Movie Shows Photoshop “Body Retouching” Taken To Extreme

We’ve all seen before and after photos of models detailing how Photoshop “helps” them look at their best. It may be something minor like removing skin blemishes or a birth mark, or it can be something a bit bigger like tummy flattening or thinning down a model.

Movie Shows Photoshop "Body Retouching" Taken To Extreme

This 36 seconds video shows how Photoshop can be used to extreme to alter a model completely, including bigger eye, smaller but, longer legs and much more. Hit the jump to be shocked.

Remember this when watching ads with unbelievably proportioned bodies.

Sadly, there is not much information on the origin of this video, the photographer or the retoucher.

  • Hoang Cao Nghia

    That’s not extreme, that’s just normal.

    • Mike

      Yes, it’s normal and that’s what makes it sad.

      • Hoang Cao Nghia

        The problem is much much smaller than what they trying to make it seem to be. How many people you ever met in real life that have self-esteem problem due to unrealistic magazine cover? A fat girl motivated by all those poster, go to crossfit class and get a body she can proud of, it is what happen in real life.

        • Kim Siever

          Hundreds, actually.

          • Hoang Cao Nghia

            You know hundreds of girls have low esteem due to unrealistic beauty standard? Are you sure?

            Unless they’re already fit (around 14% bodyfat with enough muscle for running 3K or 10min full body HIIT) – they gonna jealous with every girls with fit body that you can see on instagram, not only those shopped poster.

          • Kim Siever

            Yes, I do. And they range vastly in size and body type, as well. It’s not just fat girls who have body image issues.

          • Hoang Cao Nghia

            My point is, if they have body image issues, there’s big chance their esteem going low just by looking at those girl on instagram, no need to an extreme version on magazine or poster. Even you ruled out all the photoshop on media, they still gonna have the issues anyway.

        • 43242432

          i have yet to see a fat girl going slim….

          • Hoang Cao Nghia

            About every fat girls who able to keep up with crossfit for more than 3 months…

            While I’m not a crossfiter (doing strongman training), crossfit really work for girl, having teacher and classmate boost motivation a lot.

        • Tanja Petri

          Obviously, you don’t have too much experience with “real life”.

          A) As a photographer working in portrait photography, I can tell you right now, I have met a lot of people, mostly women, who look at their pictures before editing and reacting depressed because they are doing something they’ve never done before (nude or underwear pictures) and were expecting to look like the non-existing models on the magazine covers.

          B) It doesn’t motivate fat girls to work out, a lot of them get depressed and feel under pressure. And being under pressure is never helpful when you try to lose weight.

          C) Losing weight and keeping it low is tough work. I know. I’ve been there. And back.

          D) Somebody whose goal in life is to have a body they can be proud of is somebody who has my pity. It’s not what life should be about, yet the media (through photoshopped pictures like this one) keep making it about looks. Losing weight if you’re overweight should never have to be about looks, only about health.

          • Hoang Cao Nghia

            A) I doing portrait for overweight client sometimes (working more as retoucher for advertising agency – models already fit), of course when I edit out the excessive weight, they love it, but they know what they look like, they have mirror at home, just some surprise about how large their shoulder are.

            B) So those fat girls (who already slim by now) in crossfit class must be lying to me, since they all have their idols.

            C) Just as tough as any thing else that bring you good. Or you’re not found the program that suit you.

            D)Hey, any goal in life that you finished bring you happiness. And fitness is about both look and health. There’s even more people there to warn you when you attempt to cross the low bodyfat limit than people there to warn you about the upper.

          • Tanja Petri

            If you’re working for an advertising agency, then obviously you don’t work for average, “everyday” people, so I don’t think you’re in a position to judge the situation.

            I don’t think that the people who actually make it to the gym represent the majority.

            I don’t care what “program” you try, losing weight takes a lot of control, and for the majority of us it’s one of the hardest things to do.

            And you’re missing the point. While, yes, fitness is also about looks, it shouldn’t have to be. It makes for a very superficial happiness, and if you are worrying about looks and what other people think about the way you look, it also makes for a very superficial social life.

          • Hoang Cao Nghia

            Well, the majority of people you know don’t hit the gym (or workout at home, at the park) made me sad even more than unrealistic beauty standard by media. Human are not designed to sit all day at the office.

            Anyway, I don’t and can’t change your mindset about losing weight here just by a few comment lines, but if you have a slightest though about losing weight again, going to a crossfit/streght training gym (gym without treadmill) and take a look. Down to earth and nice people everywhere.

            PS: from someone was never good at PE, had bad stomach and easy to catch cold until recent years. Now I able to lift 220lbs with (not much) ease, healthy and look good in clothes.

    • Okmatomo

      no that´s not “normal”…my clients would fire me if i make a beautiful girl look worse.

      it is obvious that something is wrong here with the retouching.
      the proportions don´t fit.

      yes thers is so much retouching theses days that you barely see a natural image on a frontcover.. but this is just bad taste.

