Nikon Bans Film in its Annual Photography contest… Again.


The Nikon Photo Contest has been running annually since 1969. Even with roots that go back, however, the company isn’t afraid to move on and not look back. With the announcement for this year’s contest also came news that Nikon is banning film photography again.

That’s right. Again. I’d tell you that there’s old vintage Nikon cameras out there right now going “Et tu, Brute?” to the news, but apparently the company’s had this rule for a while now in the contest’s past few yearly runs; there’s absolutely no scans of film pictures allowed in entry.

Is it for a technical reason? I’d consider the fact that scans might make it confusing to judge based on quality, but that’s just too small of a problem for a company to make an outright ban. If I can point to a reason why Nikon’s doing this, it’s probably because of marketing. The prize money may be 1,000,000 yen, but Nikon’s been targeting young photographers heavily – offering them 300,000 yen in Nikon products as prizes in the contest.

Even if it was for marketing reasons, this is still perplexing. If anything, film is starting to gain more popularity these days than it was before, and younger photographers are the ones into it. Then again, maybe none of this is really that perplexing at all. There’s just some companies that don’t know how to market, and unfortunately, to me Nikon’s never really been the best at it.

[Via The Phoblographer]

  • Вергунов Сергей

    Absolutely stupid.

  • Luis Colon

    Lame sauce…

  • Doug Gray

    My guess is: No EXIF Data. You can’t show you used a Nikon Camera to take the photo. Nikon wants their camera to take the picture that wins the contest.

    • thomas

      The rules do not forbid you from taking images from non-nikon cameras. In fact it is open to all brands of digital cameras, including camera phones, with and without “re-touching”

      • Doug Gray

        Well there goes my theory, and thus makes it even more confusing.

    • Thomas Dumonet

      Yes I thought that too. And I wonder if they accept processed photos with no exif data.

    • Jason Raitz

      I add EXIF data to my scans. EXIF4FILM is a great android app.

  • Davorin Palijan


  • Jonathan Bloke

    Get over it, THIS IS NOT NEWS !!!

  • Giuliano Carrieri

    Canon FTW!

  • Ralph Hightower

    I add EXIF info to my JPEGs, but the camera model would probably be a tip-off: Canon A-1 and F-1N.

  • Steve A. Muncy

    Long Live Film!
    “: Nikon Bans Film in its Annual Photography contest… Again. –”

  • Wikid

    Get one of those old slide copiers that attach to your camera lens that were made eons ago. You attach it and hold up to a light source and take the picture. If your’e really serious get a bowens illumitran slide/neg copier.With attachments you can copy up to 4×5 film. It’s bellows focus. Built in strobe too. Uses enlarging lenses. They’ll never know. Ef em’ if they can’t take a joke.

  • Outsiderblues

    Slow news days are always good for fake drama clickbait.