These Conceptual Iphone Photos Show That Creativity Trumps Gear Every Time

Photographer and artist Brock Davis has a very unique view on the objects surrounding him. He sees something funny or clever or inpiring in almost every trivial item.

While he shoots for big names like Wired, New York Times and Esquire Magazine (to name a few) he also takes pleasure with a more personal project involving nothing more than an iPhone and a healthy dose of creativity.


We asked Brock about the series and the concept behind it: [Read more…]

Talk To Your Daughter Before The Beauty Industry Does

We have talked about the impact that the industry has over our lives and persception of beautiful before. and we are happy to see that some of the advertisers are shifting away from plastic barbies used for models like the campaign done by UK fashion chain Debenhams which featured beautiful people of all kinds. We are also seeing some a backlash toward the industry on the form aware artists like Anna Hill.

We are often asked why we are featuring those stories and I think this punch-to-the-guts movie by Tim Piper (although a bit old) does a better work at explaining this than we can.

[Beauty Pressure | Tim Piper] [Read more…]

10 Tips for Better Photography Conventions and Trade Shows

It’s a new year and that means a new round of photography conventions and trade shows. I’m writing this about 2,000 miles from where I’m actually supposed to be right now, which is the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Family obligations, freakishly cold weather, and gremlins all conspired to keep me away from what would have been my first CES. I even had press credentials. So if you’re there and can convince someone in charge to give you my swag bag, it’s yours.

10 Tips for Better Photo Trade Shows

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How to Develop Black And White Film With Tylenol

One of the oldest black and white developing solutions is called Rodinal. In fact the patent for Rodinal dates back to 1891. With local camera stores quickly closing it is becoming harder and harder to develop films and if you care to take the adventurous DIY path the folks at Dr. Frankenfilm have the perfect recipe for making your home-brew Rodinal.

How to Develop Black And White Film With Tylanol

It involves some nasty chemical agents (that you can probably get within one walk around the block) and a hefty amount of Tylenol. [Read more…]

Capture The Moment Photography Does Exist!

I’m not big on “capture the moment”.  It just sounds so lame and cliché – accidental even. 

Plus the whole idea of capturing the moment is ridiculous.  I mean, as if I am ever going to be in just the right place, with just the right equipment, with just the right models, wearing just the right clothes, with just the right light, at just the right time…?

Well as it turns out, every once in a while you can capture the moment!

Outdoor winter lifestyle portrait woman in snow JP Danko Toronto commercial photographer

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A Keen Eye And A $130 Housing – Beautiful Photos Shot With Fuji X-E2 Underwater

I find it amazing how photos that were completely out of reach for most, are now becoming available as cameras are getting better, smaller, cheaper and more capable. Take this underwater shoot by Czech photographer Pavel Schlemmer with nothing more than a Fujifilm X-E2 and a Aquapac 451 housing. Basically a small camera in a nylon bag. results are amazing.

A Keen Eye And A $130 Housing - Beautiful Photos Shot With Fuji X-E2 Underwater

As a photographers, we get that unique opportunities to see things from a different perspective, so when I got a call “If I’m interested in shooting a report from a synchronized swimming event” I immediately knew, I need to see it & shoot it from underwater. [Read more…]