A Neat Trick For Shooting Beer Bottles

Have you ever wondered how they get that perfect pour when on those delicious beer or other bottled beverages ads? So did I.

A Neat Trick For Shooting Beer Bottles

If you look closely at any of those ads you will notice something in common. None of bottles bottoms are showing. And there is a simple reason for that, to get that clean, constant, bubble free pour, they are using a bottomless bottle (bar jokes anyone?).

The bottle is then “free” to accept any liquid going through the bottom and gently let it through to the other side.

The secret, of course, is how to make a bottomless bottle. Photographer Rob Grimm goes through the process of cleanly cutting the bottom of a bottle in a shoot he made for Left Hand Milk Stout. The process involves flammable nail polish, some twine, fire and sharp glass so proceed at your own risk.

This makes a smooth pour.

A Neat Trick For Shooting Beer Bottles

P.S. we shared one possible use for such a bottle – making a gravity free fluid fall.

[How to Cut the Bottom off of a Beer Bottle via Fstoppers]

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  • sam

    tip: cool!
    Waste of good beer: not cool!

    • Brian Krespan

      Waste? He poured it in a glass and then used it for the shoot (that turned out super awesome)

  • Rick

    Back in the good old days you would have simply scored the outside of the bottle with a glass cutter and then tapped the inside with a weight attached to a small rod. They actually sold kits for this purpose. No fire, no VOCs, no putting your home or office at substantial risk.

    The internet certainly has made this task a lot more fun. :)

  • glass cutter

    my father has taught me a trick …. you can “cut” any glass bottle to a desired level by doing this:
    fill the bottle to the desired lever with oil.
    heat an iron rod (that fits the bottle neck) to red hot.
    dip the rod into the oil in the bottle. (you will hear a crack. that should separate the two parts – if not tap.)
    …common sense applies…

  • AbishaAkmal

    with proper training, you can pop up the bottom of the bottle with palm of your hand hitting the cap… i can

  • Bryan Sebeck

    So, the string and fire may work for some instances, but it’s really finicky and more likely to end with a hand full of broken glass than a useable bottle.

    I backed a Kickstarter a while ago for a product that works perfectly for this. I actually got it for turning beer bottles into drinking glasses, but if you cut the opposite end, you get the beer funnel.