Nikon’s Next Full-Frame DSLR Officially Set for Announcement on June 26


There’s been rumors circulating around for quite some time now about Nikon releasing their next full-frame DSLR this summer. After a good amount of time, it’s finally official: according to Nikon Rumors, it’s confirmed that the next DSLR from Nikon will be announced on June 26.

What do we know about it so far? For starters, this is the camera that’s meant to replace the company’s D800/E line; no actual information is given out on the next model’s name, but it could be anything from an Apple-esque “S” upgrade to something completely different. For now, most people are going with the former option: the D800s. The new camera is reported to be manufactured in Thailand.

While we’re awaiting the unveiling, keep on the lookout for more deals on Nikon D800/E cameras from here on. Considering the replacement’s on the horizon, this can be a great time to start looking for price cuts on the older models. Stay tuned for the actual announcement when it airs, and we’ll be covering the new full-frame on everything you’ll need to know. Until then, check out the rumored specs for the camera after the jump.

Rumored Specifications (Courtesy of Nikon Rumors):

  • 36MP sensor
  • No AA filter (just like the D800E, this time Nikon will only introduce one model without the AA filter)
  • Improved software to suppress moiré
  • Expeed 4 imaging processor (they may call it Expeed 4a)
  • New higher resolution LCD screen
  • sRAW
  • Improved video capabilities
  • Same AF improvements like in the D4s
  • Improved low light capabilities: one stop better ISO performance
  • Built-in GPS
  • No Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Improved frame rate at 5 fps (6fps with the MB-D12)
  • The new camera will be lighter (compared to the D800/D800E)
  • The price is expected to be higher than the D800E ($3,296.95)
  • The camera will be made in Thailand

[Via Nikon Rumors]

  • Carlos Serrano

    Juan Carlos Lazo

  • Jay Gonzalez

    I’ve been shooting Nikon for my entire life, I’m just about done with them. They never listen to their customers. Don’t release a product that’s not complete and fix it with updates, that’s so half-assed.

    • Andrew Sible

      yeah.. as much as I LOVE my d700 I’m going to run it into the ground before upgrading unless this newest release is SPECTACULAR, then I may go for it. Even then I haven’t been fond of how they’ve been doing and I want my next slew of gear upgrades to be a sure-footed step

      • David Ng

        I am still using my D700. I agree with everyone that there is no one Nikon camera released can match the D700. If Nikon is not going to have a replacement for the D700 I am moving to Canon. Really sick of waiting…. Nikon you really let your customer down.

  • guest789

    It is really pitty that there is still no D700 replacement (6 years later after D700 release in 2008). D700 was a well round workhorse that did a decent job virtually in any type of shooting, including actions (8 fps with battery grip), low light (only 1 fstop worse than best DLSRs) and studio photography (MP sufficient for most types of prints). And all this is for a VERY DECENT price.
    Since the release of D700, Nikon criplled every new FF DSLRs in this price range:
    – D800 not suitable for action photogfraphy due to low FPS rate;
    – D600/D610 not suitable for action photogfraphy due to focus points crowded in the center of the frame and relatively low FPS rate;
    – Df not suitable for action photogfraphy due to focus points crowded in the center the frame and relatively low FPS rate.
    Nikon, why you did not to put D4s sensor into D700 body 3 years ago? I believe such a camera would fly off the shelves like D700 did. You would increase tremendously a crowd of advanced Nikon shooters, which is shrinking now, I guess. And do not worry about D4s sale: the guys with deep pockets are still going to buy it no matter what to satisfy their ego/status/prestige.
    I came to Nikon ONLY because of D700 and most likely leave it in fall if there is no decent replacement for D700 (I am looking at Sony a7s now, but really do not like ANY EVF due to video latency: you never now what moment your camera captured, so action photography with EVF is a challenge due to low hit rate).

    I would buy a D700 replacement from Nikon, which has 2 f-stops better ISO (1 f-stop for each 3-year development cycle of a DSLR since D700 release), 100% viewfinder, USB 3.0.

    • Ms.KrystalMeth

      It is nice to have dreams. I have a message from Nikon. Move on about the aint happening.