My Next Portrait Lens

DIYP readers, please save me! The boss of the family just approved a purchase of a new lens

I would like to buy a good portrait lens and I am torn by two great Nikon options – the Nikkor 60mm f/2.8 and the Nikkor 85mm f/1.8. I did a full web tour and saw the sample shots, and heard just a bit about user experience. Both Lenses look razor sharp and both are well built, light weight and compact enough.

What I would to ask is for your own experience with any of those lenses. Are they comfortable for portrait work? Do you have warm feeling to any of the two? Has anyone tried the new 60mm f/2.8 ED?

Nikon 60mm F/2.8 (the new ED version)

nikkor_60_2_8.jpgIt was hard to find comments about this lens and most comments I got were on the older f/2.8 non ED version of this lens. Anyone got some hand on with the new ED version?

My main concern is about the 60mm (equivalent to 90 on my Nikon D70) working distance. I find the Nikkor 50mm of mine just a bit too short for most of my portrait work.

I am not such a keen macro photographer either do the macro feature is a nice bonus but not a main drive.

Nikon 85mm F/1.8

nikkor_85_1_8.jpgCurrently the first runner up. This one look like it has a good working distance of 85mm (127mm equivalent on my D70). And I really love the bokeh.

If some uses this lens in the studio and can share about working with this lens in terms of working distance it will be of great help.

Any one uses this lens on a regular basis? I’d love to hear some first hand thoughts.

If anyone has both lenses and can tell which is his/hers favorite and why, I’ll be forever in their debt. Oh, If you thin I should include a third lens to consider please SHOUT it in the comments.

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