      • Hoang Cao Nghia

        Just talking about techniques. What if client want barbie’s look for special case?

        • Tanja Petri

          Define “special case”.

          • Hoang Cao Nghia

            Barbie’s look for retro pin-up advertising. They gonna make it look like a painting, not real girl after it. Done one, both retouch and drawing.

  • catlett

    I thought you were going to show something shocking. This has been well known and often demonstrated for over a decade.

  • 434234

    she looks like a freak of nature on that (bad) retouching.
    really that is extrem bad retouching techniques.


    japanes and korean men will love it.. but they are wackos anyway… 😉

  • Ed Selby

    These “peeks behind the scenes” truly baffle me. Why not start with a model that has the look you need, a make-up artist/styling team that knows their shit, proper lighting, proper posing, and expert photography? I love creative retouching, but it seems like many commercial and editorial shoots are just to create the first layer for the retoucher.

    • Hoang Cao Nghia

      Well, I was in the same line of job. Sometimes the client want to work with ‘hotgirl’ who have large number of follower on facebook & twitter… we have no choice.

    • ext237

      Not everyone that walks into the studio to get their portrait done have perfect bodies. Not every photographer can limit their clientele to just those that have “the look”. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones, I shoot real people.

  • Rick

    I don’t quite see the reason for the giraffe neck.

  • Dmisita

    The most impressive part of this video is the hair and makeup!!!! I honestly believe they swapped the model. The girl at the beginning has a droop on the right side of her face. Look at her lips. No makeup job can fix that!

    If it is the same model, then I’m VERY impressed by hair and makeup.

    As to the retouching … ok. You can make photoshop do what you want. Big deal. This has been going on since before digital! Look at all the famous civil war era portraits that were similarly photo manipulated.

  • Jacqui Garcia-Bowman

    Why didn’t you show the REAL before picture? What you’re showing clearly isn’t… You see that the first 5 seconds into the film.

  • Maryp1

    just imagine in olden times, none of this would have mattered. Women were accepted for who they were. Technology has gone to the extreme and the fashion and model industry have abused this technology. If you live by these magazines and think this is real, then its the self esteem that is ruining many young girls and women. I remember seeing this very very skinny boned young girl with no meat on her body at all in the shop once and she looked extremely anorexic and unhealthy. I thought I was skinny, but this girl clearly looked depressed too. It made me feel sad for these young girls and how they look at themselves. This shop was in Ireland and you see all sorts of young girls and women dress to impress others. I dont get it, but you see how Hollywood has influenced Europe too.

    • ext237

      I see where you’re trying to go with that, and you make a good point about expectations and self esteem. Unfortunately the revisionist history in your comment could distract from your message.

      >> just imagine in olden times, none of this would have mattered. Women were accepted for who they were.

      Throughout documented history, there has been an “ideal woman” stereotype, going all the way back to bible times.

      In the 16/1700’s, the ideal mate was plump and pale. This signified that she was well bred and fed (therefore, raised well rather than in an uneducated home), and being pale meant she wasn’t an outdoor laborer.

      If a family produced “plain” looking children, often the sisters would live together for their entire lives, never getting married.

      >> I remember seeing this very very skinny boned young girl with no meat on her body at all in the shop once and she looked extremely anorexic and unhealthy.

      This could be caused by the side effects of medication she must take in order to stay alive. Or she has a metabolic issue that’s going untreated.

      >> you see how Hollywood has influenced Europe too.

      Women have been looking to culture to define ideal appearance from literature, imagery, and religion for centuries.

      Advertisements as far back as wood-block and ink in 1800’s newspapers depicted the ideal woman and fashion. So “New World” women would buy or make clothing to match European and specifically UK fashion expectations.

      Also, magazine articles provided advice to mothers on how they can plump up their daughters as they reached child bearing age. This was to make them more ideal and desirable to attract a (hopefully rich) suitable husband.

      There were no olden days where everyone just accepted each other kumbaya style. The “ideal” stereotype has just migrated from obese-and-pale to skinny-and-tan.

    • Jens Marklund

      Yes, media has impacted peoples views on what’s normal. BUT in “olden times” as you mention, when photography just started – a lot of people still wanted to have their portrait painted instead. That way, they could choose how they looked, and of course the painter wasn’t done until the client thought so.

      Also in that time, pale over weight women was considered to be more attractive because it meant they didn’t (have to) work outside – which showed a higher status.

      I don’t see a problem with fit girls today. That’s just healthy. But yes, there’s a difference between a fit (trained) girl and a skinny girl. Skinny girls shouldn’t be role models, and I don’t find them very attractive. But it should also be noted that chubby people in general – shouldn’t be called “healthy” just because really skinny people are unhealthy. “Normal” should be healthy.

      Bring the hate, I really don’t care. I think I have a point.

  • Rodrigo

    Hi! This video has some “befores and afters” of photoshop retouching wich seems to be non “too-obstructive”. I think it worth watching it just to have an idea


  • Tchavdar

    They just fucked up a pair of good legs like that!