OpenMoco Provides An Open Platform For Time Lapse Makers

OpenMoco Provides An Open Platform For Time Lapse MakersIf you ever did any moving time lapse you know the challenges involved in making such a movie.

You would need a rail, a carriage, a precise and slow motor to drive it software to control the camera, power and a few other bits and bytes. To get an understanding of how complex such a project can be, check out the Slider project by Derek Mellott – a beautifully engineered piece of work.

There are shortcuts however :) Project OpenMoco aims at providing a full open source system for time lapse enthusiasts and indie film makers.

OpenMoco is built on top of the Arduino platform and provides all the necessary ingredients needed to build a complete time lapse system. It has both software code and hardware specs needed to run a dolly, a panning head, a gigapixel-like system and anything you can throw at it that needs a camera and a motor.

OpenMoco Provides An Open Platform For Time Lapse Makers

It has span a few other interesting projects like

And a bunch of other nifty spin off projects.

If you have doubts about the ability of the system watch the videos below both for a sample of a head running the system and a few time lapses taken with it.

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