better translation we can refer to it as blur. In photography bokeh refers to the quality of blur in the unfocused background, and in this tutorial, Shaped Bokeh refers to a mysterious quality that happens when you place a non circular hole as a new lens filter. If you want to see some great examples you can check here and here. [Read more...]

On Assignment – Super Fast Session For Super Fast Video Editing

Magisto CEOs, Oren Boiman and Alex Rav-AchaMagisto is one of them cool companies who have an idea that is very simple on one hand, yet quite complex on the other.

They promise to eat your videos (600 Megabytes at a time) and spit out a refined one minute of awesome, fine edited video that cuts in the good stuff and leaves out all the boring stuff.

So the premise is simple, give us your videos, we’ll give you something worth sharing.

So yesterday late evening I got a call asking if I could take a CEO portrait of Oren Boiman and Alex Rav-Acha the co-founders of Magisto. I go “Sure!”

And we need them by tomorrow 10 AM so the local press can use them. “Sure!”

But you can only start shooting at 9. <pause>… OK.

Oh, and we want to have a grungy feeling, so please take it in a car shop or something. <longer pause>…

And we also need head shots! [Read more...]

Using An Orbis For Video Light

Orbis Ring Flash LED DIY mount.If you love that light quality that ring flash gives, you may own an Orbis or a DIY ring flash kit.

If you wanted to get the same effect for video you’d usually have to build one out of CFL bulbs or LEDs. It makes sense since the socket on most strobe oriented ring flashes fits a strobe (DUH!).


But if you just need it for  as light fill and not as a main video light, there is a way you can use those modifiers for video. [Read more...]

Giving Away An Awesome ONA Union Street Camera Bag

Giving Away An Awesome ONA Union Street Camera BagUPDATE: the giveaway is now over, scroll over to the end of the post to see who won the bag

ONA, a camera bag maker who focuses on camera bags that look good is giving away an awesome, awesome Union Street Camera Bag.

Aside from storing your camera, three lenses (or if you are me, one lens and two strobes), and a laptop, the Union Street also give you a trendy feeling when you carry your stuff.

The bag is priced at $279, and you can pick a color out of the three available ones.

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is answer one simple question: [Read more...]

Introduction to Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)

Introduction to Kite Aerial PhotographyKite Aerial Photography (KAP) is something that has appealed to me for some time, and earlier this year I decided to build a KAP rig, buy a kite, and take some photos from up in the air.

Recently I posted my first KAP photos, and will be posting more in the future.

I intend to write post more information about my experiences with KAP over the coming months, but thought I would start off with a post describing what KAP is all about, and the equipment that is typically used. [Read more...]

Camera Stabilizer On A Shoe String Budget

This is one of the more clever tricks I saw, and despite it being old, it is still great.

The premise is that you can make a device that will give you about two more stops of steady exposure at almost no cost, using a bolt and a piece of string.

The video explaining this device is below and a more sophisticated version showing how to use more string and/or a door knob is on instructables.

[Read more...]

Hey Westcott, Here’s a Great Way To Tilt The Apollo

Hey Westcott, Here's a Great Way To Tilt The ApolloThe Westcott Apollo is one of my favorite light modifiers. You’ve seen it featured a ton of times on DIYP. It’s one of the more bought items on the Gear Guide, and we like it so much that we even gave one away a while back.

If you wanna see it in action, check out how Benjamin Von Wong pushed it to the edge with fireworks (or a more traditional shoot by Zack Arias).

Anyhow, the unique softbox-like light with the umbrella ease and strobe-friendliness makes it a great tool to have in your on location lighting box (or bass case).

There is only one small thing which is not perfect about the Apollos, they don’t tilt. Really. If you are shooting with an Apollo on a light stand, you are pretty much limited to having the box point forward or sideways. It is not trivial to have it look 45 degrees down.

Basically, the Apollo gives you two options: Great light, with the strobe very close to the back screen, and almost no tilt. OR, you move the strobe closer to the shaft base (the zipper on the bottom of the Apollo allows this) to tilt, but then you risk hot spots. [Read more...]

Use A Toilet Flange For Elevated Video While Kayaking

Use A Toilet Flange For Elevated Video While KayakingIf you ever went Kayaking, you know how hard it is to get a good shot or a video of the trip. You can always hand hold the camera, but it would be very hard to stabilize and will of course take one hand away from the paddle.

One of the high end ways to overcome this lack of free hand is to use a GoPro Helmet Hero, but this will set you back 300$.

Another more frugal way is to use a toilet flange as photographer and kayak paddler Jeremy Richter explains in the post below. [Read more...]