Nikon to Invest $1.96 Billion into Medical Fields After a Year’s Loss in Camera Sales

Some of Nikon's Medical Instruments

Some of Nikon’s Medical Instruments

After a loss in camera sales over the past year, along with a bit of controversy, Nikon is announcing a shift in business strategies. According to Reuters, Nikon is planning to invest $1.96 billion into alternative growth fields, medicine being a significant one.

As the DSLR market is going through some serious changes, with how fast things have been changing these days, it’s a smart move on Nikon’s behalf to put their money into other fields at this point. Medical breakthroughs in photography are always a plus for camera companies, and Nikon would be gaining business along with the credibility of being implemented into an environment on such a professional scale. It’s better that they take advantage of expansion like this now, rather than stay linear. If worst comes to worst, they’d at least continue to have a revenue that helps them remain credible. Kodak is a good example of a company that didn’t branch out when it should have, and the enormous potential they had in the future of photography was diminished because of it.

Whatever my opinions might be on Nikon as a company, they’ve always been a go-to brand when it comes to photography in fields like health. They’re playing to their advantage here, and that’s some great decision-making from an economical perspective.

[Via Nikon Rumors]

  • Essex Photographer

    I think this is a right move by Nikon, the loss in sales is down to phones being capable of taking well not so great pictures but enough for the public it seams to day.

    Essex Photographer