Never Ever Lose Your Lens Cap Again

Never Loose a Lens cap againHere is an interesting question – please hit me in the comments with your answer –  Where do you put the lens cap when you are shooting? (My answer at the end of the post, if you care).

I use to lose them all the time, which was no biggie. Then Nikon started to ship their lenses with fancy lens caps and losing one cost an arm and a leg. (OK, really just a finger nail, yet…).

I got a mail from Benny Johansson telling me about his newest invention. The invention that make your lens cap never to go away.

Pulling a MacGyver on a shampoo bottle, Benny came up with the perfect lens cap life saver. He ever provides a PDF with the blue prints.

Lens Cap Holder
Blue Prints [pdf]

Oh, yea – I keep mine in the back pocket. Always.