New Book Shelf – Feed Your Brain

Liri getting an early start on photographyThere are many great photo books out there. I love reading photo books. Both the ones that tell you how to take great photos and the ones that has great photos. And of course the ones that do both.

A while back I had a post that summed up DIYP readers recommendations about photography book, and I decided to take it a step further. There is a new section on the site called The Book Shelf (Food for Your Brain) It will be constantly linked from the main page and refer to a repository of books that I recommend. (Not surprisingly they have high correlation with the list from the post I mentioned). The list will grow bigger the more book are reviewed on DIYP.

To be completely transparent I’ll note that the links on the list are marked with my tag, so when you buy a book from that list I get a small percentage of the sale, while there is no impact on the book price. Buying books from that list is a great way to support DIYP.