New Sigma 50mm F/1.4 Compared – Comes Out On Top


Earlier this year, Sigma generated a good amount of noise throughout the photography community when the company stated the intended target competition of their upcoming 50mm F/1.4 lens: Zeiss’s $4,000 55mm Otus. That can either result in us getting one a big leap in quality for lenses on the market at a (hopefully) more consumer-friendly price, or it can end with us having some serious trust issues.

Just recently, Xitek has posted the first few pictures of the Sigma lens engaged in tests with three other lenses: the Sony Planar T 50mm F/1.4 ZA SSM, the Nikon Nikkor AF-S 58mm F/1.4G, and the targeted Zeiss 55mm F/1.4 Otus. (cheapest of which is ~$1500).

The comparison by Xitek, is cited below with the new Sigma at the top left hand corner.





With the impressive results coming from these comparisons, it is safe to say that Sigma has potential to gain a formidable share of the market, but they do need to play their cards right. They targeted a giant in lens quality, and that lens comes with an equally giant price. If Sigma keeps the cost set to where a wider audience is open to making a purchase, this can be incredibly beneficial for the DSLR market. With exceedingly exceptional lens quality coming at more affordable rates, the DSLR market might have just what it needs to compete with the changes the business of photography is taking.

[xitek Via Photo Rumors]

  • Kyle Willis

    Sigma is coming out with some heavy hitters. Just got the 35 art and it’s stupid sharp.

    • David S Kalonick

      And sexy.

  • Brian Fergusson

    Sigma, the affordable Zeiss?

  • Viggo Næss

    But is the AF better than Zeiss?

    • Hideo

      The Zeiss don’t have auto focus!

    • Ad De Ste Croix

      100% (The Zeiss is MF only I think, or was that the joke I just missed?!)

  • Anthony Mehlhaff

    Damn, gurl, you a nice lens!

  • Viggo Næss

    It was a joke yes, Sigma’s AF hasn’t really been as nice as a proper MF ;oP fingers crossed for this one, as I really would like a nice 50.

  • Andrew

    if they don’t mess up the AF compatibility Nikon’s not going to be happy about this. Nevermind Zeiss…

    I wonder if Nikon will strive to make sigma lenses incompatible in the future more than they might have in the past.

    • Paulo

      I think that is why sigma is selling the usb dock… if nikon or canon try to make sigma’s lenses incompatible, you have just to update the lens software… smart they are…

      • Andrew

        TOTALLY forgot about that neatness. thanks for the reminder..

  • Michael Gara

    They could absolutely corner the market if they price this lens right!