New Light Blaster Creative Kit Is Metal. And Razor Sharp!

The folks at Spiffy Gear just announced a new Creative Kit for their Light Blaster portable image projection system – the Pro Gobo | Kit 1.


While we fancy the entire system in general, we love this new kit because it delivers something that the other kits did not – real blacks.

Being made out of the same metal that is used for stage lighting gobos this kit is thin enough to fir in the Light Blaster system, but being made of metal, the light only goes though the etched places and does not go through the metal providing real black on any projected surface. It also works wonderfully with gels.

Being made out of metal also means that it is more durable, heat resistant and razor sharp.

The photo at the head of the post was taken by KameraKind using 3 different gobos from that set: Start, Japanese sun and cityscape.



Light Blaster - Pro Gobo Kit 1[Pro Gobo | kit 1 – $68 at Light Blaster]

  • patrick shipstad

    The detail on these is amazing.. you get nice sharp edges when projected. Very well done.. I love these!!

  • Kerri Jean

    Now they just need to follow through with the promise for a studio light adapter.