A Movie Optically Zooming Into The Orion Nebula

The Orion Nebula also know as 42 is a miraculous place. Stars are born in that nebula. Being about 1350 light years away, it only seems as a small dot in the middle of sword of Orion to the naked eye. Physics professor Isidro Villo was able to optically zoom into the nebula producing a stunning time-lapse.

A Movie Optically Zooming Into The Orion Nebulla

The zoom-lapse, which Villo calls deep sky time lapse as taken using cheap gear in astronomical standards: A pair of cameras: a Canon 5D Mark II, and a modified 450D (European Digital Rebel XSi). A Sigma 50-500mm behemoth and a Canon x2 teleconverter. The camera was mounted on a Meade LX80 mount to track the skies.

The movie was taken in Sierra Nevada which has a very low light pollution. To drive the camera and lenses a special system was built. One motor controls the zoom while another one pulls focus for exposures of over 40 seconds.

A Movie Optically Zooming Into The Orion Nebulla

[M42: Live View Optical Zoom | Isidro Villo via io9]

  • iso1200magazine

    Wow. Great!!

  • D.Pulsar

    Never thought you could see that with “only” 1000mm ….great !

  • ikke

    WOW!!! And now the d.i.y. on how to make this zoom device and, if people managed to make it themselves, a track-the-stars device… 😛 Glad to see it IS possible. I almost gave up hope. I try the same thing for years… (with the moons of jupiter and the rings of saturn)

  • Chas

    Very nice,,would love to know what powered the follow focuser and if it was RF remote,,